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 Pretty little Siranomi's tale

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PostSubject: Pretty little Siranomi's tale   Thu Nov 17, 2011 4:16 pm

Siranomi sits alongside the water in eversong woods, thinking back to the conversation she had yesterday evening with miss val..
sira knew who she was.. even if miss val wouldnt admit it herself and presented herself to everyone under a false name..
Noone can trick my pretty little nose, she grinned..

Sira never awnsered the question though, wich miss val asked her..
she let something slip about an event long..long ago..
reluctant to spill any information on the matter, she felt a huge relief when her pretty friend showed up, the subject changed instantly as her pretty friend engaged into a conversation with Orthos Do'Urden who was also present..

As sira gazes off into the distance in thought.. imagining how the surroundings must look like from smell and sounds..
she tilts her head and shakes a maggot from her ear..
She lets it fall into her hands and crushes it with her boney fingers..
"another dream lost.." she wispers silently to herself..

Memories came flooding her, for once.. peacefull mind..
What exactly did happen all that time ago..
She thinks back to the time, when she was still a breathing, living creature. Once.. long ago..
Before the maggots feasted on her eyes and nested in her pretty little mind.

She lived in a house on top of a hill near the great city of Stormwind.
Together with her sister, mother and father and faithfull companions mister sheep and miss cat..
She didn´t think much of her father back then, for he would always come home late, reeking of alcohol and sweat..
He always started to rage about the littlest of things, such as a broken glass or some dust on the shelfs.. in that rage..
he would often express his anger towards her and her relatives in physical abuse.. along with some cursing and yelling..
on those events, Sira would become hysterical and cried for hours on end.. whenever that happened her sister would
take her to her room and stroke her face untill she calmed down a little.. this.. in return also had a calming effect on her sister..
Her mother on the other hand.. would return the favor to her husband by screaming and yelling back at him..
This kept going on like this for as long as she could remember..

Untill one day, Sira returned home from her.. secret training she would call it..
It had become quite late as she lost track of time.
When she arrived at her house.. she could see that the candles were still lit.. that´s odd..
she thought to herself.. normally they ain´t up that late..
She sneaked up to the house and peeked through the window.
there was little to see.. for the light of the candles was to weak to make anything visible..
she however.. could see a shade on the wall, holding another shade.
She, as silently as she could opened the door and closed it again behind her as she walked inside..
Once inside.. she looks around the corner of the livingroom, "coast is clear.." she mutters to herself.
Ready to sneak upstairs.. she freezes as a heavy breathing can be heard by her side..
She reluctantly looks aside as she recieves a flat hand right on the cheek..
She instantly grabs her cheek and looks at the person besides her with tears growing in her eyes..
It's her father.. his face is red from anger and he breathes heavily.
"Where have you been!!"
"O..out for lessons" she hessitantly responds.
Her eyes widen as she heard a muffled moan comming from the kitchen area..
She pushes aside her father and hurries to the kitchen.. only to discover her mother with a bruised swollen face sitting at the kitchen table..
Sira glares at her father "Did you do that to her!!" she yells angered
"And what if i did?? she is my wife.. my property.. as are you.."
her father grins at her
"You bastard! you stinking little worm.. you-.."
Sira stops speaking as she recieves another slap in the face.. however.. this time it wasn't her fathers doing.
"Show some respect to your father you ungratefull brat!" her mother yells
She glares at her mother who blows against her hand for the slap had quite an impact.

Sira turns silent and her eyes lose colour as she focusses her gaze to the floor..
She stands there..staring.. for about half an hour.. before her hand starts to twitch..
Not a sound can be heard as the three stand in the kitchen.
Untill Sira takes a step forward.. towards the cabinet.. and another step..
She keeps gazing down.. untill she reaches the cabinet.. not a single thought enters her mind.. nor leaves it..
Without realizing what happeneds, she openes the cabinet.. and at that point.. her mind goes completely blank..
her eyes change into a light grey and her gaze changes into a mindless stare..

Sira scratches her empty eye sockets and sighs.. "not the best childhood i guess.. no.. no.. "
She stretches and wonders.. still unsure of what happened in that time.. that moment in time her pretty little mind can't seem to grasp..
she reaches out her hand and runs her boney fingers through the water's surface.. and returns back to her memories..

Sira opens her eyes and blinks a few times.. all sounds have faded..
"What.. what happened?" she asks herself
she looks down at her hand wich is holding a big kitchen knife.. She gasps, lets the knife fall and puts her other hand to her mouth..
her eyes widen as she spots the blood all over her hand..
She quickly stands up, gazes around the room and starts breathing heavily, her face goes pale and her leggs tremble.
"NO.. NO.. " she screams as she violently shakes her head..
the entire room is covered in bloodsplatter, from the floor to the cealing.. not a thing left uncovered.
"SISTER... Come.. help.. something horrible has happened!!"
Tears start rolling down her cheek as she notices there is no responce from her sisters bedroom.
She starts walking to the bedroom door.. slowly and with a trembling hand.. she opens the door..
"NOOOOO" she screams as she drops to her knees and tears flood down her cheek.

"You did this.." a silent voice wisperes..
"NO!" Sira cries
"yes.. yes.. and you must pay the price.. yes.. pay.. " the silent voice responds
"you must run little girl.. run.. run.. before they find you!"
Sira is so confused and upset that she doesn't give the voice a second thought.. and she storms out the frontdoor..
She runs and runs untill her leggs can't keep up anymore.. she lets herself fall against a tree.. and puts her head between her knees.
She want's to cry.. but she has run out of tears.. or so it seems..

After an hour or three.. she takes a deep breath and stands up slowly.. Only to be pushed down again by an individual..
She looks up annoyed. "Oi.. what was that fo-.. "
Her eyes widen.. as the individual appears to be a Stormwind city guard who happened to be patrolling the area..
the guard eyes her up and down.. "YOU.. come with me.. THIS INSTANT"
Sira looks at her clothes.. and figures.. in all the confusion and commotion.. she still has the bloodsoaked clothes on.. she looks back at the guard
She slowly stands up as the guard aims his sword to her..
She feels no need to scream or run.. she tries to think. but her mind seems reluctant to help her..
The guard beccons her to move, keeping his sword aimed at her.. She complies and the guard takes her to the city of Stormwind.

Apperantly news spreads fast.. as the milkman went to deliver milk to Sira's house. and discovered the horrific stage.
Sira get's stared down by people that were once her friends...
"Don't let her live!! she deserves to die for what she did!!" the flowerlady screams.. Sira would come by her shop every day and help her out with the plants and flowers..

They have arrived at the great hall.. and sira takes a seat in what appears to be a courtroom..
a person in a suit sits next to her and another in a gown with a wooden hammer sits in front of her, on a high seat..
"Miss Siranomi.." the person in the gown asks.. "How do you plead?"
Sira thinks for a second.. and decides it's of no use.. she was holding the knife.. she has blood all over her clothes.. she was the only one that survived.
She takes a deep breath and wipes away a tear.. "Guilty" she responds without hessitation in her words"
"very well then" the person in the gown replies as he looks down upon Sira..
"Then.. I Hereby sentence you to.. Death by swordstrike!!"
swordstrike..?? she thinks to herself by tilting her head.. thats an.. unusual deathpenalty..
"You shall reap what you sow!" the man in the gown adds
Ahh.. ofcourse.. sira thinks before she realizes what he just said.

I'm really going to die now!? thoughts start rushing through her head, she shakes her head violently and struggles as the guards take her outside and bind her to a pole.
"NO.. no.. no.. i'm to young to die.. no .. i can't die.. i musn't die!!" she screams as a guard walks up to her
He touches her face and smiles at her, she looks at him "Such a shame" he sais silently.
Sira turns her head and bites his finger.
"Why you little-..." the guard sais annoyed
"Get on with it, we have more important matters to attend to!" another guard yells.
"alright alright.. give me a moment.. geez" the guard responds annoyed as he aims his sword at sira's chest

Sira closes her eyes, making one single tear roll down her cheek, a sudden grin forms on her face as the guard thrusts his sword at her heart.

Sira chuckles.. "and then when i woke up, several decades later.. everything was pitch black.. and i was in the waters of Orgrimmar because some grave robber tried to steal my coffin!"
She stands up.. and makes her way back to silvermoon city.
"i could use a snack by now" she grins as she walks on.

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PostSubject: Re: Pretty little Siranomi's tale   Thu Nov 17, 2011 4:37 pm

A good read. keep it up

The way is shut,
It was made by those who are dead
And the dead keep it.

Skeleton in the closet.
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PostSubject: Re: Pretty little Siranomi's tale   Thu Nov 17, 2011 5:13 pm

Nice Story Little Miss Sira. Nice!
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PostSubject: Re: Pretty little Siranomi's tale   Tue Nov 22, 2011 6:43 am

Sira wanders around silvermoon, keeping to the shadows in search of something interesting for the strangest things happen in this great city.
at least.. that's what sira mind tells her.
She keeps wandering.. untill she encounters a group of people. she knows them all by scent..
Sir Walsingham, little miss val or kaylen.. whatever she calls herself nowadays.. and the tall one named Hikka. she sums them up in her head
She steps out of the shadows and after an exchange of few welcoming words Sir Orthos joined the conversation, he didn't stay long because he seemed to have some business with Sir Walsingham.
The two decided it would be better to talk in private, and they wandered off into the direction of the inn.
Miss val seemed eager as to getting to know what this perticulair matter was about.
hikka clearly instructs for miss val to stay put..

miss val had a reputation to get into trouble.. that's what sira noticed from the moment they met..
And ofcourse.. after a mere minute.. miss Val runs off... into the same direction as Orthos and Walsingham.
Hikka lets out a long drawn sigh
"want her taken care off?" Sira sais with a grin
"Ah dunno" Hikka responds with a sigh under her voice
"You sure? We can deal with her, don't worry about that" Sira responds.. all exited from her one and only chance to punish miss Val for being a trouble maker.
"Ah hav' to go" Hikka sais and she rides off
Sira's grin hasn't faded as she wanderes off into the same direction as miss Val, slipping into the shadows after a few feet.

She keeps walking untill she hears a loud sin'dorei voice.. unmistakenly Orthos's, he sounds annoyed.
she sniffs.. there are two more people present, both elves.. one sounds like it's gasping for breath.
"Stupid little one" sira whispers quietly as she aproaches the elves through the shadows
As sira had some questions for miss Val.. it would be a shame of she died there on that spot..
so she decided to lend a hand.. She steps out of the shadows and confronts the third unknown female sin'dorei.
"Have you seen my little friend, annoying, bigmouth, troublemaker?" Sira asks the sin'dorei.
"Yes i have" The Sin'dorei responds
"She was trying to get into this closed inn, i tried to stop her but she wouldn't listen or leave"
"I told the little one to meet me at the other inn.. her pretty little mind must've been playing tricks on her" Sira adds as she hears Miss Val struggle as Orthos nearly chokes her..
"Stupid little one.. i hope sir Orthos doesn't take the pleasure of turning her forsaken for himself" Sira sais on a low voice with a smirk on her face
the unknown sin'dorei goes silent for a moment when she realizes what the forsaken just said.
"Ranger, there is a forsaken here that asks if she can take the girl"
Orthos lets go of his chokehold on miss Val and tells her to leave this instant.

Sira covers her face with her hand as miss Val even then seems reluctant to leave and keeps yelling at the two elves.
Sira moves closer, grabs a piece of Val's clothing and drags her outside
"Apologies for my little idiot friend" sira grins and bows at the unknown sin'dorei wile squeezing miss Val's arm
"Owwwww" miss Val yells
The sin'dorei responds in thallasian and Sira walkes off with miss Val

Once outside the inn miss Val pulls herself out of Sira's grip and tries to walk back inside.
"are you that eager to throw away your pretty fleeting precious life"
"I helped you once.. don't expect it to happen again.." Sira sais somewhat annoyed.
at that time a Sin'dorei warrior comes walking by and walks directly into the inn.
She acts a little bitchy to miss Val and miss Val.. returns the favor..
"D-doesn't this p-place have a-another e-entrance?" Val asks
"It does, but i higly doubt they'll still be there after you harrassed them" Sira responds wile she tilts her head and shakes a maggot from her ear.
Miss Val instantly runs off into the distance..
Sira sighs and slips into the shadows.. planning to follow miss Val's obvious scent trail.. untill she stubles upon a bag..
she examines the bag by sniffing it..
"clearly this bag belongs to little miss Val.. no doubt there.. the little scramblehead must've dropped it.." Sira silently wispers to herself

She resumes to following the scent, untill she hears the unmistakable voices again.
Sir Orthos, Miss Val, Sir walsingham and the unknown female sin'dorei.
They have aprehanded Miss Val for spying and apperantly for plotting a murder on a fellow sin'dorei.
Sira takes a seat close to the group of people remaining in the shadows.
she can clearly distinguish the scent of mind numbing poison in the air, they must've used it on miss Val to keep her from escaping.
A wicked grin forms on her face as Miss Val recieves a few direct hits to the face from Orthos, and the scent of blood fills the air.
"I-i'm a m-marauder!! F-find my b-bag and l-look at m-my t-tabbard!!" Val yells in pain
"Why are you following us!! and why are you plotting the murder on a sin'dorei with some troll?? and who is this troll!!" the two sin'dorei keep asking Val the same questions over and over again
"I Don't know what you are talking about!!" Miss Val screams
A sly smirk forms on Sira's face as she smells the fear and despair.. not realizing.. it were her words that got miss Val into suspicion..
"Why did you follow us?" Orthos asks as he regains his chokehold on miss Val
"B-because.. I t-think you're c-cute" Miss Val responds gasping for breath
"If you are really a marauder.. you would be wearing a tabbard.. well.. where is it" the unknown sin'dorei adds
"I-I'ts in m-my b-bag!!!" miss Val seems to get more desperate by the second
As much as sira is enjoying the sounds and smells of the show.. she determains that miss Val is no good to her dead.. and decides to lend a hand once again..
"She owes her life to us now.. twice.. we will make her pay back her debt when she is released" Sira wispers very quietly to herself as she throws miss Val's bag from the shadows into the direction of the unknown sin'dorei
Without thinking about the fact where the bag came from.. the unknown sin'dorei checks the contents of the bag for any hidden weapons.
as she finds none.. she hands the bag to miss Val. who seemed very relieved that her bag appeared out of nowhere. and hurries to put on her tabbard
"So.. you really are a marauder.. you will be held for questioning by the bloodknights" Orthos sais on an annoyed tone
miss Val struggles a little but after a wile gives up and goes with Orthos.
"Someone send a letter to Himo.. let him know what happened here!!" Miss Val screams as Orthos guides her out of the room
after they have taken a few steps the female sin'dorei warrior from earlyer came storming into the room, ranting and swearing.. demanding them to release the girl
A few other sin'dorei males join Orthos and walk away.. ignoring the female warrior who has engaged into a delightfull conversation with the unknown sin'dorei.
"Can't believe what serpiente sees in you.. i should send him your head on a pike.." the female warrior sais with a grin.. trying to provoke the unknown sin'dorei
the unknown sin'dorei keeps an incredibly cool act and shrugs all remarks off.. before joining Orthos and the others.
leaving behind sir Walsingham who seemed to have engaged a.. descent enough conversation with the female sin'dorei
Sira follows their scent to the grand hall filled with bloodknights..

There she sat in the shadows with a grin and thought about all that's happened today.. and how to make miss Val repay her debt... untill the restless night becomes a quiet morning..
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PostSubject: Re: Pretty little Siranomi's tale   

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Pretty little Siranomi's tale
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