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 The Wardens

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Carmtan Nightglade
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Carmtan Nightglade

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PostSubject: The Wardens   Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:17 pm

((-all my old tales about the Wardens will be placed in here, I am working on other threads being removed-))
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Carmtan Nightglade
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Guild Master
Carmtan Nightglade

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PostSubject: Re: The Wardens   Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:24 pm

-21/6/2011- Legacy -

Marking our territory

I emerged from the cave to find Gerrond and Coboron standing before me. Equipt for battle, a smirk upon Coboron's face and a stern expression upon Gerrond's. Silence fell over the fingers of Alterac. After looking around my surroundings I finally called for it to begin.

We steadily journeyed down the hillside to the ruins of the tower that we could see clearly from the Stormpike's station, chosen because of this.

Carmtan: "This tower will be a good forward point for us."
Gerrond: "Indeed. We can also set up a few watch posts along the fingers, placing marksmen and infantry upon it's ledges."
I nodded and gestured down the Hill.

I smelt poison coated steel. I alerted my fellow members , also catching a startled fawn run up the way we just came in the corner of my eye. As we progressed down the hillside it came clear that mountain lions were on the prowl.
Carmtan: "Perhaps the fawn was startled by a Lion..Although I saw no injuries upon it".
Gerrond nodded.
Carmtan "The smell of poison hasn't faded yet. We should ready our weapons"
Gerrond and Coboron both drew their swords. The unsheathing of which made the silence more noticeable.

Gerrond shouted "Thorns!"
We each plunged ourselves into the heat of battle. I went after the Sin'Dorei that Gerrond was already locked in battle with, just to see in the corner of my eye Coboron sharing blows with a Forsaken. Coboron was knocked back , his plate armor rendering him motionless for some moments. Just as the Thorn went for the kill I pounced on him , distracting him from the motionless Coboron. Gerrond kicked back another Sin'Dorei and swung his sword at the two of them. I caught this out the corner of my eye before becoming dazed by a swift hilt blow of a Thorn dagger. The Forsaken hastily then dived into the shadows. Gerrond again kicked the male Sin'dorei back, also causing him to dive into the shadows. Then Gerrond stood, locked in battle with the female Sin'dorei, exchanging blows, Gerrond's plate armor making the attacks less severe, The Thorn's leather making her far more agile. Gerrond then smashed the Thorn with the firm surface of his blade, she then jumped back into the shadows, ready to strike again.

Me and Coboron got up, both highly dazed from the skirmish. Both shaking it off as much as possible we treaded lightly towards the ruins of the tower. I caught two more Vile Thorn I had not seen in the heat of battle , before they quickly faded into the darkness of the yeti cave. Me and Gerrond reached the path, then following it to the old ruined tower. We had lost contact Coboron.

Gerrond and I stumbled over the rubble of the former proud standing tower, analyzing it for any strategic use. We both set up some sticks and lit a bonfire , marking our territory.

We waited and stood guard of the ruin for what seemed like hours. Eagerly watching for any movement in the shadows. Then suddenly like an unwanted winter's chill , the smell of poison coated shivs filled the air.
Carmtan: "Weapons at the ready! Stance! Prepare for engage!".
Gerrond again drew his weapon.

Within seconds the Thorns had us in battle, Again Gerrond parrying and exchanging blows.

I came under attack by the male Sin'Dorei and the Forsaken. I could not with stand the speed of the two, clearly outmatching me with haste. I muttered in a Druid's tongue, The Thorns within moments were thrown off me by my shift into my bear state. Gerrond then charging into the two, kicking one away while the other dodged to the side and overhanded me with a shiv, giving me a fleshy wound to my hind. I turned and frenzied , swiping the Thorn back into the shadows.
Gerrond rejoined in combat with the female Thorn. I ran as fast as I could into the Thorn, she countered with a blow to my head with the hilt of her dagger again. Gerrond again stuck parrying her swift attacks. Realizing her comrades were already lurking once again in the shadows, she double armed us and returned to her shadows in the thick foliage.

Returning to the tower we found Coboron who had added to the bonfire. He explained that he had returned from chasing the very two Thorns I saw before, A troll and another Sin'dorei.

Before we knew it they returned, Coboron edged towards his undoubtedly fearsome killing blow as he was tripped by the male Sin'dorei. Both me and Gerrond focusing on the female Sin'Dorei , Coboron managed to fend off the Thorn's attacks , sending one round the back of the tower. Before then being stunned by a unfair blow to the helmet again rendering him dazed afterwards. Gerrond swung vigorously with his large blade until the Thorns had retreated.

Carmtan: "Victory to the Wardens!"
Gerrond: "Yes, good work"

He then nodded at me and the slightly dizzy Coboron. We both exchanged smiles back before withdrawing a large exhalation of air. We lit fires all around the tower and stood guard encase the Thorns returned once again to claim our heads.

I took one look outside the tower's ruins, gazing at the once great Southshore, reliving the memories of the times I had passed through there. Of Lightray and of Jaller. I then went inside to rest. and tend to our wounds that our victory priced us with.

The Wardens of Azeroth captured and now control the Ruins of the central Hillsbrad tower.

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Carmtan Nightglade
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Guild Master
Carmtan Nightglade

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PostSubject: Re: The Wardens   Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:27 pm

-26/6/2011- Legacy -

A stand for the Last Alliance

*Buzz* *Buzz*

Snoggi: "Is anyone there? We require aid!"
I picked up my communicator and shook off my dizziness from fighting with the Vile Thorn earlier that day at Baradin Bay.

Carmtan: "Yes Snoggi I read you. Where are you now?"
Snoggi: "Master Carmtan is that you?"
Carmtan: "Indeed it is. What has happened?"
Snoggi: "The Thorns, They ambushed us on our hunting party, They have stolen everything!"
Medok: "You know the Thorns better than anyone, Can you lend us aid?"
Carmtan: "Of course, Where are you?"
Snoggi: "We have a small camp behind Durnholde Keep. You cannot miss it!"
Carmtan: "I am on my way. Wardens come in Wardens. There has been a sighting of the Vile Thorn up North. Ready yourselves."

I bit my lip at the sign of no Wardens available for battle. Nevertheless, I started flying up North.

I noticed a storm blowing in, Currently falling from Gilneas, Should the Storm hit Hillsbrad. The Thorns would have the upper hand being able to blend in with the already darkening sky.

I arrived at the camp, pondering on why Medok was stuck in a tree and Snoggi was lying on the ground by the campfire, Not helping him down.

Medok: "Greetings Warden-Master! I do not suppose you could help me down could you?!"

I flew up, trying to lift the Dwarf with my talons. Failing due to the weight of the small being.

Medok: "No no no! Grab my parachute it is down by Snoggi!"

Again, I thought to myself why Snoggi had made no attempt to rescue his fellow Grundal. So I flew up again and
handed him the parachute. Medok then slowly, but safely, drifted down from the tree.

Snoggi: "Lo! Warden Master!".
Carmtan: "Good evening. How many Thorns are there?"
Medok: "We saw about two."
Carmtan: "Okay, here is what we will do."

Snoggi and Medok nodded.

Carmtan: "Our best move to make will be drawing them out of the shadows, setting traps and anything we can to light up the surroundings. Let's move to the Last Alliance point tower. We can set up camp there and perhaps gather some camouflage.

So we all flew off to the ruined tower just North of Southshore.

Snoggi and Medok set up numerous amounts of traps around perimeter, we lit fires and lit flares to keep the surroundings as lit up as possible.

*Wardencom buzzes again*

Phyllis: "I report in Thane."
Snoggi: "Ah Phyllis!"
Phyllis: "Where do ye need meh'? "
Snoggi: "Ruins of the old tower just North of Southshore."

Phyllis arrived a few moments later, only being stationed in the Arathi before hand.

Snoggi: "I think we should land an assault on the town!"
Carmtan: "We lack the numbers for a full on assault, an infiltration however is a different story."

Snoggi and Medok put camouflage on and Phyllis mounted her Gryphon and flew high above Hillsbrad.

Carmtan: "Meet me at the Tower just North-West of the town."

We all gathered at the ruined old tower and we began moving sneakily into the town. Staying in the shadows.

The inn was empty. Carmtan gave the signal to move out and check the other buildings.

We all entered the town hall. Astonished.

The supplies the Last Alliance lost to the Vile Thorn laid before their eyes.

Carmtan: "Lay traps and light up the perimeter, We are taking these supplies back. Guard me, I can pull the supplies."

Within seconds the Thorns sprung out. Gun shots filled the room, various beasts growling as they were locked in combat. I jumped on a Thorn and pulled it down, The bullet filled room was no battlefield the Thorns were interested in fighting in. Spells flung across the room as the Thorns dispersed into the shadows.

I walked out side the room, catching one I quickly jumped on her, Medok, Snoggi and Phyllis then covering the area with dust that had been released from gunfire and large waves of magic aspect. Perfect for a Thorn to escape when outnumbered. She slipped into the shadows. She was the one who kidney shotted me last skirmish.

We walked outside, the supplies on my back. Attacks came from all around us, Vile Thorn forsaken, the Sin'Dorei and another who was too fast to even find a suited race. I saw out of the corner of my eye, Snoggi firing at the Sin'Dorei. I did not see the shot impacted but the Thorn was nowhere to be seen. Phyllis came under attack from one of the forsaken , Medok swiftly firing at it till it resided and fled back to the Shadows. One of the Forsaken jumped on the side of me, I hastily swiped him with my claws and shared parried attacks from each other. As he jumped into the shadows a dagger was thrown, striking me across my upper lip. I was heavily dazed, yet I knew that we had to move on to get these supplies back to the camp.

We all reached the ruined tower. Eriya then joining us hearing we needed aid. Still my eyes were pinned to the surroundings, shaking from my wound , Searching for more Thorn's who wanted to draw my blood.

We made it through in silence, through the hills, Up the hill side and to the camp. I set down the supplies in the cave, I then led down, quickly channeling natural energy into my wound.

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Carmtan Nightglade
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Guild Master
Carmtan Nightglade

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PostSubject: Re: The Wardens   Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:29 pm

-27/6/2011- Legacy -

In Alliance we gather

*Buzz Buzz*
Maria: "Wardens report! Aleyxia here is down!"
Carmtan: "Where are you?"
Maria: "A cave just south of Stromgarde! Quickly!"

Carmtan: "Friends, can you help me one last time?"

The crowd all nodded. We left the cave, a Thorn jumping out of the night greeted us. We fended off the attack and watched the persistent Sin'Dorei run down the hillside.

We then flew to Faldir's Cove, The steam wheedle cartel controlled the area. Most of which being Dwarven and Gnome sailors. We approached the cave.

Phyllis: "Why didn't the Cartel lend a hand!?"
Carmtan: "The cave was always thought to be haunted."
Phyllis: "Ah".

We found Aleyxia, heavily burned inside the cave. I knelt before her.

Aleyxia: " Ca-Carm-Carmtan? Is that really you?"
Carmtan: " Not only me, The Last Alliance."

Aleyxia nodded.

I poured some cooling peacebloom extract on her wounds. Phyllis cooled the area with a mild frost enchantment.
A Grundal priest then channeled holy energy into Aleyxia. Together we relieved her of her pain and set her burns on recovery.

We all stood.

Carmtan: "Attention!"

Everyone looked at me.

Carmtan: "Since we have been here. The Last Alliance have been trailed. We have failed and we have won. All of you make us who we are. We can now fight on to crush teh Vile Thorn and any who threaten the Last Alliance. Today is a day well won. For the Last Alliance!"

Medok: "For the Last Alliance!".

The rest of the crowed cheered.

Carmtan: "Your work has been done. Rest now. For tomorrow is a brand new day. Who knows what it could bring."

The crowd moved away, saluting each other with respect.

I stayed and sat with Aleyxia. We discussed how a Human had tortured her and the Warden Commander Anasya. The Human had taken Anasya away.

Carmtan: "Whoever you are. We know of you now. You cannot run and cannot hide. Your end is near!"

Silence fell across the Arathi as I bellowed those very words. The cricket's song fell. The birds scattered. As I watched the day drawing to it's final end.

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Carmtan Nightglade
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Carmtan Nightglade

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PostSubject: Re: The Wardens   Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:30 pm

-4/7/2011- Legacy -

The Morning of the Near Dead Druid part 1

The sun scorched down upon Hillsbrad, a unusual change from the frequent storms that had been claiming the skies for what seemed like weeks.

Carmtan arose from the cave. The sunlight was enough to blind a man at the right angle of sight. This came as a unwanted welcome to him. He put his hand above his eyes and looked at the landscape that surrounded him. There, he spotted it, a shadowy bird flying towards him at a steadied pace. The bird in time, landed before him, bowing it's head in respect.

"Your early." Said Carmtan.
"Yes Shan'do, My apologies Shan'do Nightglade." Answered the bird.

The bird suddenly lit in a vibrant green light, the light engulfing it's feathered body , in a split second a Kal'Dorei stood before the Warden-Master.

"I come with grave news Shan'do."Said the Kal'dorei

Carmtan's eyes widened at such words.

"Then no time must be wasted in me waiting to hear what this grave news is." Said Carmtan , eyes widening further.
"Yes Shan'do! It is Archdruid Hamuul."Stated the Kal'Dorei.
"What of him? Speak!" Ordered Carmtan.
"He is critical, A Druid of the flames doing."Said the Kal'dorei.

Within seconds Carmtan ripped off his thorny necklace, it began glowing as he chanted. Elandorin did the same. Both dispersed in a blue light.

Carmtan and Elandorin were now progressively running through the shrubbery of Nighthaven's outskirts.

Carmtan: " Talet! Where is the Archdruid Hamuul! I must lend my service to him in his dire need!"

"He is still at the sanctuary Carmtan, He has all the help he needs." Said the Cenarion Warden.

Elandorin: "Shan'do perhaps he will be fine with the help he has already received"
Carmtan: "What if he won't be fine? I can lend my aid wherever I can."

Elandorin nodded and bowed.

Elandorin: "As always Shan'do. I am at your command. My talons serve as a weapon in your defense."

Carmtan bowed and made haste in shifting into a large violet colored hawk and setting off to the sanctuary just over the mountain range. Elandorin followed, eyes peeled for any sign of threat while entering the sacred lands of Hyjal.

They landed at the sanctuary, looking at the Cenarion Guardians that stood, weapons ready for anything that seemed a threat to the Archdruid.

Carmtan: "My fellow Brethren allow me past, I must lend anyway I can to the Archdruid."

Elandorin was silent, talons poised behind Carmtan, staring at the raging fire that swept the land.

The Cenarion Guardians shook their heads and tapped their staves on the ground, clearly by means of ending the conversation and avoiding discussion. Then out of nowhere a voice projected that for a moment placed a smile upon Carmtan's scarred lips.

"All who wish to help are being sent to beat back the flames from securing anymore land."Said the voice.

Carmtan: "Delana. It has been long"

The Druid tapped her staff twice and resumed a stern face. Carmtan raised an eyebrow and turned away, rather confused.

Elandorin: "Shall we lend our aid on the field Shan'do."
Carmtan: "Yes. Are you ready young one?"
Elandorin: "I am Shan'do."

Carmtan grinned and tapped his staff twice on the ground.

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Carmtan Nightglade
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Guild Master
Carmtan Nightglade

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PostSubject: Re: The Wardens   Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:31 pm

-4/7/2011- Legacy -

The Morning of the Near Dead Druid part 2

Elandorin flew directly towards a Flamewaker, talons ready to hoist the creature into the air. The foul creature swung at him, removing a few tail feathers, Elandorin's first attempt was not as successful as planned.

A small nova of fire began scorching the already heated land at the command of the Creatures speak.

Elandorin doubled back, again talons poised, he twisted to the left as he dodged the creatures swing and then picked it up from it's spiked back. Letting go once at a large enough speed to rid the world of this one creatures terrible footprint. The creature lay smashed against a nearby rock , slowly sliding down into the water due to it's scaled skin.

While this occurred Carmtan was aiding another Druid in combat with a revenant. Carmtan was already blackened with smog and ash. Carmtan turned for a moment at a squawk from above.

Elandorin: "Now!"

The shadow bird darted towards the revenants upper armor, and collided his talons with the fire-forged plate, Giving the Hyjal Guardian enough time to land a precise, large amount of natural energy into the revenants heart of fire. The revenant began shaking, it's fire suddenly turning green for a moment as roots appeared from beneath it constricting it down and eventually making it implode. Carmtan wiped the sweat off his forehead and took a look around the charred landscape, all of the newly emerged creature he had no knowledge of how to bring down.

Carmtan: "C-Come Elandorin, we have some research to do. We shall return in time."
Elandorin: "Yes Shan'do."

And so alongside the echoes of flame descended creatures battle roars, two druid's could be seen, steadily and surely, making their way back up the pass to the Sanctuary of Malorne.

Someday returning to the scene to avenge the lost brethren who had already been consumed by the rage of flame itself.
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Carmtan Nightglade
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Guild Master
Carmtan Nightglade

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PostSubject: Re: The Wardens   Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:38 pm

-13/7/2011- Legacy -

What lies in Dusks Woods Part 1 of 2

We stood atop the ridge of the grove. A glimpse of the moonlight could be seen through the break in the trees.

Ramaar: "Thank you all for comming. However I must warn you all. A bite from one of these worgen may be your end, if not worse."
Blankina: "Maybe..I shouldn't.."

Blankina began walking down the path.

Almay: "I will leave Aveanna with my drake.."

Ramaar: "However. Down this ridge also lies victory! Come brothers and sisters this is our victory for the taking! We will prevail! For the Wardens on Azeroth!"

Ramaar: "Now mount up..We will get into position for a foreward charge."

So we made our way down the ridge. Blaknkina's horse had deserted her in far of the howling that could be heard. Soon after Blankina also disappeared. So there we stood in formation. Warden he. Warden She. Warden he . Warden she and Warden I.

Xauru: "Sir, I brought a light with me."
Ramaar: "Good work private. These Dusks Worgen can be startled by light"

We could see darting shadows ahead of us. Our presence was detected.

Ramaar: "Foreward charge!"

We charged into the dark woods, Slaying any worgen who tried to jump us. Xauru set up the light, The first camp of worgen cowered before trying to blindely jump us. Each of which failed and met it's end.

We had taken the first camp.

Ramaar: "Wardens press on!"

Xauru leaped into the air and landed a huge two handed smash on a worgen who bore a red sash.I walked up to the worgens corpse and knelt down to analyse the creature. I stood again.

Ramaar: "Just minutes into our first charge and the pack leader has already keeled over at our might."

I chuckled. The rest of the Wardens either smiled or smirked. Still with weapons drawn. We marched towards the last camp.

We were greeted by a worgen slashing his claws around fantically. Almay croaching and slicing it in two with a precise chop of her axe.

I spotted Aleyxia kicking a worgen with her hoof and then spinning round to throw a two hander into the worgens head. The worgen falling almost instantly. I marked in the ground 'WoA'.

I looked at a broach on the table at the last camp. Before turning around to quickly counter attack a worgens pounce on me. A sword through it's foul heart. I kicked it off my sword.

Ramaar: "Blasted creatures. Such filth is not permitted to be placed upon a sword of the light. You met the same doom the others did. May now you finally find peace.."

Ramaar:" Good work today men. Let us move to the Orchards."

Some say that at that exact moment. Four golden crested tabards, each with two headed eagle's upon them, could be seen in and out of the mist. Blood on each sword, axe. Never stopping. Always watching. Always waiting. For what might lie in Dusks Woods.

A victory? Perhaps. But the fight was long from over. These people still slept with a look of fear before they had closed their eyes and entered deep slumber.
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Carmtan Nightglade
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Carmtan Nightglade

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PostSubject: Re: The Wardens   Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:40 pm

-18/7/2011- Legacy -

What lies in Dusks Woods Part 2 of 2

Making our way to the orchards brought me a sense of Déjà vu , but something was different this time. No blossom like when I was younger, No farm in which I would help out in to earn myself a few honest copper, every single last memory was consumed by dusk.

Ramaar: "I used to live here."

Everyone else nodded. Either not wanting to stir up my past or that they had their minds correct for battle.

Ramaar: "Xauru, Almay , take what is left of the orchards. Me and Aleyxia will take the main village. Rezendevus at the barn."

Xauru: "Yes Sir."

Almay smirked but I knew she understood.

Ramaar: "Let's move."

Me and Aleyxia charged into the first house only to find bones of people who once lived here.

Ramaar: "May the light accept them."

Aleyxia nodded. Before leaving. I peered searchingly at her, but then followed.

We charged into the next house, we were welcomed warmly by three worgen shadow casters. Ducking behind several beams of the house to take cover. Wood kept flaking off of the beams as bolts of shadow would collide with them.

Aleyxia hastily drew her crossbow and pierced one worgen through the lungs. I ran across the room and lit up the room with a large amount of holy energy. The worgen were blinded for a moment. The moment was all we needed. Aleyxia had sliced both across their stomachs. Both worgen again seeming as if they were kneeling before us. Only to find it was their last waking moments, clenching their fatal wounds.

Ramaar: "If we are going to do this. Let us do this honorably."

At that exact second I skewered one with my blade in it's chest. I saw Aleyxia do the same. We both watched the two worgen fall to the floor. Then silence.

Ramaar: "Let's go."

Aleyxia nodded.

Shortly after we left the house a larger worgen jumped from atop the roof. Also wearing a red band.

Ramaar: "It's the pack leader!"

Aleyxia: "Taste my steel!"

The pack leader put up a fight, most of our time was consumed by parrying his furious attacks. For a few seconds, he fell still. I saw it's eyes tiring. It fell to the ground. Revealing Almay standing behind it. Throwing arm out. I peered at the newly slayed corpse and took out the knife Almay had thrown. I smirked and handed it back to her.

Xauru hopped over the fence and slashed at a worgen until it fell. It's blood running down every crack on the hill.

I looked around. The walls, the paths, bloodied.

Ramaar: "Come..It's now time to go. We have dealt our blow. Let it be a warning should they wish to attack the citizens again."

The rest of them just nodded before following me down the now bloodied road.


The new day arose. I walked out of the inn. My armor inside but keeping my sword close by me.

A woman walked by me smiling.

Ramaar: "You look rather cheerful for being in such a dark place."
The Woman: "Why have you not heard? There was an attack on the worgen last night. A few bodies have been spotted by a traveling salesman."
Ramaar: "Well that is good news indeed. I hope it has put an end to their ferocity."

The woman nodded and carried on her own bussiness. I stood alone , smiling.

I set off down the northern road. I looked back at the small village, no celebrations.
A smile upon few's face's but not on all. For I knew even killing one threat, these people were still in danger from the others.

A tale by Ramaar Gregory Flint.
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Carmtan Nightglade
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Carmtan Nightglade

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PostSubject: Re: The Wardens   Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:44 pm

((I was asked to post this in my view as it has already been done by others in theirs. This is set after the Wardens had pushed the Thorns out of the tower and began having an awesome riot fight outside on the battlefield.))

-26/7/2011- Legacy -

When the Warrior strayed from the pack

The sun began setting. Yet our shadows were still locked in combat. Thorns and Wardens. A bloody battle it was.

I caught sight of a Thorn running through the heat of the scene, gracefully, skillfully throwing her daggers at the crowd. The daggers had pierced through the haze of battle and many of the heated fight dispersed into separate one verses one skirmishes. The Thorns had set their target, Gerrond. I jumped to aid him before the Thorns got there but I was too late, his plate armor had protected him but the Thorns were swirling around him like buzzards. Their attacks ruthlessly aiming towards the seams in his armor. The hurricane of Thorns were invincible. Until Xauru, Liweth and Aleyxia had joined the fight, leaping in and splitting up the crowd, Gerrond was knocked back but luckily the Thorn crowd dispersed again. The Thorns had darted off .

We helped Gerrond back up and covered the area ready for an ambush of a thousand knives.

I looked around at my men. I took a deep breath. I analysed the surroundings.

Liweth had caught a Thorn , the two locked in fearsome combat. The rest of us joined and parted the two. I looked around for more Thorns.

"Where's Gerrond?" I said.

"He was here a minute ago" Said Xauru.

Gerrond had strayed from the pack in pursuit of a stray Vile Thorn.

"Some of us stay here, the rest team up and find Gerrond," I ordered.

I looked out from the top of the tower. Watching the sunset. Attending to my cuts across my face and my wound to the upper chest. Barely missing my lungs.

The search party had returned. Yet no sign of the Warden Warrior.

The sound of Thorn daggers colliding against plate was still ringing in my ears. I know if we did not have so many well-armored men...We would had fallen from the haste of the Thorn's piercing swift blades.

I found the scene strange. The night falls just as those who move like the night had left.
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Carmtan Nightglade
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Carmtan Nightglade

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PostSubject: Re: The Wardens   Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:47 pm

-19/7/2011- Legacy -

Warrior's Fall - Gerrond's perspective

"Victory is ours!" I hear Carmtan's voice echoing around Hillsbrad. We're standing at the tower, and the Thorns are on the run. I look around, checking if everyone is okay, which they seem to be. I sigh in relief, but then I see a Thorn from the corner of my eyesight, running towards Tarren Mill. Without thinking about the consequences, I chase him as far as possible. My plate armor is wearing me down quickly, it's hard to keep up with the Sin'dorei as he's trying to escape. Then, finally, I get to him, only to be greeted by an unpleasant surprise.

Before I know it, I am surrounded by Thorns. I look around, but they're closing in, all around me. I have my sword drawn, ready to fight to the death, but they are too quick, disarming me. I see Arli picking up my sword. Arli... how dare he... "Give that back!" I yell to him. Of course, he refuses and just laughs at me. I feel the anger boiling inside me as the Thorns kick me, cut me, mock me and laugh at me. I am furious, more angry than I have ever felt before. I am doing what I can to defend myself, but there are too many, too quickly. Before I know it, they've tied me up. Furiously, I tell them to let me go, blinded by anger. Dianthaa looks me in the face and mocks me. Behind my back, I hear one of them asking "Let's return his head." I turn around, glaring at the blonde Sin'dorei, only to be answered by a grin. Surprisingly, Dianthaa says: "I would want no less, but... Mistress' orders." Move him out.

I'm tied up and forced to move with them, as they continue to mock me. As I swell with rage, I take a few deep breathes, trying to remain calm. Rage may not take the upper hand of me... or else, I will become a raging berserker, no better than a marauding savage...

As we close in on the Undercity, I ask where they are taking me. Appereantly, they think I can provide them with some info, useful intel. What are they thinking, that I'm some top military officer? "I know nothing. I'm just a soldier, barely important to anyone." Dianthaa turns to me with a smirk. "But of course you know something, Commander Gerrond." Entering the Undercity, I am taken to the top of a tall tower. Once more, the Thorns surround me, all smirking at me as if they have just achieved their greatest victory.

I wonder why they are not leaving me, but that question is soon answered the hard way. They start taking out on me, hitting me, stabbing me, doing whatever they can to inflict pain on me. Furiously enraged by their attacks, I try to headbutt them, kick them, spit at them, anything that will keep their hands off me.

After what seems an eternity of doing everything they can to hurt me, they leave me in the tower, tied and gagged, with the female Orc to guard me. I am tired of the day, but show no signs of this at all. A thousand thoughts are racing through my head, but my purpose, my goal, my final thought, is crystal clear.

I will not be beaten...

..I will be free.

((Written superbly by Gerrond, Warden))

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-21/7/2011- Legacy -

Warrior's Fall - Dianthaa, Vile Thorn Deathmaster's perspective

Dianthaa made her way back to Tarren hanging her head. The Mistress had wanted her and Arli to lead this fight and hadn't had any idea what she was doing. The first time since Arli had come back she was glad he had previous leading experience. Despite their failure to take back the tower he'd at least managed to keep them all alive. She shuddered at the thought of her having to lead an attack on her own some day. And then there was the other matter. The Mistress had tasked her with capturing Gerrond, but everything was going so bad she hadn't even dared entertain that thought. Her report to Anethrax the following day would not be a joyful occasion.

Just outside Tarren she stopped in her tracks and her face instantly lit up. Arli, with his cheeky grin was waving around Gerrond's sword as the warrior stood helpless, teased and mocked by her brothers and sisters of the shadows. With a huge grin she stepped out into the open and joined in the fun. Someone pointed out that they should get him to a safe location and, after scrambling for some rope, "Why didn't you think to bring rope? How were you going to restrain him?" she thought to herself thankful yet again to her thorn brothers and sisters, they threw him on the back of one of their mounts and began the ride into Tirisfal.

Dianthaa spent the time on the road making threats and playing with Gerrond like a new toy she'd gotten. As old memories of dark Stormwind dungeon came back to her, she relished the thought of doing all the painful things she'd learned then to a human, and a self righteous bag of hot like Gerrond. That was why she had been so excited when the Mistress told her she wanted a warden caught and grilled for information, and Dianthaa suggested they take this warrior. She was pulled out of her thoughts by Lint offering a torturing poker, she rather liked this new thorn, even if she was an orc.

Arli was leading them to some tall tower, it was actually a nice place to keep a prisoner, better than he deserved, Dia would have to find Gerrond a windowless smelly room somewhere, but this would do for now.

Arli kept looking nervous, and although she was trying to get as little time alone with him as possible she realized his three days were up and they had to make their way to Dalaran. She had two other thorns stand guard with Gerrond, but could hear over comms that many had remained behind and they were having a lot of fun with the warrior. "Just be sure not to kill him before the Mistress get to question him" she told them , turning her mind to the more distressing matter of Arli, Shay and the secret translation.

- Dianthaa looked at the slimy liquid with very little confidence. " Just a few drops of this and he'll tell you his darkest secrets" the apothecary had said." Just be sure you don't over do it, even too much of the fumes can knock a fully grown man out, too much of the stuff itself can kill him"

She unscrewed the bottle and made her way over to Gerrond. The warrior was exhausted from the past few days as her prisoner and he didn't even look up as she leaned over him. She reached in to grab his head when she felt his foot in her stomach knocking her out of balance. Toppling backwards she saw the potion bottle fly high and break into a million pieces before she lost all consciousness.


Dianthaa stepped into the barn and looked up at the dangling figure of Gerrond. With a wide smile she took off her mask and set it aside, then walked over to the corner to light a lamp. The light revealed the warrior suspended in the middle of the room, rope cutting deep into his body, dry blood covering his face and what could be seen of his skin. She walked over the puddles of blood to the other end of the room and lowered him to the floor. She was not fit enough to climb up to her usual spot today, but decided she could have her fun just the same if he was sitting on the floor.

Gerrond groaned as he hit the floor and looked up at her, his eyes filled with immeasurable hatred. He never really said anything but "you'll pay for this" and "they'll find me" and other such nonsense. It was the first time he'd even acknowledged her presence since she'd come in, but Dia had learnt not to mistake the warrior's silence for defeat the hard way. She gave him a brilliant smile and laughed lightly to herself, turning to the table and thinking how to play with him today.

Running her hands over the different shapes of blades images from the previous night shot into her mind. Feeling the cold dagger, turning around to see Shayanan there, feeling surrounded and helpless, and being terrified of the human rogue. She paused on a short serrated dagger and lifted it up, feeling its light weight in her hand.

"I don't even care that you're not talking today scum" she hissed at him, "you can thank your friends for this".

((Written fantastically by Dianthaa, Vile Thorn))

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-14/9/2011- Legacy -

No Curtain nor Cloak can shroud ones deceit.

I waited. In the darkest corner of the tavern, behind a violet curtain. I spotted him out of the corner of my eye.
He stood tall. armoured in silver head to toe including a face mask that was fitted securly around his head. Clearly forged
for him specifically. The tall figure pushed back the curtain and nodded at me. He eyed a letter I held in my hand.

"Good afternoon Exalidor.." I said sternly.
"Nightglade." Said Exalidor, nodding again.
"Sit." I ordered.

Exalidor stood taller than he seemed before hand, clearly showing that his legs were firm and lacked the need to sit down.

"How many Wardens do you have to send after me before you see that you cannot catch me?" He asked.
"We will carry on to the end of our days, even then our generations after us will carry on. Justace must be served." I
"Justace has already been served Nightglade." Said Exalidor swiftly.
"What do you mean it has already been served?" I asked, peering at Exalidor searchingly.

Aftr a moments silence he waved his hand and the coded letter in my hand spread out, displaying the words, and these words
only. 'I forgive you old friend'. The letter was from Skaraa, given to me upon his murder by an arcane familiar. Addressed
to Exalidor. For his eyes only. I took it this was why it was coded. One word stood out, I did not know whether it was code
or if it was a name. 'Yazmulia'. I did not know what that or who that was..But it was linked to what Exalidor should be doing
in Draenor.

"I see.." I said, regretfully.

Was he lieing? Would he? No..It was his closest friend, the reason he left the Wardens was to remake the Kigonashi Guard
by Skaraa's side..

I stood. And offered out a hand.

"Then we can restore what once existed between our organisations." I said, sternly.

"Indeed. Nightglade." He said, shaking my hand.

I spoke into my Wardencom.

"On this day me and Exalidor met in the sanctuary of Shattrath. He has redeemed himself and will join the Last Alliance once
more." I said, putting an edge on every word so Exalidor could hear clearly.

"Now..I am staying here in Draenor..So don't wait on my account." He exclaimed, with a respectful nod of the head.

I nodded also and walked out of the corner, and into the bar around the next corner.

"An ale if you will." I asked the barkeep. Should Exalidor of heard such, he would have known I was indeed waiting for him
due to Carmtan only drinking Snowplum Brandy, fine snowplum brandy at that..

"You fooled the Druid then." Snickered a familiar voice from the corner I just left.

I walked back in, What was I doing?! I was within range of hearing them yet I confronted Exalidor none of the less.

"What was that voice?" I asked, wide eyed, Looking around the room, a tankard in my hand.

"What voice Nightglade?" he asked back.

"It said..You fooled the Druid then.." I said bitterly with an edge to my tone.

"You must be hearing things Nightglade, It is just I." Answered Exalidor, calm as a floating feather landing upon a stream.

I took one final glance of the room and I swept my cloak behind me as I left, I slid the tankard along the bar, It seemed I
had made a drunken Ogre very pleased. I grinned for a split second at the situation before returning to my stern face once
again. Pondering. Waiting. Watching.

I took out my Wardencom and said loud and clear.

"Exalidor is not to be trusted. Anasya, If you can hear me get me a
specialist, asign them to follow and track Exalidor. If this is to work we need to keep up a friendly relation to him,
This is in the hands of the Specialists now, until such time our forces can corner him and bring him to Justace.
Warden Master Carmtan Abendas Nightglade, Over and out." I said bluntly to the rest of the Wardens and Grundals.

He was up to something..Whether Skaraa forgave him or not, whether his intentions here in Draenor were good or not.
Justace will be knocking on his door. Knock..Knock...Knock....
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-17/10/2011- Legacy -

The near loss - The truth behind Carmtan's now sheltered self part 1 of 6

I waited for the lift at Telredor. I had only made the journey up to Telredor once, the other times? I just borrowed what is now my own Hippogryph from the Cenarion Expedition. It had been long since I had been here last. Years of analysing the wildlife and the overall terrain of the boggy Zangermarsh. It was home to many species, many territorial ones, we had to be careful. The lift arrived. Of course, before stepping onto it I did ponder how it was brought up and down, a Guard walked onto the lifting platform, so this time I shrugged it off and stepped on.
Going up the platform allowed me to realize how little light we would have to work with, especially since night in Azeroth had already fell, up here, it seemed it was always dusk.

I stepped off the platform and the Guard ran off as if there was somewhere he should be, I must admit, it worried me since the place of meeting was Telredor. I walked into the heart of the fortified village, spotting Yazmulia, Anasya , Gerrond, Vicco , Eomor , an unfamiliar magi and Coboron.

Yazmulia: "Does anyone need the briefing of the last time we met?"

Now this is unfortunate, as it so happens I was the only one absent in last weeks mission.

Carmtan: "Indeed, I was seemingly absent last week." I spoke with a lighter tone than I usually would. Perhaps replacing the lack of a 'Please' or 'Thank you'.

Yazmulia: "Very well. We uncovered another Eredar. Of course we are here to shut down as many Legion controlled dimensional gateways as possible. Unfortunately before I could enter it's mind and gather intelligence of the demon lord. The group had already killed it."

I looked around, most of the group seemed slightly regretful of last week's failure.

Carmtan: "Very well, thank you. Without such information I would have no idea as to our business here in the Marsh." I spoke softly but reinforced it with a wicked grin. Realizing what grin in particular I was doing, I replaced it with a smile. I dread to think how I looked to the rest of the group. Going from a soft tone, which rounded my lips, to a wicked grin and furthermore a smile in little more than five seconds. I picked the wrong day to equip myself with a mouth-less face guard. Although, It seemed no one noticed. I grinned at such before sighing at myself..Again realizing I was about to repeat the process of facial expressions. Exhausting..

Carmtan: "Yazmulia, if you don't mind. I feel I am of more use as a Medic in this particular task. Would this be okay?"

Yazmulia: "Of course."

Vicco: "A medic? Carm, me and you will be best friends in that case"

Vicco grinned and held up his hand. I was used to the human customs, A Hi-5. I lightly smacked my hand upon his. His face mask lifted slightly, his grin was not so well hidden this time.

Yazmulia: " If we are all ready, meet me at the lift."

Yazmulia walked off, the magi at her feet. We all followed until Anasya spoke.

Anasya: "Carm? I was foolish enough to leave my weapons in Stormwind.."

I raised my eyebrow inquisitively, 'How would she fight?' I thought.

Carmtan: "Yes, carry on."

I smirked.

Anasya: "Perhaps you have some weapons I could...Borrow?"

Again, I smirked, being more aware of what facial expressions I bestow at any one time.

Carmtan: "I have these, but they are only medical knives."

I removed two out of five of the knives off my belt and handed them to Anasya.

Anasya: "Thank you." Said Anasya rather bluntly. How..Cheerful. As she took the knives out of my hand.

Vicco: " Are we ready now or what!?" His eyes remained stern and serious. This meaning he was more than likely fooling us into thinking he was angry or inpatient.

Either way, we began walking to the lift , where we all hopped on and peered around searchingly at the surroundings we would be working in. The misty traits of the marsh were settling in. Almost graceful, almost.


We reached the bottom of the lift and everyone seemed rather hopeful at the classes we all fell into. A medic, A highly wise Priest of the Naaru who knew almost everything on what we needed to do here, two death knights, two bulky warriors, a tracker and a magi. Perfect.

Yazmulia: " Do we have some sort of tracker?"

I moved out the way and gestured to Eomor.

Carmtan: " He is one of my finest."

Eomor smiled. That smile curled. That curled smile compressed. When suddenly.

Eomor: "Ahhh-Chio!"

The group looked astonished, as if not hearing a sneeze before ever in their life.

Eomor wiped his nose. I bore a look of disgust at the lack of a cloth but you cannot win battles on all fronts.

Eomor: "Yes, I can do that."

Yazmulia smiled and gestured for him to lead the way.

Eomor sniffed around slightly, his cold perhaps interfering. He lead us North.


The tracker first led us North to South. The Marshfang's showed a particular territorial threat. Instead of our presumed attackers we were charged by a Fen Strider. Knocking Coboron off his feet but finally putting it out of it's pain, Coboron sliced it's main functional systems.

The tracker led us South-West. Where I found several large hoof prints, belonging to an Eredar so Yazmulia says. We then begin traveling west.

I peered around at the surroundings. Smoke lifted even above the large fungi in the Marsh. I looked at Yazmulia, when suddenly she, herself, headed towards the smoke.

A destroyed horde camp. Fel fire was still smoldering.

Yazmulia: " A destroyed camp..The Eredar's foul doing.."

Vicco jumped into action and began running at the larger Horde camp, axe drawn.

Yazmulia was quick to spot him.

Yazmulia: " Fool."

We could not send anyone after him, neither could we leave him behind. So the wait began.

After a few minutes, he returned. A lack of blood on his axe must have meant he did not come into any contact, luckily.

Frostback: "Mistress, I sense a powerful magical channel , North-West of here."

Yazmulia nodded. We were but pawns. Brute force used to prevent the occurances of far greater threats.

The hoof prints had carried on in the soggy soil, close to the waters.

We all looked up. The vast lake stood in our way.

I had already sent Coboron and Gerrond back to defend the Thandol Span. Which clearly wasn't ours, but we made our stand in occupying it with Wardens should the Shatterskulls outgrow their boots again.

Anasya touched the waters. It began freezing over, not quite as thick had two death knights been here but still, enough to walk across. We all mounted up and made our way across the frozen path, the natural heat of the water melting it as we got further away. I peered behind me, the natural systems were aware of our presence and the ice began melting more hastily. With our luck. We reached land moments before the last slab of ice, melted and disappeared under the still lake of Zangermarsh.


Our trek had been a long one. Full of foreign dangers. Dangers some of us had not experienced before. The Marshfangs, the Fen Striders, the needlers. All deadly threats that we encountered and came across. For what though? We have seen those who fell to the might of the Eredar. Now? Now we stand meters from it. Our search is over now the elimination begins.

Anasya opened the attack by sending a blast of frost towards it. Unfortunately, the attack missed and it only drew the Eredar's attention to our presence.

Eredar: "Who dares interrupt me!?"

Eomor loaded his rifle and shot at the demon. It have us enough time to get Yazmulia in position to penetrate it's mind and for me , Anasya and Vicco to get up close to it. The shot seemed little effective and the Demon responded by enraging further. Vicco charged at the Eredar, despite Vicco's large axe the Eredar seemed only to receive a small flesh wound. The Eredar averted his gaze upon Vicco and knocked him off of his feet.

Carmtan: "Den'ah Tezemous!"

I blasted Vicco with a large amount of natural rejuvenation and kept hold of the channeling, restoring as much energy as possible for a short time.

Carmtan: "I can keep this up for only a short time! Vicco now!"

Vicco: "My attacks aren't affecting it!"

Eredar: "Little Draenei. You seek to penetrate my mind?!"

The demons gaze averted yet again to Yazmulia who was already trying to channel her way into his.

Eredar: "Let it be done! See the truth! let the agony begin!"

Yazmulia began clenching her head. The thoughts flowed into her.

Simultaneously everyone attacked the Eredar, each dealing a significant amount of damage. The Eredar lost concentration and stopped the channel into Yazmulia's mind.

Carmtan: "Cover me I will go over and help Yazmulia!"

Eomor: "Die foul beast"

Eomor fired a flurry of bullets at the Eredar. One of which landing upon it's thick skulled head.

Frostback fired a arcane missile at it as I ran to Yazmulia.

She had received little of what was intended, still slightly dazed. I began channeling a spell into her head trying to rejuvenate her mind to carry on the fight.

Eomor began another flurry of bullets when the Eredar glared at him, sending a huge shadowy bolt towards his direction. Knocking him off his feet and out cold. Anasya just missed the blast and rolled out the way into nearby foliage, retaliating with a death coil. The death coil collided with the Eredar and caused it to stumble back. Frostback moved towards the dimensional gateway to avoid being trodden on by the large demon.

Moments later the battle still raged on. Eomor was still out, Frostback was moving swiftly around the Eredar applying forceful arcane bolts when needed. Anasya was under fire from shadowy bolts, making her need for the cover increasingly intense. Yazmulia began attempting to penetrate it's mind when suddenly the Eredar roared at Vicco, lifting him up with shadowy aspect and began strangling him!

Vicco glared the Eredar in the eyes , trying his best not to show fear and to avoid squirming for the demons foul entertainment. Everyone was preoccupied, Anasya couldn't leave her spot, Eomor knocked out, Vicco was being strangled, Frostback firing bolts that springed off and reflected over the scene and Yazmulia , still slightly withdrawn from the mind penetration was attempting to enter the Eredar's mind. Vicco was about to die, I looked around , gulped and yelled.

Carmtan: " You need not waste your time on such beings whom do not compare to your knowledge! What say you?!"

The Eredar looked shocked for a moment and then grinned, Throwing Vicco down, barely alive. He turned to face me, knelt down.

Eredar: "What do you propose little one!?"

I panted heavily. Trying to hide it I gulped and stood as tall as I could.

Carmtan: " You forced Yazmulia to see the truth of your past and the past of the stars you see in this very sky! I can take the truth! What say you!?"

The Eredar grunted. I tried to gesture to the others to get ready to attack it while it is distracted and unable to do anything, but none of them seemed to see them.

Anasya: "Don't do this Carmtan!"

I threw her a silencing but reassuring look. I knew if I just concentrated I could hold off his mind games long enough for the group to take it down and close the gateway.

Eredar: "As you wish puny one!"

I stood in a battle position, I attempted to send a spark of natural energy into the spore bat behind me , I failed to control it and therefore I relied on the others to break the Eredar's gaze and kill it, before it killed me.


The surroundings became more beautiful than I had seen them before. Graceful , the Marsh was one huge ecosystem, everything was in it's place due to another life form. I turned and stared at the Eredar, reality coming back to me. I bore a stern look. Before the hand was struck.

The Eredar pulled a violent motion with it's open hand and bestowed the memories and the agonizing truth upon me. I held out as long as I could but even then I fell to it's might. I knelt down and kept struggling to regain concentration.

Carmtan: "Argh!"

The Eredar grinned. I could not take the pain, the agony of the destroyed worlds, the dying people trying to flee, shell-shock of wars blasted through my mind, I gripped my head and fell onto the floor. Roaring in agony.

Carmtan: "Urgh-Arghhhhh!"

Frostback jumped off the gateway's stone arch, and hurled a huge blast of arcane energy at the Eredar's upper head. The blast echoed the landscape, the roar that followed was loud enough to reach the heavens. The channeling had been interrupted and a large 'THUD' was heard as the Eredar was subdued to the blast. The demon was lifeless, just how it should be.

Yazmulia walked over to me. I was sweating and my body exhaled and inhaled violently. My whole body seemed to grow three-fold every breath in.

Yazmulia: "Fool"

As soon as she said that I tried to make out several words, A sentence if it pleases you to know. 'It is better to be judged by many than see a friend carried by four...' It came out as slurs, no one could understand. Anasya put her hand over my face, I struggled by inevitably she blasted my mind with frost. I black out instantly, not even a second of pain.

The beauty of the world I saw even before, escaped me. I knew only the hate, the treachery and the pain that other worlds had felt as they were eliminated.


I awoke for some moments. I was in Shattrath, Anasya was beside me. I gulped and regain my concentration.

Carmtan: "Ahhh-Na..."

She looked at me. I pulled out a vial from my medical case which was seemingly broken from the encounter. I held it up to her and pointed to my mouth.

Anasya: "What to do ? What to do?!"

She rocked slightly.

Carmtan: "Argh-Na..."

Anasya: "A minute, Carmtan! "

She put her head in her hands.

Carmtan: "Ah-na...Lis-Argh!-ten.. "

She regained focus.

Anasya: "I am Carm!"

Carmtan: "Force-Argh! To drink thish..And take me to! ARGH!"

My words came out as mear mumbles so her after that. In a last desperation I reached for a parchment and quill on the table I drew the Crest of the Cenarion Circle, then a slash through the center of the page and the portal at the Twilight Grove. I attempted to sign it but I only managed to write the word 'Dusk'.

Anasya trembled for a few moments. I blinked trying to attract her gaze. She unpopped the, Deep-stone oil , vial and poured it down my throat. I closed my eyes and started glowing as I began my meditation. My skin turned as hard as rock. My veins grew tough until solid. I was. Deep-stone.

It is odd how we can notice the beauty of this world. Then have it vanquished from our minds in an instant. Destruction, agony , pain, crime , death , hate , murder...Would it not all be looked lightly upon...If the beauty left in these shattered worlds would shield our penetrated minds? Perhaps..Just...Perhaps.
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All was silent in the forest of Elwynn part 1 of 4

The moon cast it's pleasant glow on the forest of Elwynn. The glow could be seen upon the grand gates of Stormwind City itself. A glory to behold on a night, so cold. Yes indeed , although the comforting nocturnal rays had covered the forest like a reflection of the blanket of stars above in the nights sky, a bitter chill lingered. In more ways than just one.

I spoke swiftly into my communicator. Sending for Warden aid to Goldshire on this cold, idyllic evening. My breaths were as silent as a lonely rock in the twisting nether and my body as statically still as King Magni Bronzebeard himself. It had seemed like a few hours from the time I called for aid, to the time for aid to actually arrive round the side of the Goldshire Inn. The cold had set it's toll upon the forest, each moment seeming an hour. Each hour seeming a day...

When suddenly , my trail of thought on how moments savored each millisecond had been quietly disrupted. The footsteps bore no echoed sound like your Sunday's finest shoes on a crooked alley down in Old Town. No, they instead shuffled and shifted through the grass round the side of the Inn. Resting my hand carefully on my bladed staff I turned. To little shock did I find to see 'Lightray' a fellow Warden. I made no reference or comment to the distinct lack of available Wardens , to do so would be wasting time. The time to act was now.

Two men could be heard from round the back of the Inn. "I have the batch the Honcho requires." - "Yes, yes. You had better the Honcho would be most dissapointed if you had failed to do your job.."

I signaled for 'Lightray' to move behind the tree when I give the signal.

"Hand the supplies over m'boy." - "Not until you hand over the payment..I am no fool.."

Just then I threw a stone at the wooden housing foundation to the side. The Two men clearly too locked in conversation to take notice, and so the signal was made. 'Lightray' moved behind the tree. The heartbeats racing, the adrenaline pumping , the sweat beads dropping down our foreheads. It began.

Myself and 'Lightray' both charged the two men. Now visible to see they were rather large, well-built men in white robes, shrouded with a hood and hidden by a phantom white mask. The first man pushed me back and began running. The other dodged 'Lightray's' attack and then swung at him. In the meantime I had tied the running man in roots. Constricting more and more as he struggled. 'Lightray' was dazed by the foul cheap-blow. The other came after me. I kneeled down and attempted to place the constricted man in hand-cuffs. When I was disrupted by the other man tackling me. Giving the supplier time to break the roots and begin running again. I began running after him , shaking off the tackle. I was hit again. knocking me down. I looked up attempting to cast a bolt of natural energy to stop the man but I had too little concentration. I looked for 'Lightray' in panic, but he had disappeared. The silence was what daunted me, the fact this was going on and no one could help. I received many kicks to the face. I felt the blood trickling down from my broken nose. I was lifted suddenly and shoved into the tree. Turning and side-kicking the man away from me. He fell over, legs in the air. I tried to run after the fleeing man again. But I was held back repeatedly by the other. He grabbed my hair , simultaneously I roared in pain. I could see so very little. Each time I opened my eyes I received a blow to the face by the man's hard-knuckle fist. I blacked out.


I came to my senses. Although I could not see. I wriggled my hands, but they were tied. I was alone. I could feel dripping on my shoulder, it had began raining. As I became more aware of what was happening to me I realized I was tied to none other than a wooden stake. Being carried in what I thought to be , Elwynn. Where I was knocked out. I was hanging , my legs tied , yet my arms left scraping along the wet ground. I saw brief glimpses of my arms, grazed from being dragged along some rough terrain. Everything was silent around me. I received a hilt smash to my forehead, blood ejecting out of the attack. I passed out again.


I could suddenly hear things around me. Although my sight had completely shrouded over by a milky grey blur. I dropped into a state of meditation to hopefully heal some of my wounds. The grazes on my arms cleared up. Blood had already been drawn and trailed behind me. My bloodied face remained. When out of the blue. I was set down. The man I could hear was brushing his hands off of splinters from carrying the me-attached stake. "Ahh.." He said. "You had to interfere didn't you..Night elf scum..". I felt the spit hit my left cheek. I had lost all feeling in my hands. Sickness and dizziness overwhelmed me.

"Urgh.." I spewed. "Thats right you stay down...Scum..You will look up to your captor. Your authority or high standard means nothing to me or any human." The man spat on me again. This time hitting my broken nose. I was shoe-scuffed and dirt was flicked over me. I thought to myself 'tragic mistake, foolish being'. The nutrients in the dirt I used to heal my wounds as much as I could and restore enough energy to regain sight, but no. I was still blind. I was under agonizing pain for several moments. My heart beating. The sickness growing further in intensity. Sweat and blood running down my cheeks. Brushing past the spit. I winced and groaned. Eventually. Nature had heard me.


My nose had fixed itself with the little energy I had. The sound echoed through the forest.

All seemed well until paws could be heard. The scent of blood. Had brought some unwanted visitors...


"Stinkin' wolves' , get back ya' runts!" yelled the man. As what I thought to be a pack of wolves out on a midnight hunt pounced towards their general area. Howls could be heard all over. More were drawing in for the fresh meat. I began shuffling , urging to get away. I my ropes snagged on a log end, lying on the floor. I was useless.

Tearing of clothes and the ripping of flesh could be heard. The growling turned to me. My captor yelled "Your a Night Elf! Get em away!". my ropes were suddenly cut but my sight had no fully regained. My boots were being tugged at all sides. The wolves biting my leather-protected legs. The night seemed so silent still. A single droplet of snow falling on my lip. Calming, peaceful , idyllic.

I lost control. I felt natural energy flowing through me like never before. The wolves scattered away and the man yelled "No! Please no!". All was an entire blur, I had no control but I felt..Strange...

The end.

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PostSubject: Re: The Wardens   Fri Jan 13, 2012 8:54 am

Something Wrong about Carcia: 7/1/12

Carcia, feeling rather social this evening, called for a Party of Wardens to her Tower, little did they know, this wasn't the case.

Previously, Commander Gerrond and Commander Yaz had met up with a contact, who led them to believe that something rather sinister was happening with the Commander and Archmage, so much to everyone else's surprise, the meeting turned to struggle.

Upon arriving in the Sewers, a place that later became clear, wasn't Carcia's home. A Demonic stone was watching them, preventing Carcia from getting close to what she believed was her home. The Wardens tried to fight the voice behind the stone, the Stone drawing power from the attacks, causing Carcia pain from being nearby to such power; it became clear, that Paniia Greatgear, A Warlock whom had previously attacked Carcia for being the Sister of a Powerful mage (And, Powerful herself) was attempting to spy on Carcia and finish what they've started.

Paniia fled, possibly overwhelmed from the power of the Light being channeled into her beacon. It became clear her presence had a compelling effect on Carcia, Though its not clear how, or why, but Paniia had compelled Carcia to stay near the stone. It also became clear that Carcia has been shrouded, Partially from trauma, partially from magic. This meaning, that any mention of, or attempt by Paniia to get to her, will cause her to instantly block out the ideas of her, and their past.

With the minor will faded from Carcia, she was able to return to the Tower, her home, where she found a letter to Gerrond, Addressed to be From Xizzle - The aforementioned Contact, asking to meet the Wardens once more and give them more info as to what to do next.

The Story continues on the 14th, With - Paper Trail: Return to the Thief

((Written brilliantly by Carcia, Warden))
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PostSubject: Re: The Wardens   Sun Feb 12, 2012 7:44 pm

The echoes of footsteps grew closer and closer. Dust and muddied particulates emerging under the feet of which the echoes belonged. Stones trembled in their boots, while leaves scurried along in fear. The echoes ceasing as they progressed on harder, clay-underlay, supported ground. They were not 'as the night', however one would not be too bold in saying that they darted like the wind. Whom the very rays the sun cast it's light upon, the very blaze fire emmits. You wouldn't be too bold to say this I assure, but today, little could be seen of the sun , cowering behind the cloaks of grey that were shielding the sky. Little could be felt of the blaze from the smoldering ashes of where a fire once sat almost gracefully , flickering between timber. The rain fell gently, in great quantity but in no agression. The wild prevailed through the ruined battlements and the broken wall from tidal erosion. Where are we you ask? We are on a battlefield. Suit up and enjoy the ride.

The blades lunged forward in desperate attempt to disarm their wielders foes. Few were slain, only those who struck first. The field was no mess. It was as organised as a battlefield could be. In minature squads they swept round the lower town. Fending off any attacking rebels and disarming when possible.

Here we take a view of a solider, running throughout the battlefield between skirmishes. Looking up, we see the rain falling like arrows , our vision blurred as the droplets run over our faces. We look down, we see a short sword's in both our hands. to our side we see hollow plate spaulders. All around us the struggle rages on, the screams are to a minimum, many begin dropping their weapons and kicking them across towards us. We are winning, but against whom? Against rengades, war veterans in their old age wielding their much treasured sword that by the state of them , reforged many times. No blood ran down the roads, most merely stayed put and watched as we ran towards the main keep. Those who resisted had no moral, easily disarmed or knocked aside and stayed put like their fellows. We stood strong.

We find ourselves part of a formation moving towards the iron gates. We break apart and charge, meeting what might be our doom. Two riflemen firing against our now broken formation. We are hit in the leg, we kneel , we yell for help. Ordered to reform we attempt to stumble back to the main group. Looking around, more of our fellows seem wounded lightly. Together as a team, the two riflemen are dealt with. We know not of their fates, our last view of them is us running towards where they were knocked off, trying to catch and preserve what life we could.

Only to find ourselves again in a different location, the fast-passed battle clearly limiting our sight. Here we stand in the courtyard, anticipating attack. Nothing. Some of us scramble about a bit finding a more strategic defence position. The powder covered our view. Bullets fired at us, we raise our shields like many of our fellows. Shielding most of the air-cutting projectiles by rolling aside stone posts. Men and womens voices yelling trying to resist us removing their weapons. We look down at one of the disarmed rebels. Their eyes wide and their lips trembling, twitching limbs and sniffling nostrils. They were not just old war veterans and renegades, they were crazed. Victims of the insanity brought by war. The drive of threat and thrill exciting them to the very point of pure madness. Around us , we find most are disarmed, few had to be slain or injured. We are ready to move on. Our hearts racing at the speed of which we are progressing.

We run into the ground-floor entrance of the keep. Nearly flooding the corrider's. Searching for what we came for. We turn to find more crazed soldiers running towards us at great speed, we are knocked back, however , are quickly crowded by supportive fellows that begin beating back the attackers. We stand before running into the next room, sword and shield at hand. Dents all over our armor, scratches and shards missing off our blade. Eyeing the room we see a large bundle of crates and other useful supplies, covered in a thick layer of dust. These had not been touched for months. Something mysterious was lurking in this keep, was the reason we attacked it to find this mysterious secret? Perhaps. We hear a sudden voice behind us. “Get ye-self away from those crates”! We turn to find a Dwarf and three gunmen prepared to fire at us. We panic but still our hands lay on the hilt of our blade, our shield doesen't sulk below us. The scene very suddenly went white.

We awoke to find we are insanely hot and sweaty. Beads running down our forehead, We reach for our sword that was now on the floor, grasping it , it felt as light as a feather yet our arm felt heavy and lifeless. On the other side of us, a shield. Reaching for it , we fall and stumble. The shield will have to wait. Using our sword as a support we rise. Our limbs floppy and a stomache that felt like the morning after a night out at the Pig and Whistle Tavern. Still we raise our sword and attempt to join the commotion in the room. The three gunmen cowering in the corner disarmed , yet the Dwarf putting up a fight against all of us. From what we could see he was in heavy plated armor, a brute and wielding two battleaxes. Fending off the attacks of our fellows. It took us a while to notice it , but all was silent. Where there should be the clangs and scratches of blade against plate, there was nothing. Where we could see our fellows roaring and swarming this brute, there was no sound. All around us the battle against a single man raged on. We were locked in sight of the cowering gunmen behind barrels. Such fear. Such horror in their eyes. We turned away, looking back towards our fellows in arms. We felt as if we roared, yet we could not tell without being able to hear. We felt the vibrations through our blade as we met combat with the Dwarf. Never before had we paid such attention to the feeling of combat in our limbs, we had always thought of it at an overall perspective. Taking in sounds, feeling, sight and expressions on our faces, but now. Now was about the feeling of every swing, every parry and every lunge. The feel of battle was an intense one, enough to drive a man insane and crazed. The feeling of adreneline rushing through our veins, the power and the thrill of being alive and experiancing this. Then in an intsant tour hearing was re-granted to us. A blessing we thought! The Gods must be in our favour in this battle, granting us our sense back for our bravery and victory! The Dwarf fell, throwing his two axes away from him. Everyone around us looked drawn out, sighing and panting from the physcial intensity the combat bore upon us. We were grinning, our fellows suceeding in what they set out to do!

'Wh-Why on earth is everyone looking at us in such dulled, shadowed eyes?' We thought to ourselves. Men rushed to our side, supporting our back and legs from faltering. 'Wha-What was wrong?' we thought to ourselves again , as we looked down to find the disheartening reason as to why everyone's attention was on us. One of the axe blades the Dwarf had thrown was lodged within our chest. Looking down further we saw a bullet wound in our stomache. Causing the first black out and the reason for us feeling hung-over. We gulped, a single tear rolling down our inflammed cheeks. The only words we could make out were “An honor...”. Oh how we wished we could say more. But our last remaining moments in life were in few numbers. Looking around one final time at our now cold surroundings. We fell. The last thing we ever saw would be the stone floor and the boots of our brothers and sisters in arms.

So now we will leave this troubled corpse to be dealt with. An experience it was, fighting alongside 'our fellows' on this dark eve. An experience of the horrors of battle and why it is best we merely remain a spectator from the heavens above the realm. Narrating the events that occur in the realm of the material. The group of brothers and sisters in arms name themselves 'The Wardens of Azeroth' and were accompanied by Allianced Orders and friends. They fought well and the success was great. The supplies were rifled and taken away in a ley line channel opening. Ready to fuel another battle, although only in this case to prevent death and make sure everyone will be ready for whatever terrors lurk beyond the sunsetting sun.

I would have you know the eyes of our troubled friend were closed by his fellows. His body was burnt and the ashes that scattered the land would serve as a reminder to those who fought along side him , that for every success there is a price. Be it strive for survival, be it the intense work throughout a day of labour, or a day writing down all the correct information on a contact or a tale of bravery and friendhsip. Be it the loss of a brother in arms. We shall always remember.

As the day drew to it's inevitable close, a small piece of ash caught on the gauntlet of a warrior looking into the as-always ruined keep of Farson Hold. Only now , hours after the battle had ceased the keep was back into it's usuall activity and doings. The warrior looked down at the piece of ash and took it between his fingertips. Allowing it to blow away in the soft wind, a reminder whispered in the winds.

The End.

“A hero was he. Touching all our lives. As if he lived and died in a single moment.
Great were his deeds. All his words were true. He lived and died A man of honor.”

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. Please comment and let me know what you think of it.

-Thank you all who attended. It was a superb and enjoyable event as always thanks to your co-operation, imagination and awesomness.

Event Outcomes=

Coboron received a new title. Watcher-Champion Coboron Ventuse.
Wardens gained use of a crate filled with nicely carved bows for use.
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The Wardens
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