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 Minecraft - Gelana

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PostSubject: Minecraft - Gelana   Mon Jul 25, 2011 1:09 pm

((I play Minecraft as Gelana, this is a story that begins a new players journey, but I have adapted it to RP for an alternative storyline.))

Gelana opened her eyes, looking around with growing surprise. Nothing seemed familiar, not even the ocean before her. A note was pinned to her mini dress, which she opened with trembling fingers.

“Welcome to Minecraft, find shelter before the dark or they will kill you.”

She brushed the beach sand from her legs and climbed a nearby hill in the hopes of seeing another human. With a sigh Gelana realised she seemed to be alone, apart from the livestock that dotted the landscape around her.

Opening the note again she re-read it, wondering who “they” were. Looking up she noted the position of the square sun, then started searching for somewhere to shelter. The cave looked safe enough, very dark inside but she wasn’t about to complain in case “they” turned out to be hostile.

The sun set and a square moon came up, bathing the world around her in very little light, so she headed into her cave to wait for sunrise. The growl was close, somewhere to the back of the cave she was in. Another sound, a scritch that sounded menacing in the darkness as it echoed around her cave.

Gelana breathed as silently as possible as she tip toed out of the cave, heading back into the open where she felt safer. The attack was sudden, one moment she was heading into the open, the next she was hit by a massive black spider. Reflex kicked in and she began punching the spider as hard as possible, finally killing it.

Then she ran.

Soon there was a train of zombies, skeletons and more spiders chasing her over the dark landscape. She screamed and climbed a small bank that overlooked a tree. A quick jump took her onto the foliage and another quick jump took her onto another tree where she used the foliage to get higher. Finally she was high enough to escape the arrows from below where a large collection of monsters were milling around.

Sunrise found her trapped at the top of her tree, bringing with it a cleansing. Below her the skeletons and zombies burst into flames, burning away until only their possessions remained. The three spiders wandered away, suddenly docile in the warmth of the new day and Gelana jumped down from her tree.

Punching didn’t hurt so she punched at trees until she had a large pile of logs. Her backpack contained a square template, something she had never seen before.

Placing the template on the grass she began to experiment with her logs, discovering a log placed in a block somehow became wooden planks. Further experiment with her planks gave her sticks, which she collected and put in her pack.

The sun was climbing rapidly and she knew she was almost out of time, so she headed towards a nearby inland lake.


A look around confirmed she was talking to herself, and she laughed loudly scaring a nearby pig which turned round and looked at her. The house took form as stacks of wooden planks placed on one another became walls and then a roof overhead.

It was a simple dwelling, more like a wooden box with a hole for a doorway but it was shaping up into a safer place than the cave had been. The sun went down as Gelana blocked the doorway with more wooden planks, sitting alone in the dark inside her new wooden home.

Gelana of Minecraft.
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Minecraft - Gelana
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