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 Walsingham's Fate

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PostSubject: Walsingham's Fate   Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:41 pm

Confusion reigns.

It was a wretched day in Arathi as Walsingham gazed out from window of this domicile. The sea was masked in a squall of rain and mist. It was throwing it down, which was poetic in many ways.

The dwarf farmers were good enough to forfeit their home … though they never had much choice in that matter. Only a few deaths were required to convince them better pastures lie elsewhere.

The fact was he needed time. It seems the world and the beings in it had rushed him lately to decisions, not that he had made bad decisions even so, and this was a conundrum, or several frankly, of the highest order.

Other than its seclusion and its solid dwarf construction, the great thing about this house was it belonged to farmers. Farmers have large dining tables for the feasts they lay out for their extended families, friends and workers. This place was no exception. And he needed a big table – a study desk was not nearly big enough for all the documents and scraps of paper he had to consider.

So he returned to survey the table for answers in the writings. There were dispatches (intercepted and non-intercepted), letter to him (and a few to others…), notices and copies of documents. There were extensive notes on different bits or parchment, many written from his own knowledge. Now to piece things together and try an answer the questions …. if possible.

Question 1 – where is the Mistress? No answer to this… that I do know.
Question 2 – what has happened to the Thorns?

He shuffled papers to group up a number that related to this.

In charge? Well it seemed like Deathmaster Arli … but now maybe Deathmaster Squadron?

Walsingham preferred a Forsaken … you know where you are with a Forsaken at the helm. No emotion, no fuss, no nonsense.

Many missives and details about what the Thorns were to become. Where they were going. Do I want to be a part of this? I must keep the oath anyway, but can I live with the direction? It all seemed a little … closed, not subtle.

Walsingham loves subtle. In many ways that is now immaterial though as the real question is ….

But where are they now? Many rumours … few verified to the standard I would like. Not seen for weeks now though …. Disbanded? Destroyed?

It may be for the best … for me anyway. Good friends though … some have saved me in the recent past.

The information must be out there. We shall keep looking, listening, investigating ….

One way or another it was clear the Thorns were not around and if they were then they may no longer want him. He wondered if he could fit in with them any longer if he found them….

Question 3: What becomes of Walsingham now? There is the real question.

Walsingham surveyed the other information on movements of alliance and horde. Times are changing. He paced back to the window and gazed out again.

A shadowy figure on horseback became visible through the mist and rain. Almost on time … amazing he thought.

Walsingham paced back to a small table in the corner and stared at the small parcel and the handful of letter with it. He had no idea where she was so had addressed it merely “Thorn Mistress Anethrax c/o Lady Sylvanus: The Undercity”.

He picked it up with a stern and forlorn look. What else could I do?

It had taken four days to perfect and draft the letter. Stupid really. What it said, in short, was he would serve her as and when required but did not know what was happening and why. The Thorns were dear to him and he would abide by the oath always. He did not know where he would go and what he would do, but a letter to him would likely find him if sent via the Undercity.

He had wrapped the letter in his tabard and wrapped both in the brown paper. He recalled the deeds he had done whilst wearing it before finally closing the light from it with the last fold of the paper.

The door opened and the drenched blood elf walked in. He was given his instructions, paid well enough and promptly booted back out into the rain complaining. He was reminded of his fate if the instructions were not followed.

It was done he thought as he returned to the window and gazed out. Soothing now was the rain on the water.

I will give him a day or two. He will probably mess up and then I will find him and kill him. Need to stay sharp and it is not as if I have much else planned – and a cruel smirk broke onto his rotten face.
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PostSubject: Re: Walsingham's Fate   Tue Mar 06, 2012 4:38 pm

He cursed himself for being too charitable to the useless elf. He had not counted on him actually doing much ... he had been right. The time had been useful though, he had sat, paced, pondered and queried the scenario. At the end of the day he could only trust himself and his senses. His senses were returning and his anxiousness replaced by the reckless abandon, mischief and even courage he had lost for a time. He had come to terms with the fact he was alone, potentially hunted, and was not going to hear anything.

"To business"he thought as he collected the last few pieces of paper and tossed them into a small fire in the hearth. "This is a new chapter ... best get rid of the old"he mused.

He had resolved to go to the Undercity as quietly as possible. It seemed odd that he was sneaking into his "home" city but it had come to that. He would then find the elf and deal with him after acquiring any information he had ... which doubtless was little. He would then find the answers himself.

He threw his pack on his back, fastened his cloak over it and checked round the shelter one last time. Nothing left to show he had ever been there.

He then checked his daggers over. They were sharp as ever and the poison freshly applied. The road will hold no suprises ... except for those he may come across, for any enemy now will receive no pity or mercy. Not that they ever did. He felt renewed and refreshed.

And with that he disappeared into the shadows for the first time in weeks.....
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PostSubject: Re: Walsingham's Fate   Tue Mar 06, 2012 6:56 pm

((Good to see you are still around Walsingham, like how this is going Smile )
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PostSubject: Re: Walsingham's Fate   Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:25 am

She sat, she watched, she'd arrived just a few days prior, using her knowledge of the shadows to stay hidden as she watched her "brother".

She was unsure of his agenda, how he'd take to her showing her face and besides, she preffered the shadows, always had, nobody understood.

She'd watched as the elf left, such a sniveling little thing, a mere messenger boy, the look of fear within his eyes was obvious as he kept them on the forsaken, she grinned behind her mask.

Just a day or so ago had he left the door ajar long enough for her to slip in unseen, and there she'd found the darkest corner and stayed within it, she hadn't slept, taking potions and any other concoction she could find to keep herself a wake.

And now, she watched as he packed his things and headed out, she grinned to herself, she'd follow untill she could figure out what his plan was, what he was up too, what he was going to do.

She had to talk to him eventually, but not just yet.... that would spoil it all.

This "brother" wasn't as alone as he sometimes muttered about, she grinned, slipping from the door before he could close it and back to her windrider.

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PostSubject: Re: Walsingham's Fate   Tue May 29, 2012 12:52 pm

Nothing feels right. It may be just the paranoia kicking in again .... though that may be justified.

Walsingham watched from the shadows of Undercity as the useless, and probably treacherous elf, was using his money to buy some nice trinkets and vestments.

He will have to die but the spot will need to be carefully selected and a little information as to exactly what if anything he had done for his employer. No attention must be drawn and no jeopardy of him or his informants caused. Anger bubbled as the elf toyed with the coins and bartered with what he had not earned.

As he waited for the right time his mind wandered to ascertain why he felt ... odd.

The dwarven patrol still worried him a little. Something not right. Why were they in Hillsbrad?

Walsingham had come across a band of ... well three dwarf mountaineers. Well he thought it was three anyway. They were near Dun Garok. Maybe treasure hunting? Maybe trying to recover valuables of relatives or things of import? Maybe after revenge?

They died fast enough. Knife to the throat here, stab in the back there.... routine. Good practice. It was whilst surveying the kills and the fact he had not lost his touch he noted the fourth member of the party .... though dead already, rifle in hand, behind an outcrop of the mountains a few hundred metres away. Curious.

At the time it was of no matter - maybe the dwarfs were looking for their dead friend? His throat was very fresh cut though ... it bothers him now. Though nothing more was unusual at the time. An odd feeling but nothing unusual. There could always be another killer out there .... there always is. But who might that be? When was the kill? Still so many damn questions and so few answers!

Walsingham watches and is suddenly grateful for the distraction.

Ah! The elf moves away from the vendor and off towards one of the many dark alleys of Undercity ... his home .... perfect. Time for some answers maybe...
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PostSubject: Re: Walsingham's Fate   Mon Jun 04, 2012 10:27 am

She'd tracked and followed him here, it was obvious where he'd be going, who he'd go to see and even the why.

She sat in the shadows well hidden away from him but continued to watch his actions, keeping him in sight as much as possible, if not by vision then by her other senses.

The elf she'd stopped months ago was spending his money at the vendors and bar keeps blatantly flaunting the money he had somewhat earned and in other terms had not, she grinned.

He wasn't going anywhere for a while, he was haggling with a Forsaken woman, probably a mistake, her mind drifted.

Just hours ago she'd seen him land down at Dun Algaz, perhaps to take a break from the flight, the chill in the air, who knew, none the less he had landed and she went down as best she could without being seen hopefully, stepping into the shadows she slipped into the cover of the bushes close by, she watched as he eyed the dwarves and made his decisions.

It was clear his thirst for blood of the alliance hadn't been sated for a while, he seemed to take a pleasure from their deaths.

One problem.

A fourth appeared, running to the aid of his friends as they cried out for help for a short moment, the dwarf knelt, lifting his rifle and aiming to the back of Walsingham.

Annisa frowned, nobody kills a brother, nobody, especially not a -dwarf-!

Slipping behind him she placed her hand over his mouth, quickly unsheathed her dagger and drew it smoothly across his throat, cutting it close to the bone, effortless.

Dropping him to the floor she quickly grabbed his ankles and pulled him back into the bushes, stepping into the shadows and moving she continued to observe him.

A sinister grin crossed her lips as she watched Walsinghams confusion although short lived, there journey continued.

Now, Here they were, watching the arrogant elf, she was becoming impatient.

Wait... He moves.

Excellent, time perhaps to see this outcome, although, it has come to her attention her brother seems to notice something may not be right and that snivelling elf will probably not help matters, idiotic child doing a adults job.

She frowns as she watches the scene unfold.
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PostSubject: Re: Walsingham's Fate   Thu Jul 12, 2012 9:55 am

It made no difference to the sodden, damp and decaying walls that yet another wave of putrid stagnant water had crashed onto them again. No difference to the rats either. Not many mortal creatures in this part of the Undercity .. or even undead for that matter.

The blood elf however … well he was not enjoying this at all.

“Please try not to bleed on those nice vestments you bought with my money … I may yet be able to get a refund … one way or another” said Walsingham slyly. “The nasty ol’ water should wash out alright though”.

The elf was struggling, groaning, shaking his head. Toxins plus a slash and a bruise here and there do that to an elf…

“So let’s have a review” says Walsingham stood over him as he knelt in the shin deep water. “You did not send my note or my package – thus breaching our little arrangement” he feigns a look of being terribly hurt. The elf can’t see though and he is not much good with emotion, feigned or otherwise. So he continues …

“You had a jolly old time on my money you did not deserve and bought some … nice things” back to his wicked and sarcastic best now.

“Now the real question … have you actually found out anything about the Thorns, the Mistress, the world at all?” the last part was sarcasm though in truth Walsingham now suspects the elf was more or less entirely incompetent.

“I … have ….something” the elf blurts out cough up what appears to be a mixture of phlegm, blood and bog water. The elf scrambles to the side of the sewer alcove and tries to perch himself on a low ledge above the putrid water.

“Do go on” says Walsingham eyeing him sternly now. “and try and make it good … the refund I seek can still go either way”.

“You’ll kill me anyway” the elf spits miserably.

“Come now, you know I am pragmatic … make yourself useful to me and we will see” Walsingham replied with a little half-truth. The elf would indeed die and Walsingham may kill him, but not yet at least.

“The Thorns ..” he lets fly a hacking cough “.. still exist, but..” he attempts to further clear his throat “.. remodelled and reordered” a further shake of the head.

“And the Mistress?” Walsingham leans in, his voice almost soft now.

“Not seen for some time” the elf says fearfully, staring at those light eyes.

Walsingham turns away and paces a little, sloshing in the water. Then silence. The elf shifts uncomfortably against the slimy wall.

“I need more my little friend. Be useful for a change eh? I want names of the brothers and sisters still within the ranks. I don’t care how you get them. Should you get noticed you must dispose of yourself or I will. Are we clear?” Walsingham states sternly.

“Yes Sir, of course we are, as ever” the elf grits his teeth – he knew what comes next….

“Remember what you have to lose won’t you” Walsingham says grimly.

“I always do Sir ….”
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PostSubject: Re: Walsingham's Fate   Fri Aug 10, 2012 3:42 pm

Annisa crouch's in the darkest shadows she can find, hoping that the young elf would not give her name albeit it falsified.

He was doing well although probably couldn't take much more and just when she thought he was about to die an agreement was reached.

she watched Walsingham slip into the nearest shadows he could find.

Watching from her corner she saw the elf struggle to his feet before slipping down against the wall looking pale and weak.

She frowned the brother had really done a number on the elf and it didn't help that he'd been drugged so much from poisons, the boy was an idiot.

She scanned the area, looking for any signs of the brother, he'd always been hard to spot at the best of times and that she liked, after all it had kept her safe in Arathi, she sighed the elf was growing weaker and paler as time went on.

Letting forth a sharp whistle a wind rider now clad in green armor landed next to the weakened elf, she stealthily walked up to him and whispered into his ear.

"Get on the wind rider, it will take you to the orb you'll get help in Silvermoon, I'll meet you there."

She watched the elf pull on the wind riders armor and finally pull himself up before he fell across the seat.

The wind rider shuffled slightly before running forward and then soaring into the sky, she watched them leave as she removed her clothing for Silvermoon from her bag.

she slipped to the upper level avoiding all the light and guards she could, which since the betrayal was a lot harder to do then previous times and through to the trans-locator.

She dropped her bag in the darkest corner she could find and began to change.

The Elf and the Wind rider no where in sight, she took her daggers and strapped them both to her legs, no need to change her battle trousers, they wouldn't be seen in town, but the boots had to be changed, to obvious otherwise.

Pulling on her boots she slipped her throwing knife into the top of her right boot, she kept herself vigilant.

She pulled her shoulder pads off along with her top and slipped into a red and golden dress made by one of the finest dress makers of Silvermoon before removing her gloves, she changed her mask and packed her things away.

Finally slipping from the shadows she looked around, she could feel his presence close by or at least someones presence, she walked to the steps from the ledge and down the steps.

She grinned again once at the bottom pulling her hair to one side as she whispered softly.

"Now is your time brother...."

She began to walk casually to the trans-locator, keeping her wits about her for the slighest change.
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PostSubject: Re: Walsingham's Fate   Thu Aug 16, 2012 4:25 pm

“Is it Sister?” Walsingham mutters as he strides from the shadows. He removes his white face mask and smiles warmly.

“Oh how they all underestimate you … I never have. Always shown promise … and a will to survive” he mused as he spoke.

“The poor dead dwarf makes sense now as does the presence I have felt throughout – and to think I thought, for a time, it was the feeling of paranoia I have had lately getting the better of me” he pauses then looking outward to the courtyard thoughtfully. “I would apologise for the … examination on your elven kinsman but it was required …. and frankly deserved. I am keen for answers though, as you doubtless saw”.

He looks back at Annisa and nods, “I appreciate your leaving the trail ... and leaving the shadows to speak, I know how much you favour their protection”. His expression changes. More seriously now he looks at her. “What exactly has been going on sister? Where is the Mistress? I note you are no longer wearing the tabard”.

He pauses and smiles again “Perhaps we should find time for a chat, somewhere secluded. You would indulge me? For old times?”
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PostSubject: Re: Walsingham's Fate   Wed Aug 22, 2012 2:23 pm

Annisa turns as she hears boney steps on the solid stone ground walk towards her.

She smiles slightly beneath her mask as she eyes the brother over, nodding a small greeting as he speaks.

"A will to survive is a must Walsingham, isn't it?"

She looks back to the trans-locator as he mentions the fallen sin'dorei, she nods.

"Then you will understand the need to get him help, you seek answers as we both do..."

She pauses briefly, turning her gaze back to him.

"As for the presence you have felt recently, you were meant to feel it but i word of warning, you should perhaps be on guard more often.."

She grins again beneath her mask, she'd been following him for months with no sign of him knowing - she'd always been told she was useless by most.

She looks deep into his dead yellow eyes, she can tell he longs for answers as he brings about the business of the other thorns and the mistress she sighs and nods slowly.

"A troubling matter no doubt, sources mention something of portals, the mistress disappearing and one of the masters taking over in her place until further notice - A culling was then put into place and some of us... cut off... so to speak."

she takes her bag from her back again and produces a letter, holding it out to him.

"Apparently i did not make the cut, still things happen and times moves on, however, i cannot find a single other thorn apart from you - Have you been discarding of connections... "brother"?"

She looks him over, nodding for them to meet elsewhere, the place and time arranged she slips back into the shadows and slides away to find a place to change into her armor.

After all, times change and things move on, he saved her life and kept her safe but who's to say he won't try something more sinister this time around?

Once in her armor, daggers fully poisoned - twice - and her other weapons securely hidden but easily accessible by her she climbs slowly to the top of the hill, the sun begins to set as she looks out over the ocean, he's here, she can feel it, but who will show first?
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PostSubject: Re: Walsingham's Fate   

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Walsingham's Fate
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