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Carmtan Nightglade
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Guild Master
Carmtan Nightglade

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PostSubject: Hourglass   Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:01 am

The Dining Hall was crowded with chatting socialites, sipping aged red wine and toasting to nearly everything they could think of.

"What are they doing here?" asked an adolecent. Dressed head to toe in the finest silk and the finest wool. A bow tie under his stout chin. A grin upon his smug face.

"Shut it , boy! They are our guests!" exclaimed a well filled man. Also dressed in the finest silk and the finest wool, although this time under his shirt sprung a mountainous belly.

"My apologies, Father." replied the Adolescent. Now hanging his head in disgrace.

"I should hope so too!" spluttered the Father. A mouthful of venison.

The Adolescent began eating his meal once more. Chewing his food slowly as he eyed the room. The painting's seemed to look down upon him as angel's would a herd. The boy sighed.

"Why them though , Father?" He persisted to ask again.

"Well ,M'boy. They are nice people. They work for a living and work hard aswell. They struggle and deserve a night off from hastle and sweat." replied the Father, respectfully and cheerfully this time.

Many of the peasents raised a glass to this comment chanting "Well we do love Lord.Scrungen!"

The Father coughed. Cleaning his tableware and dabbing his chin with a silken cloth.

"But then again..They do owe me money..." Said the Father, this time in a hushed tone and with a sharp exaggeration at the end of every word. Smirking at the boy.

After a few more pointless toasts , dancing and singing , a loud uproar of thunder could be heard outside the manor. The Dinning Hall was in the centre of the building, so the thunder appeared to surround them all. Shuddering and chilling spines was shared between everyone as the lights dimmed.

"Ladies and Gentleman! There is a storm coming! The Manor will be your home tonight." yelled the Father, his voice echoing throughout the dinning hall.

The peasents looked between one another and let forth an almighty cheer. "Oh yes we do love Mr.Scrungen!" they chanted once more.

"Enough!...Now, it is my families time to retire. So should it be your's also. Off to your dorm's at once, you will find your room number's in your jacket pockets in the game room." yelled the Father one final time.

The Scrungen's left the Dining Hall. The lights were extingushed and the Peasents were left in the darkeness, wandering around trying to find the door's in the dark.

"Oi mates! I got me a doorhandle!" voiced a peasent. As he tried to open the door.

"It must be jammed or sumin!..I can't open it!" he yelled again.

"Don't be silly Charlie, if the door's locked it's locked. We must have found the wrong door..Come on let's find another." said whom I presume to be Charlie's Wife.

A sliding sound was heard all around them. Like a single brick being removed from a stone wall, emerging all around them.

"Oi, what's that?!" said a confused lumberjack.

Little did he know, they would be the last words he ever spoke.
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Carmtan Nightglade
Guild Master
Guild Master
Carmtan Nightglade

Posts : 112
Join date : 2011-05-04
Age : 24
Location : The Venture Co.

PostSubject: Re: Hourglass   Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:02 am

The night was a long one. Rain plummeting down on every side-angle of the Manor. It was indeed strange weather for Elwynn Forest. But who was a teenager to judge the weather changes? The teenager thought of the peasents in the dinning hall, why must this happen? Why them? Why must his Father be so tight with his money pouch? Curiosity would kill the cat. All he knew was his Father wanted a few more coin's in his buldging pouch, what happened to them once the Scrungen's left the Hall? The Adolescent grabbed his dressing gown, and made his way to his door. There were no creaking floorboards, the Manor was in good condition. However due to reinforced floors every step became a thump. Every drag became a slump. He put his fingers around the cold , jeweled door handle, turning it and pulling the door slowly towards him.

"Go...Back..To..Bed.." shrieked a man dressed head to toe in black, until a skull shaped mask could be seen in the reflected moonlight, a creature at his feet retreating elsewhere.

He jumped in fear, slamming the door and running back into his room. He panted, he shook with fear. Was this man the decider of fate for the Peasents? When suddenly it became apparent that the man was still outside.

"What was all that ruckass about?!" Hissed the Father outside the room.

"Your son..wanted to spectate.." Shrieked the Man.

"What did you do?!" Questioned the Father within harsh tone.

"That is the least of your worries, forget the Boy.....-He- wasn't amongst the peasent's..." Shrieked the Man again.

"What?! He must have fled the village..!" Exclaimed the Father.

"You will not fail us again..Denden the Forth.." Shrieked the man, drawing his boned sword and driving it through the Father's heart.

"You have brought a great curse upon your family...Denden the Forth..The memories shall haunt your generations to pass..." Shrieked the man one final time, a cloak swish was heard after this and evidently the man had walked away.

Another scream escalated from within the Household, this time further away.

The Adolescent, who we are to beleive as Denden the fifth , the only now living Denden. Grabbed his poker from aside the fireplace. He darted out the bedroom door, heading for the porch and his escape. He was noticed, chased by one of the Shrieking men down the hallway. As he looked across at the other side of the Manor way, another was treking him. Appearing faster than he was. Denden came to the end of the hallfway, meeting them both. He was trapped from both sides. Both men drawing their boned blades. Denden jumped off the banister, onto the table of the dinning Hall below. It was only now he realised that these men must have emerged from the other side of the paintings. Denden was injured, shard's of glass piercing his fragile skin. In final effort he stood, the poker in his hand ready to fight. Three of the men surrounded him. Bone swords to hand and slowly drawing closer and closer.

"Very entertaining fellows!" Yelled Denden cockily.

"What is so entertaining...Boy?" Shrieked one of the men.

"This!" Yelled Denden as he threw his poker up at the chandlier, it lowered and Denden took hold of it, swinging about the room. Eventually , after a few swings and efforts made by the Men to chop him down, Denden jumped and knocked down the locked door.

- This was before letting out an almighty gulp. Standing before him was the final Man. The four men now closing in on him. They took hold of Denden's limbs, raising their swords with their other hands. The light's struck with flame once more.

"Your efforts are of no worth.." said a man , dressed in charming clothing, an ascot atop his jacket and clapping, witholding a grin.

"Kill him after.." Shrieked one of the Men.

"Now now now..You are guests , are you not? It's time for the true entertainment to begin.." Hissed the well dressed man.

"Belan'urti!" shouted the 'well dressed man'. A bolt of fire darting towards each of the four men. They let go of Denden's limbs , again landing on more smashed glass.

"Urgh...Typical.." sighed Denden.

More men hopped down from the paintings, taking arm's against the four skull-masked men.

The now apparent spell caster ran over to Denden.

"Your safe now mate'" Ensured the Spellcaster.

"Who..Who are you?..Argh" asked Denden, feeling rather uncomfortable laying on smashed glass more times than he could have wanted in a single evening.

"You can call me...The Master." said the Spellcaster, or should I say...The Master..

The two of them made their way out, The Master's merry men fending off the Skulled-Masked for about ten minutes more.

They then took their subtle leave through a window , Galloping away on convienetly placed Horses.
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Carmtan Nightglade
Guild Master
Guild Master
Carmtan Nightglade

Posts : 112
Join date : 2011-05-04
Age : 24
Location : The Venture Co.

PostSubject: Re: Hourglass   Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:04 am

The Dawn hit Denden like a pale of water being thrown over him. No...Wait perhaps it was The Master throwiing a pale of water over him.

"Morning sunshine." chuckled The Master.

"Urgh..Where are we?" asked Denden, rubbing his eyes.

"Funnily enough little bro, we are in the exact same place as we fell asleep in." Said the now heavily chuckling 'The Master'.

Denden looks around the campsite. There are tents everywhere, extingushed fires and running smoke chaining from the cinders.

"Who are you anyway..?" Asked Denden puzzlingly.

"You ask too many questions..But lets just say it wasn't only your parents that died last night." Answered The Master, smirking.

"Those four men..They attacked your village too?" Asked Denden, yet again.

"Your definately yours Father's son..Same dim witt as he...No..I am your older Brother you imbecile.." Chuckled The Master.

"I..I have a brother?" asked Denden, surprisingly again.

"Do you usually ask four questions when you wake up in the morning?" Asked The Master, grinning.

"I don't remember?" Answered Denden..Almost.

"Your unbeleivable..Anyway Cheeerio! Come on men let's get out of here!" yelled The Master.

"What? Your going to leave me here?" Asked Denden, unbeleivably again.

"Stop asking questions and accept whats happened. Here's a present. Catcha when our path's meet again." Snarled The Master, tossing Denden two small handheld crossbows before walking away with his men, taking the canvas and camp supplies with them.

As to why Denden did not run after them, I do not know. But atleast now Denden could view the corruption that was now engulfing Southern Elwynn. Where there was once life, was now matted grass, scorn tree's and scarred ridged-land. He looked at his crossbow's The Master gave him. They had no projectiles within them. 'Why would he give me these if they have no means of helping me survive?' wondered Denden.

"You look lost." Came a voice from behind him.

Denden turned raising his empty-crossbow's. The voice came from a young woman. Aged Nineteen at best.

"Um..Yeah..No..I mean I know exactly where I am heading." replied Denden, cockily.

"I am sure of that. You are heading South aren't you?" Asked the Woman.

"What's south?" asked Denden.

The Woman grinned. "Funnily enough Southern Elwynn, if you want to call it that of course." Replied the Woman.

"Right..Yes. That's where I live...So I should proba-.." said Denden, stopping mid sentance thinking.

"I probably shouldn't in that case.." said Denden once more, pondering and looking troubled.

"What's happened to you?" asked the Woman.

"I am not sure..But I think I have to accept it and move on." cockily stated Denden.

"I won't bite. Come with me I think I know the right place for you." smiled the Woman. Walking away.

Denden made haste to follow. Now marked with a reassuring smile upon his face.
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Carmtan Nightglade
Guild Master
Guild Master
Carmtan Nightglade

Posts : 112
Join date : 2011-05-04
Age : 24
Location : The Venture Co.

PostSubject: Re: Hourglass   Sat Mar 31, 2012 8:17 am

The camp was a few miles away from where they first made contact. Suddenly behind the tree's emerged three leather bound men, aiming crooked bows at Denden. Denden foolishly drew his two corssbows. The men laughed.

"Gunna shoot us with fresh Elwynn air mate'?" Cackled one.

"You startled me was all.." Muttered denden.

"He's with me." said the Woman.

"Vanessa? Is that you?" asked one.

The woman lowered her hood. "We are sorry, Lady Blackthorne." said the three men , nodding.

"Go on then'." Tutted one.

Vanessa lead Denden into the camp, it was heavily fortified by tree's and was almost invisable to the un-inquisitive eye. A large built man emerged from a tent, two men following him, dagger's drawn.

"Who is this runt?!" he asked.

"He's not a Runt! His name is...Is..." stuttered Vanessa.

"You do not even know this filthy runts name?! Eh?! Eh?!" taunted the large man.

"Denden.." Said Denden. Before being struck across the face by the man's monstorous fist.

"I did not ask you to speak, runt!" yelled the man. Striking him once more.

"Jacob stop it!" Cried out Vanessa.

"We have a camp to secure, Vanessa! Our child was born but two week's ago..I will deal with you later.." Snarled Jacob.

"Yes..Yes..Dearest." whimpered Vanessa.

"Hey look..I don't any trouble. She simply offered me to come help you lot.." stated Denden, cockily.

"Help?! Help you say?! And what help could a little posh runt like you be to us?!" bellowed Jacob. Punching Denden in the stomache.

"I bet your not even fifteen..Runt.." Snarled Jacob.

Denden coughs. "Se-Seventeen.." mumbles Denden.

"Get him out of my sight! Wait...No..Kill him we cannot risk our camps security.." Snapped Jacob.

"No please! Please no!" Cried Vanessa from behind Jacob, attempting to grab his shoulder's to change his orders.

Denden nodded respectfully. Kneeling down before Jacob. "I am ready." He said.

"No please!" cried Vanessa once more.

One of the men aside Jacob draw a knife, walking towards him, flicking it about showing his impressive dagger hand.

"Die..Runt..For the Defia-!..What?!" said the executor. Two arrows had been shot between the executor and Denden.

"There will not be any of that.." emerged The Master.

"Urgh..You again...Haven't you pestered us enough already?!" Questioned Jacob with a louder, more irratated tone.

"Not quite..See..This boy here is of interest to me..But I lack the time to care for him..So you will." Smirked The Master.

"I will do no such thing! We know nothing of the boy! Leave him with us and we will make meat of him by Noon.." Growled Jacob.

"No no no. This simply won't do. You have misunderstood my word's you blubbering baffoon..I said you -Will- look after him" smiled The Master.

Denden was watching back and forth as the two discussed control over him.

"Enough of your Riddles pig!" Yelled Jacob. "Kill them!" he ordered.

The Master smirked, pulling up his hood. "Here mate." Smiles The Master as he tosses Denden a small quiver of arrows.

Denden catches them, having no idea of how to load the Crossbows.

Jacob's Bandits begin running towards the two. The Master drawing his axe and quick blade, also charging towards them. As one of the Bandit's attempt to slice The Master's shoulder he appears to disappear. Re-emerging behind the bandit and planting his axe in his back.

This time a female jumps at him, The Master ducks allowing her to jump over him. He tosses the axe at her, unfortunatly she parries it and it deflects near Denden. The female bandit and The Master charge once more at each other, locking weapons. The Master kicks her in the stomache and deals a gash across her neck as she falls with his quickblade. Two bandits swarm him this time.

"Anytime mate." smirks The Master, addressing Denden.

"Ermm I'm...." stutters Denden, fiddling with the crossbow string.

"Oh blast you, pick up the axe..!" Yells The Master. Flickering a dagger froma previous slain Bandit and throwing it into one of the two bandit's chest's.

Denden takes the axe in hand. Attempting to stand ready against the now approaching second Bandit. The Bandit swings, Denden ducks.

"Look you have to do more than ducking..! I can't help ya right now..Survive until I'm done.." cackled The Master.

Denden stumbles but stands up again, poised in an incorrect position. He begins parrying the attacks made by the Bandit weakily. He catches eye of Vanessa running inside the main tent and hears the crying of a baby inside. He turns to run to her, Kicking the Bandit off his feet and disarming him accidently. Denden look's at the Bandit.

"Yeah..Pretty one ain't he? Kill him you fraggle.." tuts The Master.

"look I don't want to kill you...Help us..Okay?" Smiles Denden, towards the vulnerable Bandit.

The bandit nods and gets up, taking his weapons and standing by Denden.

"Right let's go!" yells Denden as he is struck by the decieveing Bandit across the shoulder.

"Argh! But you nodded.." he cries.

The bandit let's forth a grunting laugh, "Yeah don't trust Bandit's mate..Belan'urti!" advises The Master before turning and launching a fireball at The Bandit above Denden, turning him to ash.

Denden holds his shoulder, blood pouring onto his hand. He stands but stumbles dazed. Taking his axe again he runs towards The Master's section of the fight.

"Urgh.." Denden Groans. Hacking into a few of the Bandit's around The Master with the axe.

"That's more like it!" grinned The Master.

"ENOUGH!" Yelled Jacob. "Out of my way!" he yelled once more.

"Just you and me , Hooded man.." challenges Jacob.

"Alright.." Answer's The Master.

Jacob rips off his tunic revealing huge gaping muscles and drawing two, two handed swords. Holding them firmly as you would one handers.

The Master takes out his second quick blade. Jumping at Jacob to draw first blood. Jacob smashes The Master with the hilt of his blade, drawing blood to The Master's nose.

"Urgh.." The Master Sniffles. Before once more disappearing and reappears, slicing both of Jacob's hands with the blades. He drops one then catches The Master's back with the other.

"Not to fast now are ya!" Roared Jacob.

"Matter of perspective you fat grizzley.." Cackles The Master. Once more seeming to disappear and reappear striking Jacob.

"Urgh!" Jacob roars.

"Your lucky, you have the upper hand. This isn't my expert combat style." The Master smirks.

"What is puny runt?!" challenges Jacob once more.

"Belan'urti!" mutters The Master. Jacob drops his second two hander, blisters forming on Jacob's hand.

"You -will- take Denden in as if he was your ow-.." Stated The Master, unfinished.

"No, I would rather die than be one of them. Brother." interupted Denden. Taking one final look at the shadow of Vanessa holding a baby in the main tent. Before walking away, blood running down his back. The Master smirks, looking at Jacob.

"Perhaps next time..Then.." he snarls.

"There won't be a next time.." Grunts Jacob. Throwing a spiked section of a barricade at The Master. Shattering his hind leg.

"Urghh!" sighs The Master.

"Perhaps..You...Are right.." said The Master, limping away into the shadows of the forest once more.
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Carmtan Nightglade
Guild Master
Guild Master
Carmtan Nightglade

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PostSubject: Re: Hourglass   Sat Mar 31, 2012 8:17 am

Seven years later...

The Southern forest had completely Darkened. Many headless bodies had been found as of late. Oh look theres anoth-

An arrow darted across the wood, striking a man covered in black robes who seemingly was foraging for herbs. Slicing his head, Denden put it in a bag. Before darting off again into the Night.


"Here.." Said Denden, looking at the Woman over the oak-like desk and putting the head-filled bag atop it.

"Here.." Replied the Woman. Putting a sack of coins on the next.

"I will be back next week.." smirked Denden.

He walked away and out of the Manor. Darting off once more into the village below.

He entered a small house. "Hunni, I'm home!"

"Denden! Oh I missed you today!" said his wife, kissing him excitedly.

"How much did you get?!" she snapped.

"A few silver's today." replied Denden.

"I love you I love you I love you!" she jumped up and down, hugging him.

"One moment..Just gunna light a pipe and I will be back in." smiled Denden. Walking outside , lighting his pipe.

"Ah..I made quite the life for myself.." He said, taking a draw of smoke.

"Psst.." said a voice.

"Can I man not have a pipe in peace?!" exclaimed Denden. Sighing.

"What now Burb..?" Denden sighed once more.

"There's some Defias just outside the compound..I saw them I did.." nodded Burb eagerly.

"Don't worry yourself..Burb. Go home. They will pass." Ensured Denden, smiling.

Denden was already eyeing the outskirts of the compound when Burb scurried away. 'I wonder if she's there..?' He thought.

"Oi Mr.Scrungen!" shouted a voice from behind him.

"What is it, Ramaar?" , Denden sighed heavily again.

"I bring news Sir! I does Sir!" Exclaimed the Paper boy(Messenger).

"Oh..And what news may that be..?" Smirked Denden.

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PostSubject: Re: Hourglass   

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