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 Soul's Last Request.

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PostSubject: Soul's Last Request.    Tue Nov 29, 2011 7:04 pm

(( So, people have been wondering about the storyline that has ended in Leov being captured, so from start to finish i will now be placing it here along with on KoL and TDR forums to keep those outside of the two guilds that have found themselves involved up to date! Smile ))

- Roikes first post -

(( Anything related to the Roike soul shard storyline can be dumped here. Feel free regardless of whether or not it's a major happening in the plotline to add your character's reactions and recollections of the events to come. ))

The following letter is stamped with the seal of the Captain of the Guard.

Quote :
Leov Amelia Lahnmaiden,

Following the disappearance and rumored death of the Knight-Captain Roike du'Ley, it is my duty and personal regret to inform you, his named closest of kin on the outcome of our now concluded investigation.

I have been instructed to leave out greater mention of the Dead Rose cultists, and as such may relay only that no actual evidence pertaining to his whereabouts, nor confirmation of his demise, has been found as of the time of this letter. As he has been confirmed missing for a period beyond the timeframe set for his legal assets to pass on in such an event, the bearer of this message has also been instructed to turn over your accorded shares of his remaining property.

Due to procedure, your accorded share has been reviewed and documented by his legal representation, for the sake of recording his material assets should a legal claim be forthcoming in the event of the Knight-Captain's unlikely return. In addition, the SI:7 Intelligence Corps have been allowed a record of this share due to the necessity of our investigation and the suspected ties to cultist interests.


-Markus Jullian Helevorn, junior Captain of the Guard.

The items are as follows..
A key to a vault in the Stormwind bank and a very large, very absurd looking fedora with feather and all.

A second letter arrives only shortly after the first, it reads:

Quote :
Leov Lahnmaiden,

Greetings and well met!

As per the request of our client, ROIKE PERENOLDE DU'LEY, following a time of death, we have prepared a map detailing the dig site in the aptly-named territory of Badlands, formerly funded and operated by the du'Ley estate.

This site has since the time of our client's disappearance become derelict due to an abrupt cease of transfer-of-funds, (And devastation by outside sources) and as such may not be as safe as in the time of initial operations.

Have a pleasant day!

-Amarande Miletae,
Stormwind Legal Rights and Representation Firm.

Fighting for your rights, on the only battlefield that matters!

A fairly precise map of said site spills out from the envelope's interior.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Tue Nov 29, 2011 7:07 pm

Leov slipped softly for her bed and pulled the silken dressing gown around her as she looked over to the door, two envelopes laying flat on the ground, she smiled softly as she picked them up, noticing one had her full name on it her mind began to race with possibilitys and dread, turning she walked back to the bed and placed them down, heading for her shower where the water pounded down on her unable to shake the dread of what the letters could be, her thoughts not letting go that the first had the seal of the captain of the guard, stepping out she pulled the towel around her and did all the meanieal things neccesary before being able to pull on her dress, pulling on her dress she opened the door and walked back to her bed, staring down at them as the small candle flickered to fill the darkened room with light as she brushed her long firey red hair, slipping further onto the bed she placed them infront of her alongside eachother, legs pushed to one side elegantly and stared down at them.

A soft knock came to the door, leaving the letters resting on the bed she walked to it and pushed her thoughts to one side as she opened with with a soft, sweet smile.

"Hey you"

Gibbzy smiled at her, as she stepped back, walking into the house he eyed the letters on the bed briefly before turning to her and wrapping her into his arms.

"Everything ok?" She asked as she continued to smile softly returning the hug, he nodded and then asked her in return as she pulled away from his grip and went to sit back on the bed with the two letters infront of her.

"I received these two today, ones bearing the seal of the captain of the guard and i can't bring myself to open them" she looked over to him as she turned the first letter over, showing him the seal..

"Ah" Gibbzy replied with a soft reassuring smile.

"I mean, what if it's about my family, or the family house or something horrible.." She looked at Gibbzy trying to find answers in his face as he walked over to her, wrapping a arm lightly around her shoulders and pulling her towards him gently.

"Problem is Leov, you won't know unless you open it and find out..." he kissed the temple at the side of her head and she nodded slowly, sitting back up she picked up the sealed letter and breaking it she slid out the peices of parchment, reading it as her face turned to one of confusion and upset.

"It's a letter about Roike... and.... i think he named me next of kin..." she stared at the letter, trying to take all that it said in, confused and a sudden rush of upset washed over her, the sudden realization that it was true, possibly that he had left her had finally sunk in, shaking her head she tried to fight back the tears as they welled up in her eyes, after all, she didnt want to cry infront of Gibbzy.

"What about the other one Leov?" Leov looked at him as he asked in his reassuring and soft tone, wrapping an arm around her waiste again and she forced a soft smile, placing the first letter down she picked up the second and opened it, a map falling down onto her lap as she raised an eyebrow and read from it..

"As per the request of our client, ROIKE PERENOLDE DU'LEY, following a time of death, we have prepared a map detailing the dig site in the aptly-named territory of Badlands, formerly funded and operated by the du'Ley estate....."

She looked at Gibbzy, a little confused but a sudden emotion that perhaps he'd left something there to let her known he was actually fine and just laying low, a small smile crossed her face as she unfolded the map and laid it onto the bed.

"Why would that be sent to you.. did they think you'd be interested in mining...?"

She shrugged as she eyed the precise map over.

"Maybe he left something there to let me know he's ok..."

Gibbzy sighed softly and nodded slowly.

"Perhaps, so what do you want to do?"

Leov began to trace her finger from the closest alliance camp marked on the map to the circled mark on the map and sighed slightly, her anger and happiness mixing into one.

"I- i think i want to go there... see what's up with it, maybe take a few mining people to make sure it doesnt collapse and such so i can go in.. "

Leov smiled softly before looking back down at the map and frowning suddenly.

"You know, i bet its the dead rose scum...Are you busy tonight, come with me?"

Gibbzy nodded slowly as he watched Leov go through the several different emotions that seemingly kept changing the way she reacted to the letters.

"I have to go and aid the magi quarter on the battlefront, But even so, Keep a cool head, don't go rushing in Leov, you could die and thats the last thing i want, as would he, no matter where he is...Besides, if you can wait, i'll be back by midnight and then we can go if you like?"

Leov frowned as she looked at him.

"Cool head?.... They may of killed him, light i hope not but they may off, and i suspected as much and now, hopefully if they have i will get proof and light help them..."

Leov looked back round to the map, eyeing it over, trying to map out her journey in her head.

"I should be fine to go alone.. i think.."

Gibbzy nodded slowly again and sighed.

"Fine, i need to go, but please, just be careful, and i'll come back here at the end, if your not home then i'll make contact with you... if thats ok?"

Gibbzy kissed the temple on her forehead again and gave her a final squeeze before unwrapping his arms and standing.

"Stay safe you" Leov smiled softly at him as he nodded.

"I'll see you later, and Leov, try to stay out of danger or trouble" he began heading to the door he opened it

"I always try, but it normally doesnt work..." Leov spoke softly as he walked out with a final reassuring smile back at her before closing it with a soft click, Leov began to speak softly, a bright flash surrounding the house in a shield before disappating.

Now, more then lately at least, she would need to make sure she kept herself safe, she didnt have people to cover for her this time and she would get to the bottom of this.

She sat, staring at the letters and the map as a tear slowly began to fall down her face, standing, she walked over to her armour and began to pull it on, readying herself for the journey to badlands.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Tue Nov 29, 2011 7:07 pm

Clicking or sliding all the catchs to keep her armour together into place she kept her eyes on the letters and the map, sighing as she finally pulled her boots on and walked lightly back over to the bed, leaving her helmut on the end of it.

Picking up the letters she placed them inside her glove as she pulled it tight, looking around the house she knew that if this turned out like before, with nobody to cover her tracks this time she would have to leave a while to somewhere safer.

she sighed slightly, picking up the map she folded it neatly so it was big enough to look over and hold without taking her view of what was around her away, she turned, picking up the key to the door's she ran up stairs to check the balcony and for the first time did all the locks on it up before heading back downstairs and out of the front one, once again doing all the locks up, calling Kesa down she landed with a soft growl as Leov smiled softly and climbed up, giving the bird some berrys before she glided into the air effortlessly and headed out of Ironforge into Loch modan and across the snow covered plans of bad lands, the night was already falling down around her and she had already sent a small mining company out to secure the place before she even entered it.

Keeping her eyes on the search as Kesa flew her over the badlands now a voice rang softly within her head.

"Leov, where are you?"

Gibbzy's voice was soft although with a hint of worry and she was sure it was long before midnight, had he honestly left work early, moving slightly she pulled out the water elementals bracer and holding it she closed her eyes as a faint blue glow came from it and she concetrated hard to send the message back.

"Badlands, im going to the mine"

She thought although she's sure she said it too, a voice rang out within her mind again and at the reply she smiled softly, he was almost as protective as someone else used to be.

"I'm on my way.."

Kesa landed infront of a mine that seemed almost derelict other then a ogre or two not trying to take up residence within the place, Leov frowned, she'd deal with them later she thought, staring inside the place she felt hesistant and suddenly jumpy that anything could happen as she remembered all that she had found herself in the last time she involved with Roike, dangerous as it was though she found herself smiling, a small thud landed behind her, taking her hand to the hilt of her sword she remained facing the entrance to the cave, ready for anything to attack her.


Turning around she frowned as her vision adjusted from the torchs that lit the way into the mine, squinting slightly she fixed herself with a soft smile as she realized it was Gibbzy.

"What are we waiting for?"

"Them to come tell me it's safe.. but they've been gone a while... and... oh Meh".

Leov began to tread carefully up into the mine, making sure to be careful where she stepped with the shale under foot, she kept her eyes on her surroundings and the roof aswell as making sure to listen for any sort of movement, the sound of Gibbzy following behind her was slightly reaussring if nothing else, coming to a fork in the path of the cave she stood and stared at it, unsure whether to turn left or right towards what she assumed was the back of the cave and probably led deeper.

"Left or right?"

She looked back at Gibbzy with a inquisitive look and a sweet smile, Gibbzy looked at her, apparently not bothered as he shrugged it off, sighing she carefully stepped up onto the small ledge and walked off to her left, down a slope of sorts and into a small room covered in cobwebs, slipping on the ground as she stepped down into the small room with shelving lining the rooms and all sorts of things laying on them she threw herself forward to re-gain her balance, her face turning a crimson red immediately from embaressment, she opened the bag she had after scanning the area with Gibbzy stood at what could be classed as the entrance she started to fill her bag with the items from the shelves, feeling hopeful deep down that one of them may help her find out something, although taking a while, once she was done and after missing two large rocks falling from the ceiling, one making a shelf behind her fall she turned to gibbzy with a small sigh.

"Can you see anything else?"

He looked around, stepping forward only slightly and shook his head as she picked up a small wooden box and opened it to reveal a shard, pulsating with a soft purple glow, she raised an eyebrow and on closing it made a decision to check it out once home, closing the bag up she turned back to gibbzy with everything safely inside it.

"Ok, i think were done..."

Gibbzy raised an eyebrow and looked at the bag.

"Do you want me to put that in the nether?"

Wearily Leov looked at him and seemed contemplative, to have it out of site would be handy, but was the nether as safe as needed when it came to possesions of Roike.

"Is it safe, i mean, can anything be taken from the nether by another mage or warlock from someone else?"

Gibbzy shook her head as he reached out a hand to the bag.

"Entirely safe, its never happened before at least, but. it is up to you."

Leov smiled slightly and handed him the bag, making again the sub concious decision that the bag would probably be safer in the nether till they got home then it would on her back, Gibbzy took the bag and looked up slightly, throwing the back up into the air it disappeared easily into nothing, she frowned a little suddenly unsure of her decision before looking back to Gibbzy who shrugged slightly.

"Well, let's get out of here then..."

Gibbzy turned and led the way out back to the two gryphons, Kesa rushed towards her and nuzzled her head against Leov's hand before she climbed up, Lily looked over to Leov and chirped happily on seeing her as Gibbzy climbed up onto his pure white Gryphon, Leov laughed softly, she still found it slightly amusing how his Gryphon seemed to like her and do as she said from day one, even if it was puzzleing, the gryphons flew high up into the sky effortlessly once again and headed back to Ironforge across the snowy plains.

Time passed and landing back in Ironforge infront of the house she slipped from Kesa before she flew up and landed on the flat roof with Lily to rest, unlocking the door it took a while and she suddenly regretted doing all the locks, finally the door unlocked and opened with a soft click as she pushed on it pulling out her key, once inside she walked over to her bed and unhooked her shield and took of her sword before falling backwards onto it, clearly worn out, Gibbzy on following her in, waved his hands around gently and pulled the bag full of stuff from the nether, placing it down gently on the bed beside her, looking at it her eyes widened as she slipped out of her boots and sat properly on the bed, pulling the bag towards her she pulled off her gloves and picked up the box from the bag as she undid it, opening it, she picked the shard up from it, that seemed to be glowing a little brighter, and held it carefully although tightly in her hands as she stared at it, seemingly entranced by it, Gibbzy had been watching her carefully and was eyeing the stone.

"That, seems familiar..."

Leov turned and looked at him, raising an eyebrow.

"It does?"

He nodded in reply, looking over the stone from a distance and what he could see of it.

"I could be mistaken but it looks incredibly similar to that of a warlocks soul stone..."

Leov quickly looked back at the stone, slightly worried suddenly as she concentrated on it.

"But, is it, you know, occupied or yet to be.. i mean Roike and I were trying to... i wonder how you free souls from Soul stones, maybe i still have that Warlocky book still"

Leov began to leave sentences unfinished, suddenly realizeing the goal before Roike went missing and curious as to why this shard was in his mine, she sighed slightly, looking back to her bookshelf, unable to see which books were there and which weren't, she'd done enough reading to last anyone a life time, always good to know what the other's that train in fields not her own could get up to she thought.

"Well, i've never seen a warlocks stone come into being without there being someones soul to occupy it, so i would say, your holding someones soul and yes, it's occupied"

Gibbzys voice cut through the silence as Leov's eyes widened slightly, looking back to the stone she was suddenly more aware of it then ever before and suddenly determined to release the soul from it.

Time passed and she continued to stare at the stone, thoughts rushing through her head as she realized the task to release the soul could be troublesome and end up with her being in alot of trouble with nobody to cover her tracks this time, laughing softly she shook her head, more time passing and Leov and Gibbzy ending up in conversation and some how a arguement of how he'd left her in tears on the cathedral roof and how she hadnt attended her funeral, fake or otherwise and how it didnt matter anyway as she hadnt attended nirrims either so it wasnt like he had one up on Gibbzy.

They both sat in silence before Gibbzy walked upstairs after trying to leave it, the anger Leov had kept in for so long falling out into one arguement relatively easily she thought, watching him walk up her stairs she placed the shard back into the box and slammed the lid down, falling forward over it she covered her face as the tears began to roll down her cheeks, she'd had enough she thought.

"What is it?" Gibbzy came back down the stairs, looking down at her as she continued to cry into her hands.


"I wish i could take you to the cathedral each time i asked you what was wrong"

Gibbzy sighed softly as she walked down the rest of the stairs and round to her side.

"What, why?"

Gibbzy wrapped his hand over her shoulder lightly and squeezed reassuringly.

"Because Leov, at least there, you don't try to lie".

Leov looked up from her hands, wipeing her face although the tears continued to come as easily as the anger did she frowned.

"I don't lie".

Gibbzy laughed softly.

"No, but you try too and you shouldn't your not good at it, at all."

Leov sat up properly and leaned against him, warning him things could get dangerous if this has anything to do with the dead rose, after all it was a warlocks shard and that she could end up in deep trouble and she'd understand if he wanted to leave, Gibbzy sat quietly, listening as he held her close, sighing softly as he looked down at her.

"I'm not going anywhere Leov, your stuck with me, and Light help the rose if they lay one finger on you."

He spoke softly, wrapping his arms a little tighter around her as she looked up at him, blushing brightly she nodded and pulled away.

"I need to get changed..."

Gibbzy nodded as the bright flash surrounded the house as Leov spoke softly to herself, the light disappating although leaving the house covered in a shield from top to bottom, Gibbzy stood and headed for the stairs.

"Light help anyone that has just found themselves trapped within my house, they won't be getting out through that unharmed"

Leov smiled with a small grin intwined with it, thankful she had been given the spell, specially crafted to her by her father before he died, Gibbzy laughed softly and continued up the stairs.

"Looks like im stuck here then...".

Leov nodded and agreed, once out of site she got changed into a sleeveless dress and shouted that it was safe for him to come back down, speaking between themselves Leov leaned up against him and rested her head on his shoulder as he held her close, her eyes began to close softly, pushing the box under her pillow she turned and laid down, feeling his arms wrap over her again, she drifted into a light sleep.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Tue Nov 29, 2011 7:08 pm

Leov jumped awake from a nightmare, frowning she rubbed her eyes and sighed, sliding her hand under her pillow she pulled out the small box, opened it and took out the small shard as it thrumed softly with a purple haze.

Staring down it she let her mind wander as she sighed softly, closing her eyes, resting back against the top of the bed gently as she held it securely in her hands.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Tue Nov 29, 2011 7:09 pm

-Roikes Second Post-

"The bond is developing."

It began as a whisper.
A quiet breeze through a sea of dreams, with no discernable direction.

"Shes reacted too poorly,"
a second whisper countered.
"The last attempt ended in a nightmare. She isn't compatible with the spell."

Awareness seeps in as meaning follows words, consciousness gaining hold in the sub-conscious.

"She'll have to--" A pause follows, one which threatens to sink you into restful oblivion once more.
Just before which the whispers return with greater force.

"Shes heard us, it's working well enough to continue."
Awareness is forced on you again, minds drawn together through dream.
The whispers become all the more distinct with every word, the hairline differences in tone marking the varied speakers.
"No more delays; draw her in before she wakes."

Sight is added to sound, shapes taking form as your mind reacts to the need to see, eyes given place to shield the mind from too many layers of the vast impossible.
And the shapes continue to form themselves, archways and walls of gray stone jutting up around your perceived notion of space.
Within the walls makes home grander displays of architecture, chapels and mansions beside fountains of silver in gardens ever expanding.
The process is far from instant, each block of stone and great display of wealth measured by the presence which drew you in.

At last the scenery becomes familiar, in a skewered way.
You are standing in Alterac City, as it was in the early rule of Aiden Perenolde.
The outline of countless persons swarms the city around you, some briefly manifesting into solid shape, but never for more than a moment at a time.
No sight here is familiar to you, but every step every image takes reverbates a chord of familiarity with the space you find yourself in.
These are memories, but not yours.

The sudden realization comes to you, as an indisputable fact of what must be obvious:
You are intruding upon the mind, the core, of another being.

In the heart of the city, unnoticed by it's surroundings, stands three figures of equal height and stature, the faces of each covered by varying means.
Two are so shadowed so as to be mistaken for wisps of smoke, while the third who stands between, is an outline too familiar to mistake for anything else.

An after-image of Roike wavers between transparency to match his peers, and a more solid shape by which to greet your wandering mind.
Details come into sharper realization all at once, every conjured building and memory taking place around you is seen in third-person, every hairline crack in the setting is observed under a microscope.
The world in the shard spins as realization again sets in, the sky marked by a never-ending barrier between reality and the prison.
It spins.


The after-image speaks, and the world around him draws to a sudden halt as the words direct his mind, as much as your attention.
Sincerity could never be put into a single word so effectively as the being in it's prison projects it towards you.
He speaks again.

"Help me."

And you wake.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Tue Nov 29, 2011 7:10 pm

Leov woke with a start, jumping awake and out of Gibbzy's arms she sat herself up.


Gibbzy gently laid a hand onto her knee, opening his eyes softly, turning onto his back as she began looking frantically around the room before quickly grabbing the shard from beneath her pillow and holding it tight, she whispered softly.

"I - I think, It can't be though..."

Looking back at Gibbzy a single tear rolled down her cheek as she looked confused and unsure of what to do.

"What is it..?"

"Roike was in my dream...

With two other's.. i saw him.."

Gibbzy looked up at her as she spoke.

"Doesn't seem so unusual to me..."

She shook her head softly.

"H-He asked me for help Gibbzy..."

Raising an eyebrow he sat himself up and wiped the tear still making its way down her face.

"Now -that- is a bit more intrigueing.."

Leov looked at him again before staring back at the shard.

"What do you mean by that..?"

"Can't say it's every day someone dreams about others asking for help."

"He was in Aterac ruins.. And.."

Leov looked down at the shard as Gibbzy sits, looking thoughtful.

"What are you going to do?"

"I have to help him..
How do i know its really him and not... you know..
Playing with my mind again.."

Leov looked at him worriedly, forceing a small smile.

"Well...I could always see if he's in there?"

Leov nodded slowly.

"I need to see if its Roike or if its him.."

Gibbzy smiled softly and started to rubs his hands before gently placing his right hand on Leov's forehead, closing his eyes as Leov sat holding the shard tightly in her hands, she closes her eyes, trying to keep her mind clear of anything else as she continues to remember the dream fully, Gibbzy opens his eyes and takes his hand back, nodding.

"There's nothing there. No blockade."

" ..Really?"

"Though I did see the dream for myself."


Gibbzy shrugged slightly.

"Seems genuine enough to me, but I'm no expert of dreams."

Leov nodded, staring at the stone.

"I have to help him Gibbzy.."

Gibbzy looked at her thoughtfully, opening his mouth to say something but stopping himself and simply nodded instead.

"I understand".

Leov turned, looking at Gibbzy with a soft smile on her face although a look of worry.

"What were you going to say?"

Looking back at her he smiled slightly.

"I know your passion to help him Leov, but don't let that cloud your judgement."

Leov raised an eyebrow, looking a little puzzled.

"What is that meant to mean?

What do you even mean by that.."

"What I mean is take time to plan and consider things. Please, don't rush into it. If what I understand is correct...the Dead Rose will be very interested in this."

Leov looked at him speechlessly, frowning to herself slightly as she returned her gaze to the stone, thinking over the dream again.

"And they've been dangerous enough as it is lately."

Leov covered the shard in her hands, making none of it could be seen from anyone around her, protectively.

"I need to hide it somewhere they won't get it.."

Gibbzy smiled softly and nodded.

"I have to agree. At least until you, or we, know more."

"...I'll find a place.."

Gibbzy nodded slightly, looking at Leov, wrapping an arm around her as she falls against him laying her head lightly on his shoulder, keeping the shard covered still.

"I really want you to listen to me now..."


Leov looked up at him thoughtfully as she listened.

"There is potential here for things to get -very- dangerous and out of control. You know that.

So you do not keep this secret from me at least.

I want to help protect you. If for nothing else, so you can concentrate on helping him."

She nodded slightly, making a mental note of what he'd said, she knew she could rely on him really, but she didnt want him hurt either or to be lost to whatever it was taking those she cared for away from her.

"If i feel like its getting dangerous, i'll let you know.."

Gibbzy nodded as she spoke and smiled softly down at her.

"I'm going to hold you to that. Don't let me down, please."

Leov nodded slightly, kissing his cheek softly. as he smiled and rubbed her arm gently, pulling out a Gyrochronatom to check the time as it made a small whirring noise, she looked at it.

"Ah fuck..."

Leov raised an eyebrow inquisitively at Gibbzy, she'd heard him swear alot since he'd joined the magi devision of the kings own, but usually it wasnt so abrupt.

"What is it?"

"Lieutenant is getting out of the medical facility today. I need to report to him."

"Uhm.. ok"

"I'm sorry, I really am."

Leov smiled softly, nodding her head understandingly.

"So you have to g-No worrys.."

Gibbzy slipped his arm back from around her, smiling slightly as he ran up the stairs taking them two at a time, moments later he came back down dressed in his full armour, he smiled at her softly as she walked up to him.

"I guess you really have to go huh?"

Wrapping his arms around her he nodded softly, holding her close as she smiled somewhat teasingly as she asked before he nodded again and spoke softly to her.

"I know how important this is to you Leov. -That's- why I want to help."

Leov smiled, wrapping her arms around his neck softly she pulled him forward, planting a soft, gentle kiss on his lips as he kissed her back, smiling affectionately at her.

"It'll be fine, he made me well aware of what they were when i turned up in goldshire.."

Nodding he stared into her eyes before whispering to her softly.

"I love you"

Leov blushed brightly, her face turning a bright crimson, quickly kissing him softly again he laughed a little, forever trying to keep him quiet instead of saying it back in any form, truth be told she didnt see how it was possible without knowing her past she spoke softly, pulling away from his grip.

"See you later then?"

"Definitely. I'll be in touch when I'm finished."

He stepped back, looking down to the floor he began to chant softly to himself, purple and blue arcane moving around his hands, looking up at her he winked slightly before disappearing infront of her eyes, she spoke softly, surrounding the house in a golden light as she brought the shield up, she slipped out of the azure top and trousers she had been wearing at the end of the night before collapsing asleep on the bed and slipped into her newest black and blue dress, picking up the shard again she sat and looked at it, her thoughts washing over her.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Tue Nov 29, 2011 7:11 pm

Leov sat inside the lions pride inn, sighing quietly to herself, trying to make out a plan as she stared into her glass of juice, the group around her talking, unable to make out what they were saying as her thoughts remained strongly on the dream and Roike.


Leov looked up sharply as Cal spoke, suddenly clear to her now that she needed to speak with him urgently.

"Evening Captain, i need a word with you alone if possible please, it's important, somewhere private away from eyes and ears"

Calahan looked at her, raising an eyebrow.

"Ok, lead the way lass"

Leov nodded, putting her glass on the table as she smiled softly, heading outside she let out a sharp whistle Kesa landing infront of her, Calahan doing the same as his hippogryph landing, leading the way he led her to the top of a high mountain, clear of trees and making it visible to anyone trying to listen in, she smiled awkwardly as she tugged nervously on the sleeve of her dress.

"I need you to take me to Roikes estate..."

Calahan looked at her impassively.

"Well, that's easy, it's just the Alterac ruins as its now named, big castle in the middle, can't miss it".

Leov sighed softly and nodded, biting the edge of her lip nervously as she looked at him with her bright peirceing ice blue eyes.

"Cal, it's not safe to go on my own, please, will you -show- me, i need to look for something, it's important..."

Calahan eyed her over and nodded slightly.

"Alright lass, we'll arrange a day and go..."

Leov sighed with relief and nodded, looking at him unable and unsure of whether to tell him the recent events of her dreams, he spoke softly.

"Take it this is to do with those letters you got.."

She looked at him and before she knew it was nodding in response.

"Something like that, i just need to check a few things over..."

Cal nodded and called for his hippogryph, climbing up onto it as it pecked at the ground, Kesa landing behind her instinctively as Leov climbed up onto her.

"Alright, well, We'll go soon, right now i need to see Sadine.."

Leov nodded and pulled on Kesa's reins, gliding into the air as Cal's hippogryph headed back to the lions pride in, she guided Kesa to a small private encampment, where she pulled a bottle of water from her bag and the shard, sitting and thinking inside the tent as she stared down at the soul shard, thrumming softly in her hands.

"It'll be ok Roike..."

She spoke softly, making a promise to herself to do whatever it took to set him free, finally....

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Tue Nov 29, 2011 7:23 pm

Nice story Leov, I think your Leov storys are always one of my personal favirotes. Thankyou
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-Darien's First Post-

A force courses through him. Every muscle tenses and his sight is lost for now. The weight of this violent approach forces the man on his knees and paralyzes him there, helpless and stripped of control. His mind rejects the pain he is supposed to feel.


The thundering voice commands. Watch. Do as you are told. Obey. The voice leaves as quickly as it came. The visions poured in like a tidal wave crushing the coast line. Too much to comprehend. Unable to register even the slightest detail. With dim light piercing his eyes, he follows the stream of images. And so does his Master.

Shayanan staggers backwards from Zorinya and Celinias, gritting his teeth in the pain that follows with the visions. He manages to hold his feet and gazes across the tavern, at Darien. The overwhelming stream of visions that his mindslave is seeing is reflecting on his mind aswell.

“What’s wrong with him?” Zorinya questions as she looks at Darien.
“Okay… They are both at it…” Celinias notes as she eyes both of the men.
“Hmph… What the fel is this supposed to be?” Shayanan mumbles, trying to make sense of the happening.
“You’re the brainiac…”
“Why don’t you tell us.” Celinias finishes the sentence began by Zorinya.
Shayanan tries to grasp a hold of the visions. He closes his eyes pondering over this event, trying to hold himself on his feet as the blurred visions soar through his mind. He, nor Darien, is unable to understand any of this.

Both ladies look between the two men, skeptically.
“What the…?”
“Zori, I think they are going loopy…”
“Oh, you’re doubting it?” Zorinya replies with a grin at Celinias. And receives one in return.
Shayanan reaches for the amulet around his neck. The enchanted piece is glowing faintly, just like Dariens’ amulet.

“Look Cel!” Zorinya shouts out. “They’ve got friendship necklaces!”
“Would seem so!” Celinias agrees with her.
“Must be totally best friends!”
“How cute.”
“You two shut it –now-!” Shayanan snaps at the girls who are distracting him as he tries to make sense on whatever is pulled on to his mind.

A darkness lays before their eyes. It appears never ending. Pointless. As they dwell through it aimlessly, it begins to snow. The chill soon follows and the howling winds embrace them. The distinctive cold surrounds both their mind and body, yet their focus is drawn upon the distant object far in the sea of black.

The object draws closer to them, surrounded by a thick and blazing rain of snow. It is a book. One that is familiar for both of them. The demonic markings on the black cover are unique, easily recognizable. The red runes shiny, color resembling of blood red and as the wind pries open the grimoire, they follow the vision with great intense.

An empty spread is opened before them. Bit by bit an image begins to draw upon it. Lines and shapes of varied design take a form over a short time and soon it displays the city of Alterac, still intact. A piece of the puzzle.

The shapes appear to live and they form another drawing. This one is of a man. A shouldered man with heavy armors. He gazes over the city from the mountains. A broad, longsword resting against his shoulder.
“Blackguard.” The word is spit out from the cold dark.

With this the book begins to crumble down, its form broken and remade. The grimoire takes a form of a soul shard. The sudden burst of violet light blinds them and the vision fades.

Darien shakes his head, trying to regain his sight. His muscles are released and he immediately searches an eye contact with his Master. Shayanan recovers as well and looks across the room. Silently the two men look at each other. The two ladies, still staring at both of them, puzzled by all this.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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Leov sighed, patting Kesa gently as she stroked down the griffon's feathers gently, her mind awash with the information granted to her by Sadine, she made a mental note to go no where on her own without full armour from now on, she'd been silly to think they wouldn't pick up on it as fast and it was only a matter of time now, she knew that, eyes and ears around stormwind and light knows where else, she'd argued with Robi again in the Blue Recluse that night about her spying and handing information back to Shay, she rolled her eyes, still unable to understand why any woman would let the man she was married to get away with stabbing her “friends” whenever he felt like it, she sighed again softly as footsteps stopped suddenly behind her turning slightly she smiled back at Calahan who waved to her.

“Afternoon Cal”.

“Hello Leov, How do you fancy taking a trip up north?”

She smiled softly and nodded.

“Sounds good, Now?”

“Well I'm free”

Calahan smiled at her, one of his usual charming smiles, she wondered if he actually realized he did it anymore, she laughed softly to herself and nodded again as he stood there, eyeing him over she spoke softly.

“You going on foot?”

She smiled teasingly at him as he looked at her, letting out a sharp whistle suddenly, grinning back.

“Not quite Lass, let's get going..”

She giggled again as his hippogryph ran forward and glided smoothly into the air, Kesa following in suit as they headed north towards Dun morogh and through to Wetlands, Arathi and finally Alterac, landing at the ruins gently up on the surrounding walls that surrounded the ruins, she gasped slightly.

“Well, there you have it..”

Leov looked around in awe, it was ruins but the place was huge, buildings and towers within the walls and a castle or keep pride of place in the middle.

“...This whole place...?

“Well I assumed so..”

“Oh light...”

The sudden realization of how long it would take to travel through the whole place safely, searching for anything of use to help her free him was larger then she'd first thought, although, her determination to get it done grew.

“See the difference between us mere farmers and our masters...”

Leov smiled slightly, as she looked at Cal she replaced it with a warm, sweet smile and a soft tone to her voice.

“Got a while have you?”

Calahan looked at her and grinned a little, clasping his hands behind his back as he looked back to the ruins thoughtfully.

“I don't know why we're here, you only asked me to show you”

Leov nodded, smiling slightly as she looked at him she sighed a little.

“I need to check this whole estate for.... clues.”

Cal looked at her again, raising an eyebrow.

“All you'll find is rubble and ogres..”

“Well, that depends if one of these places were on of his hideouts”

Calahan moved his gaze from her and looked back to the ruins and the only fully built building that remain before he nodded slightly, he shuffled past her and walked down to the snow covered ground, crunching softly as he stepped onto it, leaving a noticeable foot print behind, she watched a moment before he turned to look up at her.

“Well, only one way to find out..”

Leov nodded and quickly followed him round to the building as he turned and set off again, it appeared to be some form of old church as she looked around, she sighed noticing nothing was in there, only small shards of light fitting through the cracks in the boarded up windows.

“See, nowt here”

Leov smiled as she sighed again looking at him nodding again.

“Do I get the feeling you think I'm mad for checking here?”

Calahan looked at her and shook his head a little.

“No, I just simply believe anything of value has been long since removed.”

“Probably, But...”

Leov looked around the room, checking for anything or anyone that may of turned up, sighing she took a deep breath and bit the edge of her lip nervously, looking back at Calahan before speaking slightly faster then usual.

“Cal, I need you to tell me everything you know about Roike and anything he told you, because it's probably going to help me... help him”.

Calahan looked back at her raising an eyebrow.

“Well, he was part blood sucker...Hence the mask”

Leov raised an eyebrow, the smile from her face dropping away.

“I'm being serious Calahan...”

“So am I..”

“Are you saying he was a vampire...?”

“Yep, used to be a few of those about..”

Leov looked at him, shaking her head as she closed her eyes, taking another deep breath, disbelief washing over her, wondering how she couldn't of known that when she spent so much time with him, she opened her eyes again and looked at him.

“Riiight, about you tell me everything that happened between him and the dead rose?”

“That's still not fully known to even me, he used to play both sides for his own personal gain”

Leov sighed and nodded slightly rolling her eyes, she'd heard it all before and had grown sick of hearing people putting him down all the time, she he did a lot of things wrong, but he did a lot of things right too, surely they should take those into account, but they never did.

“I do recall him pushing Iskaroth of the top of Karazhan though”

Leov looked at him again and bit the edge of her lip nervously before releasing it from the soft grip her teeth had on it.

“If I told you something, would you think I was mental...?"

Calahan looked at her again after scouting the area.

“That's not a question I can answer without hindsight.”

Leov nodded slightly and took another deep breath.

“I believe, His soul is trapped inside a shard and I had a dream, that was vivid, not normal and he asked me for help..”

Leov's cheeks turned a slight red colour, suddenly feelings embarrassed about how crazy it might sound, Calahan frowned as he looked her over she forced a soft smiled in return.

“And, I'm pretty sure it's the rose that trapped his soul within it...”

“Evidence does point in their direction, after all, it was a warlock that killed him.”

“Before he died, he convinced me to join you guys, for my own safety as I was helping him with something t- that's not proven though”

She looked at him thoughtfully as her mind began to wonder what had actually happened.

“But highly likely”

She nodded.

“I've no doubt that’s the case, he is stuck in a soul shard after all, problem is, as soon as the rose find out...”

She smiled faintly as she tried to gauge Cal's standing with the situation.

“Aiding Roike isn’t one of my life’s ambitions.”

“He kept me safe Cal, you have no idea how much, they still have no clue what I was up too..”

“Foiling the Rose is much more appealing to me.”

“And I should of listened to him about Tyridon aswell but that’s another matter, I have the Knights and a lot of other things because of him..It's partially his fault you have me though..”

Leov smiled slightly as she looked down to the ground.

“Well, that’s something at least..”

Leov looked back up at him a little shocked.

“Which bit?”

“Getting you.”

Leov smiled, a small giggle leaving her lips.

“Not sure that’s entirely a good thing though, I'm a fiery red head that blushes at everything and sometimes attracts the worst guys and a lot of trouble...Still, I'm going to need help...More so then anything before, I don’t have Roike to keep me safe anymore and cover any tracks I leave behind..”

Leov looked at him, biting the edge of her lip again as he looked her over thoughtfully before speaking.

“What're you so afraid of?”

“When they find out he can give them information Cal..”

Leov sighed softly, the memory of the dream entering her mind, still as sharp as if she was asleep.

“He already visits my dreams in some way..
He brought me here..
It wasn’t all ruins..
He was stood with two men who disappeared..
And I have never, in the whole time I've known him sound so sincere when he asked for help..
But as soon as the Rose find out, and they will, eyes and ears remember...”

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Tue Nov 29, 2011 7:25 pm

She stopped a moment, feeling slightly choked as she remembered just how sincere he sounded to her, shaking her head and the thought away she carried on.

“They will link things..
I already have 30 locks on my house..
From when he was around..
But I doubt that will keep me safe forever..”

“So your terrified of the Rose?”

Leov grinned slightly and looked into his eyes.

“Depends how you look at it I suppose, I have information and can gain more..I'd rather not die.
But I would like to watch them bleed out slowly.. I have known for a long long time their the reason Roike disappeared..And I’d like a little justice and revenge and i'm asking for help..I’d also like to get his soul out of the flaming stone safely so it can pass whatever it passes on too..”

Calahan grinned slightly as he nodded.

“I'm willing to aid in anything that harms the Rose.”

Leov smiled faintly, pleased she'd technically asked for help and put her stubbornness on a back seat for now.

“Does that mean I get rescued if they get hold of me?”

“It does, same goes for any knight”

Leov smiled faintly again, glad that perhaps some action would finally be happening with the Knights kicking back into action and turning around, thinking to herself how glad she'd be to heard the end of the rumours circulating about them being lazy now since the older members passed.

“Least I’ve stayed out of trouble for ages eh?”

She smiled softly as he looked at her and scoffed slightly.

“Heh, Right..”

Looking back at him she raised an eyebrow.

“...Did I say something wrong?”


“Well, you don't seem pleased...”

“Sorry, I don't follow, should I be?”

Calahan looked at her, blinking a little more then usual.

“Well, No, but..Never mind”.

Leov shook her head, smiling softly as she eyed the room carefully.

“I just need any information on your “arch nemesis”...that might help me, help him”

“He has a kid..”

Leov nodded slightly.

“I know that much..”

“Uhh, your going to need to be more specific with what you want to know..”

“Do you know where any of his other hideouts were?”

Calahan frowned as he started thinking, shaking his head slightly, Leov frowned a little herself.

“No. Not Roike's.”

“I need to know as much as possible concerning him and the rose..And I suddenly want to blow away Ish's face for killing Alfos, because Alfos taught Roike, right?”

“Yeah, Alfos always had high hopes for the man. He'd probably have been much more helpful.”

Leov giggled incredibly softly out of no where as she remembered what Roike had once told her, she blushed as she looked down to the floor.

“Sounds as bad as Roike with me, now look at me..Anyway!.
I guess I need to think on what I want to know..”

Leov smiled softly, looking back up at him.

“And you need to try and remember, I mean, I know your old Cal, but your not -that- old yet..”

Her soft smiled changed to a teasing one as she watched him she remembered how they used to tease each other from the very first day she'd turned up in Goldshire as both Roike and Cal sat by the entrance doing their usual thing of winding each other up and then both fell quiet and watched her walk around, seemingly rather lost, her thoughts were broken as she heard a snort of amusement from Calahan.

“Tell you what, you remember as much as possible and I can give you a hug or something..”

Leov blushed, giggling slightly, she'd missed winding him up.

“It's not motivational difficulty lass, I simply cannot remember, Most of my memories involves us trying to kill each other and a bit of mutual respect.”

“But he told you a lot, didn’t he?”

“Not much on the Rose I'm afraid.”

Leov bite down on the edge of her lip thoughtfully.

“Cal..What happened to Alfos' stuff? Would he have anything in his stuff that might help?

“We've got it in storage in case he had any relatives he failed to mention. That which was saved from the Hillsbrad attacks that is.”

“Think I could maybe take a look, just in case?”

“I suppose so. I wouldn't take anything without asking though.”

“Ofcourse not. I need to go to the vaults anyway.."

“Alright lass”

Leov smiled faintly as she looked back up to him, snapping out of her thoughts again.

“Just make sure your ready for all hell to break loose I guess..Want me to keep you updated?”

“Aye alright, I am quite curious”


“How things will turn out”

Leov grinned again slightly, nodding as she started to head outside before stopping and turning again.

“Well, so long as I'm alive and nobody’s hurt..And I free Roike's soul..And kill the rose..”

She smiled, watching him as he nodded, seemingly lost in thoughts of his own, she worried him slightly.

“...Everything ok?”

“Mhm hmm, Everything is ok lass.”

“ ...Ok.”

Leov smiled faintly again, walking backwards a little.

“Well, anything else you wish to see around here?”

Shaking her head she began to wonder if he knew not to tell anyone, she looked at him thoughtfully again before stopping, speaking softly.

“ ....Cal.”


“Your not going to tell anyone, right? About what I’ve said..”

Calahan looked at her thoughtfully.

“I don't think I have much an audience who'd be interested, Perhaps Holly.”

Leov quickly shook her head.

“Not right now at least.”

Calahan raised an eyebrow as he looked at her questioningly.

“Why not?”

“I'd really rather not run the risk..You should be well aware of what their capable off.”

“If I can't trust the commander then I cannot trust anyone.”

Leov sighed as she watched him, he was right, the commander would have to know, but not right now, it was too risky to many people knowing.

“Are you saying she's impenetrable, She can't be gotten too..?”

“What do you mean 'gotten too'”

“They mind control to gain information, plant spies and hidden demons..Surely you know that..”

“I believe she'd resist attempts on her mind, yes. Besides, she's been well out of any danger for quite a while.”

Leov looked back at him, mumbling softly under her breath as she remembered all that Erethorn had asked her not so long ago, to keep the commander and baby lily safe, she rolled her eyes slightly, hardly safe if Erethorn was asking for help.

“If it makes you feel safer I'll keep this to myself, She's not back yet at any rate”

“It's only for now. I know she has to know eventually..Preferably before its too late..But right now, until I find out if they know I think its best as few people as possible know..”

“Very well then”

Leov smiled faintly again, realizing that Calahan didn’t seem to happy with the suggestion as he looked at her, although she knew he wouldn’t tell just yet, she spoke softly.

“Guess we should get out of here then?”


Leov stepped down from the ledge and whistled in a high pitch, Kesa landing infront of her and leaning her head forward as she put out a hand and pet the griffins head, Cal's hippogryph already on the ground with him sat upon it, Leov climbed up elegantly and took hold of the reins, Cal gliding into the air as Kesa followed, Leov looked back to the keep in the middle of the ruins and frowned slightly, suddenly missing her friend and mentor as they continued to leave the ruins behind them.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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-Roikes Third Post-

"Shes done well, but shes not prepared to see the full image."

Familiarity has spared you the gnawing worry of what speaks in your sleep.
The meaning behind the words this time is almost lost to you, as the tone is so blindingly familiar to the mentor you once had.
Memories, all your own, but many set aside by the weight of grief and doubt find their way back to you.
The aged Paladin you knew, ever ready, ever vigilant. The stalwart protector ever there to shield you from harm, guide the path you walk.
And never did he stray from the battles you knew to be necessary.

Your image of him lights the dreamscape as you approach, the fond sensation driving you in search of the speaker.
Here, in your sleep, the worries of his imprisonment are lessened by the joy of knowing he exists near at hand.

"I won't wait any longer. She trusts, it's enough."

Another voice rises with near-absolute authority, the setting springing up around you in several short moments.
Alterac City, in all it's hardened beauty is made visible once more.
Distant mountainscapes loom overhead behind walls as tall as the chapels they shield.
..And they continue to form. More, you realize, than was witenssed in the former instance.

The shades of remembered citizens twist into soldiers, squires, man-at-arms; landed knights cross through and around you on horse-back.
Walls extend beyond the borders of the city, towers loom higher than any other structure.
This is an Alterac capable of withstanding the retribution of the Alliance.
Your mind's eye turns to where last the three figures stood, and where they stand still.

Two remain distant, near-impossible to identify.
But the roles have reversed in this dream. The mentor you knew stands between his peers still, but his former clarity has been passed on to another.
To his left stands a figure equipped with an arrogance, an air of confidence so blinding you're incapable of offering anything but your full attention.
Your eyes meet his, the youthful brazen glare of a Roike you never knew.


Authority. Where one after-image had spoken with a sincerity, an anguished passion, this one now spoke with the airs of a man who knew how to lead.
Inspire. Terrify.
Before your mind can form the query into coherence, he responds.

"I am the Blackguard. The power, confidence and ambition of the man you knew."
The voice drolls on, the scenery expanding further with every word.
"I am the Dark Master that commanded all beneath Maladath, and I am the strength that overcame him in the high tower of Karazhan."

It's not difficult to believe. Whatever power your mentor once had, all that remains of it stems from this figure.
Trapped in his crystal barrier, the might of his spirit fuels the dreamscape into reality.

"You have chosen to serve my cause."

No.. This was not the Roike you knew. And not the man you've vowed to release.
Confusion threatens to temporarily unsettle your deep slumber, before his voice demands your attention once more.

"The Marquess' spell tears at what remains of me, set to bend me into subservience."

The image of a raven-haired woman, unfamiliar to you, momentarily fills your senses.
Ir Darron, the name fits smoothly beside the image in passing clarity.

"No aspect of what remains will become slave to this. It falls to you to destroy this prison."
In his ghostly hand takes form a sword meant solely for him, an extension of his dwindling power.

"Three symbols of my authority and power remain in the world.
All must be present to end this charade."

The blade dulls, cracks which threaten to destroy the weapon entirely form throughout.
Rust and caked sand cover it from hilt to blade-end.

"Despair is the first of these. Find the blade that traversed the Nightmare's realm at my side.
End this offense to my name with what little remains of my legacy."

The dream begins to fade into mist, the walls of Alterac and her looming towers dissolve around you.

"Find it, or I will never be free."

The setting crumbles into nothingness.
You are passed from the dream into less taxing slumber; the void of darkness once more forms securely around you, offering the protection of dreamless sleep until morning calls.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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Leov stirred, sitting upright quickly as she looked around for the stone, pulling it out of the hiding place that kept it close to her as she slept, she smiled as she realized it was still there, thrumming away quietly in its purple hue.

She sighed as she looked to the side of her, the house was way to quiet lately with the absence of Gibbzy, she sat and thought over her dreams of the night, memory’s of Roike, sitting beside the lake holding his Helmet as he paced back and forth trying to work out a new way to deal with the Rose, she smiled softly, missing him more then usual suddenly, her memory’s being replaced to that of the final dream she'd had, the man was scary and she recalled seeing him once.

She had marched up to Roike the sun taking it's leave and the moon beginning to make it's way into the sky, the heat still beat down on the lands regardless, leaving the lakes and armour glinting in it's wake, she recalled the sounds and the smells of the food being prepared for the nights punters within the inn and as she got to him, she stopped infront of him defiantly, the look on her face would warn anyone she wasn't in the best of moods, her eyes somehow brighter against her hair, and within minutes she began to yell at him for something he'd done, the reason lost to her now unlike at the time, he'd been stood by the usual Rose fence with all the usual suspects, he'd looked at her in his hooded soul forge, and within seconds was wrapping his arms around her tightly before he dragged her away to Mirror lake.

Once there he'd let go off her, letting her rant on at him until she was done, standing and staring at her briefly before he walked away, she had no clue as to what was going on, only being told to save her rage for a time he wasn't with the rose, she'd fallen to her knees, exhausted and sighed as she watched him walk away from her, knowing in her heart that it wasn't the man she'd come to know but just another part to the endless puzzle that was Roike, she'd hardly seen him since the ultimatum, only fed bits and pieces by the man that now kept her a prisoner, albeit she hadn't realized she was a prisoner and the “territory” had been claimed and she was skilfully kept away from him, either way she watched her mentor and the man she cared deeply for walk away and leave her beside the lake as the tears streamed down her warm face with no anger left to lash out with, this Roike was one of coldness, no heart or warmth to him, all about getting what needed to be done, done and she was sure, had it been needed, action of any form would be taken, authoritative, angered, cunning, sly, “evil”, all the words she would not associate with him usually, yet they all came to her now as the fear welled up inside of her for this new version, and she hated the Rose for what she had just witnessed, for she was sure they were the cause.

she watched as he finally disappeared in amongst the trees and sighed as she acknowledged, that this new form to Roike, to her mentor and the man she cared deeply for was just another part of him, she had to get used too and that this part really didn’t seem happy with her at this time, she shook her head, pushing the memory to one side so she could concentrate on the task at hand, one last thought of the darker side of Roike cam to mind.

Cold and Uncaring of her, but most of all Heartless.

She sighed and quickly turned her thoughts to that of the most recently placed or forced dream again, -Despair-, questions. So many questions, and none that she could think would have an answer, wasn't that the name of the weapon he always carried, but where is that now, and quite frankly I'm feeling despair right now, speaking to herself inside her mind she sighed softly, placing the shard back into it's box, she'd have to take that look into the Knights vaults, Roike's vault and then ofcourse Alfos' belongings, and she needed to ask for permission to the Knights Record Archive, well at least she wouldn't be bored now, would she?

And then the memory crossed her mind, an old one but still vivid, she had sat in her Battle forge, to weak to wear her full plate, as Hollye sat as armoured as she could in the bar of old town, her stomach swollen from pregnancy and Leov remembering hoping that she didn't go into labour during the meeting briefly.

Meeting with Hollye when a Knight she said was a friend had wrote to Hollye concerned about Leov, and no matter how much she asked, Hollye refused to give the name and continued to say she had been wrote to in confidence and she would not break the trust of her men or women.

They discussed about Leov's nightmares and how she'd come to join the Knights, how Hollye had told her Roike had given things to Hollye and Erethorn and some others, she leaned over to the shelf and took the puzzle cube into her hands, twisting and turning it she couldn't seem to solve it and light knew she'd tried since receiving it from Hollye that same night, either way, it didn't matter, it reminded her of Roike, and suddenly she wished it was the cube of all things that he needed, she laughed softly.

Surely the Knights had what she needed, but how would she explain she needed them to free the man some of them despised, but surely, they wouldn't want his soul damned for eternity.... would they?

Leov made a decision to speak with both of them as soon as she could, writing two letters, one for Hollye and one for Erethorn, sealing them into a envelope of their own, she would post them once she was dressed and was leaving for the vaults, she slid from the bed and softly walking towards the wardrobe as she began slipping out of her night dress and into her full, light sworn armour, finally feeling better from her three days rest and unwilling to put off the search any longer, and with nobody to stop her she was free to continue without an argument and battle of wills that she had let Gibbzy and the others think they had won, she smiled softly to herself, it was nice to have people that seemed to care occasional.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Tue Nov 29, 2011 7:35 pm

Leov pet Kesa gently as she landed outside of a house in Redridge, the place that she was hoping she had tracked Erethorn Lorath down too, he'd been missing the past couple of months and had become increasingly hard to find, she looked at the door and hoped to light he was inside, especially since she hadn't heard a reply back from him on the letter, nor any word that he had taken leave, when she'd looked over his records it seemed he had just disappeared, and surely that meant he was absent without leave?

She frowned and elegantly slipped from Kesa's back, hopefully he'd be here and this could all be sorted before someone else noticed, although she was sure the Knights had noticed, it was more, before they noticed he had in fact gone A.W.O.L, she walked softly up to the door, the evening sky sparkling in the last remaining beams of the sun before it disappeared entirely for the night, knocking softly upon it a rustle from inside could be heard and her heart quickly raced in hopes that Erethorn would answer the door and he'd be fine.

A slim woman with dark brown curly hair answered the door, short in stature as she beamed at Leov and ushered her inside, trying to take her to the table as the noise erupted around the room, patrons sitting at tables, the small waitress in her apron pulling out a chair and gesturing for Leov to sit down, smiling Leov shook her head, turning to the chef who stood watching with a small smile on her face.

“Evening Miss, Could you please tell me if a Erethorn Lorath happens to be staying here?”

The chef looked at her, nodding her head slightly as she continued to smile at the red headed paladin in amusement and pointed towards the stairs, nodding her thanks Leov headed for the stairs and softly walked up the, another small framed waitress running around the table clearing it of used plates and replacing it with new ones, almost running into Leov as she quickly side stepped out of the way and continued to the close door, tapping softly on it a rustling from inside as she heard a man’s voice ring out from within.



“Oh, Ugh, Just a minute, I’ll be right there!”

A shuffle and a abundance of chinks, huffs and puffs later and the door opened with a slow creak as Erethorn stood in the door way and Leov fixed her face with a sweet smile as she eyed him over and noticed the bandages wrapped around his arms.

“Erethorn!, well, aren't you a hard man to find!?”

Erethorn smiled awkwardly as he looked at her, seemingly a little surprised.

“Leov! Come in won't you, everything ok?!”

Leov smiled and walked into the room, looking around.

“How are you?”

She looked back at him, smiling sweetly as looked him over again, a small hiss coming from the floor as she bite down on her lip and moved back a little, keeping her eyes of the albino snake as she did so, he looked back at her and shrugged a little with a smile.

“That was the jist of the idea, well, at first, anyhow, I'm fine, had a few things to sort out..”

Leov nodded slightly, still biting on the edge of her lower lip, keeping a close eye on the snake.

“So, what's up Leov?”

“Hmm? Oh, I need to speak to you, think we can get out of here to somewhere with less, eyes and ears and such...”

Erethorn raised an eyebrow and nodded slightly, opening the door again he walked out and down the stairs to the chef who stood with a chicken wing in her hand, snatching from her he gave a small cheeky wink and a grin.

“You should stop eating so many of them, your gonna get fat, I’ll take this one”

Leov watched, raising an eyebrow as she continued to follow him outside, Erethorn took a large bite from the chicken wing and began to walk out of town, Leov laughing softly and shaking her head a little.

“So, what have you been up to Ere?”

“I just had things to deal with.. you know, this and that, I had to get away before I dragged people into it..”

Leov frowned slightly and nodded, knowing what he meant about the issues but not wanting to push it, they stopped just the other sound of a mound and stood facing each other, the albino snake hissing away as it laid beside Leov's feet, doing her best to ignore it as she kept her eyes on Erethorn with a soft sweet smile although a hint of nervousness showed amongst it.


Erethorn looked at her as he nodded a little.


“So, Uh, I spoke with Hollye a long time ago, about Roike, and I don't know your standing with him, but its a long story and uh, I need his sword, Despair, do you happen to know where it is?”

Erethorn raised an eyebrow curiously as he nodded as Leov smiled nervously.

“I have it, in the bank in Ironforge I believe, but its not of any use, it won't do a lot..”

Leov smiled faintly and nodded a little.

“Well, I need it if that’s ok, I know it helped him through some nightmare.. anyhow.. could you get it for me, please?”

Erethorn smiled and nodded again, looking at her thoughtfully.

“Sure, I’ll get it to you once I’ve paid of my bill for my stay and wrote a few letters”

Leov looked down to the snake, stepping slyly to the side a few steps, keeping her eyes on it, gulping slightly as she looked back up at him.

“Just please, keep it safe, I don't need it falling into wrong hands, anyhow, be careful of Darkshire, its swarming with dead rose and thorns, so you need to come back to the Knights, and you know how you'd hate to be left out of the action..”

She smiled sweetly and reassuringly as he looked at her with a small grin and nodded.

“Well, we should head back..”

“Sure, just make sure you get yourself in good health for coming back, healed and whatever else is needed...and ere, not a word to anyone about what i've said...”

Erethorn looked at her, smiled and nodded reassuringly.

“I’m fine Leov, I promise, besides, how could I raise suspicion, I mean, I'm in fine health, well, there’s my medication for my physcosis, but that keeps me healthy, so...”

"Your raised mine, because i care and i notice things and thats enough..."

He began to walk back over the mound as she turned, watching him a moment before she followed, raising an eyebrow, trying to think over what he'd just said but just nodded, she'd learnt a long while ago Erethorn would tell her eventually if he so wanted and she respected that, at least for now, however it would be different if circumstances called for it.

Once outside of the house that Erethorn was staying at Leov smiled sweetly and bid him a safe journey back to the Knights, telling him not to take too long as she whistled, Kesa landing infront of her softly and chirping, Leov ruffled her feathers lovingly and climbed back up onto her, heading into Goldshire in search of Calahan.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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Kesa glided gently into Goldshire, landing softly just at the entrance, Leov ruffled her feathers lightly and slid from her, landing elegantly with a gentle thud on the floor from her plate boots, Kesa chirped softly, running forwards as she beat her wings and glided back up, watching until Kesa was safe in the sky again Leov smiled softly and headed into the inn, over to the bar and ordered a moon berry juice, pushing a small pouch of silver across the counter in payment she took the drink and turned to see Calahan sat in a chair relaxing as she sipped from a glass.

“Evening Captain Scully”

Calahan looked up at her and nodded, smiling a little at her as she leaned on the back of the chair and sipped demurely from her glass.

“Evening Miss Lahnmaiden”

Leov raised an eyebrow, seemingly a little shocked by his formal approach, in all the years she'd known him he had -never- called her by her surname, she stood staring at him a while, trying to work it over in her head as she tried to remember when or if ever he actually had since their second encounter, she frowned a little and looked at him.

“I uh, need to speak to you when you have time”.

“Sure, i'm not doing anything now..”

Standing up he walked towards her with his usual charming smile, she laughed slightly and placed the glass on the bar after taking a last sip.

“Lead the way, usual circumstances.”

Calahan nodded, striding in his usual confident walk from the inn and calling his hippogryph, looking up to the sky Leov whistled sharply as Kesa glided back down and followed Cal's hippogryph to a mountain top, both slipping from the companions and landing gently on the ground.

“Well lass, What’s up?”

Leov smiled softly, nodding her head as she checked around them, it had become habit lately, hardly trusting anyone if she was completely honest with herself.

“I found Erethorn, he should be back with us soon, unless he only said it to make me leave, He seems fine and I updated him on Rose and Thorns, or well, said he had to get back to us to help kick some butt...

And I had another dream, which is why I went looking for Erethorn really, Roike needs demise, which, luckily I found out Erethorn has, so that’s the next piece of the puzzle sorted, just need to wait for the next bit and hope the Rose haven't picked up on it, and I need to mail a letter to the Commander, I need to speak with her...”

Calahan nodded as he looked her over, she smiled softly, unsure of what to say next.

“So, have you heard the rumours?”

“No, What?”

“Rumour has it that Darkshire is under attack nightly and their losing a lot of civilians and such, apparently one woman was given a message to say their not safe..”

Calahan raised an eyebrow and grinned slightly.

“Oh, I hear the Rose are hanging out there, well well, I think I’ll go spend some of my time over there.”

“Need some company?”

Leov grinned slightly, although feeling a deep concern that trouble could be easily found to soon for her.

“If you like Lass”.

Calahan climbed back up onto his hippogryph and glided from the cliff top heading towards Darkshire, quickly Leov followed suit and climbed onto Kesa, following in the hippogryph's path, a short flight and they landed infront of the inn, “W” sitting on his dread steed infront of the inn as Calahan eyed him over and went over to confront him, Leov stood for a while watching as her mind filled with the possibility’s of what could happen.


Leov's thoughts were snapped back to reality as she looked over to Cal and W staring at each other, walking over to Calahan she stood behind him and just to his left and she watched a rogue jump from the shadows and the roof of the inn.

“So, you were saying?”

Leov eyed Darien over, even with his helmet on she could tell her was eyeing her over and inspecting, making mental notes of her armour and stance, she kept eyes on him most of all as Cal walked back to her and mumbled to her.

“What do you think Lass, he looks well built...”

Leov nodded and whispered back, keeping her eyes on the pair of them.

“I don't think its worth it Cal, I’ve heard story’s off him, people and rumour has it that he can take a hell load of beating and still carry on, dripping blood and slowed but he doesn’t stop...”

Calahan nodded a little back at her before whispering.

“Aye, I'm thinking were going to need a mage or a big arsed Knight to deal with him..”

Leov looked at him briefly before returning her gaze to Darien, raising an eyebrow.

“Or two...”


Calahan turned back to face them and grinned slightly as he eyed them over.

“I guess it was a case of mistaken identity, we'll get out of your way, enjoy your night lads..”

Calahan turned and gestured for Leov to follow, walking past her he headed back to the flight master and told her to send them both off to Goldshire, handing her the money as he climbed onto the griffon and it took off.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Tue Nov 29, 2011 7:47 pm

Leov sat, her legs resting at an angle as she sat on her bed, a book upon her lap with a peice of parchment as she started to write neatly onto it, the ink scrolling across it at a slight angle, although extremely neat.

~Dear Commander Lorath,

I hope that your time away is keeping yourself and small Lilly safe and well, but ofcourse this is a letter in hopes that you can help me with remembering a discussion we had the day you pulled me into a meeting.

But, more specifically, what you said Roike had left the Knights.

Unfortunately i cannot go into to much detail incase this letter is actually intercepted by anyone, however, i have recently had it brought to my attention that Roike is most defenately dead and that his belongings were scattered, i am however in need of a few specific items, my way of helping him.

I hope this letter finds you safe and well and that you will be able to help list any items he gave to people.

Leov Lahnmaiden.
Knight of the Knights of Lordaeron.~

Placing it into a small envelope she took the seal and placed it neatly in the middle of the envelope edge, sealing it closed she slipped from her bed and left her house locking the door behind her, walking through to tinker town she wrote upon it her commanders name and sent it into the slot of the mail box, hoping to get back a speedy reply, taking a deep breath she headed back to the house, deciding to start some baking for whatever reason, if nothing else she could take them to the HQ for the Knights tomorrow.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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-Hollye's Reply to the letter-
"Lass, we should be going."

"In a moment miss Armstrong, in a moment."

"What are ye writing all this time lass? Two papers already? I hope this letter did nae bring ill tidings..."

"No, well.. " Hollye sighed.
"Not ill tidings I hope, but alerting ones. Something that woke some memories that I had hoped of forgetting already."

"Sounds quite serious, lass. Does this have to do with the little Lilly-girl?"

"No. No, nothing with her." There was a decisive tone in her voice.
"Rather, something about a promise to keep something forever hidden."

The dwarven midwife seemed interested, looking at Hollye writing the letter by the table. Their gazes gazes met, the humans expression ponderous.

"I promised that no one will ever find them again, if it was up to me. No one. No friend nor foe, some items are best kept that way. "

"And so..?" The dwarf asked, her voice full with excititement of a story she'd want to hear. A hidden treasure, perhaps an artefact she had not heard of.

Hollye came to the end of the letter, signing her name under and folding the letter to seal it.

"And so I have a feeling that I will break my promise, miss Armstrong."

She dipped the quill one more time into the ink and wrote on top of the letter:

"To Leov Lahnmaiden"

"Miss Armstrong, I would be in a need of a courier, someone trusthworthy and fast..."

The dwarven woman smiled most confidently and winked her eye.
"Oh, am I a daughter to the great wildhammer Clan ancestors or not? Leave that to me, lass. This ..." She took a moment to read the name on the letter, then pronouncing it with a heavy accent
"...Leouv Lahnmaiden will receive the tidings as fast as the wind and wings can carry this messenger!" The dwarf hurried of the room, only to return quickly to pick up something beside the door.
"...and her trusthworthy axe. Just in case."

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Tue Nov 29, 2011 7:50 pm

Leov sat, reading through the letter from Hollye, light knew she must of read it a thousand times trying to decide what she wanted to do with the information, whether she should burn the letter so it didnt fall into the wrong hands, none of it she could decide, she stared down at it thoughtfully as her mind raced over the last details she'd been able to gather, pulling the box from her bag she took hold of the shard tightly in her hand and went back to staring at the letter.

~Light help me make the right choice~

Her thoughts raced a little more as the purple shard pulsated within her hand. thrumming softly with a purple glow gently surrounding it, she sighed as she placed it back in the box, restless and unable to make up her mind on what to do, she read through the letter, mumbleing to herself again..

'Dearest Leov,

My pardons that I have been absent from the Knights, I trust that the letter I gave to one miss Allouette DeLacroix reached you before. As I mentioned back then, something disturbing happened about one month ago, which has kept myself and Lilly spending some time in a place I would rather not name. Erethorn knows our location though, but I ask you not to ask him to tell the details, as I fear for Lillys safety. There have been these dreams...
It seems only here I can keep her safe for the time being.

To concentrate on the matter you spoke in your letter about, I wonder, is this merely interest in the heritage that Roike left behind, or perhaps, something more? If you don't mind me saying, the way you say "my way of helping him.." should I assume that something has happened concerning Roike's death lately? I have been informed of the Dead Rose activity lately, and I cannot but assume that this all fits together?

If this is the case it might be that the things that Roike left behind might become of interest to you. Before he died, he left myself and Erethorn with a couple of things, aswell as was something given to Nienninque. Nien received a signet right, if I recall right, that must have been the DuLey family signet.

As to myself and Erethorn, we were given a letter where Roike explained some of his doings in his lifetime, mostly those things that gave us great grief. Erethorn almost died of his hand. Erethorn did die of his hand I suppose. But Light gave him back to me again.

There was also this Dark Grimoire, a book with a list of artefacts and ingredients to what I believe would be the summoning ritual to bring back Iskaroth. I tried long to find if these artefacts could be used to stop the ritual, but it was no use, the ritual was only for summoning, not for banishing. This book I believe, was the most dangerous and important piece I received.

There was also another book, the story of the creature who to us is knows as Iskaroth. The life story of that man, how he cursed himself trough the emotions of deep loss and hatred, to forever travel into new hosts, to take a human form so to be able to continue his work. You see, this is how Iskaroth can always return, as the malevolent spirit that inhabits the body can be summoned back from the Nether to continue the work in the form of "Iskaroth".

These two books, The Necrotic Grimoire and the story of Iskaroth were given to me. But I must tell you something, Leov, that I told to no one. When Roike died, when Iskaroth was slain in Deadwind Pass. When Alfos died and Dreamwalked carried his spirit off.

I buried those books.

Roike wanted me to continue his work to take down Iskaroth, yet I knew what Roike had become of while pursuing this goal. He'd become a man who would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. He'd gladly taken lives and murdered, he'd used his own friend to create a mindless ally out of Erethorn. He even sold me to a warlock called Tzaithan. Roike agreed that if he would manage to bring *me* to Tzaithan in Scholomance alone, Tzaithan could freely do what ever he wanted, and would have to help Roike himself in pursuing Iskaroth later.

This is why I say now Leov, to continue Roikes work can take you to a place where you are not driven forward by your own will but by some other cause. So please I beg of you.

If you seek to bring down Iskaroth by the help of these artefacts Roike left behind. Please remember why and how you are doing it. Roike was a good man, a good paladin. But there was a point when he'd stop at nothing in getting what he wanted.

The books however. I promised once that I'd never let them pass into anyones hands again. That the legacy of hatred would end in me. Promise me Leov, that what ever you do with them, if the books are of help to you, do not jeaopardize anyones life for Roikes. I know he was your dear friend, a teacher. What ever you do, do it to set things straight, not to continue a battle.

Promise me?

The books are hidden in Hillsbard fields. I buried them into the ground before the invasion started. They are bound inside a leather casing and wrapped inside a cloth. It will be difficult to find them though, only a tracing dog could perhaps smell out the remaining scent of me in that cloth...

Wait a second! Taurus! Taurus could find it perhaps? He should be familiar enough with my scent. But Hillsbrad fields is changed nowadays. It will be dangerous to go looking for those books.


Commander Hollye Zeal Lorath'

One thing was for sure, Gibbzy was away for ten days and she had to make this promise to Hollye to be able to get the books, if she was to ever get her mentor, her friend, her...well if she was to get him any justice for what the rose had done to him, to the knights, to herself.

She folded the letter and leaned over, picking up her thick black leather bound book with a golden inscription upon the front, a peice of parchment and a writting implement and began to write a reply to her commander silently as the candles flickered around her, making the darkness of the room dance, speaking softly the shield came up around the house for the night as she continued to write.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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Leov stood in goldshire, two men had just been speaking with her and for whatever reason their story just didn't seem to fit with their actions, she stood thoughtfully staring into the flames of the fire, taking out the letter from her bag she turned it over a few times before throwing it into the flames and watching it burn.

One thing she had decided was not to write to anyone from this point onwards, a feeling of being watched waved over her as she looked around and saw nothing other then the old innkeeper and his staff, she sighed and pulled her cloak tightly around her as she left the Lions Pride Inn of goldshire, walking to where the horses were tied up she stepped up onto her horse as she pulled the reins free, turning the horse began to walk up the path towards stormwind before breaking into a fast canter.

Within minutes they arrived within the walls of stormwind, with a few strange viewings alot the way, nervous and wary Leov guided her horse around to the bank in the trade district where she tied him up again and headed inside, speaking with the vault keeper she took the key for the Knights vault from her, the emblem of Lordaeron attached to it on a long chain and ventured inside the smallest of them, retrieving the file of Roike Du'ley.

Stepping back against the small wall, she slid down gently, sitting herself on the floor before opening it and beginning to read through it, frowning over some of the records of him she shook her head as a small cough came from above her, a nightelf stood, eyeing her over, standing she quickly closed the file, locked the vault and handed the key back to the vault mistress, smiling sweetly she headed outside and lifted herself onto her horse, heading for the deeprun tram, once on it she checked around her constantly and ran to her house once at the other end, locking the door and bringing up the shield immediately before she continued to read the file in silence.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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-Second Post by Darien-

The night had calmed the burrowed streets of Ironforge. The ever burning braziers brought light in to these massive hallways, bringing out the details of the finely shaped stone. The Hall was nearly empty, aside the few patrolling guards and a pair of drunken dwarfs heading home after what seemed a long night for them, judging by their expressions and condition.

As the target made her way through the numberous locks on her door, vigilant eyes loomed over her. And had been on to her from the moment she left the Lion's Pride.

As the door finally was closed behind her, a figure stepped out of the shadowy corner, its eyes fixed on the building straight ahead. It appeared home. A well fortified home. Even the public location itself offered a good challenge, but these security systems seemed over the top.

A challenge indeed.

The figure turned around the corner and climbed on to a higher vantage point and remained there.

Darien had all the time in the world.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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Leov yawned, pushing the file to one side as she leant down and retrieved the stone from one of her many hiding spots, placing it beneath her pillow, still within her hand she laid down as the darkness surrounded her quickly pulling her into a deep sleep, hopefully, she would dream something to help her with her task, anything, even the smallest glimmer of hope in the tidal wave of drama the past few weeks would help her.

The darkness surrounding her began pulling her deeper as the candles finally burned out entirely and the file dropped onto the floor with a soft thud, opening to the most recent entrys of Roike Du'ley as she turned over, scrunching her face as something began to unsettle her deep within her sleep.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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The cold chill swept through the Lions Pride Inn quietly as it's punters sat talking and warming their blood with alcohol, the fire crackling in the background as the small red headed paladin sat infront of it lost in thought as she turned the blocks of her small puzzle cube, staring into the flames as she did so, the embers floating up and out of the chimney, a cold, passive voice cut across her train of thought from to the right of her.

"Leov" Jumping slightly she looked up and to the direction of the voice, jumping as she realized who it actually was, raising an eyebrow slightly as she stared at him.
"Shayanan"The atmosphere within the inn seemed to change as the last remaining punters left for the cold chill of the outside, Shayanan moved a little closer, keeping his voice passive.

"Seen Sadine lately?" Leov shook her head in reply before answering, truth be told she hadn't seen Sadine in well over a month and she had started to worry again.
"No, haven't seen her for a month almost w-" Shayanan began to walk closer to her, stopping just infront of the fire, Leov placed her cube away and shuffled back a little to keep her distance from him, she knew all to well of what he was capable off, what the Rose would be after and his probable cause for speaking to her suddenly, she watched him closely as she stood infront of her.

"I see, well, you know me right?" His voice seemed to somehow become light and friendly and with that Leov eyed him over, alarms bells ringing within her mind that something wasn't entirely right.
"Ofcourse, I know your order is a bunch of cultists, I know you have done the Knights a lot of harm and I know -you- almost killed Sadine twice" She smiled sweetly as she watched him edge a little closer as he nodded in reply, his cold passive voice returning.

"Mhm, well I'm in need of a certain...Item"
"Oh? Something of Sadine's perhaps?"Leov knew full well what he was after but decided it probably best not to run at this time, she'd known this would happen that they'd find her eventually and suddenly within her mind she realized just how stupid it had been to come out of the house alone, although possibly the best choice since she had left without it, she slipped from the ledge of the fire and straightened her armour, keeping her eyes on him before quickly checking the inn and returning her gaze to Shayanan.

"No, this Item is of much more importance to me" Shayanan's voice seemed to take a cold edge as he mentioned how the item was important before returning to a passive tone, Leov raised an eyebrow, as she nodded a little.
"Well, what is it, I mean, since your a friend of Sadine's if I was to find it, I could pass it along to you" She smiled sweetly, as she eyed the inn again, pulling her gloves on tighter as he continued to stare at her, even with the hood she could tell his gaze was unwavering, it seemed to remind her of a dog or similar sitting at it's masters feet "begging" for the scraps of food left on the plate, she returned her gaze to his, keeping the soft smile fixed upon her face.

"Do you want me to tell you -Here-?" His voice cool and passive again, she smiled as she shrugged a little.
"In all honesty, is it safe to go anywhere other then here with you?" He stepped towards her a little, his usual air of intimidation seemed to come along with it, she grinned ever so slightly as she stood her ground before he replied quietly.
"Ofcourse it is" she smiled a little as she finally stepped back, it becoming all the more clear to her what he just wanted, and this, was a little fun, she threw a glance to her bag briefly before picking it up and placing it safely onto her back.
"Let's face it Shayanan, not only your orders rep but also your own rep precedes you and therefore its not wise to leave and go anywhere that isn’t extremely public with you, is it?" She kept her eyes on him intently for any form of indication of what he intended, looking her over he nodded a little as if in acceptance.

"No harm is intended Leov, this is purely business" She smiled as she listened, knowing all to well what that could mean.
"No harm intended, but should I not give you the answers you wish, harm will be initiated, will it not?"His gaze remained upon her as she shuffled with her bag, getting ready to leave.
"No, Sadine just told me you might know the answer" Leov raised an eyebrow at the statement moving back into place, her mind began to race with trying to recall all that she'd told Sadine, luckily it wasn't a lot but either way Sadine had clearly spoken to the person Leov had hoped most she hadn't spoken to about it.

"Sadine told you did she?" Shayanan nodded a little, scanning the room as Leov sighed and nodded a little.
"Leov, if I wanted to harm you I would of done it by now, this inn and the guards wouldn't of stopped me" She nodded, knowing full well he could of attacked at any time, frowning she spoke softly, suddenly curious of what Sadine had actually said but knowing full well she would most likely not find out.
"Fine, Lead the way..." Shayanan nodded and headed for the entrance of the inn, leading her towards the mine just outside of town Leov tried to think of ways to get away, looking towards the sky she could just see Kesa flying over head, whistling for her would have been futile, running wouldn’t get her very far and trying to get her charger from the light would take longer then she had time for, she sighed softly as Shayanan stopped abruptly, turning on his heels he looked her over as a Stone drake infused with bright yellow shards landed behind her, A familiar voice from her left arrived as a soft growl came from the tiger he was riding.

"Evenin' there Sweetheart" Leov rolled her eyes and looked back to Shayanan
"I knew it... Can't do anything alone, can you Shayanan?" Shayanan looked from Vicco back to Leov before speaking calmly.
"I want the Soul shard of Roike Du'Ley" Leov raised an eyebrow as if shocked, smiling weakly to look hurt at the thought.
"I don't have it.." Vicco scoffed at her before he spoke, a rather harsh tone to his voice.
"Don't take it personally" Shayanan placed his hands together as he looked her over and nodded a little.
"Alright then, Vikram.." Leov spoke across him as she smirked slightly at Vicco, eyeing over his shoulder she'd healed just a few days ago.
"Oh Vicco, Hows the shoulder doing?" Vicco smiled and slipped from his sabre who gave a soft growl of displeasure, patting it briefly before striding over to Leov confidently.
"It's perfect, really." His voice with a tinge of sincerity and yet also the hate he had, she smiled sweetly as she looked up into his eyes, speaking in almost a whisper
“I'm sure it is..” Vicco placed a hand around the back of her neck, a cold chill running down her back, pulling her neck free from his grasp she frowned.
"What are you, some sort of messed up Death Knight suddenly?" she took her hand to her neck and rubbed it gently as she tried to keep the two men in sight, Vicco frowned, he voice breaking into one of anger if nothing else.
"Scourge, why the fuck would I be a scourge?" Leov looked him over, noticing his eyes turning a dark black colour.
"Cold sen- whatever, I don't have the shard" Shayanan frowned going to speak but before he could Vicco sent a swift punch to Leov's stomach, knocking her backwards and winding her, upon catching her breath she left out a loud scream for help as she looked towards the village and noticed a lone man standing at the fence, her vision began to blur as a hand covered her mouth.

"Restrain that damned woman, we don't have time for this" Shayanan's voice grew aggravated as she glared at Vicco, unsheathing his dagger he walked forward and hit Leov hard on the back of the head with the hilt end, falling to the floor the world began to spin as she fell unconscious, the drakes claw hitting Vicco on the shoulder, tearing the shoulder pad away as the stone drake stepped back quickly, lowering its head, Vicco frowned angrily and began to mutter curses under his breath as Shayanan lifted Leov carefully onto the drake and told him to fly to the mansion of Gilneas, the drake seemed to nod and flew into the sky swiftly, heading across the skies towards Gilneas, Leov on it's back still unconscious and moving around ever so slightly as the wind swept across her, the drake seemed to be aware of her almost falling as he agilely shuffled her back on, clearly his master wouldn't be happy should she drop to the floor.

Time flew past as the night drew in further, the stars of the night sky sparkling above the dragon as it's wings pounded its way towards the mansion, stopping just above a pit, it swiftly moved from side to side as Leov slipped from it's back and landed with a thud onto the ground unconscious, Shayanan eyed them over before dropping into the pit, checking her person and taking her bag full of medical supplies, blankets, books and a wooden box, Warzor came through to the back from the house, watching closely as Shayanan nodded to him, in turn Warzor began to chant to himself, a stone appearing from the ground and a purple rune appearing around it, a small sound from Shayanan of slight disapproval and he was on the top deck with the rest of the Rose.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Tue Nov 29, 2011 7:59 pm

Opening the bag he removed the box and opened it, inside it was adorned with purple velvet, cushioning a pulsating shard that occasionally would admit a small thrum, raising an eyebrow the others watched as he nodded.

"It's certainly a soul shard, question is, is it the right one and why would she keep it with her like this? W, you'll have to Analyse it for us" W frowned as he eyed it over, Vicco shook his head as both spoke at once.
"She’s much smarter than this Shay"
"It's been too easy, she wouldn't do that, give me the shard, I’ll analyse it, see what I can find and who's soul it actually is" Shayanan nodded in agreement as a female death knight that all seemed to call Demiaux watched the unconscious Paladin, she spoke softly a small grin playing across her lips.

"Ah, Lahnmaiden, haven't seen her in a long while" The death knight leant against the fence, peering down at the paladin, suddenly a hint of regret in her eyes as Vicco cut across her thoughts.
"So, Lady Dem, our date still on?" Demauix grinned wickedly.
"Keep dreaming Vick, just give it up already" He laughed in return, cursing under his breath in the process as he shook his head.
"Never" She grinned, turning to look at him seriously.
"I’m not into necrophilia, so you're our of luck." Vicco frowned slightly.
"You're not the one screwing a dead person." Demauix seemed to have cut him out by this time, staring down at the paladin thoughtfully as Leov began to stir, mumbling things incoherently as she took a hand to the back of her head, W took the stone and headed inside with it, telling the roses who had been discussing torture techniques amongst themselves to leave it to him, they frowned as a collective sigh came from them all before they went back to their menial discussions.

Leov rolled onto her back, pressing her hand against the spot where the dagger hilt had hit her hard, frowning as a weary voice came from her.
"I heard that Vicco.... Liar" Vicco turned his attention to her as the death knight female stood looking down at her.
"I was drunk" Leov looked over to him and rolled her eyes.
"Again with the lies" He looked down upon her as she started to sit herself up.
"Yea' it's what I'm good at really.." Leov let out a small laugh, suddenly amused by the fact that he thought he was honestly good at lieing or anything really, Demauix turned slightly and eyed over Vicco.
"Then Again... I'm not sure I'm up for torturing a paladin.... something just doesn't seem right about it." Vicco turned his gaze towards her before raising an eyebrow and looking back down to Leov.
"It's alright Dem, W said he'd do it, but as stated earlier, don't take it personally Miss Leov" Leov looked up to him, a soft, sweet innocent smile upon her face.
"Well, I do hope that shoulder holds up well for you Vicco for how long it'll last" Shayanan seemed to appear from no-where at the fence, talking things over quietly with the others before turning to Leov, looking down at her.

"Leov, we need to know if your going to take the easy way and tell me what I want to know and where the shard is, or if it's going to be the hard way..?" His voice seemed gruff, exactly what she'd expected, she smiled softly.
"Depends, What’s in it for me then?" He eyed her over, stood in the pit now she looked up at them as she sighed, Shay shook his head.
"Nothing is in it for you, other then no pain and your freedom again" Leov smiled sweetly and shook her head, taking her hand to the back of her head.
"Then I really can't remember anything, seems the whack to my head has made everything all hazy, terrible circumstances really." Shayanan grinned as she replied, falling to her knees as she clutched her head.
"Very well, have it your way." Leov nodded, still clutching her head, Shayanan walked away, leaving Vicco to stare down at her before following Shayanan away, Leov shuffled to the back of the ledge as the rain began to pour down, the sound of water washing across wood as it hit the balcony she sought shelter beneath the ledge.

Shayanan walked back around and looked down upon her again, the hood he wore seemed to give him a even more sinister demeanour as he stood with the rain and the night in the background, she smiled up at him.
"I could tell you about the shard you gave W perhaps?"
"Go for it" Shayanan's voice rang out across the cold night air, she nodded a little.
"Well, its defenately retaining a soul, in all honesty I'm not sure whether its the one you want or not, but to be honest I think I shouldn’t say anymore so as not to spoil the surprise for you" Shayanan shook his head a little.
"Do you think I'm stupid, I knew as much as you just told me.." Leov smiled deciding not to answer the question, she was after all in a pit with no way out.
"I knew Roike since the day I walked into Goldshire almost three years ago, a lot of people thought him a traitor before he died in many ways, but I knew him, even if he did keep himself closed off... it's a shame he's not here now really..." Leov smiled fondly as Demauix who'd been watching in silence nodded in agreement.
"Ain't it though? Right now he'd have something witty to say to us, probably make me laugh a little.." Demauix sighed softly, apparently lost in thought, Shayanan sighed and began to walk away.

"No matter what, nobody is to feed her until she screams, cries and begs for food, unless they wish to end up in the pit with her ofcourse" Shayanan walked away, an angered stride to him as the balcony door slammed after him, the outside wall shaking slightly as Leov sat against it, she rolled her eyes and shrugged.
"I wonder what’s got him so upset" She grinned up knowingly to Demauix who shrugged in return, yawning a little.
"Miss Lahnmaiden, I will be heading away, I'm afraid I don't have any warm tea to give you, do try to keep yourself well" Demauix nodded, leaving the fence as she let out a whistle for her bone griffon, which landed noisily on the balcony.
"Ofcourse, I mean, I'm no use if I'm to ill to talk, am I? Travel well Miss Demauix" Leov smiled sweetly as she listened the to bird take flight and then watched it fly again, Vicco returned, staring down at Leov as she looked up at him yawning.

"You could save yourself a lot of hassle if you just told us what you know Miss Lahnmaiden" Leov shrugged and turning her face to the skies.
"Your a liar Vicco, I have no interest in speaking to liars" Vicco grinned, shrugging slightly as he turned to walk away, stopping a few steps away, he turned back towards the pit, the sound of metal boots turning on wood before he spoke sincerely.
"You know, I did love you once Leov..." Leov looked up to the direction of the voice, rolled her eyes and laughed a little unconvinced.
"I don't believe you, still goodnight, Shadow of Vicco" Vicco sighed a little and walked away, his foot falls sounding heavy, leaving Leov in the peaceful sound of the rain pounding down across Gilneas.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Tue Nov 29, 2011 8:00 pm

-Roikes Fourth Post-


While one persona signifies all that was fair in a man, the other represents all that had potential to be otherwise.
The seperation of one thing into many is usually very simple.
Things break.

So do, as evidenced, men.

Into three.

"She has abandoned the cause!"

The world within the shard shakes, the power that forms it seething in terrible anger.
Where this aspect was formed of pride, ambition and the achievement of power;
the aspect across from stands as a testament to the briefest, purest moment of sacrifice, understanding and decency which exist in men only fleetingly.
It's not good and evil.

It's all Roike.

The Knowledge sat hunched over his marble desk, locked in the recesses of the Perenolde fortress.
Their first and last safeguard for the truest representation of the now dead man.
Accumulated factual experience. Unbiased. The repisitory of what was known.
Seperated by necessity, three aspects of one being share the dreamworld.. In anticipation, worry-- and great regret.

"She is loyal. Struggles draw her from the innocence of youth, the dedication of the child.
But she will remain true."

There speaks the righteousness, the honesty. The shred of a failed aspiration, the Paladin.
The Knowledge scribes each word in his own representation of their shared world : The Necromantic Grimoire.
A subpar imitation of the true Book of Shadows. Another half-success.
The ghostly image of the du'Ley ring sits transparent on his finger.
He listens, writes and stores. As is his purpose.

"She has acquired Despair, and yet keeps my token from Us. She waits.
She believes herself clever, as Sellyra's spell drains me. She will take the Knowledge for herself!"

The first and last defense.
He who defeated Mikhael and brought Maladath to life would never be conquered so easily.
In life or death, perserverance. The prison was made to be torturous. It is.
Death does not come swiftly to such a cursed man. More the pity.

The front-line aspect; the Blackguard defends the Knowledge. Fuels the world and the fortress that guards him.
His brother aspect however was never meant to be. In the final moments, irregularity struck.
Compassion for Our murderers.
A third aspect formed in the recesses of the shard. The Paladin.
Another drain on the Blackguard's failing spirit.

"She simply does not understand. She has not been made to in full.
The seperation protects us, such is her reasoning."

The dreamscape holds only the aspects, now. The outsider Lahnmaiden holds the prison close no longer.
Come the end to these imagined walls soon? The Knowledge is incapable of such musings. Such belongs to other aspects.

"Without each of the tokens assembled, the Knowledge can not be defended."

The Paladin finishes what the Blackguard could not, for his great pride.

"And even the Blackguard will fall with time. No one may be allowed to take the experiences of the Nightmare's realm."

Tired eyes drift upwards from ink-spotted hands. The Knowledge finishes the unspoken thought the other two hold.

"And without both our tokens and the outsider, how are we to ever truly die?"

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Tue Nov 29, 2011 8:02 pm

A week had passed already, and not a lot had happened, discussion more then anything and all was a far cry from anything she could remember, the wind and rain continued to beat down on her skin as she sat in the pit, the howls of animals from around the ruins, looking into the sky she sighed as the realization of not being able to see anything when it was over cast as it was, the ghouls and demons protected the pit as people laughed inside of the mansion, the smell of well cooked food wafting out to where she sat, huddled against the back of the house to keep herself out of the rain, for what little help it did.

The demons mumbled something softly, and looking up to the edge of the pit they seemed to part in the middle as a gnome appeared, holding up a crystal, standing defiantly although her body ached with cold she stared up at him.

"W....Warzor...W, Which should it be, really?" He shrugged, as she stared down at her, placing the shard on the rail as it thrummed no longer, she grinned discreetly to herself.

"This isn't the shard we want Leov, so where is it?"

Shrugging she turned and sat back down against the wall of the house as he picked up the crystal again and began to turn it, his demeanour for one so small was a sinister one, although she couldn't see him clearly he gave off some form of aura to say all was not as it seemed with him, but, then he was a warlock.

"And to think I kept your secret from everyone, even after I found out.."

"How nice of you, but you are not the only knight who knows." A slam of the doors and the thumps of heavy plate on wood began to edge around the pit, looking up she rolled her eyes before continuing her conversation, Vicco's voice filling the sky.

"Evenin' W."

"I'm not that stupid either, In fact, I know most of them know by now."

"Far as I know Calahan his gnome sidekick and Sadine knew, Well it doesn't matter."

"And you think that Calahan, a captain of the Knights didn't inform the rest?"

"I knew he would." Leov smiled sweetly, something she had been forcing herself to do, she'd bought herself a week so far, although hope was fading fast recently that anyone would notice she was gone, a woman's voice rang through the sky as the two men turned and greeted her as though she was some goddess, rolling her eyes Leov sat back down against the house and waited for them to stop drooling.

Warzor turned back, holding up the stone as the newcomer and Vicco spoke, smiling sweetly she looked at it.

"Pretty, isn't it?"

"This is not the one we are looking for."

"It isn't?" Drawing a crowd, the woman joined Warzor and stared down at Leov, both the woman and Vicco speaking at once as Warzor looked them both over, sighing as she placed the shard back down.

"Who is this?"

"Don't play a dumb bitch, Miss Lahnmaiden.."

"..Light be blessed, that’s the one I've been using."

"You already knew it wasn't."

"This is what you may call Miss Leov Lahnmaiden."

"Cute. Who caught her?"

"Me, W and Shay ofcourse."

"I think you mean Shay and a Drake, You Vicco, were a bit useless."

Leov smiled softly up at the crowd as they turned, speaking in hushed tones as Warzor and the females voice rang out around them, speaking in a language that Leov certainly didn't understand but together as one as a stone rose from the ground in a haze of purple smoke, horns atop of it and a red glow emanating, she frowned as she realized what it was, a summoning stone, standing up she began to concentrate as Warzor told them to get her out of the pit whilst he went to prepare further arrangements, shaking her head she felt the tug on her soul as she fought with it and remained in the pit.

"Leov, come up here, we have a cookie for you, were summoning you to higher ground.." Leov looked up at the tugging stopped, raising an eyebrow she laughed a little at how stupid he must think she really is.

"Vicco, I'm not coming up there, I'd much rather stay here, clearly, there is nothing he can do to me down here, so no." The woman returned to the edge of the pit, grinning wickedly down at Leov.

"Just leave her down there, let her starve, then she'll come up here for a cookie" Leov fell against the back of the house again, her mind racing, deals and negotiations had tried to be made for her Shard, but there was no way she trusted anything they'd said to her, she knew the shard didn't have long, but how to get a message, perhaps if they had hope they'd hang in longer?

A thump and then wood beneath her seemed to shake, pulling her to her feet she opened her eyes and infront of her stood Vicco, with Shayanan now on the upper ground, Darien stepped from the shadows to her right, frowning she looked up at Shay.

"I have a way to pin-point the stones, and you can work it out from there... but" Shayanan looked down at her, his cold gaze piercing her as she looked up.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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Soul's Last Request.
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