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 Gasing the Wedding

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PostSubject: Gasing the Wedding   Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:08 pm

Cain braced himself as the bolt thudded into the wooden door, the head breaking through in an explosion of splinters. The forsaken sighed as again, the heaviy beat of the bench on the far side of the door pounded against the door, which he was holding closed with all his strength. It had been a perfect plan as well, a two - pronged attack on the city, Cain stealthly approaching from the harbour and the Good Doctor entering the sewers beneath the sprawling metropolis via the labarynthe of unferground caves and rivers leading all the way sough from the Lower Apothecarium. The near decade long project had opened up new tunnels running between the natural caves, untill the entire of the Eastern kingdoms was connected in an impossible maze of small tunnels, un-navagationable by anyone but the sharpest minds, the tunnels were not designed for access but for the distribution of Blight. And the Doctor was in them, out of contact range for Cain's home made communication device, hopefully right under Cains feet right now. And yet he had seen no sign of the good Doctor, and almost feared the worst. Taking another beat through the door, Cain bit his lip and reached down to his belt, where a rack of bright green vials were sown onto the leather, the swirling gas within containing untested samples of Blight. Pulling one of the fragile glass canisters off, the thin thread snapping under the strain, Cain put a simple breathaliser into his mouth, sucking in distilled air through the small air vents in the sides. Leaping away from the door he twisted in time to see the hefty wooden bench crash through the weakened wooden pannels on the door in an explosion os splinters, and a heavily armed guard climb through the open doorway. Without pausing to wait Cain threw the vial with all his might and the container smashed into the guards helmet, the glass shattering and the gas escaping, immediately making contact with his skin through the eye slits in his helm. Cain however didn't hesitate to enjoy the screams of agony as the guards face began to melt, he lept through the gap in the door and sprinted away, the other soldiers behind the door retreating, concerned, from the gas cloud that was growing around the doorway. making for the gateway into the canal district Cain shot by an old woman carying water, and finally left his persuers behind him, as he burst out of the park and dived into the Canal. Without pausing to think of what vile types of human waste had been emptied into the murky waters of the Canal, Cain swam right down to the bottom - a simple task due to the weight of the plate armour he was wearing, and trod water backwards, pushing himself down onto the flagstones that lined the bottom of the Canal. uttering a prayer under his breath that he had though to waterproof the tracking device, Cain pulled it out, a small boxy device, with a simple screen on the front. The Communicator was still in the Cathederal square, where that fool of an Elf had dropped it, and, hopefully, no Humans had picked it up or, worryingly, discovered what it was. Confident his persuers had moved on or given up the chase, Cain pushed off and with a gasp, broke the surface of the canal, slowly swimming to the side to climb out.

The device beeped quietly, as Cain eyed it from across the square. Taken for junk someone had seepingly kicked it into a corner, where it now lay, out of sight and barely obvious to anyone without technical training. Longingly staring at it, Cain curced quietly as he looked at the few hundered people filling the square, looking up as a newly wed couple were decending the steps of the Cathederal. His tarnished and ancient ceremonial armour would stand out like a sore thumb in this croud. Guards Patrolled the roads besides the canals regularly, he had little hope of getting around, so the only way was across... forcefully. Pulling every Vial off his belt Cain bent down in his hiding place, and began to mix them hurredly, searching for a quick way to disperce the croud without creating a long lasting cloud of gas. Franticly grinding up a sprig of bloodthistle he eventually poured the final soloution into each of his Vials, secretly wishing he had more time to perfect the Formula. Wrapping the bundle of vials up in bandages Cain lobbed it out from where he was hiding, the bundle breaking open as it flew and the vials scattering amoung the croud. Smashing onto the floor the each releaced a darp purple gas cloud, which shot up the nose of any unfortunate human to be standing nearby. The Screams could probably have been head all the way in Icecrown, they were certinately enough to Alert ever guard in the city to come running to the Cathederal square. Humans were running about wildly, their worst nightmares being lived out in front of their very eyes, visions invoked by the quickly formulated Halucanative drug. Bursting out from where he was hiding Cain took this chance with relish, sprinting across the courtyard toward the remote, the pandemomium around enough to cover his movements. Sliding the last few feet ain leaned down and grabbed the communicator, swiftly stashing it in his Tabbard. Turing to escape he looked right into the eyes of a pair of Alliance Warriors, properly trained adventurers, swords out and ready for the glory of the kill. As quickly as possible Cain reached down to grab a potion of his belt, but his claws only grabbed thin Air. he had used every last one for the halucanative drug... A bad move. Backing away slightly, Cain braced himself for a painfull slive that could leave him Incapacatated for months, untill he could join the two halves of his body back together. But the Blow never came. Billowing white smoke erupted from the drain cover just in front of Cain, an entire sachet of smoke pellets being thrown through the grate. Ducking, Cain felt the wind of a sword flying over his head, as the grate burst open and he Jumped through the hole, into the sewers below Stormwind. After turning to thank his resuer, The Good Doctor, Cain and his Apothecary began the long walk north, through the Maze of tunnels, back to the Undercity.

((Not up to my usual standards, but I was a bit tired when I wrote this))

The way is shut,
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PostSubject: Re: Gasing the Wedding   Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:41 pm

(( Thanks...can I have it back now? Very Happy Great story Cain Smile ))
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Gasing the Wedding
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