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 Teïvel's tale of joy and sorrow

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PostSubject: Teïvel's tale of joy and sorrow   Sat Mar 10, 2012 4:47 pm

This story took place a long long time ago, somewhere on the outskirts of Gilneas city.

"will you ever stop spacing out?"
Teïvel smiles as he looks up to the youngman, leaning on his sword, looking over a field coloured red from rained down blood, in the middle of the field are men piling up boney corpses.
"will you come with me?" Teïvel asks, his smile fading.
"what do you mean? when?" the youngman lowers his voice.
"you know.. when this is over." Teïvel nudges at the bloodstained field.
The youngman stands besides Teïvel as they look out over the field, Teïvel moves closer to him and leans his head against his shoulder
"What are you doing.. you know full well they won't approve" The youngman tries to move away, but Teïvel grabs his arm.
"Azaz, stand like this for a little wile longer.. please." Teïvel sighs and closes his eyes.
Azaz looks at Teïvel, his hair is wet, his armour stained and dented and his face shows feint lines of washed off blood, he smiles
and complies "very well.. but you get to do the explaining if the general finds out" Azaz sais with a grin.
Azaz looks up at the couldy sky thinking about Teïvels question
"Go where, do what, and for that matter, will this battle ever end?" Azaz asks with a sigh in his voice.
"It will.. eventually.. I hope, and when it does, I'd like you to come with me, we will buy a house.. near the shore, and have endless walks in the moonlight." Teïvel regains his smile for a moment.
Teïvel regains his stature and turns to walk towards the barracs "we should prepare for the upcomming battle, for there will be more"
Azaz nods and follows Teïvel inside

As the day passes, Azaz notices some of the men leaving, and returning but they seem different.. in behaviour and expression.
Azaz sneaks off without Teïvel noticing, he goes to see where the men dissapear off to, a full day passes when Azaz returns, Teïvel stands in the doorway, with a worried look on his face.
"Where have you been? It's not like you to run off without notifying me."
Azaz staggers a little, speaking a bit off tone as he walks towards Teïvel with a fake smile*
"What happened to you, you look like you've been attacked by a wild animal.." Teïvel asks as he eyes Azaz's ripped clothes.
"N.. nothing serious" Azaz responds as he walks into the barracs and lets himself fall on the bed.
"Well.. get changed.. we need to train before the next battle.."
Azaz reluctantly changes into his armour and grabs his sword. "right.. let's do this" he grins as he walks outside, seeming to have regained his posture.
As they arive at the training grounds the two start clashing swords, as they get more into it the fighting gets more serious, Azaz strikes at Teïvel as if he would be one of the forsaken.
"Calm Down Azaz!, I am not one of those boney corpses you know" Teïvel sais with a awkward grin.
Azaz seems completely ingulfed into the fight and starts striking even harder.
Teïvel nearly falls over from the blows Azaz deals with his sword.. "What power.." he mutters astounded as he regains his footing.
"Azaz.. AZAZ.. CALM DOWN!!" Teïvel yells as he strikes Azaz's sword so hard it makes him fall over.
Azaz lands in the sand and looks at Teïvel, his eyes filled with anger.
"what is wrong with you, you seem almost like a different person.. what happened when you left yesterday?"
Azaz grunts and suddenly jumps up, a black mist covers Azaz's body making it hard to see, He runs at Teïvel.
Teïvel can't believe what he sees, from the black mist arises a person, covered in hair, the sharp claws glisten as the last rays of daylight fall upon them, charging towards him is his human.. no.. no longer human friend..
He doesn't move, frozen from the image that is rushing towards him with razorsharp canines.
"A..Azaz.." he mutters as the figure closes in on him.
Teïvel lets out a loud scream in pain as he falls onto the ground.
after a wile he lifts up his head, before him stands a staggering Azaz, tears drip off his with his hands covered face.
"w-what have i become" Azaz stutters as he removes his hands from his face."
"I... I'd say alot stronger" Teïvel responds wile coughing, he moves his hand from his chest to his shoulder, and then looks at his bloodcovered hand.
"C.. could you fetch me a bandage.." Teïvel asks with a smile as if nothing happened.
Teïvel sighs softly as he attemts to sit up, Azaz kneels down next to him to help him up.
"You're not angry.. why.. I could've killed you." Azaz sais with a sad tone as he helps Teïvel back on his feet.
"You could've... but you didn't" Teïvel smiles slightly as he gently wipes a tear from Azaz's cheek.
"I'm much more interested in what that was.. I already noticed you weren't your normal self.. but that.. that was something.. not human.. what the fel happened to you." Teïvel sais while the two head towards the barracs.
"The same you will go through soon" Azaz responds as he looks at the bloody bitemarks on Teïvel's shoulder with a painstaking expression.
Teïvel turns his head and looks at Azaz, wanting to know more, but stays silent.

When they arive at the barracs, it appears to be empty, everyone is either out on training, or gone.
Azaz helps Teïvel onto one of the beds, Teïvel has broken out a sweat, and his temprature has risen, to feverish hights.
"You should rest." Azaz sits down onto the bed, he gently strokes Teïvel's moist face
Teïvel closes his eyes, grunts and grinds his teeth as an unpleasant feeling rushes throughout his body.
"What's happening" Teïvel grunts as sharp pain spikes through his head, he twiches and struggles as the pain takes over and shut out everything from his surroundings.
"It will fade soon" Azaz sais, his heart nearly breakes to see his closest friend and soulmate in pain.
He holds Teïvel down on the bed and hugs him tight, until the pain eventually becomes so unbearable that Teïvel loses conciousness.
"I'm sorry my friend" Azaz whispers as he presses a kiss on Teïvel's forehead and then let's go of him and walks off.

After having slept for quite some time, Teïvel opens his eyes, he lifts up his head slowly and looks at his shoulder and chest, the nasty wounds turned into scars.
The general enters the room "You look like you've had a wild night" the general chuckles as he looks at Teïvel.
"How long have i been asleep?" Teïvel asks as he looks at his scars confused.
"Not very long, i'd say about more then half a day, maybe longer." the general's face turns serious.
"I'ts time you go out and train a bit.. with this.. new power, lets call it."
Teïvel looks up at the general with a suprised look on his face. "You knew? What is this, what are we?"
"Some call it worgen, some werewolf, but we will always be Gilnean!" the general sais with pride.
Teïvel's eyes widen at the word's worgen and werewolf, his mind travels back to the night before, so that's what i saw, what Azaz became, he thinks as he slowly gets off from his bed.
"Get Changed and get going! Your partner's already out there!" the general frowns as he leaves the barracs.
Teïvel puts on his armour, takes his sword and walks outside, he covers his eyes with his hand as the bright day nearly blinds him, in the air's the scent on sweat and blood, a scent he normally wouldn't even notice.

"Come on sleepyhead!" a wolflike creature yells from the training field.
When Teïvel's eyes finally adjust to the brightness of the day, he notices that everyone around has the same wolflike form. One of the creatures comes walking towards Teïvel, he looks up into the creatures eyes and grins
"Azaz, i've always thought you were like a puppy" Teïvel chuckles as he carefully strokes Azaz's furry arm.
Azaz slaps Teïvel on the back so hard that he moves three feet forward, Teïvel regains his footing and smiles.
"How do you turn into.. well... that?" Teïvel asks, not sure if he even can himself.
"It just happends, some need practice though" Azaz coughs awkwardly and looks away.
Azaz heads back to his training wile Teïvel gets instructions on how to use this -new power-.
The two keep exchanging looks as they train throughout the rest of the day.

When the evening falls, and the sky darkens, cold wind blows from the hills, the men are eating their fill when suddenly the sound of trumpets and gunfire fills the air.
"NO TIME FOR EATING, STAND UP MEN AND FIGHT FOR GILNEAS!!!" the general yells through the camp.
Every single man throws away his food and grabs his weapon, they all rush off towards the forsaken that have by that time invaded the camp.
"Azaz, stay close!" Teïvel yells to be heard over the sounds of swords clashing and people falling.
Most have taken on their worgen forms again wile fighting, Teïvel has no clue how, so he relies on his trusted sword. even Azaz has taken on the worgen form again, slashing through forsaken as if they were nothing.
Teïvel manages to fight off every forsaken that charges towards him without taking serious damage, some cuts and bruises, but nothing lethal.

After several waves of forsaken and a few men falling, the combat sounds finally begin to fade. The sky turns grey and rain begins to fall and slowly increases.
The remaining few men walk past the forsaken corpses and ensure that they stay down, by chopping off heads and limbs.
Azaz smiles at Teïvel, both faces covered in bloodlike goo, they look up at the sky and wash off the goo with the rain that poors down their faces.
Teïvel cuts appart the last forsaken corpse next to the wall as Azaz suddenly charges towards him growling enraged.
Teïvel eyes widen as he is shocked that he thinks his partner once again charges for him.
Azaz closes in on Teïvel, his expression both angry and scared.
Only a feet before Teïvel, Azaz jumps past Teïvel and pushes Teïvel behind him.
Teïvel, now back to back with Azaz, slowly turns to see what's gotten into his friend.
He turns around and stares at Azaz, noticing the forsaken that's cackling on the wall.
Azaz turns around slowly and changes back into his human form, his hands surround a hatchet wich is stuck deep into his abdomen, blood runs down his hands.
"I.. I'm glad.. to see that.. you're okay" Azaz sais while smiling at Teïvel as he slowly falls to the ground.
Tiëvel's eyes widen, all sounds fade.. he looks at the lifeless body of his soulmate and tears start running down his cheek.
"az... azaz... AZAZZZZZZ!!!" Teïvel screams as tears flood down his face, he clenches his fist and glares at the forsaken, his eyes turn red and without realizing, his shape shifts, His worgen form and instincts take over and he charges towards the forsaken, ripping it to shreds before it even noticed he moved.
More forsaken that were hiding come running in, Teïvel completely loses controll and charges through everything that comes across his path.
The forsaken stab and wound him but he keeps going, He rips to shreds everything in his path, untill he is completely surrounded by forsaken. blood gushes from his wounds, he staggers and falls to his knees, panting.
the forsaken don't waste a second and use this oppertunity to mutilate the rabid worgen. Teïvel falls, mud splatters as he hits the ground, his body returns to his human form, rain washes down his smashed armour and hair. his vision becomes blurry, he takes one final look into the direction of Azaz's lifeless body. and reaches out to touch his hand, but before he can reach him, his hand falls down into the mud right besides Azaz's, he closes his eyes and his final breath leaves his body.
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PostSubject: Re: Teïvel's tale of joy and sorrow   Sat Mar 10, 2012 9:27 pm

That was awesome. Beautifully written Tei! Especially that ending! The battle had me on the edge of my seat too! Very good write up, I look forward to more. Should I expect it?
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PostSubject: Re: Teïvel's tale of joy and sorrow   Sat Mar 10, 2012 9:28 pm

always expect more!! but yeh, this ones a keeper, i will write more, and i suggest you read my partner in ink's side of the stories aswell!

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PostSubject: Re: Teïvel's tale of joy and sorrow   Sun Mar 11, 2012 2:25 am

"I'm much more interested in what that was.. I already noticed you weren't your normal self.. but that.. that was something.. not human.. what the fel happened to you." Teïvel sais while the two head towards the barracs.

Azaz keeps walking, a grim frown forming on his face. He saw the men coming back, somehow changed, as if different in some way. When Josian had sneaked away from the camp Azaz had been too curious not to follow him. It was an easy matter to keep the big soldier in sight, using the foliage to cover his activity. Josian kept up the pace until the scattered trees gave way to bare hills, the trees now small and sparse. With his cover gone Azaz hurried after the soldier, wanting to know why he had chosen to desert his post, but as he caught up Josian turned on him with a look of terror.

“Run, get away from here!”

Without thinking he drew his sword, adrenalin pumping as he readied to battle, still unable to see what had frightened the hardened soldier. The growl was menacing, low and sinister, deep in the back of the throat. It raised the hairs on the back of his neck making his palms suddenly slick with sweat inside his gloves. A powerful grey body jumped from the barren hill to their right, the teeth already bared to strike as he brought his sword round in defence. Josian threw his arms up in front of his face as the worgan took him to the ground, for a moment the air was filled with the sound of the animal attacking the soldier.

Even as he swung his sword he was pulled roughly around to face another of the beasts, its powerful claws knocked his sword from his hands and took him around his throat. Lifted into the air he kicked out with his feet, gurgling from the pressure on his windpipe, hands around the thick wrist trying to break himself from the grip. The beast sniffed at him, its powerful claws ripping at his chest plate until there was nothing left to protect him from the snapping jaw. Strangely the thing then dropped him and strode away, upright in an almost human manner. Azaz tried to get to Josian, but waves of dizziness washed over him until he threw up and passed out.

It was late when he came round, a raging thirst driving him to find a nearby river where he took his fill. He went back, but there was no sign of Josian or the creatures that attacked them, pulling his sword from the trunk of a tree he headed back to camp, back to Teivel. He turns his attention back to the question, and answers it.

"The same you will go through soon" Azaz responds as he looks at the bloody bitemarks on Teïvel's shoulder with a painstaking expression.
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PostSubject: Re: Teïvel's tale of joy and sorrow   

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Teïvel's tale of joy and sorrow
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