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 Belore Alandie is open to all Horde races

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PostSubject: Belore Alandie is open to all Horde races   Mon Feb 20, 2012 1:09 pm

This is a general note to keep the realm updated on our guild.

We are located in Silvermoon City, Hall of Respite.

The current leader is Overseer Celara Sunshade.

The three officers are.
Aehla - PvP
Zeek - Raid
Serpiente - Social and RP

The guild has recently had some changes.

New GM
New Officers
New vision for the future

We are forming a raiding team and a rated battleground/arena team.
We are no longer Blood Elf only and accept all races, classes and levels.
We still do RP
We will always be led by and answer to Silvermoon City

We are listed on the ingame guild finder.
We have a five slot bank that is raid ready.
We have our own ventrilo with 15 slots.

We accept people new to the game or new to RP, PvP and PvE. We try to be supportive and help with guidance as needed.

We also have a very strict 30 day no log = gkick policy.

Our vote to move took place on Friday 17th Feb 2012
Two votes NO and one vote YES
As the vote to leave the realm has not gone through we have redefined our approach to the server and opened our doors to the Horde, lifting the Blood Elf only restriction.

If anyone would like further information please contact me ingame on:


ps I placed this here as the Belore Alandie guild section is not visible to the site members Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Belore Alandie is open to all Horde races   Mon Feb 20, 2012 6:15 pm

I would like to add to this that Belore Alandie is still very much a guild that will favor Blood Elves IC. We have started recruiting other races as well because Belore Alandie wants to expand her power too, but is still very much Blood Elf centered.
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Belore Alandie is open to all Horde races
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