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 The Flame

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PostSubject: The Flame   Wed Jan 04, 2012 3:33 pm

(( This is Odenia's Backstory which I've planned to write up for a while now. Will do it in small sections throughout this thread as not to bore everyone! Will hopefully have it all up within a week. ))

Tucked within the twisting branches of The Blackwald a small cottage sat in the shadow of the city of Gilneas. The ancient stones crumbled in the wind, unable to fight against the trials nature brought. It almost seemed that the building was held up by the moss alone, binding the frail structure together. Hard to think any living thing would dwell there. But a faint light would illuminate the skeleton of this old cottage and a ghostly voice would sing within it's heart.

Sitting in front of a dwindling fire was a pale willowy woman who rocked absent mindedly in her chair as she sang of winter nights and dancing. Her skin appeared as white and cold as porcelin and the light from her eyes had long since faded. Framed her frozen face where long locks of flame coloured hair that seemed to burn in the light of the fire. Down by her feet sat a small child with a crown of hair that burnt on it's own accord. The young girl's eyes darted wildly as she excitedly turned to the next chapter of her book. The book itself was almost her size and would have swallowed her up if she had her way. Her hazel eyes flashed and her freckled cheeks would flush as she read on about fearsome beasts and brave men fighting to the death to save their beloved. Within it's tattered pages a whole world of adventure and magic spread out in front of the child and it tore at her heart.

Put the book away dear. It is late and you should go to bed.” The bony white hand shooed away the girl from her feet as the woman muttered softly.

With a lump in her throat and her eyes welling up the red haired child nodded reluctantly and shuffled across the wooden boards to a collection on pillows and blankets on the other side of the floor. Crawling into her makeshift bed and girl sighed and looked across at her mother with sorrowful eyes. She longed to venture out further from the house, to see the city and it's people. But mother wouldn't like it. Her only escape was in her books and the wonderful places it would take her. Whimpering softly she uttered “Good night” and closed her eyes tightly.

“Good night Odenia.” Whispered her mother as she stared into the fire.
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PostSubject: Re: The Flame   Thu Jan 05, 2012 1:14 pm

Yvonne Hayes watched her daughter digging away at the damp ground with her delicate little hands. Kneeling down beside her she stroked Odenia's hair affectionately and a flicker of happiness entered her heart. It was these times in the garden she held on to through the long and dark days. From her pocket she pulled out a selection of seeds and held them out in front of her daughter's face.

“Now, can you identify the Mageroyal?”

Yvonne's searching tone hung in the air as Odenia wrinkled her nose in thought. As the small girl's brow furrowed deeper and deeper Yvonne chuckled softly and patted Odenia on the head.

“Oh, go on then,” she cooed at her frustrated daughter.

In a flash a bright smile spread across Odenia's face and the girl reached out her small hand over her mother's and ran her fingers through the seeds carefully. No matter how much Yvonne pushed and tutored, Odenia just didn't have the concentration for study and could never pick out plants by sight alone. But what the child could do was somewhat altogether more intriguing.

Selecting two different seeds the girl held both out to her mother and smiled proudly. Confused as to why her daughter had picked up a Wild Steelbloom seed as well as the Mageroyal. Yvonne asked “Why have you picked two seeds instead of one? Not losing your touch are you?”

Odenia shook her head and her grin became wider.

“I'm guessing this is Mageroyal. It's very pretty, but it has little personality. We don't want that in our garden,” announced the child with unwavering confidence. “We want to plant this instead.

Yvonne picked the Wild Steelbloom seed out of her daughter's hand and gave her a curious look. “But it is a quite a plain flower to look at, why would you want to plant this?” she asked.

"It promises protection,” answered Odenia in a voice that became increasingly unsure of itself under the gaze of her mother.

How she was able to do it Yvonne didn't know. Odenia could feel the potential of each plant without actually knowing it's name or how it is used. A true gift of nature. Shame she is useless at making potions. Smiling softly, Yvonne placed the Wild Steelbloom seed into the hole Odenia had dug and began to cover it gentle with dirt.

“Then that is what we'll have,” she whispered into her daughter's ear.

The smile dropped from Yvonne's face as she caught the sight of a person approaching the cottage. “Inside now Odenia,” she muttered under her breath.

The girl's face sank as she looked up at her mother with pleading eyes. Odenia never had the chance to speak to other people and with each year the loneliness got more and more suffocating. But with a razor sharp look and a face void of warmth, Yvonne lifted her hand up in warning and Odenia dashed into the cottage.

Peering out of the window Odenia watched as her mother spoke with the gentleman and although she couldn't hear them she made up a conversation in her head.

To her the man had come to ask to take them away from this place and treat them as royalty in his castle. Shaking her head her mother sadly explained how the cottage was enchanted and that neither her or her daughter could escape. Walking away the brave prince promised he'd find a way to free them and would return.

Slamming the door behind her Yvonne stormed her way past Odenia and stared pulling books off the shelves and smashing bottles of potions on the floor. Terrified Odenia hid under her blanket and covered her ears. This happened more often these days and moments in the gardens seemed to fade away. Odenia shook uncontrollably as her mother tore the blanket off of her and grabbed her roughly with both hands. Her nails dug into Odenia's soft skin and the girl cried out in fear and pain.

“It's just you and me. Just you and me. Never believe a word anyone else ever speaks to you. Their mouths are full of poison and they will destroy you. They hate us, they call us witches and they will do anything to harm us. No one will ever love us, no one will ever love you so you better start getting used to it and stop your daydreaming!” Screamed Yvonne. Her eyes were wild as she stared deep into Odenia's eyes.

Throwing Odenia back against the wall she frantically snatched at books, tossing them aside until she found the one she was looking for. Odenia's heart jumped into her throat as she saw which book her mother held and she leaped forward to try and pull it from her grasp. A sharp kick to the side left Odenia crumpled up in a ball on the floor watching helplessly through tears as her mother tore up her book and threw the pages into the fire.
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PostSubject: Re: The Flame   Fri Jan 06, 2012 12:46 pm

Winters flew by and each kiss of ice stole more life out of the garden that was once loved. What warmth the cottage held was now long gone, not even an echo remained. A wisp was left of the woman who had once glowed as a mother, a ghost that haunted the moss covered stones. The years had not been kind to Yvonne and the strength built from hate and rage were the only things that kept her alive. The small and frightened child had become a young woman with a toe dipped into adolescence. Her thin, starved frame hid the years she had gained, trapping her as her mother's child in body... but no longer in mind and heart.

As morning faded and the sky swelled with red and pink clouds, Odenia tucked her mother into her bed and softly kissed her forehead. The kiss tasted bitter. Before Odenia could fully stand to leave a bony hand snapped out from beneath the sheets and wrapped itself around her wrist tightly.

“Wh...where do you think you are going?” croaked Yvonne as her eyes darted erratically.

Pulling herself away from her mother's grip Odenia stood upright, rubbed her wrist and sighed.

“I'm just going out to the garden. Try and salvage what's left.” Odenia mumbled her words as she avoided Yvonne's accusing eyes. “We have nothing left to eat. If we don't do something soon we'll both starve. Just let me go down to the town and...”

“Never!” cried Yvonne as she fought through a flood of coughing. “You're never to go there. You understand child?” Yvonne's eyes bore into Odenia's flesh and chilled the girl's skin.

“Yes, I know, I know,” sighed Odenia as she wrapped herself up in her hooded cloak and made her way to the door.

Odenia stood silently amongst the weeds and twisted vines that had chocked the last breath out of the garden. There was nothing left, not even a rotting root. With her mind a blur her feet took her to her a place she felt safe, a place she could let it all slip away and just be herself. The tree stood taller than any other, reaching out towards the stars with it's ancient branches. Odenia loved to climb it's dizzying heights and let the wind blow through her wild and knotted hair. From up there nothing could touch her. As she pulled herself up she noticed the light that shone from Stormglen. She could faintly hear the music that whispered from the Inn and it filled her heart with joy. She had spent many nights watching from afar and imagining the beauty the village held within. Her stomach scratched and tore at her as she dreamed about the foods they would be eating. The hot fat dripping from the roasted boar and the burst of colours from the variety of fruits and berries. Everyone would be drinking down sweet meads and laughing with full bellies and hearts.

The pull was just too great.

Before she realised it Odenia found herself at the wall that surrounded Stormglen. Her heart was pounding fiercely in her chest out of excitement and fear. This had been the closest she had even been to the village and her body began to shake uncontrollably. Here she could hear the fiddles play their uplifting tune clearly and smell the intoxicating scent of food from the Inn. Taking a deep breath she clambered over the wall and tip toed towards a window to have a peek inside. It was exactly as she had dreamt it would be. Everyone was smiling and joking, with bright red faces and a bounce in their steps.

How could these people be evil when they have so much joy? How could they be the twisted monsters mother always told her they were?

Odenia felt the music pulse through her and she felt light as a feather. Closing her eyes she let the rhythm move her, swaying her arms and jumping from foot to foot. She had never felt so alive and free. Although her body was weak she felt like she could dance forever and stay in this moment for eternity.

“Er, what are you doing?” chuckled the voice.

With a squeak Odenia tripped over her own feet and landed heavily on her backside. Panic ran through her veins as she tried to pull herself up. As the stranger stepped towards her Odenia found herself frozen in fear, unable to move or run away. Her lips whispered “I'm sorry” over and over again as she stared blankly in front of her.

“Silly thing. What do you have to be sorry for?” spoke the voice warmly as it stretched out a hand towards her and helped pull her on to her feet.

Still shaking Odenia looked up at the grinning face of the boy whose hand held hers. He could have only been a little older than Odenia, but his height and strong build made the gap between them seem huge. His soft green eyes were filled with compassion and Odenia found herself staring into them. The boy laughed and ruffled Odenia's hair.

“What a weird little thing you are! OK, you can stop with the staring now, you're freaking me out! Who are you anyway?” asked the boy with an ever growing grin.

Odenia silently looked out towards the woods and the boy's smile dropped. He looked her up and down curiously and nodded solemnly.

“I see,” he spoke with a mournful tone.

Gently stroking the girl's shoulder he told her to “Stay here,” and disappeared into the Inn. Odenia could barely moved out of shock. As she waited as still as a statue her mind was frantically trying to make sense of it all. The boy ran out of the Inn towards he with a napkin filled with food and held it out towards her. Odenia looked up at the boy confused, unsure of what he was doing. Smiling widely again and sat down in front of her.

“This is for you, you know, to eat. You barely look like you can stand so I figured you'd...”

As he spoke Odenia fell to her knees and without hesitation snatched at the food and tore at it wildly with her teeth.

“I'm Edwin by the way, but people call me Eddie,” chirped the boy happily as he watched the tiny girl gorge herself.

With a full mouth she mumbled “Odenia,” before grabbing at another chunk of bread.

Eddie sat entranced by the wild hair girl and watched her finish every last crumb, wipe her face ungracefully and immediately fall asleep with exhaustion. Picking her up carefully, Eddie cradled Odenia and carried her into the Inn. A faint smile appeared on the girl's face as he laid her into a bed and tucked her in, before kissing her softly on the forehead. The kiss tasted sweet.
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The Flame
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