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 Soul's Last Request.

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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Tue Nov 29, 2011 8:02 pm

"Your aiming for something Leov, so what is it?"

"His killers, I want them, I know their from your order and you hand them over to me, so I can watch them die... slowly and painfully as every last drop slowly drains from their bodies..." Her voice took on something not many will of heard from Leov, a deep seated hate and need for revenge boiled within her, Shayanan shook his head as he stared down at her.

"Do you have a death wish?" She grinned as she looked up at him and shrugged.

"Let me give you an example and I'll use Robi for said example, but lets say, somebody took her from you, killed her, slowly and probably extremely painfully, you'd want to enact revenge right? Watch them die in an even worse way then she had?"

Shayanan continued to stare down at her, shrugging as she watched his stance change and the hands he had upon the fence turn to fists.

"We don't even know where they are, they vanished long ago"

"Names will do and you not getting involved when I -do- find them, that and I want the Soul shard when you are done with it"

"You can have the soul shard, so we have a deal?" Leov grinned as he spoke, realizing he'd left out the part about his old "friends" she shook her head in disagreement.

"No not if I don-" A swift punch to her cheek and she felt herself land against the large pane of glass with a loud crash, sliding down the wall as she looked up at Vicco.

"I'm sick of hearing you whining voice go on and on Miss Lahnmaiden, now where is the shard" She smirked, holding her cheek as the blood rolled down her face, looking up to Shayanan.

"Your getting nothing from me now, I'd rather sit through the torture then tell you.."
Another punch to her shoulder and as she moved her hands another to her face and stomach, crying out in pain she tried her best to keep herself together, speaking softly to the light a golden glow surrounded her hand and she stood to her feet, Vicco backing away.

"Darien, get those clothes from her"

"And once you have, put these on her and chain the bitch..." Vicco took the chains from his bag and threw them to Darien, landing at his feet, she frowned, still speaking with the light as it formed into a ball in the palm of her hand, Darien walked towards her, a switch blade in his hand as she studied her he slid the knife under the restraint of her shoulder pieces and made to pull.

Sliding away from it, another punch to her cheek and she was sent flying into the back of the house with a loud scream, the ball of light flying towards Darien, who took the hit and was thrown backwards, landing on his back momentarily before returning to his feet as he shook his head.

"Enough! Leov, you said you could pin point the shards, how?" Warzor's voice rang out above them all, the cheers dyeing down from the roses that now surrounded the pit.

"You shouldn't of let him come down here Warzor, I'm not helping any of you now other then that, you keep saying I give you the shard, I get it back but you see, your the dead rose, why in lights name would you help a crusader who wants a soul shard once you have what you want, let alone the fact that I'm a Knight aswell. Also, if I tell you what you want to know, I highly doubt I'd leave alive anyway... do you see the situation thus far?"
Demauix walked to the edge of the pit, looking down at her with a soft smile as she began to spoke, the rest falling deftly quiet.

"M'lady Lahnmaiden. This history has happened before, and the soul shard was given back. Back then, it was Nasias Darkstar and Lady Brackwind involved. We do give things back when we're done with them." Warzor nodded in agreement before speaking.

"Once we're finished with it we have no use for it and couldn't care less what happens with it." Shayanan giving the order to punch Leov as he watched, she smiled and shook her head, wondering just how much Vicco had influenced him.

"I suggest you get your slave away from me, lest you want him a little light infused"

"I can't watch this..." Demauix began to walk away as Darien made his advance towards Leov, fist weapons now equipped as Warzor frowned.

"Darien, Enough, I'm summoning you both from down there" Walking to the stone Warzor began to chant as Darien disappeared, a purple hue being left in his place before vanishing, Vicco walking to the middle of the pit she shuffled over and kicked hard at the back of his legs, a large dent and boot mark being left in his plate as she grinned to herself.

"Well done smart arse, you kicked the thickest part of the armour and its plate, your not as smart as you make out" Turning around he winked at her before vanishing and returning at the fence above, she shrugged as she giggled a little.

"Like I give a fuck, you look like shit anyway Vicco and always do...Or should it be thicko, I hear that's what most that you consider a friend call you, tell you what Shay, I'll tell you the placement of the shards if you kick shit out of that idiot..." Shayanan turned, looking back down at her before eyeing over Vicco as thought he was contemplating it.

"I'm sure he would take a kicking in aid to find the Shard"

"Lay one hand on my Shay and your teeth will be eating the dirt" Leov grinned to herself as she listened to them fighting amongst themselves, the rest of the rose apparently wanting to see such a fight, she listened in contently.

"Just put all of us out of our misery and kick his arse.... he might even gain a little bit of brain" She giggled as she spoke, Shay turning his gaze to her and re-sheathing his weapons.

"We don't hurt our own and much less a Dark Master" She raised an eyebrow and looked at Vicco.

"Are you serious, he's one of your Dark masters?" Leov laughed again, her heart feeling lightened even in the circumstances, Warzor walked to the fence, shrugging.

"I'd been wondering the same thing since I joined in all honesty" The ring of people around the fence seemed to nod as one as Leov sighed happily, shrugging as she looked up at them, the main of them now leaving and asking for them to be called should they find anything out from the "little bitch" as they now named Leov.

"We don't want conflict with the Knights Leov, just tell us and you can go..." Leov grinned as she looked up at Warzor, shaking her head softly.

"Like I care, it's been a week, take this tabard if you so desire, find one of them if you can its as if their in hiding, see what happens, they won't come, seems your stuck with me." Leov frowned, the realization of her words hitting her hard, nobody had been by, she was alone, and she had to figure this out, clearly loyalty did not go both ways within the Knights anymore and perhaps the rumours of them being washed up were true after all, she sighed, slumping against the back of the house, mumblings from those that were still around the pit agreeing that she was alone, that the Knights had left her in the cold quite literally.

"Ofcourse Shay, I could of told you had you not let your thick friend come down and punch me like he did, just think how much closer you'd be now..." Shayanan looked down at her, clenching his fists before walking away, the edge of the pit emptying and the ghouls and demons surrounding her again, pulling her cloak around her she sighed happily as the loud bang of the mansion doors closed and locked for the night, her last thoughts and the ones she hoped she'd continue to have during her slight rest was that of a message to the shard, that she hadn't left, she hadn't given up, but had been captured and was trying her damnedest to keep them away from the wrong hands.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Tue Nov 29, 2011 8:05 pm

Work had been running his life. He'd been away from his home, Leov's home, for well over a week. Reconciliation with his brother was a fantastic thing for him, but something was making him nervous and it wasn't the sound of battle raging not 200 meters away from his tent.

"Mr Anduin?" The man who spoke was barely that. A lad, barely in his late teens, had taken to Gibbzy. He spoke of admiration for the one he called "captain". Gibbzy could hardly believe such a thing to be true. He had done nothing of valor to gain respect from any of his comrades.

Gibbzy replied with a weary tone. "Yes, Johnson?"

"I'm sorry to disturb you sir, I was sent here with a letter. It bares the seal of the Argent Crusade."

The Crusaders? thought Gibbzy. A brief feeling of joy overwhelmed him. It must be from Leov. Gibbzy quickly snatched the letter from the boy's trembling hand, tearing it open. His heart sank. It wasn't from Leov.

"Dissapearance?" Gibbzy said quietly to himself. He was forever having feelings of dismay and panic for those he cared about at home while he could not be there. This time, it felt justified. "I need to leave at once." Johnson merely nodded and stepped aside as Gibbzy barged straight past him, scanning the war torn field just outside.

"Karkun!" Gibbzy yelled, gazing out at the mass of fighting bodies in the distance.

"Don't yell when I'm here..." Gibbzy jumped at the voice that came from behind him. Karkun was forever in his battle gear, sporting some of his more favored weapons, yet he somehow managed to remain fairly silent while moving. "What is it?"

Gibbzy merely handed the letter over to Karkun who took it. He read the letter through very quickly before nodding and handing it back to Gibbzy. The two brothers shook hands before Gibbzy whistled out for his gryphon, Lily. He jumped on her back and proceeded to take off at high speed.

Barely an hour past until Gibbzy arrived in Stormwind. He jumped off his gryphon's back and headed down into the main square of the Trade District. A couple of hours passed as Gibbzy began asking around Stormwind to try and shed some light on where Leov had gone, to no avail, when a postmaster walked up to him and handed him a carefully folded letter. Gibbzy said nothing and began to read. It was from Helmut. What was written inside made Gibbzy's blood run cold.

The Dead Rose... His mind ran back to the last time he'd seen Leov and the object she had received. The soul stone. She said the Dead Rose could be after it. No, rumors. Simple rumors. Gibbzy attempted to dismiss his thoughts as irrelevant.

A couple of days passed with no luck on obtaining any information about Leov at all. Finally, Gibbzy decided to try further outside of Stormwind. He swiftly flew down to Goldshire and walked into the Lion's Pride. It was fairly deserted. Not so much of an oddity for the Inn lately, at least last that Gibbzy saw.

There was one figure by the bar, however, that Gibbzy did recognise.


The two hadn't had the best of histories by any means, but they were still on speaking terms...barely. Gibbzy proceeded to tell Rheiya of Leov's dissapearance. The Elf had always seemed quite fond of Leov. Though many were through her innate compassion. The same thing Gibbzy loved her for. Though Rheiya seemed somewhat unmoved at the news of Leov.

"What do you expect me to do about it? How can you expect me to help you when I seek your help in finding my cousin and you go on to vanish yourself without a word?" Rheiya's words were stern, more so than usual. Gibbzy understood that she had her own problems. But he needed all the help he could get.

Gibbzy was relieved again to see another familiar face turn up. Leak had been doing her usual trick and hiding out of sight as Rheiya and he talked. A short greeting was exchanged by himself and Leak.

"What is your cousin's name?" Leak asked Rheiya.

The following conversation completely bypassed Gibbzy. His mind was elsewhere, thinking about Leov. A distinct feeling of hoplessness washed over him.

"Very well." said Rheiya. It seemed the two Elves had come to some sort of agreement. Gibbzy looked up at the pair of them, looking somewhat confused.

"I will begin my search then. Take care, both of you." Leak walked out of the inn, Gibbzy still confused.

"What's happening?" he asked.

"Your friend has agreed to help continue my search for Shiaza while I assist in finding Leov. But know this, I am doing this for Leov. Not for you." Gibbzy had expected no different anyway, but was happy to have some physical help standing in front of him at last.

"So, where do we begin?" he asked.

Rheiya merely shrugged. "We could try asking Heffleflap."

Gibbzy was always amused by Rheiya's various names for Helfdane. He allowed himself a small chuckle and nodded. "I will send him a letter now then."

Rheiya nodded and followed Gibbzy out of the inn. "I will begin my own search then. I'll be in touch should I find anything of worth." Rheiya immediately began walking off, waiting for no sign of appreciation from Gibbzy.

Gibbzy finished writing the letter, posting it into the mailbox. Finally, something was happening. He could only hope that things would pick up and that his worst fears would remain merely that....a fear.
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Tue Nov 29, 2011 8:07 pm

Leak walked outside and as she concentrated hard and spoke softly her form changed albeit rather painfully into that of a bird, soaring through the skies she flew towards the portals at the back of stormwind, a soft whisper upon the wind alerted her to a Rogue, kneeling within a tower below her, dropping down outside of it, she transformed into a tiger and stepped into the closest shadows as she ascended the stairs to the last level.

The Rogue, knelt peacefully in one of the window's arches, sighing softly Leak smiled slightly before using the very direction of wind to speak softly.

"Riannah, is your assumed name, correct?" The Rogue turned, frowning at the sudden disturbance.

"Assumed, given, but yes, it is the name I use" Leak nodded, knowing that this was the first stepping stone to helping Gibbzy's friend, but also knowing that this individual had become quite close with the Paladin that now found herself in trouble.

"I'm curious, I have a message for you, but I cannot figure out from what the earth tells me if your, friends, were friends or you dislike her.."
Riannah raised an eyebrow, looking around the tower she sighed angrily.

"Perhaps you should show yourself, so we can talk.." Leak complied and stepped from the shadows, changing before Riannahs eyes to that of her true form, she bowed her head in greeting.

"Now who do you speak off?"Leak grinned as Riannah asked questions.

"A red headed paladin, but as I said, things seem to be reluctant to decide on your standing with her.." Riannah smiled as she mentioned Leov, nodding slightly.

"We are friends, what about her?" Leak smiled softly her smiled soon fading as she gave the news of her friend.

"She is assumed taken from us, by who or what we are not sure yet, although we have some theory’s ofcourse, and I'm sure, should one of them be true, you would tell us, wouldn't you?" Leak raised an eyebrow as Riannah stood and looked her over.

"If he did have her, I would assume there was a very good reason for it, and that I'm not the one to question it" Leak nodded slightly, unsure if to carry on this conversation now.

"Well, I am sure Gibbzy Anduin will be glad to receive any help that is on offer at this time in aid to finding her and bringing her back safely.." Leak smiled softly before clicking her fingers and returning to her cat form, looking around she slid into the closest cover of darkness and stood and watched a while as Riannah mumbled to herself and went back to observing those below her from the tower after a while, Leak left, content in the knowledge that Riannah was now aware, as she continued to head for the portals to Hyjal where she would prepare to fly to Darnassus, to her sister and to help another of Anduin's friends.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Tue Nov 29, 2011 8:07 pm

Time for Leov seemed to be flying past at first, the dawn of a new day from what could be seen of it through the constant rain, her hair was soaked and her armour shimmered with the rain laying upon it, she huddled as much as she could under the back ledge of the house, the pit began to gather small puddles around the floor of it and she coughed harshly, her cloak offering her no warmth any longer, only more damp to seep through the joins in her armour, she sighed as her stomach grumbled, oh how easy it would be now to hand them the details of the shard, but she couldn’t and she wouldn’t her loyalty was something she had kept since small and she would not let him down by giving him to the very people that had killed him, lost in her thoughts she seemed to miss the door slamming to the right of her, a shady figure appearing at the fence with bags in hand.

"Have you eaten yet?" Snapping her from her thoughts Leov looked up to the fence, Shayanan standing there as he looked down upon her, she shook her head.

"No, and I don't expect too, it won't make me tell you either way you know.." Shayanan nodded, throwing the bags down to her.

"It's only water and some meat, but eat it or die, your choice, but so much as hint at eating to others... and..." Just then a small thud from inside the house, growling softly to himself he looked down at her as she nodded and placed the bags behind her back.

"Where is the shard Leov?" Leov shrugged and made a locking gesture with her hand at the corner of her lips.

"I'll bloody kill Vicco..." Leov grinned as she looked up at him, her silence had cost them, but had they not let Vicco into the pit to "deal" with her talking she would of spoken a lot more, even if it had just been riddles.

"If I get rid of him you start talking, understand?" Leov shrugged again, she was sort of enjoying tormenting them by not speaking, knowing that none of them could come down into the pit without a warlock or two present.

Shayanan walked away, slamming the door behind him as the back of the mansion shook with the weight of the doors landing in their rightful place, she smiled and began to hum to herself, taking the bottle of water she waved her hand across it to check for poisons or anything else, cleansing it in the process, the water clear she began to sip it slowly, making a mental note not to drink it all but to make it last.

The door opened with a slow creak, Leov raised an eyebrow and Shayanan walked back through.

"He's gone, won't be back for a good while if I know the shard Leov?" She smiled softly and shrugged again.

"Why should I tell you, just so you can bring your "Lord" back, that is what you refer to him as? I'm meant to give you the shard that holds information on your precious Grimoire to return your lord to this world... nobody in their right mind would do that unless under extreme duress"
Shayanan placed his hand on the rail, turning it into a fist around it.

"Who said it was to bring him back, who's to say I won't just keep it for myself, and be safe in the knowledge that should it be needed I can bring him back when ready?" Leov raised an eyebrow, grinning softly as she looked up at him.

"Ofcourse Shay, nothing in you wants to bring him back, you weren't by any means one of his most loyal when he was around...." Leov rolled her eyes unbelieving of his revalation.

"Just give me the shard Leov and you can go, once done with it, you can have the thing back.." Shayanan glared down at her, the hood concealing his face but it was all to obvious to anyone on the receiving end.

"I told you, I don't know where it is without being able to do what I put in place, they move, respectfully to four other locations, one in my bag, and I can change them as I wish" Leov looked up to him, smiling softly, she hadn't lied, she couldn't, something inside her was incapable of lieing to anyone, she just hadn't told them everything, and that would require people to ask her the correct questions.

"I'm sure you can figure it out, you must know where it is" Shayanan's voice grew angrier as time wore on, shrugging as she looked up to him she shook her head.

"I told you, I can pin-point them but I can't do that without using or performing the techniques of which I put into place."

Shayanan sighed angrily, releasing his grip from the rail he walked back to the doors, pushing it open, it creaked softly.

"I'll see you think weekend Leov, do try and be prepared" Leov raised an eyebrow as he spoke, he voice tinged with anger.

She took the second bag, and began cleansing the food, sighing to herself to pulled off a piece and began to eat it, quieting her stomach for a small while at least as she huddled back up into the corner of the house beneath the ledge, the rain began to pound down onto the wood once again.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Tue Nov 29, 2011 8:11 pm

At least I have some help now. Gibbzy had tried to continually remind himself of this every time his mind passed over Leov. Unfortunately his mind was racing now more than ever. Tonight was the night of the dinner party Leov had originally organised. He'd received a letter from Ascendien informing him of the location and assuring him it would still be happening. Naturally the same kind of letter had been sent to all who had been invited.

Gibbzy arrived in Dalaran. He could never understand why he didn't spend more time in this city. It was so quiet now, what with the threat in Northrend having been dealt with almost a year ago. There was still a little hustle and bustle from the resident Kirin Tor magi, but that didn't bother him.

Gibbzy took a slow methodical walk to the inn on the Alliance side of the city. His morale was shattered and his feet could barely carry him, but this was something he had to do. Leov may not be here, but no way would Gibbzy be held responsible for her events lacking in numbers. As it turned out, there was only a handful there anyway. Most he recognised, a couple he did not.

The evening felt slow to Gibbzy, the usual introduction game was played. Conversations surrounded him but he hadn't the heart to involve himself more than was necessary. That was until Helfdane nudged him. Gibbzy hadn't even realised Helfdane was sat next to him.

"I think I have some information about Leov." This news from Helfdane immediately peaked Gibbzy's interest. "I believe I was the last one to see her before she dissapeared. Outside the Lion's Pride. There were a lot of the Dead Rose around at the time." Gibbzy's heart sank again. More information leading to the Dead Rose. Gibbzy merely nodded and continued to think quietly to himself.

A few moments passed when Engra spoke up to Ascendien. "I think I have some information you'll want about Leov." Gibbzy looked up. "Shall we go somewhere a bit more private?"

"Not without me you don't." Gibbzy was adamant that any and all information would be received by him at the same time as anyone else. He stood up from the table and started walking inside the bar, stopping in the small corridor. "So?" Gibbzy was already growing rather impatient.

"Well I don't know how much it would help but, walking off the talk to a high ranking member of the Dead Rose shortly before dissapearing seems a bit suspicious don't you think?" Engra's words carried a large amount of sarcasm, but the sting Gibbzy felt at this further news was just as great.

The three of them began discussing the events and Gibbzy told them both of the soul shard. One by one, more members of the party joined them. Helfdane, Gerrond and, finally, Marianna.

The discussion continued until finally an agreement was made.

"Then we go and search Leov's house right now." Gibbzy was tired of nothing pro-active being done. Luckily, all those present agreed. He walked off to get changed from his formal clothing into more suitable battle gear. He'd rarely been out of his battle robes lately. They felt like a second skin to him. As he returned to the rest of the party, he noticed that everyone else had decided to do as he had done. With everyone wearing their finest armor, Gibbzy began conjuring a portal to Ironforge.
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Tue Nov 29, 2011 9:08 pm

The travel to Leov's house was short, but Gibbzy finally had some renewed vigor about the whole situation. Behind him now was a group of people, all willing to lend their aid in helping Leov. He began feeling good for the first time in weeks.

They arrived at the house. "Now, where did I put it..." Gibbzy had been given a key to the house by Leov ever since they started getting closer and Gibbzy had been spending the majority of his nights at the house.

"For crying out loud just blast it down." Before Gibbzy could speak, Marianna had unleashed a torrent of shadowfire at the door. When the smoke eventually cleared, they all saw the door still standing.

"I'd just found the key Marianna..." Gibbzy went ahead and unlocked the door. Security certaintely wasn't lacking on this door. Ten seperate locks on an enchanted door ensured the house was kept in relative safety. When the door was finally opened, Gibbzy walked straight inside. He stood in the middle of the room and looked around. As he looked behind him, he noticed that nobody had followed him in.

"Is he dead yet?" Gibbzy sighed and rolled his eyes slightly at Marianna's question.

"Just get inside..."

The group of them immediately began searching the house. They all knew what they were looking for. The soul shard. In a vain hope that Leov wasn't stupid enough to carry it on her person at all times in case she was ever to be captured. A few minutes passed with no luck. The only thing of use they had managed to find was a folder down beside Leov's bed. It contained pages of information about Roike du Ley. Though a lot seemed to be missing.

"Maybe Gibbzy can check it for traces of magic?" Gibbzy hadn't been listening at all. His mind still racing.

"Gibbzy?" He jumped slightly as Ascendien called his name.

"Hm? What?"

"Can you trace for magic on this please?"

Gibbzy looked at the folder, frowning slightly. What magic would a folder contain? There was great doubt that he would find anything, but he was desperate for information, so agreed to try anyway. He took the folder and laid it open on the end of the bed. After warming up his hands briefly he began lightly tracing a finger over the pages, as if reading through it.

Mere seconds had passed before he shook his head. "There's such little traces here it's barely worth anything. There's bound to be traces of magic residue around with the amount of time I've spent here." He closed the folder and handed it back to Ascendien.

Everyone was beginning to feel the same lack of hope at finding anything. Though something strange was happening with Marianna's Imp minion.

"Get down!" Marianna ordered the Imp which had been jumping around the head of the bed, close to the head board. The Imp paid little attention. "He has a distinct fascination with magical trinkets. If it's not his, he wants it."

Helfdane found it somewhat interesting and climbed onto the bed, resting down on one knee and looking closely at the stone head board. He began tracing a finger over one specific spot. "There are lines here."

Gibbzy started looking at the headboard. As Helfdane got back off the bed, Gibbzy called Bob in from just outside. Everyone moved away from Bob so as not to get too wet, but Gibbzy didn't care. He muttered to his elemental and watched as Bob got onto the bed and began pouring water down the front of the head board. Sure enough, the water began tracing the same lines Helfdane had spotted. Something was there.

Gibbzy told Bob to wait outside again as Marianna started trying to pry away at the lines. "It's just...not..." with these words Marianna took on her Worgen form and simply ripped the hidden compartment out from the head board, throwing it across the room with the force it was removed. Engra ducked quickly to avoid being smacked in the face by the flying draw.

Helfdane approached the draw and found a small wooden box. When it was opened, they all saw a distinct purple glow.

"Looks like a soul shard to me." said Engra, dusting herself off from having to avoid the flying compartment.

"Give it to me." Helfdane handed the stone over to Marianna who began studying it closely. Only a few moments passed but it felt like hours to Gibbzy. Suddenly, Marianna looked up at Gibbzy and smirked. Before Gibbzy could say anything, Marianna had begun forming another soul shard, but by using a portion of Gibbzy's soul. He could feel the pain in his chest where his soul was being torn in two, but he had no breath to express the pain he was feeling. When Marianna stopped draining his soul, he clutched at his chest and began breathing heavily.

"The fuck are you doing?!" Gibbzy shouted, clearly upset at having his soul torn apart.

"I'm making a comparison." Marianna replied.

"And you couldn't have used someone else?!"

"Well, you are a human male like Roike was. You are the closest person we have here whose soul I could use to compare with this one."

"Well at least give me some warning next time?"

"And run the risk of you subconciously protecting yourself and messing everything up? I don't think so." Marianna began to study both soul stones together as Gibbzy continued to mutter and curse under his breath.

More time passed until Marianna shook her head again. "This isn't the one we're after." She casually tossed Gibbzy's soul stone back at him, shattering it on his body as the soul drained back into him. "This one feels like it's from an animal. Have to wonder what Leov was doing with it. Is it possible she made decoys?"

Nobody really knew how to answer this. Gibbzy thought it'd be possible but would she really have thought to do so?

"What other warlocks does she know?" Marianna asked.

"Besides you? Well, there's Maxwell Grey." Gibbzy replied.

"Then it's possible that she had fake stones made."

Everyone talked for a bit more, moving out of the house as they discussed further possibilities. As time rolled on, one by one people began to leave to tend to other matters. First went Marianna, then Helfdane and finally Engra, leaving Gibbzy and Ascendien standing outside, staring at Leov's house. Gibbzy walked back inside the sat on the wall side of the bed, staring at the shelf. He spotted the rose that he had enchanted for Leov a long time ago. After several attempts he's managed to make the rose move through time much slower than everything around it. This meant the rose would live on for many years. Leov had seemed genuinely happy upon receiving this gift from Gibbzy.

Ascendien walked in. "Gibbzy?"

Gibbzy's voice was faint as he fought to hide his sadness. "Yes?"

"...nothing." Ascendien slumped down to the floor with her back against the bed. Gibbzy could hear the faint sound of her sobs. It was too much for Gibbzy to fight against now. He buried his face in his hands as his fears began to get the better of him. He would find Leov dead. And there was nothing he could do to stop it.
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Leov sighed, the rain had continue to beat down around her from the overcast skies, and her cloak offered her no warmth or protection from the rain, two weeks had passed and still nothing had happened, still she sat in the pit, refusing to give them the shard, and hoping that the shard would not diminish before she got back to it.

She knew though, she knew they'd get it from her, that she'd break and that they'd gain possession of the shard, she knew they'd use Roike and that he'd probably help to try and gain his freedom finally, she knew that she could of given them it easily and run the chance of having it returned to her, but she also knew that no matter what she wouldn't let her friend down and she wouldn't give up as easily as they would of liked her too, all these thoughts raced through her mind over and over again, little else crossed her mind anymore and her hope had all but faded of getting out of her before any of it happened.

A bang from the right of her and footfalls on the floor above her, splashes as the person stepped in the puddles that laid around and eyes staring down at her, she could feel them, but all too lost in her own thoughts.

"Excited about tonight?" Shayanan's voice broke her concentration, and with a half hearted lift of her head she looked up to him and shrugged slightly.

"W-what's going on tonight?"
Her teeth chattering from the cold, her body shivering, Shayanan looked along the length of the pit before looking back at her.

"You're going to scream in pain and agony while a group of people watches, applauds and enjoys the show." Leov shrugged slightly.

"Sounds like fun, was there anything else?" Shayanan nodded, placing both his hands on the side of the fence he agilely jumped over and landed in the pit with a soft thud, Leov raised an eyebrow, pushing herself to her feet, the world seemed to spin for a moment before it stopped abruptly.

"And to what to I owe the pleasure of your company in what over the past two weeks has become my "home"." Shayanan began placing knuckle dusters onto his hands, throwing a forceful punch towards Leov, she stepped back quickly away from it.

"Armour, Off, Now!" Shayanan's voice was one of determination and anger, she looked at him and grinned slightly.

"That's a little forward, don't you think?" Shayanan glared at her, throwing another punch, she ducked and went to move back as he raised his leg and kicked her hard in the stomach, coughing harshly she looked up at him.

"That's was uncalled for..."

"Armour, Off, NOW!" Shayanan's voice grew with anger as he shook of his knuckle dusters, letting them drop to the floor with a loud thud as he unsheathed his weapons, she stood and stared at her.

"I don't know what you think your doing, but I'm not some sort of hussy that runs around undressing herself just because she can, unlike someone else we could mention that runs around cheating on her husband whilst he's indisposed, without a care in the world, but I shan't name names" Leov smiled sweetly, watching as his hands gripped the weapons more tightly.

"What she does is of no concern to me anymore, I don't care, she can do what she wants." Shayanan's voice seems to be verging on that of a growl you hear from a angry animal before they strike, she smiled softly, holding back a laugh.

"That is a lie and a half and everyone knows it in fact she's probably one of your biggest weaknesses." Leov watched as he looked at her from beneath his hood, anyone who knew Robi or Shay knew that to hurt Shay they had to harm Robinas in some form or the other, whether physical or Emotional, she sighed softly.

"She was, Yes, but I now have other things to care about." Leov raised an eyebrow, smirking slightly.

"Oh and those are?" Leov filled her voice with general interest and a small soft smile to go along with it.

"Bringing back a certain Lord who's probably getting quite tired of waiting, You refused to co-operate, which would benefit the both of us." Shayanan advanced towards her, his daggers dripping with poison as he kept a close eye on her.

"I wonder, if I was to use my resources, and call him back whether he'd punish and deal with his pathetic "roses" because, lets face it, your certainly not as good or as scary as you all used to be... sort of fallen by the way side, haven't you?"
Leov smiled at the thought, as she remembered running around helping Roike, and actually being worried to go near the Rose or be caught by them, suddenly these past two weeks and since they'd re-risen, she saw how different those two bands of Roses were.

"If this is your attempts to.. harm my feelings, you have a long way to go." Shayanan sneered, a sound of amusement to his voice as he stepped a little closer.

"I'm well aware you probably don't have any, You did after all almost kill your own girlfriend because of an order or so rumour has it, Which in its own right is just as pathetic as what your band has turned out to be."
Leov watched for any reaction but he stood firm, staring down at her.

"I do what I must." His voice was cold and precise, and he'd given her exactly the answer she was expecting, as if reassuring himself, she looked at him and offered a soft smile, stepping back away from him slightly, raising her foot she aimed a kick to his crouch, looking down his swiftly grabbed her leg and lifted it, leaving her standing on one leg, lifting it a little more she started to fall and in the process, lifted her free leg, kicking into his chest before landing with a loud thud onto the floor, kneeling down onto her chest he brought his dagger round and tightly gripping her left cheek he cut into it smoothly as the poison seeped in.

"I thought I explained my standpoint on this... your not getting my clothes off, so get the fuck off me!" Even in amongst it all, she knew why he wanted to get her armour off, but still, this was a little fun, Shayanan began to press down all his weight on her, tilting his head slightly as he looked into her eyes, watching for the reaction.

"Your an idiot, I think you've been hanging around Vicco to long, I'm in plate armour, I cant feel a thing!"
Shayanan kept his gaze on her, shrugging slightly.

"I don't care, It's keeping you down, And it must be even heavier with this added weight" Leov shrugged as she tried to push him off her.

"In training, they used to make us run cross country, with massive bags filled with rocks in our plate armour, to make sure we could learn to take the weight."
Leov smiled sweetly as Shayanan began to stand, More then once lately she'd asked herself how she'd been able to remain with her sweetish smile and her manners, they didn't deserve it, but then again, perhaps if she hadn't she'd be long gone by now, she pushed herself to her feet, frowning as the world spun around her again and she began to feel drowsy, falling into the back of the house and then in turn into Shay, who once she landed swiftly moved to the side and watched her fall against the wall of the pit.

Taking a hand to her face she spoke softly although incoherently, her hand glowing in a clear light, taking it to her face she cleansed her cheek and frowning she looked up to Shayanan.

"Your going to need to do better then that Shay.." Her voice was weak and she was tired not only from the small use of light but also from the lack of sleep she'd had recently, a soft thud and Darien appeared in the pit beside them.

Smiling softly she looked from Shayanan to Darien and rolled her eyes as the pit began to become surrounded by Dead Rose members, sighing softly Shayanan nodded and a warlock unspotted until now began to chant a summoning spell above them.

"Make her suffer, writhe in pain. She needs to cry blood, and do not stop until she tells us the location of the shard. W, Get me out of here." Shayanan's voice was once again cold and precise as Darien bowed his head slightly towards his master.

"Exciting" Leov spoke softly, albeit rather wearily as she stood up and began to speak softly, almost song like as she called upon the light, a small glimmer began to surround her hand as Darien once again turned his gaze towards her.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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(( This post is written by Iskaroth and is part 1 out of 3. ))

It rains.

The rain in Gilneas seems constant, unbroken. The ominous weather, with its dark clouds, paints the scenery around the manor with shades of grey. Every glitter of light seems to reflect from the water soaked surfaces ever brightly, adding the flavor of silver in to this brooding picture.

The crowd of Roses focus their attention down in to the Pit, to their latest prisoner.

“Darien, get in here.” Shayanans voice breaks through the rainfall. The mindslave responds immediately, swinging himself over the iron fence and in to the Pit.

“…Ugh.” Leov focuses her tired eyes upon the new quest in her prison and smiles sweetly at him.
“Evenin’ Darien, nice to see you again.” Her feigned greetings fall to ears which do not care.

“Make her suffer, writhe in pain. She needs to cry blood, and do not stop unless she gives us the location of the shard.”

Darien registers the order and nods towards his master before W summons him out of the Pit. Left alone down there with the prisoner, he turns his gaze towards Leov as her voice shapes in to a soft song in opposite rhythm of the down beating rain. Darien begins to remove his gloves as he approaches the woman with calm. A Golden light surrounds her right hand, irradiating the pit brightly. She looks at Darien before releasing the bolt of light from her hands towards him.

The force of the Light infused assault staggers the man, his reinforced leather gloves slipping off his hands on to the flooding floor of the pit. The force pushes the man sliding backwards, splashing water. After a few balancing backward steps, Darien regains his stance. He proceeds towards Leov as if nothing had happened and begins to roll up his sleeves.

“Darien needs a table and a chair.” Shayanan aims his command to none particular as he follows the display down in the pit.

“Allow me.” Lactor responds, cocking back his head.
“Nuid ey aelfin waend maen ae rae'an ffin claedd.” Words of the corrupted druid awaken the earth beneath the Pit. Strong roots violently crack through the boards and twirl in unnatural manner as they are forced in to a shape of a chair and a small table which appear around Leov.

With another ball of light formed in her palm, Leov watches over her shoulder at the chair behind her, taking steps away from these conjured furnitures, now decorating her rough prison in more twisted way. The chair and the table seem to struggle against the spell of the druid, as if breathing visibly. The twisted form is enforced by sharp thorns alongside the creations.

Determined Darien walks up to her, graps her from the shoulders and begins to drag her towards the chair.
“Get off me!”
“Get off me you fuck ugly brute!” She struggles back what she can in her weakened condition. Her resistance falls short as Darien finally pushes her sitting on the chair. Out of frustration she kicks at the table infront of her. Another wasted effort as it doesn’t even budge.

Lactor finds himself grinning at the display and to the fact that Darien produces a set of tools from his backpack. Carefully he places each item resting on to the table. Forceps, a hammer, long nails, some copper and barb wire, cutters, vials of poisons, a hacksaw and a branding iron. Along with some pieces of cloth and towels.

For a moment he considers the course of methods to use on her. His mind racing through the imprint left on to his mind by the Doomgardener. There is no imprint on him to use any mental or magical means in torture, obviously. Yet the instructions on physical torture are rather extensive. He notes the weakened state of the prisoner but she must be tied down for him to work properly. Unfortunately there is no rope or chains down in the Pit. Fortunately he has nails.

Darien reaches towards the table and picks a nail from it, placing it between his fingers. With the same hand he takes the hammer and turns to his prisoner. Leov’s eyes drift in to the nail, frowning as her eyes widen. The glowing light fading from her hand as the man grasps it, pulling it over to the table and he starts to undress the gauntlet. She pulls back her hand, only to frown upon the fact that the gauntlet slides off while doing so. The inquiry from above stops Darien for a moment.

“Feel like talking yet, Leov?” W asks.
“Very well, proceed Darien.” He states without hesitation.

The mindslave does as told. He presses the nail against the woman’s palm. Lifts the hammer and hits the nail with it.

She screams. The nail pierces her palm and sinks halfway in to the table. Blood pours out of her hand and by instinct she tries to pull her hand away to cover, only to tear up her hand more. And thus she screams even more.

“Don’t stop, Darien. Keep going.”

Leov hastily casts a bolt of light towards her torturer before placing her free hand above the nailed one. With tears rolling down on her cheeks, she closes her eyes and tries to concentrate any form of healing to her damaged hand. The light courses through her hands, mostly in vain.

The light infused assault throws Darien back again leaving his chest armor smoking in response to the holy damage this inhumanly abomination suffers. This offers only a brief pause as he recovers amazingly fast and is all over Leov again in a heartbeat.

She opens her eyes again as she feels that her other hand is being moved. She stares at Darien.

“All you have to do, Leov, is to tell us the location and this will stop.”
“I won’t tell you for all the pain in the world.” Her reply to Shayanan is filled with determination, with courage. She scrunches her eyes closed, biting down on her lip.

Darien swings his hammer against the nail. The second nail pierces her palm as effectively as the first one. She lets out a loud scream, trying her best not to instinctively pull her hand away this time as she leans forward slightly to relieve the pain. And before long Darien has taken the forceps from the table and is bending the halfway sunken nails so that the other end of the nail is curved against the table. This is preventing her from pulling her hand through the nails so easily.

He takes two more nails and ducks under the table, by her feet. The thin river of blood from the small table above drips blood on the back of his helmet as he begins to remove her armored boots.
“Get off!” She manages to yell between her agonized screams. Her struggles are in vain, again. She cringes, biting down her lip again.

Without further questions or warnings Darien presses the tip of the nail against her foot and smites it through her foot, nailing it down in to the wooden floor. More pain and she screams out loud again, tears streaming down from her reddish eyes.

Darien proceeds quickly, performing his current trade with precision and routine as he lifts the hammer up in to the air again and dropping it down to nail her other foot on to the floor aswell.

The pain overwhelms her. Screaming, her head falls back against the chair and she passes out bringing sudden silence in to the Pit. Surprised and puzzled gazes shift from person to another. Before Lactor laughs out loud.

“Shall we get him up from there.” He continues with a smirk on his face.
“Let’s leave it at that for now.” W notes and begins chanting a portal to summon Darien off the Pit.

Exhausted, bleeding and passed out, they leave her down in to the Pit with the calm rain that dominates the night.
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(( Part 2/3 - a long one! ))

While torture is a powerful method to enforce interrogations, it has a down side. The victim, under enough of mental and physical stress, will eventually tell anything or confess to anything just to make the pain stop. Even when he or she has not actually done this deed accused, or knows anything of the matter asked about. They convert to lying in hopes not to suffer anymore or simply to relieve their current state.

The world seems to bend around him, a dark abyss following him and twisting what eyes receive. Tiny sparks of electricity spring off him, almost constantly. Despite his lack in physical prowess, W still intimidates most who lay their eyes upon him. Behind the crown his eyes follow the prisoner in the Pit who seems to have returned to her senses.

The blood around the nails has clotted. She looks very pale, sickly. Being exposed to the damp weather of Gilneas for weeks and now with open wounds at her limbs, one can only guess the amount of diseases and bacterial infections trying to overtake her.

“Comfortable?” W asks.

“....Who wouldn’t be with nails in their feet and hands and soaked wet through from being left in the rain.” Leov responds to the inquiries of the warlock.

“Well if you would tell us what we want I'll get you up from there and let you go.”

Leov sneezes, screaming in pain as her body lurchs, scrunching her eyes closed.

“Sure, I can be let go when I’m bleeding out, how considerate of you.” Her every word is aimed to mock her captors. Her shield when disarmed off everything else.

“Had you told us earlier we'd have let you go without a scratch, it's your own fault.” W reasons, still keeping his eyes fixed closely on her.

“Oh right, because I should of been a wimp and given you what you want.”

“No, you should've been smart and given us what we want.”

“We gave you a good deal but you declined.” W Continues after a brief silence.

“Deal? Which was what?”

“That we'd let you go if you told us where it is and when we were done with it we'd give it back to you?”

“And I didn’t believe you.” She responds quickly.

“Not our fault, as I see it torture will be the only way.” W reasons.

“It kind of is your fault. For being what you are and the amount of lies you tell.”

“I'll have you know Darien didn't even start the torture before you passed out he merely made sure you would be still.”

“And this time we won't let you pass out.”

“Aww, sweet.” She says, almost indifferently. Still mocking them with each chance she can get.

“So, tell me Warzor, do you always treat woman like this?” She continues.

“Make someone nail them down so you can get what you want?” Leov looks up to Warzor and smiles sweetly at him.
W stares down at her, remaining silent.

Darien returns from his routine patrol and checks down in to the Pit to make sure the prisoner is still in place. He turns to Warzor and bows.
“Ah, lovely.” Leov mumbles down at her prison.

“Evening, Darien you can start when you want to.” W gestures towards the prisoner.

Darién nods firmly at his superior and without a moment passing he is already in the Pit, preparing himself for the second round.

“Evening Darien, how are you today?” Leov smiles sweetly although she knows its futile.
“…How rude.” She notes at Dariens silence and impassiveness.

The torturer begins to circle around her, checking on the nail, making sure she stays put. He runs an overall scan on her condition, planning the next course of action.

“…My left hand is numb…-“ Her words stray off as she notices the hammer in Dariens hand.
“…Lovely.” She sneezes and grits her teeth in pain, holding back a scream.

Shayanan arrives to watch over the interrogation. Followed by a greeting from both Warzor and Darien.
“Evening. Unless she is ready to speak, continue what you were doing, Darien.” He orders without delay.

Darien kneels down and lifts his gaze straight to meet Leovs eyes as the hammer rises up in to the air infront of her. For a short time he keeps that moment, adding the tension before he swings the hammer. The cold steel hammer smashes against her left foot and more precisely her big toe. The bone cracks, spilling blood around and she screams out loud in pain and tries to move her foot. The nail holds it tight and she only manages to add more pain to herself which can be heard in her amplified scream. Each nail tears open the clotted wounds in her limbs and the bleeding begins.

“Location, Leov. The only thing you need to tell us and this will all stop.” Shayanan tells her calmly. Her eyes are shut and she remains silent.

“Alright then. Next toe, Darien.” He orders.

The hammer rises again and is swinged against the next pair of her toes. She cries out in agony as the toes are smashed between the hammer and the floor. While the blood streams off from her foot, tears stream down on her face. Her body twitching in place.

“I was thinking of dropping by her house later see if there's any clue in there.” Warzor begins an almost idle conversation with Shayanan while the torture goes on down in the Pit.

“Yes, that'd be a good idea.” Shayanan replies while looking at Leov.

“Hah! Goodluck!” She yells from the Pit, pulling W’s attention.

Darién lifts the hammer again, this time looking up to Shay for a sign.

“I thought you were just tough, Leov. It seems you're just plain stupid.” Shayanan taunts her and nods at Darien.
“Keep going.”

Darién takes yet another swing at the remaining toes in her left foot. Leov bites her lips, a muted scream leaving her voice box as she scrunchs her eyes.

“Just say the word, Leov.” Shayanan persists.

Darién shifts to her right foot, tapping it gently a few times before lifting the hammer again.

“Go fuck yourself.” Leov spits at them and Darien immediately drops the hammer with strength against her other big toe. Leov inhales deeply as if about to scream before closing her mouth and holding her breath a while.

Darién takes a sudden quick swing at the next pair of toes.

“Ow, for fuck sake, do you have a fascination with feet or something?!” She cries out watching at Darién as he lifts the hammer as high as he can and looks at Leov.

“Fucking freak!” She screams at his face.

“Do it.” Shayanan orders again.

Darién smashes the remaining toes with a high velocity swing and immediately stands up, wiping the drops of spilled blood from his face mask. Leov screams loudly, ear piercingly as all her toes bleed against the floor, properly smashed.

“100 gold she won't last another hour.” W ponders out loud as he follows the two in the Pit.

“I don't mind if this goes on for hours.” Shay replies and W takes out his pocketwatch, looking at the time.

Darién circles around her once, tapping the hammer against his palm. He looks at her, almost studying her. She wrechs from the pain, still looking pale with teary eyes. He focuses on his tools again, still holding on to the hammer.

“ .....Is that his preferred tool?” She looks at the mindslave, who immediately takes a swing at her right hand fingers, as a quick reply to her comments, before returning to weight the options over his tools. She screams again in pain, although somehow seems to laugh before screaming again.

“Want him to keep going, Leov?” Shayanan asks and glances at Darien who takes a thin nail from the small leather pouch on the table and circles around the table, to her left hand.

Darién places the thin nail right beneath the fingernail of her index finger.

“....Ow! Those are my nails, do you -know- how long those take!”
Shayanan replies this with sigh.

Darién swings the hammer against the nail. The nail pierces in to her finger right under the fingernail, which cracks and is torn off partially. Leov tries to move her hand away, screaming as she attempts to call on the light, her hand glowing slightly before disappating. Darién pulls the thin nail away, blood streaming over to the table. Soon the nail is placed under the fingernail of her middle finger.

“I'm suprised she hasn't passed out yet.” W ponders out loud.

“I feel sick...” Leov mumbles, making groaning sounds.

Darién swings again. The thin nail piercing and tearing its way in to her finger. Leov turns her head to her left, wreching and she throws up on the floor and partly on Darien, half screaming as it pulls on her hands and feet with each wrech.

Darién presses the hammer against the knuckles of her ring finger and pinky and nudges his head at Leov as he lifts the hammer in to the air again.

“Hardly my fault you would of done aswell if you'd been fucking human!” She refers on to the puke on Dariens armors. The man drops the hammer again, listening to the sound of cracking bones. Leov screams in an incredibly high pitch, expletives escaping her lips occasionally.

Darién places the hammer on the table and takes his dagger as he walks behind her.

“What's he doing?!” She questions with teary and agonized expression on her face. Desperately she tries to turn her head to see him, gritting her teeth loudly as the pain washes through her hands. Darién begins to slide the dagger carefully along her side, looking for the leather straps holding her armor on.

As the armors start falling off from her, the old faint scars reveal themselves on her skin. Much for Dariens surprise the underplating is actually a plated top. And it he can’t fit it off from her without releasing her hands. He taps his “what-would-chin” chin a couple of times as he walks over to the table. Leov follows him with an angry glare and then focuses up on Warzor, her face turning a bright red.

“Feel like talking yet?” W asks again.

Darién takes the hacksaw from the table and gently tips the razor sharp teeth with his fingers. He turns his gaze on Leov.
“....What the fuck!” She yelps.

Darién starts to study the top around her shoulders. Possibly a good place to start sawing through the plate.

“Seriously just for a shard you’re thinking of cutting off my arms?!”

“We'd kill you if that's what it took.” W replies while following her intently, showing no care for her suffering.

“But sadly that doesn't work.” He adds.

Darién places the hacksaw sideways on top of her right shoulder blade.

“Warzor!” She yells for what she can.

“You can still accept the deal Leov.”

“I -need- my arms.”

“Then tell us where it is.”


Darién starts sawing sideways through the plate. The saw making a creaking noise as the teeth begin to eat through the layer of plate.

“Well then you clearly don't need them as much as you think.” W states.

Leov scrunches her eyes, not wanting to look. She tries to hum to herself to make the noise not so loud.

“Sadly we don't have a healer with us so we can't cut your arms of without you bleeding to death.” W explains formally.

“Keep in mind you can still accept the deal anytime you want.”

“Yea, I’m sure that would look great.... and now I can’t go anywhere, I can't walk and I can’t grip anything and I’m bleeding horrendously!” She weeps.

“I'm sure you can heal yourself… Once we pick the nails out.”

“Actually, no, I can't.”

“Well then we'll be as nice as to drop you off outside Aerie Peak if you would accept the deal.”
Leov flinches as the sawing noise gets louder. Darién is almost through the first layer. The metal grit tossing around his feet and Leov's neck. Her eyes remain closed tightly. Even though the man is using precise skill in his work on the plate it is evident that the small teeth of the saw finally cut through her skin.

“ OOOWW!” She screams out in pain.

Darién finishes up sawing the first part. The plating gives in and cracks open. So does her skin and what little flesh there was between her skin and shoulder blades. Apparently the saw doesn't bite so smoothly in to the bone as it does on the metal.
Darién looks for the second sawing section and locates it quickly and proceeds with his work.

“Seradane!” She screams and draws the interested look from Warzor.

“Finally. Hold it Darien.” And so the slave almost freezes on the spot.

“Seradane is a big place, specifics?” Warzor takes out a map and looks at it.

Leovs body starts to shake as her eyes roll back into her head, still screaming in pain.

”....A small building to the left of the portal as you face i-“ Leov turns to her left, throwing up all over Darien this time.

“Very good, I'll have to confirm it's the right one before we can let you out though.” W says and begins a chanting on demonic to summon Darien off the Pit.

“It's cloaked in a box inside.” She continues to explain as she has spat the rest of the puke from her mouth.

“Until we've confirmed it's the real one you'll stay like that.” W repeats himself as he turns around to leave the balcony.

“I'll go retrieve it myself.” He speaks on his way.

“...Enjoy your errands. Idiot.” She mumbles out loud and giggles but soon enough screams and moans in pain again. The blood and vomit covered slave straightens up and walks over to the Pit fence, turning his back on her as he takes on his guard duty.

“I read a file on a Darien…” Leov begins after moments of silence.

“Said he was an old SI:7 operative that got caught out and turned into a mindless beast…”

“Would that be you?” She questions the man above, her torturer.

Darien doesn’t seem to pay any attention to her now as his eyes scan over the area, his palms resting against the hilts of his daggers. His programming however is working as it is supposed to, rejecting all the memories and feelings that try surface on his mind.

“I guess that's a yes.”
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(( part 3/3 ))

He can barely breathe.
His heart is pounding his chest like a thunder, out of fear, of exhaustion.
He can barely see. The wound in his forehead bleeds down, mixing with sweat and rain.
He wipes it with his bound hands, tied before him.
It’s dark, everywhere. The night has claimed the forest.

The ground is damp and slick beneath his feet. The sticks and stones tear his bare feet to blood. His right leg is broken, so are three of his ribs. Yet he runs, for what he can. He runs for his life.

The cut in his arm aches. The poison seeps in, forcing him down. Just a minute, he thinks. He throws his back against the tree trunk and slides down on it. Just going to catch a breath for a minute, his eyes closing.

There is no time. His pursuer is close. He can hear it. Have to run.

His vision blurs. The poison. A misstep on the slippy rock throws him off, rolling down the hill. He smacks against a rock, his cheek landing on the mud. Stunned there he listens. The only thing he hears is the rain pouring over the forest. It offers him a form of a peaceful emotion, after weeks of captivity and torture.

His hand is numb already. Soon the poison will reach his legs and then it will be over. His struggle in vain, his mission failed, his life wasted... No. Not yet. Fight!

He springs up only to meet the hungry eyes of the wolf. Not now. Not now, he repeats. Yet the beast stares at him. There is more. He can hear them around him, circling. Two or three more. He crouches, slowly, reaching for the fist-sized rock on the ground.

The wolf lunges at him with a growl that ends suddenly. The blood soaked rock flies off his hand, hitting the second wolf, right between the eyes. The beast flees. But the last one got a surprise on him. He is too slow to evade and falls under the beast. He protects with his arm. The fangs sink in to his flesh. He yells while the wolf tears his arm around. Not of pain, of fear as he doesn’t feel his hand anymore. His feet work and wrap around the torso of the beast. He spins his arms, enough to get the other one around the beasts throat. The snapping sound leaves the wolf limp.

It is too late. He can feel the eyes on him. His captor. Torturer.

“I can see youuu… Where do you think you’re going?” The maddening voice asks. He moves, circling around him like the wolves just did.
“Darkshire? Is that where you were heading?” The mocking laughter fills his ears, his entire figure trembling with despair.

He looks up towards the voice. The gnome crouches above a large rock, not far. The moon highlights him there, adding a spark on to the dagger that slides through the air in a mocking manner. That blade is his own, forged to him by his trainer. Now he will die by it.

He prepares to stand and fight, one last time. To die with some courage or any resemblance of honor, to die fighting.

Rendaar slides down the hill and spins through the air towards him. He blacks out and drops on to the soaked ground again, unconscious.

The last time he, himself, opens his eyes are at the high tower of Karazhan, chained to the wall. His pain is gone and only his exhausted, dead tired, eyes feel a thing. He stares at the Dark Lord before him.

He spit the blood on to the wizard’s robes, enforcing his last meaningful words.
“Fuck you!”

Then, Nothing.

This glimpse of memory disappears as quickly as it came. His mind is unable to comprehend it or feel anything for it. Not a single emotion.

Now he stands on the roof of the mansion. Dark clouds above travel with haste, carried by the strong blowing wind from the ocean. He tips his balance against it. The pouring rain whips down on him, his dead eyes staring at his latest victim in the Pit, far below.

They all break, eventually. The imprint states that clearly. He once did.

She has become a victim of a terrible deal. On the other hand she has her promises to her old mentor, her oaths, principles, self-image… her pride. And on the other hand… her life.

“I thought you were smarter Leov.” Warzor states while staring at her.
“....What?” She replies with a voice that speaks of exhaustion.

Warzor holds up a soul shard.
“It's not the one were after.”

“I did tell you they moved and I couldn’t trace them properly without having the implements I had in place to keep them safe…” She explains.

“And where are those implements?”
“I don’t know, whatever you did with my bag...”
“…probably thrown it all out.” She continues, lowering her head.
“That and since you have now screwed over my hands I can’t use it now.”

“Well I wonder how long you will be able to hold out today, I will tell Darien not to stop until you talk, just so you know he doesn't need to sleep.” W threatens, tossing off the wrong shard from his hands.
“Guess you'll have to tell me how to use them.”

“Not going to happen since I use those very things for keeping track of multiple things that aren’t only the shard.” She protests loudly.

“Tough luck then.” He states bluntly.
“Darien will be here shortly. Lying more won't get you anywhere you know.”

“Hardly lying, if they’re not in my bags then my memory has failed me.”

“Then where are they?” W persists, peering at her intently.
“I don't know anymore…” She replies, shaking her head slightly.

“Well i'm sure Darien will make you remember.”

“Now, what do they look like, I'm sure you can remember that…-” W begins again, just as Darien slides down from the rooftop, landing next to the pit.

“You may proceed.” He nods at the mindslave.

The man bows formally at his superior and enters the Pit. His eyes study on Leov’s current status as he makes his way to the table. She looks much worse than the day before. She looks ripe for picking.

Dariens gloves thump on to the table, next to the tools. His eyes now fixed on them while he rolls up his sleeves. Each tool is checked and placed perfectly on their organized place on the table. He seems to do this with a lingering fashion.

Finally he fixes his gaze upon Leov again. And like a predator he begins to circle around her, calm, loud steps. Making sure he has her full attention.

“How about I just bake you a fucking cake to stab and put a voice box inside it?” Her voice sounds more frail than before.

Darién picks up the hacksaw again and walks behind her.
“....He's dangerous with that, can-“ She almost pleads.

Before she can finish her sentence Darien is already continuing his work on the plated top and starts sawing through the second cut, over her left shoulder blade.

“Oh my life...” She whispers, closing her eyes.

The creaking sound emerges louder and louder, the metal grit itching on her skin. The saw breaches the plate, partially, again and the small teeth sink on to her skin and flesh, tearing open a nasty wound. Leov lets out an almighty scream as she cries.

Darien cares nothing for this and continues sawing like nothing happened, the sharp teeth eating away the plate and skin.

“Does he… Does he need the top… gone that badly?!” She asks with tears on rolling down her cheeks.

“I'll remind you that you can accept the deal anytime you want.” Warzor notes calmly, following Dariens work as the man seems to be done with the second cut. Leov seems too distracted by the pain however as she continues screaming.

The torturer walks around her once, the bloody hacksaw on his hand, looking for a place for the final cut. He finally places the hacksaw in vertical direction across her back, aiming to make a wholeway cut through the plate covering her back.

The saw eats away the metal quickly as Darien raises the tempo, using wider pulls and stronger press on the saw. In a brief moment the plate gives in partially, again. The saw rips in to her but crashes quickly as it hits the bone on her spine. Her scream is amplified by the agony running through her entire body. Darien simply seems to adjust the angle of the saw before he continues sawing.

Leov turns to the side, throwing up.
“I was born in Andorhal, it's in my familys home... what’s left of it... make him stop!” She coughs harshly, turning to her right, she vomits again.

“Hold it Darien.” W orders right as the final cut is finished and the plate cracks open. The man nods and stands up, walking towards the table.

“Is the soul shard in Andorhal?” W inquires.

Darien wipes the mixture of metal grit, blood and skin off the saw before he places it on the table.

“Well?” He persists.

“Yes... my family home is in the middle, three rooms, the back room should have to single beds, i shared it with my sister-“ She looks at the saw, transfixed on it.

“And where in the house did you hide it?”

Leov gulps and then looks up to Warzor.
“It should be in a cloaked and enchanted box in the back left corner as you enter the room.”
“It's the last place to look. You know all the others…”
“You better not be lying this time.” He threatens and Darien takes the forceps from the table, as if preparing to continue if required.

Her eyes move to the forceps, shaking her head.
“I haven’t lied before… you just never asked the correct questions or I didn’t answer.”
“The last place is andorhal...” She continues with red, tear filled eyes.
“But... Warzor…”
“As much as you’re a Rose, that house is all I have left… so please don't wreck it more than it already i-“ Her eyes drift back to the forceps as she gulps loudly again.

“I wouldn't do such unnecessary things.” He replies.

The simple answer to the deal is life. For without life the others are meaningless. But what is your life worth when you’ve lost and betrayed your-very-self, when you’ve struggled through starvation and pain just to give up when there’s nothing else left to lose? Is there a spell to heal a wounded mind?

“Pride is the sweetest trait to crush.” The Dark Lord once said.
“Not only does it taste for superiority, but the aftermath… What becomes next… That is the true catch in all of this.”
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Fri Dec 16, 2011 8:40 pm

Leov's head fell forward as she gave the location of the shard, the memory's of her home racing through her mind as the tears streamed down her face.

-You've failed him Leov, you haven't kept him safe like he did you, death would of been the only option he would of taken, you've failed him and you don't deserve to live-

The rain began pouring down on the mansion as she stared at the floor, the final cut into her back meant that on occasion she couldn't feel any of the pain anymore, it would come in waves, as though something pressed on her and the whole of her body would scream out in pain, her mind wishing for the death, the infections and the blood to end it all finally.

A month, a month of torture and she was still sat there, granted it had only been three days of open wounds, but before that, three weeks in a flooding pit, without food or water, her determination had kept her going, her pride, her hope, and now, now she had given up everything.

Nothing was left, and what was a paladin of the light to do without the things they held closest to them?

No Hope.
No Pride.
No Determination.
No Stubbornness.
No Beliefs.

The problem was, Leov knew deep down the light remained within her, she knew in her naivety she held out hope, and stuck strong to her beliefs, but this pain, she couldn't bare, this pain was more then she'd ever experienced, and she knew of the story's, she knew they wouldn't kill her, they'd make her suffer instead until she broke, make her live with the pain of what had happened, she lifted her head and stared into the sky, only a few stars glimmered in the partially clouded sky as the rain beat down on her, aiding her infections, her sobs soft as the tears washed into the rain.

"I failed you, I'm sorry...." Her voice croaked through the sobs of her cries, her throat dry and as the words left her lips, the tears began to leave her eyes all the more.

She let her head fall down again, her sobs continuing as she pulled on her hands, the pain to her emotions, to her mind was something nobody could see, the wounds on her hands re-opened as the night rolled in a blood curdling scream of pain erupted from around the mansion of Gilneas.

No Hope.
No Pride.
No Beliefs.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Sat Dec 24, 2011 2:03 pm

The wild hammer keep had been quiet for months whilst the Knights took their attention to other parts of the world for training or other commitments and yet now it was full of life, albeit it worried whispers, faces and a lot of talking as the Knights rallied on the news of one of their own being held captive by the Dead Rose.

She stood staring into the dancing flames of the fire as they moulded themselves to her memory's and conformed to make a image of two small girls, no older then five or six, playing with wooden swords, giggling away as they played their game of soldier and crusader, frowning slightly she sighed as the silence fell across the room, turning her head to the back Miss White stood at the top of the stairs clearing her voice before she descended down and stood before them.

As Miss white began to speak the Knights and their allies listened intently, Gibbzy began to pace the floor back and forth and from the corner of Ascendiens eye she noticed the orange and ice blue hue he emitted in his wake, she could tell in this one moment, that he was as worried as she was for the Leov.

"News has reached us that she resides within the manor of Gilneas, guarded by demons and undead, I intend for us to go in and get her as soon as possible, this news has also told me that she is weak and will need careful handling" Miss white continued to address the knights as Ascendiens mind wandered off elsewhere away from the torture her "sister" was going through.

Memory's raced across her mind, everything they had been through together, from toddlers to the age they were at now, and in just over a week, Leov's birthday would strike them and all this would be added down to experience.

"We go now, or I go alone! I will -not- leave her there with them a minute more!" Gibbzy's voice with tinged with slight anger, he'd waited long enough, anyone could tell and as the Knights whispered Aminda nodded her head in acknowledgement and had the Knights prepare themselves and meet at the entrance, accompanied by their allies.

Ascendien snapped from her trance, looking a little pale from the last memory, she forced a smile and a small nod to Miss white.

"I will go prepare the healers, let the cathedral of Ironforge know to meet you at her house, I don't think anything else will do her well then her own bed right now, Stay safe." Ascendien nodded her head, saluted and turned on her heel and began to walk briskly away, leaving Aminda in the room as she gathered her things her mind raced and the sickness of what her sister through choice is going through, had been through, was yet to go through made her feel ill, uneasy and as though she was to hit the floor at any moment, no, going to get the healers ready was her best option, she was much to close to Leov to be of any use to the Knights on this particular mission.. unfortunately.

Upon getting outside, the knights had made an exceptionally fast preparation and sat on their gryphon’s in formation awaiting Miss White to appear, Saluting them she walked past and ran to the top of the tower to head for Ironforge, once in the air she looked down and watched carefully, as the knights glided into the air as one, falling back into formation as soon as they were all securely in the air, a brief smile crossed her lips before her mind raced back to that of her friend.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Thu Jan 12, 2012 5:17 pm

Daylight attacked her senses, attacked her mind as the sun rose up over the tower, letting light into the pit, not that it helped much, soon her mind would shut down for a few vital minutes to keep her heart beating and her mind working, in and out of consciousness she would continue to fall without aid to heal her wounds, the darkness of unconsciousness taking her within minutes of waking, falling forward the nails tore into her hands all the more.

A shuffle up on the platform, the roses began to gather and watch her in their amusement, admire their work, they spoke in whispers of the shard, of her in the pit and then, right then, the sound of a bird landing of notable size, the Rose turned around and laughed slightly as they stared at the heavily clad mage.

"What do you want?" Shayanan's voice broke across the din of the roses that had already started planning their attack on this apparent lone man as he stood in silence and stared at Shayanan, the anger within him growing, Leov fell forward all the more, awaking her senses as she let out a blood curdling scream in pain, the roses lips curling into a satisfied smile before turning to the man again, his fists forming into fists.

"Want to see her? She's right down there..." Shayanan's voice seemed amused at the very least as he motioned and the Roses parted like a sea being manipulated to create a path, the man stepped forward and his eyes began to glow with an intense fire from within as he turned back to Shayanan who motioned for the main of his Roses to leave.

"Your a dead man!" His voice low, almost a growl as he spoke, the anger welling up all the more as Shayanan stood, arms folded and arrogant, his dog's flanking either side of him and his mind slave appearing behind the man as a large purple fire bird landed onto the platform.

"Problem here?" She slipped from her hawk and walked a few steps forward, looking into the pit as the men stared intensely at each other, she rolled her eyes.

"Gibbzy, I think you have her to worry about right now" the magi broke his gaze from Shay, and the fire left his hand, as he did, aiming for Darien who seemed to do nothing but walk away on Shayanan's command as the mage looked down into the pit with deep concern, a collective yell and the Knights stormed down the steps, joining the others at the rail as they began their plan to take down the shield, Aminda, Knight priestess stared into the pit as Leov continued to fall in and out of consciousness, the unconsciousness lasting longer with each time, her body was finally giving up the fight after so long.

"Not my shield! Take her and leave! We have what we need.." Warzor muttered under his breath and clicked his fingers and he walked past the group of Knights and up to his tower, Langlam immediately helping Aminda over the rail and into the pit, she slipped down and hastily walked towards Leov, assessing the wounds as she placed a hand erupting in light over Leov's hands in turn she ripped the nails from them.

The air filled with the curdling screams of Leov's pain, the knights cringing as they kept themselves on guard, Leov's senses came back to her, the wounds on her hands closing as she opened her eyes and screamed for the Knights that had gathered around the table to leave the pit immediately, ignoring her they took a vial from Aminda's bag and placed it to Leov's lips as she refused to drink they held her nose, tipped her head back and poured the vial, closing her mouth so the only option left was to swallow, her head falling limply back as her eyes closed and she fell back against the chair, the thorns from it tearing into her skin.

Aminda and Gibbzy knelt, taking a nail from her foot each as they kept eye contact, counting to three they ripped the nails out from her feet as one and the light erupting from the priestess surrounded Leov's feet.

A flash of purple light and the shield erupted over the pit, looking up they frowned as Gibbzy stood and turned to the Knights, Shayanan now standing at the rail let out a low laugh at his amusement of his warlock trapping all three within the pit.

"Get us out of here Knights, NOW!" They took to arms, as their ally stood staring at the pit, a small smile on her face, she leant over the fence slightly and spoke down to Gibbzy and whispered softly, turning her took their hands and spoke quietly to Aminda.

"Do it, now Gibbzy, make sure it's complete" Marianna began to speak softly, a summoning ritual as the Knights paid little attention to anything else going on around them, their eyes fixed on anything deemed a threat.

"Marianna says to take your hands and think of.... friendship, strange but if it gets us out of here.." Aminda nodded, making Leov stable to travel as she took her hand and then Gibbzy's in turn, they closed their eyes and their forms twisted into a purple haze, disappearing momentarily before it re-appeared back onto the platform, surrounding by a small green circle, once settled Gibbzy stood, letting go of the ladies hands and summoning a portal to Ironforge, demanding the Knights leave through it as Rheiya gently lifted Leov up into her arms gently, although begrudgingly through lack of action, Gibbzy stared at Shayanan as his hands began to glow softly, the Knights all but leaving him behind as a fireball flew towards the mansion made of wood, the former home of Genn Greymane, began to erupt into flames, Gibbzy stepped into the portal as it cracked closed behind him.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:17 pm

As Gibbzy finally arrived Leov lay infront of the medics as he stared her surrounded by the Knights, Aminda called for her clothing to be removed as she prepared herself with bandages and called upon the light, Helmut stepped forward, and began to left her clothing off her, the chain mail vest falling to the floor easily before he stepped back, Aminda raised an eyebrow.

"Bottoms also, Mr Spoon" Her voice authoritative as he looked back to Gibbzy expectedly, Gibbzy shrugged and motioned for him to get on with it, Helmut grinned a little as he stepped forward, carefully pulling off her footwear before taking his hands to her hips and pulling down the trousers she wore slowly, the knights watching with arched brows.

Aminda stepped forward forward, frowning and she shooed the Knight away from Leov, sighing she began to speak slowly, making her able to travel again to her home, the light washing over Leov, almost making her glow in a golden aura, Aminda wiped her brow, taking a drinking from her bag, she motioned for Rheiya to step forward who frowned and swept Leov into her arms effortlessly, yet carefully and headed outside.

Stepping up onto her awaiting steed, she held Leov carefully as they headed for the small red headed paladin's house, Gibbzy already at the door, muttering about finding the blasted key,

"Oh just blast it down already.." A sudden gust of purple and green blasting past him and washing across the door, leaving it in tact, Gibbzy stood, holding the key in his hand as he looked back to Marianna.

"I was about to say I'd found it..." He turned, eyeing the door as a faint blue glow disappeared from it, he laughed quietly to himself.

"Enchanted, Ofcourse, it's Leov..." He sighed and rolled his eyes, a small smile playing across his lips as he placed the key into the locks in turn, changing to a specific combination as he placed in the next and so on and so forth until the door clicked open and he pushed it back, hitting the wall with a heavy thud, he walked in and looked around as the Knights watched carefully.

"Is it safe then, no traps?" A small laugh from the crowd as Gibbzy turned back perplexed.

"What? Oi, get in here!!" The Knights grinned to see the look of shock to be used as a test, the filed in behind Rheiya who placed Leov down on the bed, only to be surrounded by Aminda again, she rolled out her surgical instruments onto the bed, taking out the largest pieces of shrapnel from her back before placing the light across the wounds and pulling out the smaller links, closing the wounds in the process, Aminda faltered, her energy exasperated as she turned to the Knights, a frown upon her face.

"Her back was severe, close if not on her spine, I cannot tell of the damage it has done, only time can do that I'm afraid" The knights spoke in angered tones as they stared at their fallen friend, before turning to each other and planning their attacks, Gibbzy sighed, his emotions being laid to one side he walked into the kitchen and filled a glass with water, a slight glow of orange flaring into his eyes as he walked back into the bedroom.

Gibbzy handed her a glass of water and guided her to a seat, thanking her for the aid she had given, telling her to rest, as anti-septic and bandages were wiped and wrapped around her chest and back and her feet and hands in turn to keep them clean, hidden, the best chance to heal, the Knights stayed and spoke for a while, glad to have their friend back safe and sound before leaving Gibbzy to look after her, returning to their duty's and wishing her the fastest recovery possible.

Gibbzy nodded in response, barely speaking as he kept his eyes locked on Leov who remained unconscious, the house falling into silence as he stood, seeing the last of them out, locking the door he turned and pulled the lightest cover he could find across her, placing a soft kiss on her cheek and telling her to hurry and get better, he placed himself on the stone foot board.

She was safe, She was home, She was alive, yet one thing, one question remained.

Would she walk once this was over?

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Sun Jan 22, 2012 2:25 pm

A week at least had gone past now, they'd started to lose count if they were truthful, she still laid there either way, unresponsive, her breathing shallow and her pulse slow, they kept an eye on her, some even said prayers to the light to bring her back safely from her slumber, but the acoma kept her wherever she was.

They had travelled into her mind and seen the torment it was going through, the nightmares of things recent, the screams she had let fill the night sky, the pit and the rain flooding it, and still nothing, still she lay there, unresponsive to them.

She had woken up once or twice, she had spoken and things had looked hopeful, she'd asked Gibbzy to send someone capable to retrieve her books, she had even asked how she'd gotten home, only to wake a day later and remember none of it.

The night before she fell into her current state, she woke, smiled and spoke with Gibbzy, she had been shivering, her teeth, even in this warm place had chattered in the heart of Ironforge, he'd pulled her gently to him as he laid beside her and placed her head upon his chest, wrapping his arms carefully around her, holding her close, she'd fallen back into unconsciousness, and when waking for the last time before her current state, she didn't even remember being held, the torment had taken her.

She had tried to move, they had all seen her try, either way, it had resulted in one of two things every time, her screaming in pain, or no movement, although her brain had told her she had moved. And yet none of this kept her in her state but what kept her from them now, what kept her held in her tormented dreams, were the infections, the Pneumonia, the torment, all rolled into one.

And now since that night, a week had passed, and there had been vistors, Marianna had made her a fresh home-made stew and left it on a low heat, just to keep warm and notably Helmut spoon had arrived armed with flowers and chocolates, spoken to her and eaten the present as he sat on the end of the bed, seemingly unaware that she was in fact in acoma.

He spoke of his outrage towards one Robinas Kaezlan, how she had lied to him, how he had been a old friend of her fathers, how he had gone to her in his hour of need to find Leov, how she had said, even promised to inform him if she was ever made aware of the Rose or more importantly her husband to have his friend, his fellow Knight, and yet, now Leov was safe, now that she was just about surviving, he had found out the truth, he had found out that in fact she had known where Leov had been all along and still she choose to not tell Helmut.

Although, to those who know the two girls, its obvious there would be no true tears shed should one of them not return, they had a history, and it seemed to be one that would not go away, tempers would rise each time they were placed together and Leov for one, had she been awake at this time would of laughed slightly and told Helmut she had warned them of Robinas' willingness to keep her husband safe at all costs.

Still here they stood, in her house worrying, her closest friends, some unwilling to admit it, but here none the less, those that cared for her, stood, waiting for a sign for her to wake.

One most of all stood staring at Leov from beside the door, frowning with disappointment before leaving and mumbling about sending a healer to deal with it, the remaining few talking amongst themselves and every once in a while glancing over to Leov in hopes that her eyes were finally open, time flying past as they spoke, the group began to thin out, wishing Gibbzy the best of luck as they left the house, some frustrated that there was nothing they could do, others vowing to come back the next day, and as the house emptied and Gibbzy closed the door, he took off his gloves and cloak and sat himself on the end of the bed, a shuffle from outside as something stopped just by the barrels.

Barely noticing it Gibbzy sighed to himself and stared down at Leov, whispering softly for her to wake up and stop worrying them all as a soft knock broke him from his concentration, making him jump slightly as he sighed and rubbed his tired eyes, standing he walked over to the door and opened it.

A small, slight woman stood at the door with a shy smile upon her face as her eyes wandered up to a tired Gibbzy, her soft red-brown hair laying softly on her shoulders, as she stepped back slightly away from him, he offered a small smile for the help it would do, her voice soft as she tried to look past him to the unconscious Leov.

"Hello sir, Mistress Pyrefang sent me to see to a..." She looked down at her note and frowned slightly.

"A Miss Lahnmaiden, she informed me she was unconscious and refusing to wake, I'm her usual healer" Gibbzy watched quietly as the woman spoke before looking back to Leov and then to the woman.

"Mistress Pyrefang, is?" He raised an eyebrow suspiciously as he asked the question and she nodded in recognition.

"Marianna Pyrefang.." She smiled slightly as she continued to look up at him, he face now turning to one of a more relaxed gesture and openness

"Ah, Marianna, ofcourse, well. Come on in then, she's been like that for almost a week..." He voice rang of one filled with concern for his friend and the woman he loved.

She smiled reassuringly as she listened to him tell of what had happened right up until she had fallen unconscious, before nodding and walking around the bed, sitting infront of her she lifted Leov's hands into her own and began chanting softly to herself as a golden light surrounding their hands, closing the wounds on the left she turned to the right and did the same, moving from there she leaned down and did the same with each foot in turn, being sure to cleanse them in the process.

Her brow beginning to bead with sweat as she continued to put in the effort to heal the fallen woman, her wounds were still grave and the infections over time had now spread without anyone even noticing they were their, sitting up she placed a hand gently upon Leov's forehead and frowned as she spoke a few words softly, raising her eyes up to a pacing Gibbzy she smiled a little.

"Her mind even when the wounds are healed will still suffer for a long time sir, she is extremely tormented with what she has been through, her mind screams for reprieve" She spoke with concern in her voice, as Gibbzy nodded, a frown upon his face before he disappeared into the kitchen, bring the small priestess a glass of water and a towel, taking the glass she sipped from it after thanking him and placed it down on the shelf behind her.

Calming her mind she began to heal again until into the early hours of the morning, before looking up at Gibbzy and smiling weakly, her brow now awash with the energy she had expended, offering the priestess a small smile a hand, he helped her stand and led her to a free room for the night, thanking her in the process before passing her the blankets and unfolding the guest bed, she smiled softly and nodded as he left the room, quickly changing she climbed into the bed and pulled the covers across herself, falling into a deep sleep.

Gibbzy however did anything but sleep, he paced and kept an eye on Leov, checking her pulse for any change every now and then, tidying things that no longer needed tidying and checking the locks on the windows and doors, frowning slightly he finally resigned himself to sitting on the end of her bed again and watching her, before he finally fell to the side into a restless sleep.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Sun Feb 05, 2012 6:47 pm

The sun rose over the hills of Ironforge that morning, a cold chill whistling through the mountains and into the entrance, Miccaela had already woken and packed everything away, poured herself a glass of juice, walked agilely around the dozing Gibbzy and sat back down infront of Leov.

Placing her hands upon the unconscious ones head she began to speak quietly as a soft gentle light erupted from her hand, calming and healing her all in one, channelling the spell into Leov would take a while and as Miccaela closed her eyes to gather and control her energy the light grew just that little bit brighter.

Gibbzy's eyes flickering open as he lay on the end of the bed, he hair ruffled and in need of retieing, he watched as the woman continued to be un-phased, sitting up and gently slipping from the end of the bed he headed towards the stairs and quietly walked up them to the bathroom to get ready for the day ahead.

Time seemed to pass quickly that day, Miccaela continued to channel the spell for over two hours, and within that time Leov's breathing slowly returned to normal and the colour began to flush back into her face, slowing down the spell.

Miccaela's brow dripped with sweat as Leov's eyes began to flicker softly, a small smile on the priestess' face and she pulled her hand away slowly, the light diminished and she laid them gently in her lap.

A whistling from above them came down the stairs, signalling that Gibbzy was about to descend back down to them, reaching the bottom he eyed over Miccaela who just sat there staring at Leov, raising a eyebrow as he coughed to gain her attention.

“Everything ok?” His voice was soft and concerned and she nodded, a small smile still on her lips.

“She is healing well, in about three weeks time I think she should be on her feet, or at least if she can ofcourse, but if she can't then at least we'd know..” Gibbzy nodded slowly as he looked at Leov, the rosy colour had been brought back to her cheeks and her breathing was soft and normal instead of the shallow and slow it had been for the past week.

“When will she wake?” He asked as he turned his gaze back to the priestess as he walked down the stairs.

“I am unsure, that is down to her and her mind now..” Slipping from the edge of the bed she walked around it and stood by the front door.

“I'm afraid I need to go, give her a few weeks to recover and all should be fine... I hope” Gibbzy nodded as he unlocked the door and thanked the priestess. showing her out with a small smile, once gone he turned and closed the door again, quickly heading over to Leov he took her hand into his and whispered softly into her ear.

“Leov, wake up now...” He stroked his thumb lovingly across the back of her hand to no response, sighing softly he frowned as he leaned back against the shelving, her eyes flickering she looked up to Gibbzy and smiled softly as he stared at the ceiling, watching him quietly, her cheeks blushed a deep ruby red.

“...Hey you” She smiled softly, her cheeks still red as her voice croaked and her icy blue eyes looked up at him, jumping slightly his thumb stopped moving on the back of her hand and he looked down at her with a joyful smile on his face.

“Hey..You gave us quite the fright you know..”
He laughed slightly, possibly nervously, she wasn't sure as she continued to smile up at him, moving her head in a small nod she grimaced in pain.

“I'm sorry, I assure you, I didn't mean too..”
He smiled reassuringly as he kept looking down at her.

“How are you feeling?” She raised an eyebrow and tried to move to find a comfortable position, her mind screaming at the pain she was still feeling.

“I feel like I’ve been run over by a mammoth..” She giggled lightly, her cheeks turning a deeper red colour as he nodded and everything around them became distant from their minds as they fell into their usual comfortable conversation.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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Sleep had taken her and now her mind raced and continued the torture in her sleep.

The sun was high in the sky as it beamed down on Goldshire, it was warm and Leov stood winding up Calahan and he winding her up, her little giggle and her cheeks blushing bright red as she stood in her bright red and orange battle forge armour.

Suddenly, the sound of a cantering horse, heavily clad in armour heading to them, a man in full plate sliding from it and walking to them.

“Leov... we need to talk, now.”
. She turned and smiled, there he stood, her mentor, the man training her in the way of the light, his sword slung across his back at an angle and his Soul forge worn perfectly.

“Yea, run along Leov, do as your told now..” Calahan quipped as Roike motioned for her to follow, She grinned at Calahan who winked slightly as she giggled, her cheeks blushing again as she followed the Paladin.

She liked to wind up Calahan as he tried his supposed best and flirted with her, she knew he'd never get anywhere and so did he, but it was all fun none the less.

She followed him down the side of the lions pride inn and round the side of the lake, he hadn't said a word since he'd called her away, something was wrong that much was clear, she'd never seen him so silent and his whole demeanour screamed of an anger.

He stopped abruptly, Leov almost walking into him, he turned to look her over before pulling off his helm and throwing it to the ground, she frowned slightly as she looked concerned he began to pace back and forth mumbling angrily to himself, only occasionally would she catch the odd word.

she sat herself down she pulled his helm close to her and wrapped it in her arms as she watched her mentor, her friend, her.., he stopped looking at her as she hugged his helm, he laughed quietly, trying to hide the smile that spread across his lips.

“Damn dead rose and their stupidity to keep that creature safe from harm, we have a change of plans Leov!”
He looked her over slowly, awaiting her reaction before he sat himself down on the ground.

Leov nodded and listened as Roike told her what he wanted her to know, which was never a lot, she was to retrieve some information he needed desperately and as usual he'd keep her more then safe, make sure her tracks were covered and she wasn't linked to it.

The night rolled in and they say talking beside the lake about an abundance of things, Roike lit a small fire and somewhere along the night they seemed to attract a crowd of Calahan and another woman.

Leov stirred as she slept, the dreams began to seep away into darkness, waking she stared at the wall as the tears streamed down her face she whispered into the darkness.

“I'm sorry Roike, truly, I will get you back to me and it will all be made right, that I promise you...” Her voice croaked as she spoke through the tears, she hated the heartache she felt to have lost the shard to the people they both hated so much.

The pains shot through her body as she did her best not to scream, for little good it all did, something was wrong, perhaps she wasn't healed at all but how could she deny she was awake and surely the priestess did her job.

Pain subsiding, she stared at the candle as it flickered, the night consuming her again the dreams enveloped her mind, her memory’s of the gruesome torture making sure she got no reprieve during her sleep.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."

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Glaciers of immovable snow and ice sit on the highest peak, cliffs of stone jut precariously from the base to the greatest heights.
Beneath both stand marble towers the beauty of which can only be seen in day-dreams and imaginations.

It's where the Blackguard sat, his guest of the dreamscape across from him.
The room they shared stood at the crown of the tallest tower, portals of glass surrounding them to better oversee the city below.

"A curious turn of events, young man."

No thunderous roars accompany the Blackguard's quiet confidence.
This is a meeting of peers, a transaction which must be kept orderly.
The Aspect would play nice.

"In your first years as a contact of the Rose, I sought to cause your defection into my caste.
I would have trusted you with the most glorious of purposes and powers. Harnessing the Nightmare against Mikhael's mad ambitions.
Such irony, that we now meet face-to-face at last, and you've come to serve the purposes of his wretched progeny."

There is no room to respond. This is a one-sided introduction, a dream wherein only one man has lips to speak..
For now.

"Maladath, born of his ashes. I will not question what has driven your devotion to this demented miscarriage.
Our respect for you exceeds the bias others would display."

His eyes turn to the city below.
"Walk with me."

The marble spire vanishes around them, their feet connecting comfortably with the snow covered streets below.
As the Blackguard walks, the focus of his guest is lead on through His city.
Beauties the like all Perenolde royalty dreamt of, and never achieved were realised within the confines of this make-believe.
Heroes of which even the treason of their nation could not tarnish the name, rode life-like and grand through the snow and cobbled roads.

"Such a city that might have been, with all that I am capable of. All that I can share.
A city you can forge for yourself."

The scene blurrs too quickly to first register the direction in which one is being led. It stops as abruptly as it appeared, now in a field beyond the fortress walls.
A field of red snow.

"Such skill that I possess. Technique wrought from the victory of a thousand battles, against all peoples of our world.
It can be yours."

Blood tarnished ice turns to gold, sapphires and opals. Diamonds the size of a man's fist pass harmlessly through the Blackguard's outreached hand.
"Such wealth that might be won, for you and all that succeed you."

The groaning and lustful echo of an immeasurable souls driven to ectasy cry out as one.
"Such pleasure of company, conquest of all those you see and desire."

The visions of grandeur mesh together, blood sprinkles gold as wealth untold lavishes the forms of beasts made to please.

"Live beyond the demands of your self-sanctified overlord. I will show you to live for yourself.
You needn't suffer the barbed whip he carries, you are capable of leading the Rose in his absence -- Grander, more absolute than he ever might dream of."

Flashes of battles rush by, the weight of desperation, fear, accomplishment and exaltation streaming through the guest like a tidal wave of understanding.
The gold gleams brighter as the vague, seperate memories of politics, economics and the abuse of lesser peoples come into a cohesive unit.

And the pleasure.. Countless faceless, beautiful and seductive counterparts writhe beneath him.
Man and woman alike exist to please and be pleased, the key to their submission a breath away locked behind the Blackguard's steely expression.

"Tell me, Shayanan.


"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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Karinia stared at the house for minutes, debating her next move.

So this was the place. A den of thieves, home of the defilers. The man at the inn had been quite clear about her, humans tended to stick out in Ironforge and not just due to their height. He had no reason to lie, why would he. This woman was nothing to him, and Karinia had given him exactly what he asked for, and he had asked for alot. Inside that building was the thief who had stolen from her master.

She had spend a year now trying to find him. She'd braved the Cataclysm, the blizzards of Alterac and the sandstorms of the Badlands to find some trace of him. When she had, she was overjoyed, only to discover his property a Knight of all things.

She weighed up the options she had in her head. She knew very well she was neither a fighter nor a liar. Since this woman -was- a Knight she was likely to be dangerous. Karinia may not have valued her life that highly, but being dead meant she would never see him again. She choose option two, lying. She'd gained quite a bit of practice at it this last year, slowly grabbing at the trails he had left behind for her, yet all the while hiding her identity.

She brushed herself down and made sure her armour and weapon were safely hidden in her bags. As she went to close the bag on her sword, she stroked the hilt carefully, breathing in the memories that it held for her, the memories of her master. This was he wanted of her, this is what she had to do. She was so close, so close to him.

As she approached the door cautiously, she looked up at the house's balcony. she didn't have any guards up there, that made things slightly easier. She knocked on the door, expecting it to be opened quickly.

It wasn't, there just came a reply, 'who is it?', a female voice, human she guessed.

Someone had once told her, it was easier to spot a lie without looking at the person in question. In truth though, she had little choice. She explained that she was looking for somewhere to stay and the inn was full, but the innkeeper had recommended she try here. Whoever was inside either didn't trust her or didn't want her, or both. Karinia decided to offer money for the room, she had plenty she had retrieved from her master's estate before it was sold, and the door opened by itself. She wasn't entirely convinced that it was money that had won over her target, more curiosity.

She found the woman sat up in bed. She couldn't really see any injuries but from her expression as the woman turned to her, she was clearly in pain and unable to move well.

Karinia found her instincts kicking in, offering to help her in any way, thanking her for her hospitality and offering her the room's nightly rent. As much as she wanted to avoid being drawn into a conversation, she found it neccessary.

The woman introduced herself as Leov Lahnmaiden, and Karinia introduced herself as Karinia Vira. She'd known a Miss Vira as servant to another lord of Alterac, but had chosen against a fake first name, well aware that a single slipup in that regard could ruin everything.

Leov went on about how Karinia reminded her of someone. The worst case scenario jumped to mind, however she tried to change the subject. Eventually the conversation moved onto where she was from. She said she was from Alterac, working for a Lord Moor, someone she knew had died years earlier. Leov went on about how she once knew someone from Alterac.

The moment she said his name, Karinia was shaken to her core. The words du'Ley came from her mouth and she desperately to deny all intimate knowledge of them. She thought she had done well to bluff that far, however she couldn't rid herself of the guilt she felt at having to disown her master to a simple thief.

Eventually she made it to bed and left the next evening, thanking Leov for her hospitality. She explained she was heading to Stormwind to find work, and luckily Leov offered her a place to stay if she couldn't. Karinia smiled knowing she had a way back in again when she had worked out her strategy for gaining Leov's trust.

As she sat on the tram heading to Stormwind, she pulled out her sword and caressed it. Making sure no one was around, she whispered her master's name to herself and arrived once more in her dreams.

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"Ye sure lass?" the dwarf said to her, turning his gaze away from his drunkern companion who had passed out on the floor beside him.

"Please sir, I would really appreciate it" she replied. The dwarf looked at her, wondering whether to believe her or not. She had been looking for someone to beat her up a bit before she returned to Leov's house, but even though he had been fine fighting with his companion, he seemed against hitting a woman.

"Don't ye have none of those make-up things lass?" he replied, refering to the tale she had told him about being part of a play.

She lay down a few more coins on the table and looked at him pleadingly. "I'm afraid we don't have much to offer, we can't afford much, but we do value realism."

The dwarf looked around a bit, but there was no one left upstairs in the bar. He sighed and shoved away his stool, standing up.

"Will ye at least close yer eyes there lass?"


The dwarf had given her a few bruises and a cut on the lip, but she had been hoping for more to convince Leov to let her in again. She needed Leov to take pity on her and this was the only way she knew how.

She opened her bags and saw her master's blade staring back at her. He wouldn't like what she was doing, but she knew she had to to see him again. Even so, she couldn't bring herself to use her master's blade in such a manner, he would be disgusted. She searched the rest of the bag for a small knife.

Rolling up one of her shirt sleeves, she bit down into it and lay the cold blade against her arm. She closed her eyes as the knife sliced into her arm and she felt her blood rolling down her arm like a stream.

As the pain rose, she bit even harder upon her ready-made gag.

It took a while for the pain to subside to a manageable level. She put back on one of her best shirts, the white near instantly becoming stained by the wound.

Now she was ready to see this thief once again.


As she knocked on the door faintly, she could hear voices inside. The fact that Leov had company could potentially complicate things, however it was too late now for her give up. She had to overcome her fears for the sake of her master.

It was a Night Elf that opened the door, her glowing eyes gazing over Karinia with a level of concern. By the antlers over her head and the leafy staff behind her back, Karinia guessed she was a druid. Karinia told her that her name was Karinia Vira and Leov, who was still sat on the bed behind the druid, told this druid to let her in.

The way that Leov said it, how she seemed to be expecting Karinia, made her worried, but feeling her knife hidden around her waist helped relieve some of the stress. As much as she didn't want to get into any conflict, if it happened, she would be ready to fight until her last breath for her master.

Leov told Karinia to take a place near the foot of the bed while she continued her conversation with this druid, Ninen she called her. As she walked away, Karinia could see another person, a human male, robed, likely a spellcaster. Mage, warlock, they all worried her. All of a sudden now she felt she was deep in the den of darkness and danger.

As soon as Leov finished her conversation with Ninen, she turned her attention to Karinia, eyeing the blood stains on her shirt. Karinia explained that her attempt to find work as a maid in Stormwind had not worked well, with her employer already beginning to abuse her. Leov looked over her, the silence hiding her thoughts.

"Karinia Vira was it?" she asked.

"Yes my Lady" Karinia replied.

"Strange name isn't it? Karinia, quite unique"

"It is the name my mother gave me, I like it"

"You see, I had someone look at the Alterac records...did you know there was only one person on there named Karinia?" Leov asked, looking between Ninen and the mage. The druid walked over to the door, blocking it, while the mage took a step closer to Karinia.

Karinia looked at her, not quite understanding.

"Your surname is not Vira. What is it?" she asked, staring her with a gaze that pierced her lies.

" name is Karinia Tamara my Lady..."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, my mother's name was Kassie Tamara."

"The records say quite clearly the only Karinia in Alterac was Karinia du'Ley, sister of Roike du'Ley."

Karinia was agast. Only three years ago had she and her master found out that she was his half-sister, sired by the same father, born to serve her master no matter what until the end of her life. He had always expressed his wishes that she wanted him to step up from her duties of his maid and become his sister, but she had been unable to.

He had had her name changed on the records...

She blinked once and quickly pulled out her knife, her hands shaking despite her best attempts to stop them. She point it at Leov, calling her out for the thief she was.

"What do you think I have stolen?" she asked calmly.

"I know you stole from his property, you have something that belongs to him, from the Badlands, I know you stole it!" Karinia screamed back. She could feel a coldness running down her spine, the mage, Gibbzy she recalled Leov calling him as, stepping closer, warning her to drop it.

As much as she wanted to, she couldn't be afraid of death, if she failed her, she'd lost her master forever.

"But what did I steal?" Leov asked again, her face as confident as it was before.

"I don't know! I...I just know that you stole something from my master, and whatever it is, he needs it."

"I am not a thief, I have never stolen anything before. What it is, he left to me. He named me as his next of kin, what it is, he gave it to me, I don't know why, but I intend to protect it. Now...drop the knife."

She...she was his next of kin. Why...why had her master chosen this woman. She felt the knife slipped from her hands but made no attempt to catch. Gibbzy ran up behind and pushed her aside, she made no attempt to stop him, too distraught to do anything. Next of kin..that meant...

Thoughts rushed through her head as she stayed round the corner, faintly aware that Gibbzy was still watching her closely. By the time she regained her composure, sure that either Leov was lying, though she had to admit, she didn't seem to be, or that this was one of her master's plans, Ninen had left and a new elf, Rheiya, had arrived.

Leov asked this new elf to check Karinia for any other weapons and then her bag. Although Karinia protested she had nothing else on her, Rheiya punched her in the chin, knocking her out cold.

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((The last of Karinia's arrival))

Karinia awoke to the sound of clanging of armour. She rubbed her head slightly before deciding it was her jaw that was really painful, Rheiya's attack still stinging. She clambered to her feet and, using the wall to stabalise her, made her way back into Leov's main room.

"Hmm, a rubbish little bow, no arrows. Ah, this poking stick, nothing else." the elf said. Karinia made her way into the room and saw Rheiya holding the sword her master had gven her.

"No!" Karinia screamed, running into the room slightly before the elf's gaze fell upon her, her own fear stopping her going any further, "That is my master's is not a poking stick."

"Relax, I call everything a poking stick" Rheiya replied in an uncaring voice.

"Master?" Leov asked, attracting everyone's attention, "Who is your master?"

"My my master. He is everything to me, and everything I do is for him."

"But who is he?"

"My master is the Lord du'Ley."

"Roike?" Leov asked, raising an eyebrow, "Your brother?"

"Half-brother my Lady. We share the same father, the former Lord du'Ley. My mother was a servant to him, just as I am to my master. We...we did not know for the longest time. Even if I am blessed with his bloodline, I am still his servant."

Leov mussed over this for a while, looking between Gibbzy and Rheiya before deciding to continue.

"I don't appreciate being lied to Karinia. I don't appreciate being threatened. If you truely loved Roike you wouldn't hurt one of the only people who ever stood beside him." Karinia looked down solemnly at the ground at the mention of her master's name, regret seeping into her expression.

"I am sorry my Lady. I...I thought you had stolen from him. I...just miss him so much, I want...I need to see him again. I need to apologise."

"What for?" Leov asked.

"For not becoming what he hoped I would. He had hopes for me, for us, and I failed him. I couldn't be the person he wanted me to be."

Leov sighed in reply. She turned round, groaning as her back twisted, Gibbzy rushing over to the bedside to help her. She pulled out something from the bed rest and beckoned Karinia over to sit on the bed with her. She stepped towards it cautiously, but Leov seemed quite insistant.

Leov passed her over two pieces of paper. She was hoping they would be from her master, she always loved his writing. But they weren't, they were someone else.

"I'm sorry Karinia...his will...I don't know why, but he named me next of kin."

Karinia stared at the papers, hoping something would come out. The words just looked like nonsence to her. Her master had always wanted her to learn to read, but she'd never succeed and always tried to put it off. Just one of her many flaws her master had seen in her and sent her back to Alterac.

Now she was faced a choice. Leov and the others looked at her expectantly. If she told them she couldn't read this fake will she would just embrass her master. So did she trust this was a will, her master couldn't be dead after all. But Leov seemed so insistant and there was just something about her that made Karinia want to trust her. Memories of her earliest meetings with her master.

When she was lost her master showed her the way.

Karinia closed her eyes and handed back the pieces of paper, nodding to Leov.

"I promise you Karinia, we will find out what happened to Roike, and set things right. You are welcome to stay here until we do, I'd like you with me when we do."

"Thank you my Lady" Karinia replied, bowing her head.

"Excellent, you always wanted a maid didn't you Leov?" Gibbzy replied jokingly.
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Darien's Post:

He awakens.
The ache hammers his head from the inside.
His right arm, numb.
The foul taste in his mouth, sickening.
The body, still recovering from the intoxication.

He opens his eyes and the sunlight pierces in, unpleasantly. He blinks, three times, to gain vision. The room sways, his perception still inaccurate.

He pulls his numbed arm free, gentle not to wake the blonde girl resting upon it. The bewitching scent of her perfume still lingers around her. Her unclothed, athletic body, tempting. Her pale skin, flawless.

He looks over to his other side and his dry lips curl in to a smirk; the blonde’s friend, equal in beauty, lies on his other side. Both still deep in their sleep.

He climbs of the bed, fumbles his way to the window and the table by it. He reaches for the jeweled goblet and fills it. His gaze sets on the world outside, a fine morning in Stormwind.

His mind quickly tries to grasp on the faint memories he still has of last night; the party, the music, the wine and, of course, the young women.

His thoughts finally settle on the conversation with his father on the early evening.

A conversation that turned in to an argument. His father loudly disapproved his current lifestyle, as it had been for years now. A young man, fit in body and mind to achieve something far beyond simple partying and loitering, as his father so marvelously remarked. He thought that this was about money again, how his scions carefree life delivered notable expenses for him.

His father insisted that that he should continue working with the family business. He rejected this idea. Not that he didn’t enjoy the trade or he wasn’t good at it. No. This was about him rebelling. This was about him pursuing independence.

Yet his father had pointed out the uselessness of him, with deadly precision, and wounding his pride, shaming him.

He downs the shot of whiskey and glances back at the bed, marveling the exposed beauties and reliving the night he had with them.

Yet his mind is not at ease. The lack of proper duty now bothers him. Seducing young and royal ladies had its charm, undeniably, but it quickly sounds hollow in his list of achievements.

He dresses up and downs another shot of whiskey before sneaking out of the estate.

The frowning words of his father taunt him. He pulls up his hood to hide his tired face from the public eye and sets out to the streets of the old town.

“I do not need your handouts, father.” He mumbles.

An impulse sends him straight to meet an acquaintance of his. Mathias Shaw at the SI:7.


The howling wind pulls back his hood, exposing his face to the rain. The path leading uphill, towards the mansion has turned in to muddy road. Each step swallowed in to the moist ground, while every now and then a step sends him sliding downwards, while he manages his balance against the slippery ground and strong winds.

It didn’t require any skills in meteorology, to predict the weather in Gilneas. But this was still uncommonly… ruthless.

The storm had whipped down his gryphon near the shoreline, sending them both in to the storming ocean below. The waves took the mount in to the depths, while Darien managed to struggle his way to solid ground.

From there he had walked across this war scarred land and through the storm. He had not seek any shelter nor offered any unnecessary delays. He pursued his lone quest, non-stop.

His body struggles to hold on against such physical stress. He should be exhausted.

An assignment was given to him. To find Master Shayanan, whose absence had been far too long. Members of the Dead Rose had been patiently waiting for him and what he could have discovered from the soul shard of Roike. But no word had been received of him in weeks. No clues to his whereabouts or if he was even among the living anymore.

Darien knew, yet the state of his master was uncertain. The soul link these two shared provided him enough to know he was still alive, but beyond that… nothing. No signs of doing anything. The trail of the link between them had led here.

Whatever the reasons Shayanan had for hiding, and even in such obvious place, was beyond Darien to understand nor did he even pause to think of such things. All he knew was that a mission was given to him and completing this was his only existing thought.

Finally he reaches the mansion on top of the hill and opens the door. No one’s in there. The household seems to gather dust and it resonates of vacancy. He forces the doors shut behind him as the storm tries to tear them away.

Leaving behind a trail of dripping water, Darien walks through the main corridor and the stairs up to the second story.

Not a single soul, even the mice are gone. Yet his right hand rests upon the hilt of his dagger. He opens the door in to the master bedroom, pushing it open slowly. His vigilant eyes peer in carefully. The bedroom is just as empty as the mansion had been thus far.

He steps in to the silent room. Everything seems to be at its place. The fireplace on the far corner is cold and unclean, filled with charcoal. The upholstered king-size bed at the center, against the wall, is made and unused. The candles on the nightstand burned out. He walks over and lights fire on them and to all the other candles in the room. The night offers little light and he requires it for proper search.

There is no sign of living in this room recently. So he begins to look for a way forward. He does sense the presence of his master nearby and he steps in front of the massive bookshelves. There is literature from all around and in several different languages, covering nearly all commonly obtainable knowledge of crafts, magic and history. There is even a wide range of fictional novels for simple entertainment. None of this interests the mindslave at any level.

He searches thoroughly and in vain.

Then his interest fixes upon the candle on the nightstand. The flame flutters. There is a stream coming from somewhere and for the third time during his search he stands in front of the large wardrobe near the bed. He couldn’t feel the cold breeze falling through the hidden doorway behind the wardrobe but he reasoned there could be one, or that there is a fracture on the structure itself.

Eventually he finds the switch and the entire wardrobe opens like a door. Behind it is a small shaft with ladders leading down.

The shaft goes down two stories between the walls, and ends up in to a hidden basement room. It is uncertain to say if this had always been here or built recently, the dim light wouldn’t reveal enough. It has little warmth left in it, the wind pierced through somewhere.

There he finds his master, Shayanan, in this dark, hidden room beneath the mansion of the Rose. The crude little room only had a small bed, a drawer and a table with a chair.

Shayanan sleeps on the bed, covered in blankets. As Darien walks over to him, he doesn’t wake. As Darien pokes him, he doesn’t wake. As Darien shakes him harder, he doesn’t wake.

He was alive but deep in his sleep. There is some half-eaten bread and an opened bottle of wine by his bed. The soul shard is squeezed tight in to his hands. Darien has to force his hands open, even though his master resists subconsciously. He takes what he came for primarily. Shayanans sleep continues, twitching and more unsettled than before he had removed the shard of his hands.

How long had his master been in this slumber? It did not matter and at least he was safe from his enemies in here. A minor conflict passed his mind. His master was here but in a state where he’d be easily assassinated. It was best to keep his whereabouts unknown for now.

Exhausted by the long journey and weather, Darien lays down beside his masters bed, against the cold floor with nothing to shelter himself. He needs some rest before returning to Stormwind and handing out the shard to those who might discover more of it. And so he closes his eyes.

The soul shard still wrapped tightly around his fingers…


A revelation.

One perceives himself dead.
One, in fact, is unable to see this, to feel this.
He must be dead?

There is no sound; no vision; no sensation of existing in any level.
There is just this one, in absolute nothingness.
One, who is completely cut off from everything imaginable and beyond.

Suddenly the shell shatters and sight is granted to a blinded man.
A deft suddenly begins to hear.
The numbness, one did not even acknowledge, vanishes.

The dreamscape that opens before him is unfamiliar.
The three figures before him turn their heads towards this invader in their realm and look at him.
The figures hold something familiar, like a thought he can’t grasp at, a memory that has faded.

The urge to speak. The necessity of asking, telling and screaming for help.
It is unreal. He looks down at his body, as it once was, and at his hands that now shake.
The pressure on his chest and the pile of unspoken words stuck on his throat.
The burst of emotions crashes over him, burying him in to a state of madness.
He panics.

This revelation alone is enough to shake the foundations of this man, to cause an impact so shattering that it nearly tears his mind apart at that very moment.

“My… name… is Darien.” He manages to speak like he had almost forgotten how to.

A revelation of not being dead.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Soul's Last Request.    Tue Sep 18, 2012 1:01 pm

Darien's Post

Darien had come a long way past the year. His assignments from the Syndicate and co-operation with the Ravenholdt had led him on the trace of Argus Wake and eventually to the Shadow Council. Operating on both continents and drowning himself in work, he had much forgotten his old life back in Stormwind. Through his training with Morel in combat, his expertise in stealth and recon and combined with his inherited knack for seizing the opportunity and relentless nature, he had made quite the progress and showed himself a worthy asset for the agency.

To his great surprise he left Jaedenar and the Shadow Council to report his superiors of yet another organization worth looking in to, back at his home, Stormwind. The name Dead Rose was written on top of his report.

As he soon discovered the name wasn’t entirely new for Mathias Shaw and the rest of the leading cell. They had operatives working on the cultists, sorting out the who-what-and-where’s. But as much as they wanted, they had learn too little to make an attempt on them, yet. It was suspected that they were a threat and had part in several crimes, but lacking the proof and not knowing all the persons involved, the situation was still on working process. A fairly small document was given to Darien, for his studies on the Dead Rose.

After reviewing all the intel he had from his past assignments, leading up to the discovery of the Dead Rose, one name caught his eye. Perenolde. He was sure he had heard of the name before, back in his days at Stormwind, before joining the SI:7. Perenolde family was the leading house of the Syndicate. In turn it seemed that the Syndicate had some else pulling its strings. Argus Wake.

A long-shot, he thought, but well worth investigating. And as it turned out, he had run across the name Perenolde before, during his time with his father and the Merchant’s Guild. Roike Perenolde du’Ley.

The step he was taking next, was sending him right in to the heart of darkness, not that he was even remotely aware of it.


Warzor climbed the stairs in to his tower with his usual calm pace. With steps so high for a gnome he had no intention of rushing these things. His arms were tightly wrapped around the cloth-covered package he got from Rendaar, half his size. At the end the stairs he saw Darien standing at his usual place, guarding over his tower.

“Perhaps I should have ordered you downstairs and maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t have to carry this brick of a book up here myself.” He mumbled as he passed the faceless guardian.

Warzor proceeded to his writing desk and with a heavy swing of the package, cleared the table of lesser books and notes, sending them across the floor. He dropped the package from his hands and it landed on the wooden surface with a loud thud. He let out an eased sigh and rubbed his hands with anticipation. Slowly he began to unwrap it.

By now Darien had noted the resonating of his amulet. Nothing else could cause it but the grimoire of Iskaroth. His eyes drifted towards Warzor and his desk.

Warzor studied the revealed book carefully, sealed as it was. The leather that covered the grimoire was thick and black. It had four sized and cut ruby’s sank on the cover, one at each corner. The blood red jewels glittered brightly on the flickering candle lights as they surrounded the red carvings on the middle of the front cover. The carvings were symbols he recognized quickly, they were Demonic ritual symbols, commonly known among the practitioners of the dark arts. The linings were of gold and so was the magically sealed lock. Gently his fingers ran across the surface and towards the lock. The grimoire seemed almost as if reacting to his touch. He drew away his hand and stepped back.

“I should have this open in no time.” He convinced himself with a nod and went to his workstation.

Dariens gaze was fixed tightly on the grimoire.


“My… name… is Darien.” He repeats the words with effort.

The three familiar figures in this dreamscape stare at him, this uninvited guest of theirs. After a pause they glance at each other and return to stare at him once more.

“Why, we do know who you are. But you… you seem puzzled. No, that’s not the word to describe you. Lost… Yes, that seems to suit you well.” The Blackguard speaks and approaches the uninvited with an overwhelming confidence. This is his realm, none is to break his rules. Yet here stands a man of past times, of lesser importance none the less, uninvited.

Knowledge studies the invader and writes down this unpredictable event in to the Necromantic Grimoire. Soon his attention is drawn by something else, something that is not to be seen with eyes alone. He picks up with this feeling quickly. And so does the Paladin who feels the taint of his sworn enemy.
“Vile being, tainted by the corruption of Maladath!” The accusing finger of the Paladin falls upon Darien and the ground trembles beneath him.

“W-w-what…? I’m… not…” Darien stutters and falls to his knees by the power that seeks to crush him.

A high pitched chink stops this. Knowledge lowers the wine glass and fork from his hand and peers at the guest more intently. The other two run their gaze between the two of them. Soon they all seem to reach an understanding and finally an agreement without words.

“Tell me, boy. Do you wish to be free? To live again?” The Blackguard questions the uninvited.

Darien lifts his gaze to meet the eyes of the towering knight before him.

“Then we propose a trade. We are both familiar with such dealings, yes. For your freedom of this unspeakable enslavement you’re suffering… We seem to believe there is a chance that you might be of use to us. Nod if you understand, boy.”

Darien, still as lost as a moment ago, when the powers of Maladath and Roike collided and temporarily broke free his mind of the dreamless hibernation, nods slowly.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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Soul's Last Request.
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