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 Notification of a death..

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PostSubject: Notification of a death..   Sun Mar 14, 2010 7:25 am

Emmelina sat in Silvermoon's Blood Knight temple with a pot of ink beside her and a blank piece of parchment resting in her lap. She rubbed one of her carefully bandaged hands over a scarred and exceptionally tired face, trying to ignore the echoes of whispers flitting through her mind. Chogal's voice seemed to fill her consciousness occasionally. Sometimes accusing, sometimes philosophical and ethereal. It didn't surprise her; nothing of that nature did. Not anymore.

Her eyes flicked to the ghostly pale elf Chogal had been. Lifeless but with the faintest smile lingering around his lips, she had laid him in a way that made it seem almost as though he was simply sleeping. At once a pang of guilt shot through her again, the knowledge that she had been the cataclysm stark and naked in her conscience. She shook her head, turned her eyes back down to the parchment. She had to notify someone. A Marauder, preferably. Emmelina scribbled Catari's name at the top of the parchment, then paused again. She found that she wasn't entirely equipped to express herself delicately. It just wasn't in her.

Quote :

I'm sorry to have to bring you this note, and particularly so close to the service in Magyk's honor.

Chogal is dead. I have put him in the Blood Knight temple in Silvermoon. I think it should be up to you Marauders what to do with his remains.


Trying to block the questions and prods Chogal's spirit was unleashing on her, Emmelina frowned and glanced over the brief note. Unfortunately it was the best she could do. She folded it and stood, growling partially in pain at having to use her leg again so soon, and also in part at the constant blackmailing from a dead orc. Or elf. She turned her eyes to Caledar who was seated behind her. At her silent beckoning he stood up and together they limped out of the temple, the male elf stubbornly rejecting his own pain and frustration.

At long last the two Blood Knights limped their painstaking way to Caledar's home in the Bazaar area of the City. Emmelina made certain to send a Squire with the note for Catari before they left and hoped it would reach her quickly, and not interfere with the plans for Magyk the following day. The night slowly progressed, yet another one where she did not sleep..

((Sorry for the meh, written quickly and all..))
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Notification of a death..
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