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 25 Years ago - The explanation of a strange hate.

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PostSubject: 25 Years ago - The explanation of a strange hate.    Mon Dec 17, 2012 10:01 pm

From the pictures above you can see, the assassin Hatt, twenty five years ago was killed by Chagidien. The last picture was of a few months ago, where Chagidien raised Hatt as one of his death knights. Hatt belonged to an order, related to the Wardens, who sought to eradicate threats before the formation of a group in later generations had to be created to end it. Hatt had failed and was raised by Chagidien built to distract those after his head. Chagidien took what was once good, collected incriminating evidence and then raised that good, thus-fore making it bad.
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25 Years ago - The explanation of a strange hate.
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