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 Wardens of Azeroth - Guild Information

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PostSubject: Wardens of Azeroth - Guild Information   Sun Sep 01, 2013 7:50 am

Name: Wardens of Azeroth.
Realm: The Venture Co (TvC).
Type: Roleplay.

Alignment: Neutral-Good.
Faction: Pro-Alliance.

Wardens of Azeroth are ever-still recruiting Roleplayers of all experiences into our Guild. Supplying an environment for Roleplayers to start out as-well as supplying RP for the most experienced of Roleplayers. Wardens of Azeroth provide a high standard of Roleplay while we follow and proudly work within WoW Lore. Your class and level do not matter, so long as you intend to role play you may well be Warden material.

Join the Wardens of Azeroth in responding to and diffusing threats to Azeroth and it's Innocent in both Diplomatic and Combat Orientated roleplay. With a well designed rank system involving two wings and even an Outsider rank, we cater for your needs as a Roleplayer - whatever they may be.

We supply both events and random role play alongside our weekly meeting. - Because no one should be without role play.

Do you want to be a Warden of Azeroth?
Apply here! -
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Wardens of Azeroth - Guild Information
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