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 Murder in the row

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PostSubject: Murder in the row   Wed Nov 16, 2011 8:42 pm

His head seemed to have barely hit the pillow when the door knocked,
“Great” he muttered to himself as he pulled himself back onto his feet, he felt like he was lifting twice his normal weight.
Tuasal needed his sleep more than normal, he was a member of the Blood knights in the city of Silvermoon and had spent the last two nights out looking for two missing children, children of a high ranking official.
“What” Tuasal said as he opened the double door, his body propped up against one of the two doors.
Tuasal was met by a fresh face, a young enthusiastic face. It was Alacea his new apprentice, a pretty young thing, that he had been tasked in aiding him in his search.
“Err sorry sir” Alacea was caught off guard by the half naked Tuasal that answered the door “I err didn’t know you were sleeping”
“Quite girl, surely you have seen a naked man before” Tuasal grunted as he struggled to remain awake, He did have another idea in remaining awake which involved Alacea, but he doubted she would be interested in that and she would get all clingy and attached to him.
Tuasal sighed

“Sorry sir, I think you should come with me at once” Alacea had gotten over the initial surprise and now had a sense of urgency in her voice
“What is it?” Tuasal replied as he turned to walk back into his chamber in search for his tunic to wear
“Sir they have found the missing children”
Tuasal was now leaning over his bed and paying little attention to the words spoken to him or the tone of voice it was being said in
“About time, I’m sure their father will be more than happy to have them back” Tuasal pulled a tunic over his head, looking over at Alacea he noticed the expression on her face “Ah, I see, let’s go” Tuasal wanted to say or think the right thing, partly to impress Alacea and seem professional, also to remind himself that his job hadn’t phased him so much he couldn’t feel anymore “I suppose we won’t get a pay rise for this” looking at Alaceas reaction he noted that wasn’t the right thing to say.

As he turned the corner into Murder row Tuasal noticed that the street seemed oddly quite and empty, the usual faces he saw down this part of the city had vanished and been replaced by an increasing growing group of Blood knights and other officials from the other parts of the city.
“Seems the vultures all want a peek at the carcase” Tuasal muttered softly at Alacea and once again gauging by the facial expressions, that was also the wrong thing to say.
“Sir, I advice you don’t say anything to anyone here” Alaceas response was a polite way of telling Tuasal to shut up
Tuasal looked across at Alacea and down at the shorter elf as they walked down towards the entrance of the crime scene, what a cheeky bitch this young apprentice was turning out to be, perhaps he needed to prove once again why he was incharge of her, perhaps he just couldn’t be bothered at the moment to do that.
Tuasal nodded at the guards by the entrance and was let into the building.
“So what can you tell me about this place, Alacea” Tuasal already knew the answer to his question and had a feeling which apartment they would end up in as they travelled up the spiral stone stair case.
“This building has four apartments in it, all are quite expensive and leased out to the wealthy from outside our city” Alacea seemed to have rehearsed her answer “The apartment in question is the one on the top floor”
Tuasal had a bad feeling it would be and knew who the last person was who stayed there
“Thorns” He sighed softly to himself.
The leader of the Vile Thorns had paid for this apartment and let her Daughter live there, a Deathknight by the name of Antel, she had lived there with her lover Arli Sunblade.
Arli had been a constant pain in the arse, always getting into trouble and had friends willing to keep him out of prison on both the law abiding side and the shady side.
“Pardon?” Alacea turned her head to Tuasal
“No, nothing” Tuasal cleared his throat as they walked up the last set of stairs towards the top floor “So who found the bodies?”
“Well we don’t know who did, but someone who was entering the building heard a tauren calling out from the top floor, then when he went up to investigate he found the apartment door wide open and no signs of the tauren” Alacea looked towards him, with a look that she needed some sort of reassurance .
Yet Tuasals eyes scanned the staircase and couldn’t help but notice the narrow spacing on the pristine white marble stairs, he didn’t want to mention anything until the right time and until he was sure that his trail of thought was correct.
“Taurens tend to be quite rare in Silvermoon, I take it you have people out searching the city” He didn’t even have to look upon his young colleagues’ face to know she had ofcourse done that.
Tuasal had worked with Alacea long enough to know how she worked and was able to predict what her next step would be.
As the two reached the top floor of the building Tuasal couldn’t help but notice the foul smell of decay emanating from the double doors ahead of him, on both sides of the doors stood two Blood knights, both trying to ignore the sickening stench that assaulted their senses.
He turned his head and noticed that Alacea had tied a scarf around her face
“It doesn’t get any better inside sir” Alacea said from behind her mask as they both walked past the two blood knights and into the chamber.

In the middle of the room, around a small round table sat three figures, two young twin girls and a single hooded figure with its back to Alacea and Tuasal.
“This was not the work of any Tauren” Tuasal stepped forward and looked upon the faces of both of the girls.
Both girls had their once beautiful faces destroyed by a disturbed mind, their sweet smiles had been ripped apart by someone or something cutting slices across their cheeks to extend their smiles, their hair had been cut at and formed into pigtails.
“Did they find any sort of prints or tracks?” Tuasals eyes were locked on the manic grins upon the children’s faces
There was no reply from his partner and he was able to break his gaze upon the grim scene that captured his attention
“Alacea!” Tuasal raised his voice to get his partners attention, her eyes were locked upon the two twin girls and her mind asked itself over and over what kind of person would do this.
“Sorry sir, I was...” Alacea wasn’t able to string a sentence together as she looked at the Childs eyes “Sir, who would of done this and why?” her voice quite and weak
Tuasal looked at Alacea and had completely forgotten that she was still wet behind the ears and had not seen anything like this before.
“Look, go and find Naimen Dawnrunner, she is a Bloodknight on the west side of the city and a cousin of Arli Sunblade” Tuasal could see Alacea wasn’t paying full attention to him “Alacea we will get the bastard that did this, but you need to listen to me”
“Sorry, yes, Naimen Dawnrunner” Alacea nodded as did Tuasal in response
“Inform Naimen of what you have seen here and ask her to bring Arli in for questioning” Tuasal looked once more at the trio of bodies around the table “Surely he isn’t that stupid to do this on his own door step”
“Ofcourse sir, I should go now...” Alacea slowly made her way to the door and left Tuasal alone in the room with only the three bodies for company.

“What of you” Tuasal gazed upon the final body, sat facing the two girls, his features hadn’t been altered in anyway, his body and cloths seemed to be free of any signs of blood or any obvious sign of struggle.
Tuasal looked down at the tabard and knew the sign and colours on the crest.
“Sorrow guard”.

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PostSubject: Re: Murder in the row   Wed Nov 16, 2011 9:27 pm

Naimen hurried from the scene of the crime and tried to bring her emotions under control. She had seen death many times on the battlefield but that was just war, neither side remained blame-free on the battlefields. This was different, the murder of innocents, left so brutally disfigured was horrendous, reminding her of some of the sin'dorei bodies found slashed and dismembered after the scourge had been beaten back from her beloved city. By the time Naimen reached the Blood Knight Headquarters she was back in control of herself, she knew what she had to do and she would do it swiftly and with the minimum of fuss. Gathering four of her best Blood Knights, plus the Initiate recently assigned to her for training, she headed back out into the city and hoped she would find her cousin before the warrant were escalated and others became involved.

It didn't take long to find him, sitting in the Royal exchange and on the wall of the Inn, a freshly opened bottle of bourbon at his side.

"Hey Naim" he greeted her with a smile as she walked over "I like the entourage, they gonna carry your shopping?"; he grinned at the Blood Knights flanking her.

"Stand up Arlithion".

Arli rolled his eyes and sighed dramatically as he stood up and replied sarcastically "Yes ma'am".

Naimen reached forward, taking each of Arli's daggers and passing them to the Blood Knight Initiate, waving him to step back as she did so.

"What the fel?! C'mon Naimen..." Arli protested "I'm allowed my Blades in Silvermoon, just wha-"

Arli's protests were cut short as with wave of her hand, the four Blood Knights piled onto the unarmed Thorn, swiftly and efficiently pinning him to the ground and securing his hands behind his back with hardened elementium cuffs and quickly removing his comms. Arli swore loudly as he was hauled back to his feet to face his cousin, struggling as they held him firmly.

"Arlithinion Sunblade..." started Naimen

"What the fell...WHAT THE FEL!!" exclaimed Arli angrily.

Holding his gaze, Naimen pulled off her right-hand plate gauntlet and with a perfectly manicured hand, slapped Arli hard across the face, pulling the gauntlet back on as he gasped in surprise at being struck by his usually placid cousin.

"Arlithion Sunblade, I am arresting you on suspicion of the murder of three sin'dorei within the confines of the City of Silvermoon" spoke Naimen, her voice empty of emotion.

"wha..?" asked Arli, looking thoroughly confused.

"Arlithion, you will be taken to Headquarters and questioned on the murders. Please tell the truth and just answer the questions, be respectful and honest and I'm sure all of this will be resolved" added Naimen as she indicated for the Blood Knights to move their prisoner.

Naimen glanced back at the confused and silent Arli as she led the procession though Silvermoon; residents and visitors alike looked with curiosity at the sight of six Blood Knights with a captured Thorn in their midst. She just wanted this sorted out and Arlithion cleared on any involvement in the crime; then the real perpetrator could be found. She was sure that he wouldn't do this to his own people, killing and butchering them, she so hoped he wouldn't. She would find someone from Belore Alandie and make sure they let Orthos know, after Arlithion had been handed over, he would need to be kept up to date.

With typical Blood Knight efficiency, Arli was booked into custody and escorted to the cells by three of the Blood Knights that had captured him; his daggers being sent off for analysis to find any trace that might link them to the crime scene. Word of the heinous crimes had spread quickly around the Headquarters and as the Blood Knights walked away, Arli was left curled up on the floor of his cell and gasping for air.

Arli struggled into a sitting position and tried to determine if the kicking had left any broken bones, he was sore but the familiar dull ache of broken bones wasn't evident, some luck at least, he thought to himself. He twisted his hands but there was no way he was going to slip out of the cuffs and resigned to waiting for...he hoped Naimen...he leaned back against the wall and tried to make sense of what had just happened. Naimen had arrested him for the murder of three sin'dorei, all killed in Silvermoon. He had no recollection of killing any sin'dorei for a long time, let alone in Silvermoon - not his style, he'd get them outside the city for starters. Arli felt fearful as he recalled the events of the past few weeks, where the Master had taken control of him and he'd done things he had no memory of, even trying to kill a group of Thorns. He was told the ring was the cause and it had been removed and hopefully destroyed...but what if they were wrong and he was still possessed and actually did kill them.....
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PostSubject: Re: Murder in the row   Sun Nov 20, 2011 11:14 am

So sweet and so juicy, if there was one good thing about being in the Horde it was the fruit that was imported from Kalimdor. Tuasal was in the Farstrider quarter of Silvermoon, leaning up against the wall of the Blood knights station, the shade created from a nearby Blood knight banner kept him cool from the mid day sun.
The interview with Arli Sunblade earlier had been as frustrating as pulling teeth, Arli had repeated over and over again how innocent he was, up until the point where he had lied to Arli to shut him up.

“I know you’re not guilty” Tuasal muttered to himself an, sniggering slightly as he replayed the interview in his head and remembered Arli Sunblades sad defence
He wasn’t expecting much to be honest, but to get almost nothing from the spoilt fell hound wasn’t quite what he had anticipated.

Antel his ex lover had not been seen in Silvermoon for quite some time and the rumours around the city had pointed the finger of guilt in her direction, It had been known for some Deathknights to lose mind and return to what they once were, in an explosion of blood and chaos.
Tuasal had only once met Antel and his first impression of Antel were of a hidden personal strength that she was in full control of.

Tuasal heard hurried footsteps to his left and turned his attention towards the source of the sound and saw Arli walking out of the Blood knight station.
The elf hurried away across the square, Tuasal noticed the elf was speaking into some sort of communication device as he did, a sense of urgency appeared on his face as he did so.
“Go and find me Antel, like a good fell hound” He said as he watched the elf run out of view.

Turning to throw the fruit core away in the bin, he noticed a leaflet in the bin
“Sin’Anindoth – A new dawn awaits us” the words across the red leaflet reminded Tuasal of greater problems within his city.
This wasn’t his case to find the fools behind this movement, but he hoped they would be found before the idiots did something that would bring the Hordes iron fist down upon the city of Silvermoon.
“You lot are next” Tuasal dropped the fruit remains down onto the leaflet and sent it falling to the bottom of the bin.
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PostSubject: Re: Murder in the row   Sun Nov 20, 2011 5:36 pm

Opening his bedroom window wide, Serrar peered up and down Murder Row and tried to see what all of the noise was about. Unable to see little more than Blood Knights rushing past, he closed the window and ventured out into Murder Row itself with the pretence of going to the nearby mailbox. There were a number of Blood Knights on guard at the entrance to the apartment block next to the Inn and a few more, standing in small groups and talking urgently in hushed tones. Moving closer to the edge of the wall he was able to pick up a few words..."murder"..."horrific"..."...children", as one of the Blood Knights looked up, Serrar quickly busied himself with his mail and then headed back to the sanctuary of his small apartment.

It was much later when a sharp rap of knuckles on the door disturbed him; lost in thought over how best to cause the chaos he intended in Undercity. He hurriedly folded the map, shoving it to the back of a cupboard as another rap on the door echoed around the small apartment.

"One moment!" called out Serrar as he quietly closed the cupboard door and with a last quick look around his room, opened the front door.

"I'm looking for Serrar" spoke the Blood Knight immediately.

Serrar assessed the Blood Knight standing before him; he had an air of seniority about him, certainly not one of the ones seen patrolling Silvermoon. Serrar tried to keep a relaxed composure as he replied, although it unnerved him greatly that this person of authority knew him by name.

"Yes, can I help you sir?"

"Can I come in? I've a few questions you may be able to help me with" came the reply as without waiting for confirmation, the Blood Knight stepped past Serrar and into the small apartment. Serrar closed the door and walked across the the kitchen area, subconsciously leaning against the cupboard containing the information that would see him instantly arrested.

"The name is Tuasal, I'm an investigator and part of the Silvermoon Blood Knight contingency" he said as his eyes took in the small but tidy apartment.

Serrar nodded slightly, trying hard to look relaxed.

"There was a murder nearby a couple of days ago, have you seen anything suspicious in the past week?"

Serrar felt the tension drain from his face; "No, nothing, sorry".

Tuasal looked back at Serrar, "An adult and two children were found murdered nearby, all sin'dorei"

"I'm sorry to hear that. Of course I will aid you in any way possible, sir" replied Serrar courteously

"Good, then tell me what were you doing two nights ago?"

"I was at home, a friend came around and we had a few drinks"

"The name of your friend being...?"

Serrar hesitated before replying; "Arli Sunblade"

"Well that ties-in with where he claims he was, but were you both here all night?"

"Yes,he was here all night and then I turfed him out the next morning".

"Did you hear any disturbance? Voices? Tauren perhaps?"

"Tauren?" asked Serrar curiously

"Yes, a Tauren voice was heard around the time that it is thought the murders took place."
replied Tuasal

"No, we had quite a few drinks" said Serrar with a small smile.

"So you were with Arli all night?"

" drank until about, oh 3am and then he passed out and I went to bed. I awoke at 8am.... when a good friend came around".

"So between 3am and 8am you were not with Arli?"

"" replied Serrar hesitantly. "But I doubt he was in any fit state to go far".

Tuasal took out a notepad and made a few notes.

"I think that is all I need to know for now. If I have any more questions, I will be back"

"I'll be glad to aid in any way I can" smiled Serrar, "I'm home most evenings, probably the best time to catch me".

Tuasal made a small note then flipped his notebook closed and walked to the door. As Serrar showed him out he turned to Serrar;

"If you do remember anything, or remember hearing Arli moving about between 3am and 8am, please let me know at the earliest opportunity".

Serrar nodded slightly and closed the door, leaning against the back of the closed door he breathed a sigh of relief.
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PostSubject: Re: Murder in the row   Mon Nov 21, 2011 12:06 am

Serrar slipped through the shadows of Silvermoon and listened to Chey over their comms. She had told him what Arli had said, how he wasn't to be trusted, how he was sure Serrar had betrayed the gang they were in and how ultimately, he would do the same to her with Sin'Anindoth. She had seemed unsure of whether or not to believe Arli and he found himself uneasy at the thought of losing uneasy, almost fearful of losing one he felt so in tune with. It had surprised him how quickly things had moved, each spare moment he sought her company, returning to Silvermoon whenever able and even telling her his most guarded of secrets, feeling the need to keep nothing from her.

And Arli Sunblade may just have destroyed it all. He thought them good friends and felt confused about the sudden change of attitude.

Serrar sat behind the tree and watched the sparkling patterns from the arcane lights on the fountain beside him.

"...want her dealt with?"

The unmistakable voice of a forsaken cut through the relaxing sound of the fountain. Staying in the shadows and close to the tree, Serrar peered around at the back of a female troll and female forsaken. Neither wore tabards to show allegiance but he recognised the sin'dorei walking way, she was the one from the Marauders, the nervous one with the very pronounced stutter.

"ah dunno" replied the troll

"You sure? We can deal with her, don't worry about that" replied the forsaken.

Serrar looked again at the forsaken, she was definitely female and wore a sword across her back, he couldn't be completely sure but it did look like the one that appeared in Eversong the night before, the one that came to talk to the curious forsaken that called herself 'Kitteh'.

Serrar watched as the Troll rode away, unsure if he had missed agreement for the forsaken and her accomplice to kill the sin'dorei Marauder. As the forsaken walked away, Serrar slipped to the shadows to follow, frowning as she slipped to the shadows and was soon lost to him.

"Chey?" asked Serrar over his comms, "I just heard an odd conversation, a forsaken offering to kill a sin'dorei."[/i]

"Where?" came Chey's reply swiftly

"The Royal Exchange, they left and it may be nothing but in light of the recent murders I think best we inform the authorities"

"I agree completely" came the reply, as Serrar expected.

The Blood Knight Headquarter was quiet and with no sign of Tausal, Serrar and Chey found themselves back in the Royal Exchange.

"I think...I think we should find someone from Belore Alandie and inform them of the conversation." said Serrar finally as he looked towards the Hall of Respite.

With a smile and a nod the two walked towards the Hall, in the hopes of passing on what could be a vital piece of information.
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PostSubject: Re: Murder in the row   Mon Nov 21, 2011 1:05 pm

Silvermoon had gotten busy. It was impossible to turn a corner without bumping into a rotten Blood Knight. Apparently some kids had been killed or something. I honestly couldn't care less if some brats met their maker, just as long as this chaos didn't interfere with my business. No doubt the authorities assumed the Thorns had something to do with it, so I thought it sensible to keep my mask and tabard in my bag as I made my way through Silvermoon. Sure I could have stuck to the shadows, but with this much attention it seemed safer to walk out in the open and show I had nothing to hide. A few polite nods and well performed concerned looks got me through the crowds easy enough. Just my luck that all this had to happen a couple of doors away from her apartment.

It's not usually my style to knock before entering. Hitting the door a little harder than was necessary I stood and waited as patiently as I could before repeatedly thumping the door. Ten seconds more more than enough time. A voice called from beyond the door amongst sounds of crashing and banging.

“Be there just a sec, don't leave!”

I already knew it was a mistake coming here.

The door swung open and there she stood with what appeared to be only a long man's tunic on and blue paint splattered all over. Her beaming smile quickly died as she recognised my face.

“Oh, Eirdra, it's you. Come in then,” she sighed as she shuffled bare foot back into her apartment.

I always envied this place as the rooms where so big. How she managed to fill them with so much junk was a mystery. There were bric a bracs from all over the world scattered along the walls and floor, making it difficult to find a free chair. One of the walls had been stripped back though and was instead covered in various blocks of colours.

“Redecorating Lora?”

Wiping paint off her face she flashed me that patronising smile she always used with me.

“Yes, clearly I'm redecorating. Haven't chosen a colour yet though.” Loralith studied the wall for a few moments before turning her attention back to me. “So what do you want?”

“What? I can't visit an old friend with no alterer motive?” I chuckled.

“No, you can't.” she snapped. Loralith stared me down, examining me carefully with her eyes. “Well you're not injured so you haven't come to me for that. You haven't been to see me in a while so you've probably had a little 'project' you've been toying with, but now you're bored of it and have come to get some ill advised 'Thistle to take the edge off. Am I right?”

I couldn't help but laugh. She could always see right through me, even when we were kids. The skull had lost my interest and I had bound and stuffed it into a crypt for the time being.

Truth was she was my go to girl for many years, but things changed and Silvermoon wasn't really an option for me. But now I was a Thorn I gained a little movement again and could call upon old contacts. Although Loralith was from a well to do family and she had every comfort she could ever want provided for her she chose to live her life as an underground medic. She'd treat those who didn't want any questions asked and send them packing with some 'Thistle for 'medicinal benefits only'. It worked because she lived in the most expensive part of the city and her family named kept her out of question. I never understood why she chose to live that way as she never charged or asked for favours. Loralith once told me she wanted to help those who couldn't find help elsewhere. I don't believe it. No one is that nice.

“Yeah, you got me Lora! What can I say?” I chirped.
Rolling her eyes she dragged her feet into the next room and disappeared. I leaned back in my chair contented I peered out of the window down at the crowds below, taking note of faces and clothing.

“Hey Lora! What the fel is going on around here anyway? Heard some brats were murdered!” I shouted, hoping she'd hear me from wherever she scurried off to. Was a large place after all.

Loralith stepped back into the living room and looked at me with such sadness and despair. I had only seen her look like this once before and it caught me a bit off guard. She slumped in the chair beside me and gazed out of the window silently.

“Oh, er, yeah. Sorry Lora. I wasn't thinking. Guess that would hit a nerve.”
I mumbled sheepishly. “So what did happen?”

Sighing deeply she explained everything. Loralith had been paying her dues at her parent's place the night it happened. When she had gotten home the next day the place was filled with Blood Knights and she was asked various questions about what she had been doing the night before. They told her about the murders and about the Tauren that was thought to have been heard in the night. It was clear she felt guilty for not staying home, convincing herself she could have done something. Foolish really.

Just wish I had been here. I may have heard something and stopped it.” Loralith's voice trailed off as continued to stare out the window. Forcing a pathetic smile she turned to me and said “Well at least they have a suspect.”

“Oh yeah? Who's that then?” My curiosity could never be quenched, even with events I really wasn't interested in. Never know when a piece of information comes in handy.

“They didn't tell me directly, but they asked if I had seen someone in particular in the building.” She allowed the suspense to hang in the air, knowing full well it would wind me up. Even when she is overwhelmed with emotion she'd find a way to tease me. That's dedication.

“Well go on for fels sake!” I blurted out, unable to take it any more.

Loralith grinned at me as she slowly mulled over her words.“I don't know him personally, but the name rings a bell. Apparently they were very interested in one Arli Sunblade”.

I literally felt my heart stop. After everything that had happened was it possible? I had always had my doubts about Arli, but there was no way he'd do such a thing in his right mind...

'His' right mind.

Without a word I jumped out of my seat and dashed for the door, slipping into the shadows with each step. I heard Loralith call out about leaving my 'Thistle but that was the least of my problems. I needed to get to Dalaran as quickly as possible and find out what the score was. Were the Deathmasters wrong about the ring?
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The Assassin

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PostSubject: Re: Murder in the row   Mon Nov 21, 2011 8:36 pm

The night breeze was soft and gentle as it massaged the assassin’s skin as it sat over the road on an archway.
The mission had entered stage one and the pieces had all been put in place, now it was down to the people below the assassin to play their part and for them to carry out their actions as predicted.

As the Assassin crept closer to the edge of its hiding place, a young Sin’dorei male ran out from beneath the archway the assassin was perched on.
“Arli” the words were only mouthed as the assassin recognised the Sin’dorei who ran past.
Arli Sunblade a Deathmaster in the Vile Thorns and a vital link in the mission. Arli had once been close to the final target and had clearly still had an emotional link to her, this would be his and her undoing. Panic and fear was written over the Sin’doreis’ face as he turned briefly to check to see if he was being followed.
“I need to find her!” Arli spoke quickly into his communications device as he ran off down the road.
The Assassin had picked its first three targets well and placed the bodies in the correct place to set off this chain reaction, the two twin girls had been a moment of weakness which the assassin had given into. The assassin’s blades still called out for more,
“We thirst”
“We yearn”
“We need”
The assassin’s blades whispered into their owners head.
“Self control is what makes you an assassin and not just a butcher”, the assassins master had always said. Yet more often than not self control took second place to urges and desires.

Just as the Assassin was about to leave its hiding place another figure walked out from the same location as Arli did. The second Sin’dorei was a little older than Arli, his hair was a light shade of red which teased the assassins’ eyes, like a moth to a flame.
“What is this world coming too” the red headed elf stopped to rip down some leaflets left on the wall from the Sin’Anindoth.
“Let just invite Orgrimmar troops straight in, shall we?” He muttered to himself as he threw the leaflet into the rubbish
The Elf was known as Tuasal and was the Blood knight who had been assigned to the murder case, the Assassin had studied him since he set foot on the murder scene as the killer remained hidden in the shadows just yards from the Bloodknight, taking in his scent and learning all that the killer could in such a short time without being detected.
“Best to study your enemy while they are still unaware of who you really are” the Assassins teaching ran through its mind as Tuasal walked beneath.
Tuasal was going to be a problem if he was as sharp as the Assassin had thought.

As Tuasal walked off into the distance, leaving in the same direction that Arli had, the Assassin had a moment of panic run through its mind.
The killer was becoming sloppy, more citizens of Silvermoon city had seen the assassins face and the different alias the killer had used would soon come back to haunt it. Yet a scapegoat was in place incase the mission was to fail, so that the master wasn’t put at risk from any sort of back lash or counter attack and also the assassin could vanish into the darkness once more.

The city fell into a sleep once again as the night enveloped the city, like a blanket over a child.
The assassin was about to leave when it felt a familiar presence next to it, the presence it had felt since birth and would feel until death. The killer’s lips curled back as a grin revealed itself
“Stage two” the voice hissed
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PostSubject: Re: Murder in the row   Tue Nov 22, 2011 1:05 pm

(( Very nicely written Assassin dude! ))
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PostSubject: Re: Murder in the row   Tue Nov 22, 2011 1:52 pm

((I've just been informed I'm involved in this... Not entirely sure what's going on or if that's even true or not, but if it would someone care to talk to me in game please? Smile - sorry for interrupting the story! It's a good tale so far though!))
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She had been in Dalaran for several days now and slowly boredom had set in.
She would walk the same route around the city and visit the same shops each day, each day she would look at the same items on sale.
“Maybe today?” the shopkeepers’ voice called out from behind her.
Antel turned around to face the Shopkeeper with the old dust coated book in her hand, Antels’ eyes turned to the book
“Perhaps tomorrow” she smiled at the shopkeeper as she placed the book back down on the table
“Of course Ma’am” the tone in the shopkeepers’ voice changed to one of disappointment as Antel turned and left the shop.

The centre of Dalaran was as busy as always, yet anyone of the people walking past her could be this so called assassin, Antel knew that a Thorn had been sent to guard her and remain close to her at all times. The Thorn was good and Antel hadn’t seen him or her once, infact at times Antel had completely forgotten about the guard, until the small things gave her protector away, such as the sound of a door closing a little too late after Antel had walked through it, the faint smell of Silvermoon perfume on the air, not enough to give away the thorn to an assassin but over time it had reassured Antel that the Vile Thorns were close and protecting her.
Antel was lonely, she had been tempted at times to try and engage her hidden companion in conversation on more than one occasion or to say something witty in response to witnessing something, yet this would put her and the Thorn in danger.
She had thought that being asked to move to where the Thorns were currently based, she would of at least seen more of Arli and been able to get to talk to her ex partner and close friend, though it seemed he also was under the watchful eye of the Blood knights and couldn’t be seen talking to her.

“Ma’am” a passing Forsaken Deathknight nodded in respect to Antel as she walked past.
Did the Deathknight know who she was or was it mere coincidence and more out of respect to a fellow Deathknight, perhaps.
Yet if it wasn’t, Antel wouldn’t be safe here for much longer from any would be assassin.
“Sir” Antel replied as she walked past.
There was one more shop on her daily route to visit and not to buy anything, nothing ever changes, not even the stock in the shops or market stalls.

As Antel walked towards her last stop of the day, the shop called “the pilgrim’s bounty” a glass covered building, which sold some of the rarest plants that could be found in Northrend.
Just afew metres from the building Antel noticed something on the ground, a small metallic object on the ground, shining up at her.
Antel stopped and knelt down to take a closer look at the item, the item itself was an old Lordaeron coin
“What are you doing here” Antel whispered to herself as she picked up the coin, from the nearly spotless streets of Dalaran.

The world around Antel erupted in a ball of flames and broken glass, as the Pilgrims bounty exploded, sending shards of razor sharp metal, glass and masonry.
Antel couldn’t look up into the direction of the blast as the power of the explosion sent her crashing across the road into the wall of the nearby inn.
Antels’ world went black.

“Antel” a voice whispered through the buzzing
“Ma’am, we need to get out of here!” The voice grew louder
She opened her eyes, the world was out of focus and span around her as if she had drunk to much wine.
She looked up and saw a red masked Sin’dorei looking down at her, she tried to keep focused on the Elf but her eyes felt heavy
“Antel, listen we have to go” the Elf pulled Antel to her feet and placed one of Antels’ arm around her shoulder
“My name is Elodie, I was tasked to protect you” Elodie carried Antel passed the onlookers and towards safety
Dust was still falling from the sky when Elodie pulled Antel to safety and laid her down in a doorway, Antel was drifting in and out of consciousness, just the faint sound of the crowd around the site of the explosion and the sound of Elodies’ voice speaking into her Communication device kept her awake
“Ma’am, yes an explosion”
Antel didn’t hear the reply
“Unknown ma’am, I didn’t see the attacker”
Elodie looked down at Antel and reassured her as she spoke again into the device
“Ma’am I’m going to move her to the Ebon hold” Elodie still held a dagger in her hand and looked around as she spoke.
“What happened?” Antel muttered, she knew it was a stupid question but she wanted to ask it anyway, perhaps just to see if she was still able to talk, perhaps also to reassure the Thorn that she was still alive.
“There was an explosion in the shop you were about to enter” Elodie stopped and looked back out towards the scene of the attack “Its lucky you stopped and knelt down, otherwise you would of been killed” Elodie turned once more back to Antel
“It was a coin” Antel muttered
“Antel listen, I am going to take us to the Ebon hold, understood?”
Antel managed a nod before passing out.
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Watching, the Assassin had spent two days watching its prey, two days learning the routine that its prey seemed to perform, perhaps without it even knowing.
Today was the day, the killer had spent too long already on this mission and the assassins master was losing patience. Disappointing ones master was never a good idea and the Assassin knew that if the mission was a failure, then another would be sent in its place, not just for the original target but also for the killer.
Antel each day would walk the same path, through the city, visit the same places and end up at the same place.
From the rooftops the assassin had could watch all that Antel did, yet the killer had not yet seen anyone protecting or watching Antel.
“Where are you?” the Assassin whispered softly, while watching Antel walk below the killer’s hidden vantage point.
The Vile Thorns had tasked atleast one to protect Antel, that much the assassin knew. But the bodyguard was nowhere to be seen, the assassin had tried gaining more information about the identity of the guard but hadn’t had any luck. The Vile Thorns were being more cautious than normal, Anethrax along with the Deathmasters’ were keeping information from everyone, including the other Thorns.
Whoever the bodyguard was, they were determined not to be seen or were quite the opposite and were slacking off instead.
The assassin hoped for the second option ofcourse.

Antel walked into the next shop, the assassin could see through the window that she was looking at some old books and speaking to the owner.
One more to go, the assassin had listed each stop and what order the prey visited them, the excitement was almost too much.
Earlier that day the Assassin had sneaked into the shop before anyone else was awake and planted a timed explosive device in a hidden location, over the main entrance. Just the right amount of explosive had been set to destroy the shop, kill those in it and do the right amount of damage to Antel.
This part of the mission wasn’t planned to kill Antel, the assassins master was very clear about the way the Deathknight was to meet its end, and this wasn’t the way.
“Just another step closer” another whisper escaped the assassins lips, its fingers wrapped around the brutal looking blades, its eyes locked onto Antel as she approached the target location.

The target stopped and knelt down, just as the Assassin had planned.
Antel picked up the silver coin that the Assassin had placed there afew moments before climbing up to the vantage point, the coin, a Lordaeron silver, was quite rare these days and would of been significant to Antel and her knowledge of Lordaeron.
“Say hello to the fire” the Assassin muttered.
A sinister grin appeared on the face of the killer as it watched Antel being thrown across the street and hit by a large amount of rubble.
The time was now, the Assassin lowered itself down the building, jumping from beam, to frame, to beam, the assassin landed with its blades raised and ready.
The killer could almost taste the Deathknights blood, but it had to control itself alittle while longer
“Can’t kill”
“Don’t kill”
The assassin told itself as it approached the scene.

Just as it came close enough to see the Deathknight laying on the ground, another figure appeared in front of Antel, its blades drawn.
The red masked elf was Elodie another assassin of the Vile Thorns, Elodie looked around, and taking in everything she could. These moments would be of great value to Anethrax and the Thorns if they were to discover who was behind this attack.
The Assassin ducked into a building to avoid the Thorns gaze. To get discovered this way was going to be embarrassing, yet the killer looked around the corner and saw Elodie had turned her attention back towards Antel and was trying to get her free from the rubble and to her feet.
The site of the explosion was starting to draw a crowd, now the assassin could merge in to them and vanish.
As the Killer left its sanctuary, it noticed Elodie laying Antel down in a doorway and speaking into her vile thorn communication device, the elf faced the other way so the killer couldn’t read her lips.
The assassin watched for a few moments until Elodie picked Antel up and they headed towards the flight masters of Dalaran, there was no sure way of tracking her now, without giving away her identity.
As Elodie and Antel left the Assassins line of sight, another figure showed itself next to the assassin, the figure wore the colours of the Vile Thorns and knew the Killer very well
“Ebon hold, they are getting closer, sister” the figure stepped closer to the killer and went to hold its hand
“Not now, to many eyes are upon us, not now” the assassin vanished once more into the darkness.
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Late in the evening, a dispatch of 3 Silvermoon Guards accompanied by a Blood Knight Tausal approach Hall of Respite.

Orthos was in the office writing down investigation reports while Celara, Fuinore and Zeek were standing in the Hall talking.

The escort stops in a perfect line with the Knight in the middle. One of the guards steps forward holding out a scroll.
“Orthos Do’Urden, Celara Sunshade, Fuinore and Zeek are to report to Hall of Blood immediately” the guard shouted out as he read the piece of scroll. The Beloriens stand up to face the guards, not knowing what this is all about. “What is the meaning of this?” asks Celara intrigued as she steps to meet the guards. The Blood Knight steps forward and shows Celara the orders by which the 4 were to be kept for interrogation.

The four are being escorted to Hall of Blood where their weapons are removed and they are kept into a locked room. The door unlocks and Tausal and another Blood Knight enter the room and stand each on one side of the room.

“Your reports” they continue, “show that you made your way to Camp Mojache, to warn Captain Grimwolf that we are looking for him”.
The Beloriens looks at one another and try to stand tall during this whole process.

Tausal turns to the other knight “Is , Grimwolf in our custody ?” a rhetorical question of course, meant to suggest that Beloriens visit to Camp Mojache might have alerted them and diminished the changes to get Grimwolf to Silvermoon

“No, no sir. Captain Grimwolf is not in our custody. Last we know from Orthos’s reports is that he is in Ferals”

The tension in the room grew as the Bloodknights seem to ask one another questions with no answers, or no answers in favor of Belore Alandie.

“Ranger Orthos” how do you think we should approach this Grimwolf now?
“Maybe send a group of Blood Knights to Camp Mojache to escort Grimwolf here, sir?” Orthos continues and takes a deep breath to try to calm himself.

The Blood Knight rages and crushes his fist on a small table near him
“Do you know how complicated and why not dangerous is to dispatch an escort over to the other continent in a warzone encampment? Are you even aware what a huge mistake you did?”
“But, Sir” Orthos continued “isn’t what should have been done in the first place?”
“We got agents, and operatives, that could have gotten Grimwolf out of Kalimdor and into more accessible areas where our Blood Knights would have been safe to get him. Now it is likely that there is no chance of holding him for interrogation. You still seem to think you are a Deathmaster of the Vile Thorns, Orthos. Maybe you can roam across the continents freely, but we have to file reports and ask authorizations, to inform the Cities Governors that a large dispatch of Silvermoon Militia Is going to pass by their camps”

“We tried to get him here by his own will, Sir” Celara reply to the Knight
“…By his own will?” The Knight rages “or are you actually working with the Marauders now?”

“We are loyal servants of Silvemroon” Fuinore steps forward enraged raising his fist at the Knight.
The Bloodknight sweeps his hand over Fuinore’s fist and punches him in the face. Zeek jumps to help his friend but he is stopped by the guards who pin all of them down with blades at their neck.
“Tie them up! “Tausal orders as he leaves the room “It will be a long night”.
Hours pass by as the Beloriens sit on the wooden floor with their hands and legs tied tight waiting and discussing what just happened.

The door unlocks and 5 guards enter the room to drag Celara, Fuinore and Zeek out, leaving Orthos alone with the Blood Knight. Tausal takes a chair and sits on it in front of Orthos.
“Is it true, that you and Arli have been best friends during your time with the Vile Thorns ?”
“Yes” Orthos reply
“And is it true you met him more than once since the murders happened?”
“Yes” Orthos reply
“Then why this isn’t in your reports?”

Orthos looked down; he knew that one day he will be questioned for his connections to the Vile Thorns. Avoiding such question is not possible and neither is lying to them, but Orthos does not have to tell the entire truth, maybe just half of it will be sufficient.
“Arli Sunblade, came to see me because he was worried. He claims to be innocent and he wants his name cleared. He asked me and the Beloriens to find the murderer.

“Everybody claims to be innocent” Tausal replies on a mocking tone. “What about Antel, what are you feelings towards her?” the blood knight continues
“My feelings towards her are contradictory, sir. Everybody is nice and friend until they get down to business. Like her mother they only show their true intentions in the very last moment”.
Tausal notes everything that Orthos says and stares at him with superiority. Questions about Antel and Arli kept on rolling over Orthos for a couple of hours supported by frequent threats of imprisonment.

As soon as they are finished with Orthos, the interrogation moves on to Celara and Fuinore and Zeek, all of them being trashed around with questions and threats until the first light of day.

In the end, the four are released and as they exit the Hall of Blood a female bloodknight approaches them with a letter. Orthos takes the letter and opens it, containing the location and time to meet with Antel.

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I unlock the door to Serrar’s apartment and hesitantly push the door open. After my talk with Chey earlier in the day, I’m relieved to find neither her or Serrar are home and that I have the place to myself, to quietly get very drunk. Chey had agreed not to tell Serrar of me abusing his hospitality but I know it would feel awkward if they were home. Besides, I just want to get drunk and not explain why I’m trying to forget the day that had got off to such a great start with waking up alongside Dia, albeit in Serrar’s bed having taken full advantage of him and Chey being away for the night.

I kick the door closed behind me and placing my blades nearby I drop onto the sofa, opening the first bourbon and taking a long swig. Thorns have caught the killer of the three sin’dorei – the two children and the Death Knight - whose mutilated corpses were found in mine and Antels old apartment. But, until the Mistress decides the fate of the killer, I am still under suspicion by Silvermoon and resigned to spending each night back in the City.

I take another long swig, the warmth of the bourbon is familiar and reassuring. The killer had insisted that she wanted to go to Silvermoon and after consideration, both myself and Deathmaster LaSombra agreed it was the most logical solution to try and get her to give us the information we sought – just who her accomplice was. However, Deathmaster Shivian disagreed and annoyingly so, Dianthaa agreed with her. So with the vote split, the killer remained chained at the Thorn hideout until the Mistress could be contacted to make the decision that her Deathmasters were unable to agree on.

We had always thought of Daturas as being unhinged, but in the usual way that many forsaken are – on the edge and dangerous but just enough under control of the Mistress to abide by the Thorn rules and not kill anyone but Alliance, unless given order, and most certainly not to harm any Thorn – including Antel, the Mistresses daughter.

I take another long swig of bourbon. Antel got hurt, I should have been there to protect her but instead I chose to leave her for Dianthaa. I laugh bitterly, how annoyed Deathmaster Squadron had been at me and Dia getting together, how he thought we would gang up together and push through decisions. But no, it was Dia who refused to agree with me and had stormed off, eventually convincing LaSombra that perhaps we wait for the Mistress to decide if Daturas is taken where she asks. Then we had argued over comms, in front of the Thorns, which was stupid and idiotic and would get us a punishment should word reach the Mistress. We were both angry and I’d eventually switched mine off and decided to drink away the fear that I’m losing Dianthaa.

So, Daturas remained locked and chained at a Thorn hideout, under the belief that the Mistress was missing and that Antel was dead. Orders from the Mistress to hopefully let Daturas think her mission was successful. I had had to act as if Antel was dead when before Daturas earlier that night and it had been hard to keep control of my emotions and not take vengeance against the chained forsaken for even harming Antel as she had. Had the Mistress really been missing, I know that my Thorn brothers would have had to pull me off Daturas before I killed her – only orders from the Mistress that Daturas is to be interrogated and remain alive allow her existence to continue.

I finish the first bottle, it’s getting harder to think straight and with a grim smile, I reach for the second. It crosses my mind to head back to Silverpine and order the Thorn guards away and deal with Daturas myself. After all, she tried to kill Antel, her actions have got me under close watch by the Blood Knights and she was the cause of my fight with Dia tonight. I take a long swig of bourbon and stand up unsteadily. Yes I should go and sort this I stumble on the empty bottle and go to fetch my blades the apartment door opens and Serrar walks purposefully in, and without Chey...well...maybe a drink with him first....
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Rain spat down upon the assassin, as she slowly stalked her way through the dead forest, each step more cautious than the first. Detection at this point of the mission could lead to failure and the death of herself and Daturas.
The ground was cold and hard, covered in roots from the nearby trees. The cold wind howled through the trees and pushed against the Assassins masked face.

The last few days had kept the Assassin busy, first she had to lay the remaining explosives and weapons in a place that the Vile Thorns would find. Then she had to ask Daturas to fall into the expected trap, the Vile Thorns would place.
The Assassin had done her research on Anethrax and the Thorns, she knew their next move and how they would react to her bait.
Afew more days and the Assassin would be in place and waiting for the final stages of the mission.

Now she stood on the edge of the forest and looked out across the woods of eversong and the distant glorious walls of Silvermoon.
“Soon” the worlds slipped from her lips as she checked her blades again.
The Assassin had spent her whole life waiting for this moment, for this mission. To claim revenge on Anethrax for everything she had done to her.
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Arli turned over on the hard wooden bench and tried to get comfortable; the bruises on his arms and body from Serrar’s beating made the benches in Elder Walk even more uncomfortable than usual. They had managed just one night at Chey’s place before the Mistress suggested that they stay out of contact with Chey and Serrar and to move out of the apartment. So, here he was back sleeping rough - Dianthaa had headed back to Dalaran, the room at the Inn was paid-up until the end of the week and it seemed pointless her not making the most of it. Any bit of gold he made was tied up in his ‘project’ and until that was completed the following week, he was resigned to again sleeping rough in Silvermoon - least until the charges hanging over him for the murders were dropped and his nightly curfew that required him to report in to the Blood Knights and stay in Silvermoon each night, was lifted.

He’d talked to Daturas earlier that evening, tried to win her trust and get her to maybe give him more information on her accomplice. But, not only had he not got anywhere with her, he had stupidly let slip that he had spoken with the Mistress. She had given strict orders that the Thorns were to maintain that Antel was dead and the Mistress was missing. Fel...I’m in so much trouble when she gets my report Arli scowled as he thought of the likely summons over comms when she read the report of his meeting. Daturas was still insistent that she wanted to be handed over to the Silvermoon authorities, something the Mistress had not given him permission to do. Instead, he was to find Detective Tuasal and then Orthos and see what he could find out about the investigations so far, see if that route would provide clues as to who Daturas had been working with. Arli turned over again and finally drifted into a restless sleep.

”...Sunblade.....General Dawnrunner’s grandson....vagrancy...” the words, and accompanying laughter, drifted into Arli’s dreams, with a sharp prod with the tip of a mace finally waking him, he sleepily muttered a few choice words as he opened his eyes to see the two Blood Knights beside him.

“Get up, Sunblade” said the first, poking him again with the mace.

Arli grunted and dragged himself up to stand before them, yawning and tiredly rubbing his eyes.

“You can’t sleep out here” he continued with a slight smirk, “have to arrest you for vagrancy if we catch you again”.

“I’m broke, can’t afford the Inn, so where do you suggest?” replied Arli scratching the back of his head as he yawned again.

“Eversong?” said the second then laughed as he added “but then we would have to arrest you for leaving the City during your curfew”.

“Night duty eh?” replied Arli with a grin as he looked at the two Knights, “then I guess there is space in the wife’s bed”.

The Blood Knights returned his smile and indicated for him to turn around; “Vagrancy it is” said the first.

With a resigned sigh, Arli turned around and yawned tiredly as they pulled his arms behind him and cuffed his wrists. With a shove, they started the walk back to the Headquarters, resuming their conversation about fishing and plans for the weekend as Arli trudged along between them.

A short while later, Arli lay on the cold floor of the cell they called “Sunblade Cell” and stared at the ceiling. He’d be out in the morning but at least he had some place to sleep for the night now. Tomorrow he might try and find Serrar and see how he was. The Mistress had given Serrar a punishment beating for having beaten up Arli, after the leniency he received after the attack on Dianthaa a number of weeks ago. The information he’d managed to glean from the Thorns after the Mistress left comms was that Serrar was cut with the mark of the Thorns and then dragged outside of Undercity and beaten until barely conscious, his arm subsequently being broken to see if he was still alive. Arli turned onto his side and put his hand under his head, trying to get comfortable. From what he remembered, he had struck out at Serrar in alcohol-fuelled anger and then Serrar had lost it, like he used to in the gang days, only at least he had stopped before Arli was unconscious this time. He was uncomfortable that the Mistress had taken action over what he considered to be a personal matter between him and Serrar but as she pointed out “He hit a Thorn, and Thorns look after Thorns”. He had thanked the Mistress for not killing his friend. Arli closed his eyes, he ached and was so, so tired. Yes, tomorrow he would cautiously try and find Serrar, he wasn’t sure if his friend would think he turned the Thorns against him but he really didn’t want to lose this link to his past.
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“Orthos!” Sepriente came running into Hall of Respite, very excited and rather concerned.
Orthos stands up and nods at Serpeinte.
“Hello Serpeinte” he reply politely
“Deathmaster Sunblade needs your presence at the Hall of Blood. Please Orthos it is very urgent” he continued on a very excited tone
Orthos makes a sign to his Deathknight Bodyguard Xephiroth as the hurry to leave Hall of Respite with Serpeiente. Xepiroth is one of the first to have been recruited into the elite team of soulless deathknights that look over Orthos’s security and deal with the darkest of missions in Silvermoon’s name.

Outside Hall of Blood an large Thorn escort keeping a Daturas in the middle tied up and disarmed. Daturas, a deadly and rather insane forsaken has proved to have been the one behind the Murders in SIlvermoon, yet for now her reasons remain uncertain until interrogation is commenced.

Arli approaches Orthos, relieved and displeased at the same time .
“She’s all yours “ he continued.

Orthos turns to Daturas who grins and looks unusually calm for someone who enter Silvermoon’s law and imprisonment system. Most know that in SIlvermoon everyone is guily until proven innocent, and Silvermoon’s Law system was not one very democratic. Once inside Silvermoon’s prison some never got out and nor have a trial, and the interrogation techniques based on mind control and intense pressure from the Blood Knights often leave the suspect insane or too heavily physical damaged.

“What has she done?” Orthos asks
“She is the one responsible for the SIlvermoon murders” Arli continued rather proud “we got her and brought her to Silvermoon. You want her?”
Orthos’s eyes glow and face lightens , both questioning Vile Thorn’s decision to bring one of theirs to Silvermoon but also knowing he needs to hurry to imprison her before the Vile Thorns change their mind.

“The Vile Thorns give Daturas to us ?” Orthos dares to ask Arli who nods smiling “I’d rather prefer to give her Thorn justice, but Mistress ordered us so”
Orthos is surprised, and instructs Xepiroth to grab her and escort her to Hall of Blood underground arcane cell.

Xepiroth approaches Daturas who was showing her yellow dark teeth with a grin that chills the blood and makes one jump, but fortunately the Belore Alandie Deathknight is not one with weak stomach. He grabs her arm and force pushes her towards the entrance to Hall of Blood.
Orthos follows along as the three enter the arcane prison cell, placing Daturas under strict guard both magically and military, by tripling the number of Blood Knights standing outside.
“Did you do it?” Orthos ask Daturas after looking at her for some long seconds
Daturas tilts her head up, looking into Orthos’s eyes and shows up the same evil grin “ Don’t you wish to find out until after the interrogation ?”
“Did you do it?” Orthos presses on , his voice becoming more aggressive and demanding
“Yes” she replies with easiness.
Orthos turns to Xepirtoh who’s dark death knight eyes are vigilant and don’t lose Daturas from sight.
“You will remain here until we take her to Deathholme”
“Yes, Ranger” Xepiroth continues nodding his head than turns to Daturas and continues to exchange looks with her
“Tomorrow will take you to Deatholme for interrogation, than you will have a trial and then you will be scheduled for processing” Orthos speaks to Daturas very angry, only to receive another grin from her.

The following days Orthos approaches Anethrax at the Orgrimmar Inn
“Thorns, make sure we are not disturbed” Anethrax orders short as the Vile Thorns assasins form a line outside the inn, not letting anyone inside but also not letting anyone outside.
Orthos notices that and knows he must measure his words carefully.
“Mistress Anethrax, we are grateful for your efforts to capture Daturas and also for your decision to deliver her to Silvemroon”
Anethrax nods “I hope that Silvermoon will not further question the Vile Thorns for this”
“On the contrary, Mistress Anethrax, Silvermoon is grateful for your decision. But , how did you capture her, how did you know it was her?” Orthos asks the question for wich he came to Anethrax
“We have found the weapons of the possible murderer” Anethrax continued on a low voice “then set a trap, and have Thorns surround it when Daturas showed up”.
Orthos listens very interested and surprised.
“Ofcourse she didn’t go easy and attacked Deathmaster LaSombra, but my assassins managed to disarm her and capture her”

The conversation goes on between Orthos and Anethrax on various subjects before they depart and Orthos returns to Silvermoon.
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Murder in the row
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