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 Sanctuary in Icecrown

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PostSubject: Sanctuary in Icecrown   Thu Dec 20, 2012 10:23 pm

No king rules forever.
He looked at the others while wiping some sweat off his forhead. Sudden pain. Hurt? He didn't think so. He looked down at his hand: there was some smeared out blood on it. Imagine that.
One of the others approached him.
-Is it over?
-I hope so.
-You're bleeding.
-I know.
-Nafenzi could have a look at it.
-I know.
Of course he knew there was people with him that could patch him up. Heck, he could take care of it himself if it was really important. But for now he would let it be, he found peace in what his own blood did remind him of: his own mortality; he was still human.
He glanced down to his right hand, it was still carassing the axe. The shimmering axe whispered to him, despite how much it had just feasted, he knew it wanted more.
He cast it out of his mind, it only brought on bad memories of the darkness. He wasn't hungering. He told himself again he was just human.
It made him feel at peace. It strengthened the hope he had in himself and in his group.

Alone. Where am I?
Surrounded by darkness. A cold darkness that pressed down upon him. A light.
-You have come to bring Arthas to justice? To see the Lich King destroyed?
Not alone. A shape in front of him; a familiar face; a friend of the past. Terenas, oh, Terenas what has he done to you?
-First, you must escape Frostmourne's hold, or be damned as I am; trapped within this cursed blade of all eternity.
The old King's voice robbed of all emotion. Only a cold and unforgiving logic remained. He knew that Terenas was right; if he couldn't leave this place it'd all be for nothing.
His need flowed though his hands into his axe, its power growing with every second; it wanted death.
-Aid me in destroying these tortured souls! Together we will loosen Frostmourne's hold and weaken the Lich King from within!

-You know, that dagger, I call that a mage weapon. Don't you agree?
The question dragged him back to reality, he remembered he wasn't alone, he looked down in the direction of the question.
-I'm sorry?
-It's obvious that it's mage loot.
-Stop it.
-Can't blame me for trying.
No. I guess I can't, the man thought to himself as he watched the gnome making his way back to the others after yet another fruitless attempt to add to his collection of daggers.
How many daggers could one gnome have?
Even though the gnome's question had only been annoying, the man was glad that it had pulled him back from his daydreaming. He'd have all the time in the world for meditation later; no time to deal with it now; a job to finish. He could see two others making their way over to him now, they would actually have something useful to say, weren't the ones to occupy his time with non-essential issues.
-Everyone's OK. A few cuts and bruises here and there. Nothing serious.
Good news. First in a long time.
-Let them know how proud I am over their performance.
-I'm sure they're aware of that.
-Just tell them.
-I will don't worry about it.
-Thank you, Tilgara.
-Gee, didn't think you were one to rush people.
The female draenei smiled provokingly at him. She seemed almost untouched by the fierce battle that had raged here only moments ago. That was how she was. Profesionalism mixed with a sometimes heated temper. As for Shandi, who'd up until now had been standing silent next to Tilgara, the same attributes could not be seen. She remained the best warrior he'd ever had the pleasure of doing battle with, so she most definatley qualified as a profesional. But, when he looked at her now: drenched in black vile goo and disgusting blood that smelled so foul it annoyed him she could remain so uneffected by it, he couldn't help but to think that perhaps Shandi truly was mad, and that berserking rage she could display at times perhaps wasn't something she'd learned by years of training, but instead something that had always been there.
-What's next?
Her voice wasn't tired, nor was it excited, it didn't sound plagued by pain, or filled with happiness. It was just a straight forward question. A question he knew he had to have an answer for. However he found himself lacking a good answer to the question.
-Just give me a moment. I'll talk to them, I'll explain what we will do, what it is the three of us have been discussing for so long. Just give me a moment.
He needed time. A lot more than he was asking for, he knew it. But it'd have to make do for now.
-Can't you just go tell them now?
Tilgara grinned at him, no need to reply. A look will do.

Gondelix was standing surrounded by all priests in the group. He seemed to forget they were all twice his size. Nor did he actually realise he was outnumbered in this debate.
-It's very obvious it's a dagger suited best for the means of damage dealing. It's covered with runes that infuse it both with tremendous speed and power!
-You know damn well it's beneficial for us as well.
Sashelle glared at the gnome.
-It doesn't even look that accurate! How can you say it's not meant for us? Our heals never miss! Elodi chipped in.
-Sometimes I'm not so su-
If gnomes where known for their unmatched intellect and resourcefulness, Gondelix was a walking proof that at least one of them had severe shortcomings when it came to the social side of life as well. So if it hadn't been for Shandi stepping in and cutting Gondelix's sentence short, the punch that was hanging in the air would surley have been sent on a crash date with the upper part of the rude gnome's skull. Shandi declared that she felt Gondelix had done enough for now and picked him up and moved him away from the angry mob. The priests cheered in triumph, not noticing the gnome's eyes still fixated on the dagger.

-Val'kyr, your master calls!
The screeching came again, winged angels of death flew down from the heaven's straight at the party. Their black helmet's covered the eyes of Arthas' most fearsome allies. Unable to see their eyes sent a chill down his back. Unnautral.
The first swooped down at Meleager standing beside him. The rogue effortlessly fell to the ground and flipped back up as he grinned at the Val'kyr who had missed him. It came back from a second attempt but the Kaldorei was more than prepared. His knife flicked round in his hand and he hurled it at the angel. It embedded itself in the Val'kyr's head and the flying corpse crashed into the frozen throne and didn't move any more.
Distracted by Meleager's showing off, he had missed the other Val'kyr. He heard Nafenzi's all too common screams, though this time that she wasn't counterspelled. The last Val'kyr was flying over to the edge of oblivion. The whispering of his axe filled his mind. It thirst for blood. He thirst for blood. Together they thirst for death. He lept with all his might onto the angel's back. She didn't seem to notice him.
As he said it, the angel tried to shake him off. Too late. His axe cut into the white flesh and all three of them fell down to the ground, though one did not get up again. The Val'kyr had got a small blow on his forehead, but it was nothing compared to the beating Aothereon was taking. He held out a hand to Nafenzi who took it.

-You want me to heal you now? Or would you prefer to bleed to death so I can try my hand at resurrection?
-I thought we had lost you there for a while.
Nafenzi smiled as she dressed the gash on his forehead. It did sting a bit, but he still felt the others paid too much attention to such a petty wound.
-Don't you have better things to do?
-After all this? Not really.
He sighed. Had everything finally caught up with him now? Was it really so that there was nothing left that united them all? Arthas. No. The Lich King, had fallen by their blades. The mighty Lich King that for so long had terrorized and plagued Azeroth had finally met up with justice; he had been the one common goal for everyone here.
Would they still be able to keep together after this?

He leaned back against the pillar and pulled his finger's through his black hair. It seemed to surreal. Nafenzi had moved over to Gondelix who had seemed to escape Shandi's hold and had restarted the debate about the dagger. He smiled to himself, they were enjoying themselves and they deserved it. Shandi would make sure it didn't get out of hand. He breathed out and relaxed more. The crowd was gathering around the loud gnome, leaving him alone.
His gaze wondered around the rest of the throne. Sat the bottom of his steps he could see the corpse of Rivinzinul. Sat a step above he could see Marissa sat, not looking at it, instead gazing up at the sky. The icy winds waved her pitch black hair revealing her eyes only for a second. He could see was whispering to herself, either that or singing. It was too faint for him to hear. He started to edge closer to her. She kept herself to herself as much as she did.

I look around; see the blood and death,
Friends, allies without any breath,
Why am I here, what is my life?
A world without hope, nothing but strife,
What can one do against this storm?
The darkness of this evil swarm,
Alone I know I will fall and die,
On friends I will have to rely,
Brave, true and devoted to right,
United, together in the light,
So now I go where my heart deems,
To the Sanctuary of Dreams.

He moved over to her and sat beside her. She stopped but other than that didn't seem to acknowledge him.
-Are you alright? You're not with the others.
-Nor are you and I don't ask if you are OK.
Her voice seemed cold and emotionless. The life of a warlock. He ignored it and continued.
-Maybe I should.
-If you go over there, they will expect a big speech about how they saved the world. If you truely believe that.
-And by that you mean?
-Don't be an idiot. Don't think that killing a rather insignificant faction leader will solve the problems with this world. Life will end, it is inevitable, it is fleeting. Death is the only immortality, not undeath. The Black Dragonflight is still on loose and they surpase Arthas in strength I have no doubt. If C'thun and Yogg-Saron are alive, what does that say for the other three Old Gods the Kaldorei say exist. That time we may not have four titans to save our skins. And then the naga-
-Stop, I get it.
-We are far from done. You should get them back to training straight away.
-So you're saying we have no time to celebrate. I wouldn't believe that for a second. They will just get themselves burned out if they don't stop. They deserve a break for a bit. You should take one too, I promise I will if you do.
-You're worried about something else.
He didn't reply.

-Less than 12.7%.
They all looked at him as Shandi dropped him back to ground. The gnome brushed himself down.
-The chances of any priest using the dagger to it's maximum potential. I think we have more chance of a cataclysmic event taking place in the foreseeable future than a priest using this dagger as it should.
-Then it should go to me.
-Well, I'm a mage too.
Yarillia and Teffeltop seemed to enter the debate and had somehow picked up the dagger. Gondelix rushed over to it and grabbed whatever part he could. Someone was chanting 'fight' in the background as each mage tried to shake the other two off it. Tilgara held her hand over his head. This is why she hated gnomes. If they weren't careful she would have to yell.

-Watch as the world around you collapses!
He rushed over to the centre part of the frozen throne and yelled for his allies to do the same. The giant spiritual form of a dwarf swung at him as he held up the bloodied axe to parry the blow. The hit knocked him back and the spirit attacked again. All of a sudden the spirit was knocked down onto the platform and hit again by it's true form. The heavily armoured form of Pamphleteer shouted some dwarven battlecry and charged again at his doppleganger.
In the confusion he saw Gondelix still on the platform edge as the ice broke away. He cursed. He couldn't afford to lose anyone, even if it was a gnome.
An eagle flew over his head as Gondelix fell down out of view. He cursed again, his anger coursing through his axe. The eagle dived down and moments later had the gnome in it's talons. It dropped the mage back on the platform and transformed back into a moonkin, immediatly sending a surge of natural energy at the Lich King as if nothing had happened.
Anger flowed through his blood. The anger flowed into his axe. Anger was strength. The strength to win. He rushed back into the fray.

The two gnomes had teamed up against Yarillia who was now wandering aimlessly looking more sheepish than normal. After celebrating momentarily at their victory both gnomes returned to trying to get the dagger.
The sunlight disappeared.
They both looked up to see what had happened. The giant claw of a moonkin grabbed the blade of the dagger and lifted it up, including the two gnomes. Neither could hold on and both fell back down, landing on their rears. The moonkin shrunk slightly into the form of Sumec who immediately sheathed the dagger in his belt.
-I believe this is payment for saving your life.
Shandi stepped up beside the Night Elf and glanced at him quickly before turning his attention to the mages.
-The dagger belongs to Sumec. Mages, I'll never understand you. Why settle for one weapon...

So this was death.
His eyes were dead, he couldn't see anything with them. Yet somewhere within him he thought he could see what was around his corpse.
The rest of the group had met the same fate. A blinding flash of black light had engulfed them and flushed out all life. Now atop the frozen throne only Tirion remained.
A surge of light blasted from the sky, splitting and destroying the dark clouds that hung over Icecrown since the day he stepped foot in Northrend. It blasted into the frozen form of Tirion and it shattered into a thousand pieces.
The Lich King moved his head slightly still holding Frostmourne above his head. A shard just missed him and stuck into a spirit standing beside it's master. Every piece of ice found a spirit, perfectly condeming them all to their second death.
Tirion leapt with all his might, his eyes fixated on the target.
The cataclysm of the Ashbringer striking Frostmourne send a ripple of energy even through his soul. A second blinding flash of darkness stormed over the throne.
It was shattered.
-No more, Arthas! No more lives will be consumed by your hatred!
Frostmourne lay broken, tens of thousands of spirits fleeing from it's bonds. Every single death attributed to the blade, unleashed.
-Free at last! It is over, my son. This is the moment of reckoning.
Terenas had been released, a beam of azure light shining down at him. His hands lit up with the same light that had freed Tirion.
- Rise up, Champions of the Light!
All of a sudden he felt life return to him. He felt around and touched the handle of his axe. It was made for this purpose, it's single desire. Justice would be done.

With his axe clenched in his hands, he walked over to the crowd of people gathered around the centre of the throne. As soon as one of them saw him, they all stopped speaking at looked at him. Shandi and Tilgara stepped to his side and turned to look at the gathering.
They cheered at his declaration, as he motioned for silence once more.
-We have dealt a great blow to the forces of darkness, the forces that would destroy reality itself. You deserve your rest, your rewards and I will not take it away from you. However we are far from done. As long as a single soul would wish harm on us and our loved ones, we are not done with this war.
-Arthas was just the latest in a long line of evil forces to fall before out might. Malygos and his deranged flight, Yogg-Saron and his vast army, the strongest commanders of the Scourge and even it's leader. But what of the others? Deep under the Maelstrom the vile Naga would destroy our allies, in the corners of the world the filthy Twilights Hammer would seek to bring back their elemental masters. Our allies the Red Dragonflight have taken heavy loses from their war, what is to stop Deathwing, the Destroyer of Worlds, to wipe them out?
-We'll destroy them too!
-Yes. Yes we will. But not as we are now. We almost failed on this day. It showed me something. We have worked together for a year now. I believe the time has come. From now on we fight for a single purpose, under a single banner. We will fight and die united in our believes. Apart we will shatter, together unbreakable! On this day, this alliance is over, and it gives birth to a new force of righteousness!
The cheer as he held his axe out, azure flames leaping around itself.
-No matter what we come up against, we shall remain firm. No matter how strong, even if we die, we shall see our enemy dead in the ground, and they shall stay there!
-Who are we then?
-We are righteous fury. We are strength unlimited. We are followers of our hearts, and I for one will follow it where ever it deems. We are the defenders of life, the destroyers of evil. And forever we shall be known, as Sanctuary of Dreams!

He raised Shadowmourne once more infront of him. Cheering filled the deadly quiet throne. It had begun. A new age, a new story.

Sanctuary of Dreams.
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PostSubject: Re: Sanctuary in Icecrown   Thu Dec 20, 2012 10:24 pm

The story that myself and Gondelix wrote when our guild was first formed, a few days before we defeated the Lich King for the first time.
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Sanctuary in Icecrown
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