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Welcome, Horde and Alliance alike, to the Venture Co. Forums! Please please please invite all of your guild mates and any other RPer's you find, even new blood that have just joined WoW.

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PostSubject: A NEW BEGINNING   Thu May 03, 2012 8:21 pm


Aminda nodded one last time at the gnome in the torn Knights of Lordaeron tabard before she wearily closed the door behind him. The simple bed squeaked in protest as she slowly sat herself down on the mattress and lay back. She closed her eyes for the first time in days. Finally they had found a place to stay. Only temporarily but at least safe for now. Aminda exhaled deeply and soon the events that had taken place the last couple of weeks took up all the space in her mind again. Screams. Explosions. Blood. The smell of burnt flesh.

Who were they? Who sent them? Why?

Aminda opened her eyes again. The carefully locked room was filled with documents, files and books. Filled with history. How a grand military organization had come to this was nothing but sad. She closed her eyes again. She smiled as she remembered the headquarters back in Hillsbrad filled with proud, strong Knights. Clad in the finest of armor and their deep blue tabards. Or the many parades. Soldiers from all alliance races gathered together under the Knights' banner to honor great heroes. She thought of the many battles they had fought. Their victories. Memory after memory soothed her until the candle standing on a simple nightstand burnt down. The room went dark and the warm memories faded away.

She was back at the keep in Aerie Peak. It’s late. Too late to be awake. Aminda was sitting at her desk trying to figure out how to make the next few weeks go around financially. Next to no coin was coming in these days. The keep had less and less visitors except the odd Wildhammer dwarf. Sure, every now and then a Knight would stop by. Either looking for work or word of other Knights. So many Knights were missing. Many forced to go elsewhere to earn their living. There had been reports about deaths, but there were not even enough people to carry out ceremonies. Not to mention coin. She bit down on her teeth and sighed in frustration at the numbers she was working on. Some time ago people would often bow or nod respectfully when they met someone wearing the Knights colors in the streets. These days she could not handle wearing her tabard anymore while taking care of business in the city. People would smile at her, glancing at the Knights banner on her chest. Not a pleasant smile. The smile and nod someone would give you if you just lost a family member. Aminda slammed the quill down on her desk. Time for bed. The numbers might look better with a clear mind and in the light of the morning sun.

She got up from her chair and walked out of the office. She was about to lock the door when a strange cold made her look over her shoulder. Seconds later she heard shouting. Shouting and running.
“We’re under attack!” someone cries out. Seconds after that again she hears the sound of steel against steel. Aminda tears open the door to her office again and hurries into her battle robes. A breathless dwarf runs into the room.
“Ma’am! We’re…”
“…under attack, thanks. I have ears!” Aminda barks back while fastening her shoulder pads. “Send for help! Any Knight and ally we can get a hold of! And send me two people to help me here! At once!”
“Yes ma’am!”
Aminda quickly finished getting her battle gear on and opened a small drawer in her desk. She grabbed a chain of keys. The two guards she had asked for entered the door and saluted her. Ready for their orders.
“Good! Longbeard, Stoutbush. Move EVERYTHING from the office in here. I don’t want a single scroll to be left behind in here for whatever nosey scum of an attacker we are dealing with to see! Is that clear?” Aminda pushed a shelf to the side and pressed her hand to a piece of rock. A rumble echoed through the room while stone moved and an iron door came to sight. Aminda quickly unlocked the heavy door and pushed it open, and behind it was a long, dark and rocky hallway.
“Secure every last scroll!”
“Yes Ma’am!”
The two dwarves started on their task right away and Aminda grabbed her staff from the weapon rack on the wall. She ran out of the room and closer to the sound of the fight. Already she could hear it was bad. An arrow flew straight past her head and before she could see where it came from another one got caught in her shoulder pad. She was quick to summon a protective holy shield, and pointed her staff at the attacker. She knew she was in real danger as another arrow hit the shield. Alone against an archer was not the ideal situation for a healer. She thanked the light when she heard a hoarse scream and a thump. Her attacker fell out from the shadows with a gnome standing on his back while pulling his blade out of his neck. Helmut winked at Aminda before running along with her towards the exit of the keep where soldiers were fighting bravely to keep the enemy out. The enemy were many, and more coming. Aminda shouted some orders while casting protective spells here and there. A red-bearded dwarf burned like a divine furnace, sending out blasts of holy power, while another gnome Aminda recognized as Udine was bravely keeping a much bigger opponent in place. A few guards kept Aminda safe where she was standing trying her best to keep her people alive. But already soldiers were dying. She spotted another Knight at the other entrance. She was screaming in panic sending fireballs and polymorph spells in every direction. Soon a knock on the head made her sink down on the ground.
“GET HER TO SAFETY!” Aminda screamed and sent a protective spell to shield her.
Soon they were pushed into the keep. Enemies grew and allies fell. Sweat was running down her back. Spells and arrows were flying over her head. Screaming, panic.

Aminda quickly sat up in her bed. She grabbed around her wand tightly and looked around the dark room. It was quiet again. She peered at the door in the dark, remembering how they had to fall back. A couple of gnomish giggles from the other side of the door brought her back to the present. They used to be an army of Knights. Now this army was down to a few midgets, a wounded mage and a priestess. But they had saved their history. Aminda smiled faintly. They were not completely broken. Their enemies might have won the fight, but they had not succeeded. Their numbers might be few now but she was positive more Knights would find them when they heard what had taken place. This was not the end. This order was born with only a handful of people, and so it would rise again.


And with this I would like to announce that Knights of Lordaeron is moving to Defias Brootherhood. Many of our members are following, some unactive ones will follow us when the panda expansion starts, and I hear a lot of people from here has allready moved there, wich was one of the reasons why we chose this particulare server. Hopefully the rest of Venture Co's RP community will follow!

Hugs and kisses!
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