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 Wings of Reality - World defense initiative.

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PostSubject: Wings of Reality - World defense initiative.   Fri Apr 30, 2010 12:35 am

[Greetings, people, for those, who still remember me, the old goodie-two-shoes orc warlock in white robes is back in action with a new incarnation, and with a new project. Hello from Starrok Wink Soo...

Wings of Reality, an RP guild focused on military training\economics\politics, and including the appropriate PvP and PvE activities. We have hereby gathered enough people to start active RP enforcement Wink]

The Arch'Sha'Dawoo'Taar prophecy:
Quote :

"Each verge of reality has its meaning, and there is a connection inbetween. The balance is fragile, and the hour of need may come when you expect it the least. And when the sorrow knocks the doors, there will be three signs of its arrival:

First, the rumble of the ground beneath your feet.

Second, the volcanos awakening.

Third: A solar darkening.

But before the planets will collapse, there will arise those who will claim the right to fly. They are already amongst us. Those, picked by the Arch'Sha'Dawoo'Taar, pure spirits, the Crystals of Visions. They would call themselves the Winged. A force, that lacks fear, that sees no borderlines, that knows no restrictions. It is them, who will stand up in the hour of need. It is them who are destined to keep the balance."

Who are we? "The Winged" is our name. We are the holders of celestial knowledge, brought to us by the Crystal of Visions. We care little about the fuss of the outer world, and we answer a higher call. Honourable and tolerated, yet quick to retaliate, we are here to protect the world against the incoming cataclysms, and earn the Right to Fly. We are here to keep the balance. We are here to become the Legend.

Behaviour rules.

A. The Winged do everything they consider right and everything they think is useful, despite someone or even everyone finding their actions weird or lacking a common sense.

B. The Winged do not interfere the business of others as long as nobody crosses their own interests.

C. The Winged always provide help and support to each other and those in need.

D. The Winged react instantly on any agression made against themselves or their allies.

E. The Winged value honor and compassion.

Outward appearance:

The respecting colors are worn by appropriate elements:

Earth - Green

Air - Gray, white

Fire - Red, Orange

Water - Blue

Light - White, yellow

Dark - Black

[For more info, /w Miranis, Zuimurzung, Gehco, Bjoriel, Ishnadoom, Ygdra, Jahlin, Damenoya in game.]
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Wings of Reality - World defense initiative.
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