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 The Fall of the Order of Eternal Sun The Keepers of Secrets.

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Helfdane Einhart

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PostSubject: The Fall of the Order of Eternal Sun The Keepers of Secrets.   Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:37 pm

((Alright im just going to make this clear im not good at writing this kind of historys but im going to make a try to make you all get a view of Helfdanes History from his view so here it goes And yes... Im bad at grammar and not all spelling is correct))

The Bloodbath and the Last stand of the Templars

Helfdane opened up another troath with a swing of his blade, blinking as the blood gushing out from the corpse dropping down at the cold marble sprayed his face. How long is this going to continue? He tought.. The fight had continued for several hours and the hordes of the undeads just kept coming like an endless black tide of destruction. Why is this happening?

It all started out so good.. he tought. I won the early morning tournament and was granted the title of Grand Templar by the Order Master.. Then i joined in with my other high Brothers at the Ring of the Sacred Knowledge.. The heart of the Order and Chapter.
I walked into the Sacred Halls.. Looking at the banners of long forgotten heroes high up in the cealings each one slowly slowly crumbling to dust.. and disappear.
The old Librarian that cared for the old Temple were older than at least a dozen of the younger recruits it seemed... Way to old to even hold a blade or staff.. Neither being able to care for the giant library filled with ancient knowledge since the beginning of time.. By the light.. at least a few hundred books had been eaten by rats.. over the years their sacred knowledge gone cause of one man.. that insisted to be in the Orders Service.

Oh well.. at least it was some difference when coming to the armoury.. All the weapons there where off unknown making.. the ancient knowledge of crafting the sacred blades long lost among the books lost in the library altough the remaining weapons where taken care of one daily basis.. anointed with holy oils and enchantments... Heh.. stupid Librarian he did his best tough.. and now he lied dead under a pile of falling rocks..

He wiped the blood off his face before rushing into another mob of undeads sending them flying in all directions with a spin of his sword and watched as they slowly crumbled and turned to ashes. How many had we lost already? Haldrad fell when he fended off the undeads giving us just enough time to close the gates. A few others had died when the Courtyard crumbled and disappeared under their feets by some terrible force.
Damn... What caused this? He tought. The temple location have been preserved from others for over 100 years and suddenly a whole army comes and takes it under siege.. It cant be just mere luck.

He rushed forward trough the empty corridors killing relentlessly everything he found. He continued for at least one minute until he heard familiar swordclashes ringing trough the bloodcovered halls and passed one corner running into a large horde of undeads..
For The Glory of the Dawn! he yelled and killed the first 3 undeads before they could react, he spun around sending another one flying with a kick and scorched another one to ashes with a quick flick of his hand several signs appearing around the beast before being struck by an exorcism. He pushed forward before felling something slamming hard into his back sending him down on his knees before being completely locked to the ground by the oncoming horde.

This is it then? He tought before he heard someone yell ”Fire!” and the familiar sound of several crossbows and guns roared as the undeads got shredded to pieces.. He let out a cough before getting dragged up again on his feets.. seeing the face of his battlebrother Neiman the leader of the Ranger unit grinning at him.

Welcome back to the battle brother. he said and i grinned back at him before picking up my blade..

How many have you lost Neiman? I asked. We have lost around 60 of the rangers and have been pushed back to the Inner Sanctum he said. How about the other units then? I asked.
First and second infantry have been wiped out.. The Templar unit have taken heavy losses aswell but they have managed to take a whole mountain of undeads with them into their graves. How is the status of the other High Brothers?

The Elderly Night elf just grinned at me and said.. I do not know.. For that we need to find someone else to ask..
Lets go then! I said and Neiman nodded silently.. For the Glory of the Dawn he said and together with the remaining rangers we rushed forward deeper into the corridors.

We continued for at least one hour beating off several groups of undeads before entering another hall.. Seeing 3 of my brothers standing against a giant wave of undeads.. one of them standing calmly bleeding from many wounds while the third tried to get the second away from the heat of battle.. I rushed forward to see to him and asked.. How is his status? And the other one answered gutwound.. He had a twisted sword punching hole in his armour and now his internal organs are all messed up.. He will die if we dont get him to a medic.. How unfortunate... Medics here? I had to laugh at the tought. I looked up looking at the Battlebrother standing alone against the oncoming tide just to recognise him as the Chapters and Orders Swordmaster.. Stormheart i yelled and he just turned his head giving me a brief wink before returning to his slaughter.. We need to retreat i yelled please come with us to the Keep

The man just shaked his head at me and said.. Its to late little Brother.. Almost everyone have fallen.. Brother Varran and his Templars got crushed under collapsing wall.. There is no way we can defeat this.. Why do you still fight then?! I asled. He grinned before beheading at least 4 of the beasts with one clean sweap with his blade.. You never cease to amaze me my young apprentice.. How naive you can be.. Im fighting so you can put yourself to safety.. Cling to whatever hope you have left and awake to see a Dawn once more.. Alright! I said retreat back to the Sanctum where we shall make our stand! I yelled. Altheos Stormheart.. The man of so many secrets and Legends forged from his deeds in the chapter just smiled as the gates closed behind him.. Come on now.. tiny beasts of smelling nature.. come to my blade and i shall whisper the words of death until you fall asleep.. He said with a soft voice and rushed forward as the walls crumbled belowing the Chapters Warcry into the mass of undeads to never be seen again.

Neiman and the others together with me made our last stand at the keep barricading the doors and the rangers started to fire at the oncoming horde.. I looked out and just shaked my head when i saw how many they where.. Seems like this is the end Neiman i said.. and he nodded silently before sending a Ghoul spinning of one of the barricades that where slowly giving up as the relentless undeads keept smashing it to pieces. I rushed forward filled with Bloodlust and Holy energy and yelled ”For the Glory of the Dawn!” with my other brothers and started to kill every single undead that came trough the broken barricades.. I dont remember how long we stood there.. Neiman and i killing those godforsaken undeads.. I got no idea either when he finally threw away his precious longrange rifle and joined me swinging his two axes back and forth cleaving them apart.. Only thing i saw at that moment was when the barricade broke entirely and how a frostbolt pierced his troath and he fell down on the ground without a sound as it seemed in the fires of the broken walls and furniture.. I looked forward and rushed trough the barricades just to find a Lich waiting on the other side.. Sending me spinning with another frostbolt trough my right shoulderpad... I remember how i got up.. then being thrown down again by the pressure of several undeads being hit by another Frostbolt and everything went black as the rest of walls of the keep fell down over me...

-A piece of text from the Order of Eternal Suns Codex
In memory of the fallen Written by Helfdane Einhart the Suncrusader.

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PostSubject: Re: The Fall of the Order of Eternal Sun The Keepers of Secrets.   Sun Nov 07, 2010 11:34 pm

(( Nice post Helf, good to see you writing here )).
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PostSubject: Re: The Fall of the Order of Eternal Sun The Keepers of Secrets.   Wed Nov 10, 2010 3:52 am

Great work, Helf! Alot of action!
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PostSubject: Re: The Fall of the Order of Eternal Sun The Keepers of Secrets.   

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The Fall of the Order of Eternal Sun The Keepers of Secrets.
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