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 Aconitus the rebirth

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PostSubject: Aconitus the rebirth   Sat Oct 09, 2010 5:36 pm

OOC- I thought Id write this to aid you all with alittle background infomation on Aconitus and why he is the way he is and who he is. I hope you enjoy the story and the events that will follow it. Look forward to hearing any feedback, good and bad

Aconitus the rebirth

It had been almost a year now since Aconitus’s life was torn apart by a violent attack in Brill which had cost him his memory and almost his life, With only the odd the random flashbacks to his previous existence and the confusing stories told to him by the Dark Ascension to aid him in recovering any knowledge about his past. Yet Aconitus tried to start his life afresh and soon got himself a job working in Brills Inn.
Tonight was quite but as Bet had taken the night off to go gallivanting around with the Vile Thorn known as Squadron, The Inn was almost empty except two locals drinking in the corner and Three members of the Kor’kron guard talking to each other and giving dirty looks to the forsaken in the Inn.
The Kor’kron guard had been stationed in the Undercity since the events at wraithgate, Most nights the inn would be full of forsaken from the undercity who tried to avoid the aggressive behaviour given to them by the Kor’kron orcs, but now and again the orcs would come down to Brill and drink there, the Kor’kron were never really welcome

“Oi whelp!” one of the Kor’krons shouted over to Aconitus “What has a hero of the horde got to do for a drink around here!”
“Sorry...I right..there” Aconitus replied as he poured the trio another round of drinks
“Good, that’s better! I would hate to kill more undead maggot bags.” The orc looked around at his two comrades and smiled “Well that’s a lie isn’t it!” the trio burst into laughter and smashed the table in applaud to the first guards comments.
By now Aconitus had brought the three drinks over to the table and was handing them out, trying to avoid eye contact the best he could, so not to escalate the hostile atmosphere. The orc sat up and moved himself close to Aconitus to spit some words into his ear
“Im going to show you maggot bags why you should treat us Orcs with alittle respect”
Aconitus saw the large ivory handled mace coming for his head but wasn’t able to move away in time.

“Nice, where did you get that?” Hagan the towns blacksmith smiled and pointed towards the part of a mammoths tusk
“This thing?” Aconitus pointed to the tusk “Something I picked up on my travels, that’s all Hag” Aconitus then scanned the area around the blacksmiths for anyone who shouldn’t of been there and pushed the ivory souvenir further into his bag.
“Well wherever you got that from you must of paid a fair price for it” Hagan passed Aconitus a small collection of toy soldiers “For your son?” he smiled
“Aye, he will love them” Aconitus tied the bag to his belt then thanked Hagan and left for his home.
Aconitus’s work would normally take him away from home for months at a time, He worked for the local lords as a trained killer but was banned from talking to anyone about his job or any of the tasks he would be asked to do, Over time Aconitus and his wife Juliet had grown apart and he saw that they only stayed with one another because of their three young children.
The thought of seeing his children again had kept him sane over the last month as he hunted down his target. Their young faces smiling up at him as he came through the front door with gifts for them all.
As he walked up to his house he smiled to himself and thought he would have a quick peek through the window and spy on his family just for a moment. From outside he could hear his children giggling and talking to someone, he couldn’t wait anymore and ran round and rushed into his house.
“Juliet honey, I’m home!” his smile suddenly dropped as after calling out for his wife he saw her
“Aconitus err I wasn’t expecting you back so soon” Juliet got up off the guards lap, the children ran quickly behind their mother
“I noticed, what is going on?” Aconitus’s eyes were locked on the guards as he stood up and looked around for something.
“Don’t even think about it” Aconitus hissed as he noticed what the guard was looking for, the guards’ sword was perched up against the wall
“Please Aconitus, don’t “Juliet stepped slowly towards Aconitus “I was going to tell you, you know this isn’t working anymore” Juliet stepped in the way of Aconitus line of sight between him and her new man.
“I think its best you just leave my friend” the guard stepped over towards Aconitus still in his plate armour “Juliet is with me now, You clearly don’t care about her or the children” Juliet turned towards the guard, Aconitus for a moment had prayed and hoped that she would slap the guard then banish him from their home, but this didn’t happen and instead she put her arm around her and looked back into Aconitus’s eyes.
“Just get out Aconitus” Juliet was filled with a new confidence as her new partner who was almost a foot taller than Aconitus had now picked his sword up “You’re not wanted anymore, See how the kids don’t even want to know you!” her voice slowly raised “Just get out!”
Something broke in his mind that day, how dare his own family turn their backs on him, how dare the guards that served the lords betray him in this way!
Aconitus didn’t have a blade with him but instead he had the tools to deal a more painful death at hand
“Fine” As he turned to leave Aconitus could feel their smiles in the back of his head
He turned quickly with the bag of toy soldiers in one hand and the Ivory tusk in the other, the bag landed with a crack and the guard stumbled back, a scream was soon to follow from Juliet but it was too late.
Aconitus was a well tuned killing machine and now the first blow had landed on target there was no stopping him, as the guard fell backwards Aconitus swung the bag at Juliet knocking her against the wall and then ramming the tusk into the guards face. The sound of bone cracking twice was what he waited for until he removed the tusk from his victim and letting the body drop to the floor
“No Acon-“Juliet’s voice was ended with the bloody tusk being launched into her neck from across the room.
He then saw them, the little devils that had turned away from their own flesh and blood, their tears were just for show
Their tears were soon replaced by their blood as the three children’s bodies lay on the ground
“Traitors...the...lot of them” he muttered as he walked away from his old home, which was now aflame behind him, with a hundred things in the air he could only smell his family burning, with a thousand things to feel he could only feel the heat given off by their burning bodies and with a million things running through his mind he could only think about ending it all...

“Oi the pretty boy is awake!” laughed one of the orc guards as he looked down at Aconitus, the other two were behind the bar helping themselves to the drinks and any cash that was available.
“Time for you to die now” The large orc Kor’kron guard picked Aconitus up and threw him across the room and over a table
As he lay drifting in and out of consciousness Aconitus saw a blade he had used for gutting the fish lying before him.

He stood in the middle of the river as he slowly sliced at his wrists with a sharp fishing knife he had found by the riverside , his life drifting away down the river, he laid back and looked up into the sky hoping that in his next life he would be forgiven, slowly he drifted off from life into death.
The cold mountain water carried him down stream until his body laid upon the muddy river banks infront of the Scourge forces there his true destiny would unfold, He wouldn’t be allowed to rest and instead of meeting his maker he was left on this planet as another undead minion of the Lich king
In life he served his lords as an assassin and in death he was selected with fifteen others to do the same, Over the course of several days the scourge assassins killed one another off until the two strongest remained. Aconitus faced the remaining assassin in a fight to the death and once Aconitus had given the other assassin a quick clean death he was left alone, His head was filled with a voice a voice that told him about the future group he would train and lead. That was the day that the Vile thorns were formed, with the blood of assassins and in the shadows of the Scourge.
During the war the Vile thorn ranks grew with victims of the war, each new member of the Thorns was trained in the ways of assassination that Aconitus had learnt in life, His finest student was a young female named Anethrax, One who moved with such grace and was as deadly as Aconitus ever was. Anethrax quickly moved up the ranks until she was his second in command and his most trusted Thorn.
Time and time again Aconitus and the Thorns would be sent ahead of the main army in a campaign of terror and sabotage, they would be sent into fortresses and towns to weaken the defences and prepare them for the incoming storm of death and destruction.
Near the end of the war the Vile Thorns were sent with a large scourge army to recapture the Undercity from the forces known as the forsaken who were lead by Sylvanas Windrunner. Unknown to most the dark lady Sylvanas had freed Aconitus and afew other high ranking vile thorns, they had planned to join with the forsaken at the battle for the undercity.
Yet they were never able to carry out their plan as the Scourge must have known about the Thorns defecting over to the forsaken and surrounded them only afew miles from their sanctuary.
With no real chance of surviving against the large amount of Scourge forces they were faced with, Aconitus looked over at his second in command
“Anethrax, take those on .....your side and get to the.... Undercity, Some of the Thorns must survive this .....nightmare” Aconitus stared over at Anethrax and saw that she wanted to stay and fight with Aconitus again one last time even though the outcome would clearly be death and destruction
“Thats an ...order” he muttered and as any good thorn would of done she followed out her orders and took her half of the vile thorns into the shadows and off to a future, one he thought he would never have.
Aconitus took a look around him at his Thorns, those that he had trained and spilt blood alongside for the duration for the war, for a cause which was not his own but now he had a reason to fight and a purpose he would die for and with his final words as the vile thorns master he shouted out their battle cry
“Show no mercy!” the thorns drew their blades and attacked the scourge lines, Aconitus lead the attack and drew upon all of his experience in his final battle, scourge bodies and thorn bodies would stain this land with their blood but for the thorns this battle was their own and not a fight for some dark master.
The battle had cost the Scourge alot but had cost the Thorns more, as most of the Thorns lay dead and broken on the battlefield Aconitus was pulled injured from the battlefield.
He was later found by a patrol of forsaken troops and brought before Sylvanas Windrunner herself and was asked to give his account of events, Aconitus was overcome by the glory of the Dark lady and pledged himself to her and her alone. Aconitus served the forsaken and later the horde to the best of his ability, he spent his years serving the dark lady in far off battlefields of Azeroth, without being allowed to let his existence be known to Anethrax or any of the vile thorns.
With years fighting in the horde army Aconitus only ever achieved the rank of first sergeant, Perhaps this was because of the forces above him that were trying to hide his existence from others in the horde in some master plan, Yet this never stopped him becoming a well known and respected rogue who had many followers and apprentices.

The table smashed against the inns wall and the larger of the three orcs made his way over to Aconitus “Your abit of a walk over arn’t you!” the orc picked Aconitus up again laughing and threw him against the bar, a cloak fell from the hook on the bar over his head.

Her cloak and hood covered her body and face as she sat in the middle of Aconitus’s tent
“Aconitus it’s an honour to meet you, the Dark lady has kept you hidden up out here for long enough. She has use of your abilities and blades” The Ranger then lowered her hood and looked at Aconitus with her piercing red eyes “You were once the leader of the Vile Thorns were you not?” It was clear to Aconitus that she wouldn’t have travelled all this way unless she already knew the answer to the question.
“Indeed...I was...during the war. I trust....Anethrax still leads...them?” Even though the undercity had tried to keep Aconitus’s existence hidden from the vile thorns, he had been gathering the little information he could without being detected.
"Let me tell you what has happened in the last few weeks and what we need you to do...”
After the Ranger had left his tent Aconitus was left in shock that one so close to him and one he had always thought of as an equal had betrayed the horde and betrayed the memory of the fallen thorns, the ones that had died in battle so that Anethrax and the others could escape
“Why...Anethrax..why” He muttered to himself as he sat with his head hung low beneath his shoulders.
It was clear now that she had betrayed him like all of those in his life and there was only one way to deal with this type of betrayal.

It had taken Aconitus several days to find Anethrax, He had found her at a tomb hidden behind the alliance town of Darkshire. At the tomb Anethrax was executed for her crimes against the horde, but for Aconitus it was another mission and a chance to return to the Vile Thorns he had created those many years ago.
Yet once he returned to the Thorns he found them completely loyal to Anethrax and with the weight and burden of her death on his mind he was left with no choice but to hand his command over to one of the loyal Deathmasters, Arli Sunblade a young elf that to Aconitus seemed weak and guided more by other parts of his body than his head, Yet Anethrax must of seen something in him so in some sort of strange gesture Aconitus placed Arli as the Thorn master.

The last memory that came to Aconitus was being attacked outside Brills inn by a Deathknight, by one who claimed to be Anethraxs daughter, her name was Antel.
He remembered everything now

Aconitus picked himself up and looked over at the orcs who had locked themselves inside of the inn and had ripped it apart
“So little worm bag, who are ya?” The largest of the three orcs picked his mace up “Because I wanna remember it when I tell my brothers about this”
Aconitus dusted himself off and looked up at the Orc “My name is....Aconitus” he stared at the Orcs “I am your...death” a slight smile appeared on his face as he reached for two blades hidden behind the bar.
“No, Ya dead!” the Orc shouted and ran towards Aconitus with his mace raised, Aconitus seemed to step out of the Orcs way as he ran past, the two others looked round to witness the fight just to see their comrade turn around with a puzzled look upon his face and two blades sticking up just under his chest plate.
For a moment the Orcs looked at one another in shock as their larger friend dropped to the floor with blood running from his mouth. The two orcs both drew their axes and ran at Aconitus who seemed to dodge their attacks with little to no effort, He then pulled one of the daggers free from the fallen Orc and seemed to vanish into the shadows.
“Keep ya eyes open Grim’ka” one of the Kor’kron guards to the other as he scanned the room
“Grim’ka...” he called out again as there was no answer “Grim’ka ya idio...” He then noticed his comrade Grim’ka still standing but clearly dead from a wound across his neck
“Ya gonna pay for this ya worm!” the Orc shouted with no fear in his voice, only rage
“’re going to pay for ...crossing me” a voice hissed from behind the Orc, the voice was quickly followed by a blade in the gap between the orcs armour plates.
Aconitus watched the last of his three attackers fall to the ground, when the last drops of life left the remaining orcs eyes, Aconitus went out the back and packed up his belongings into his bag and made his way to the exit.
Now he had work to carry out, now he knew what he must do, one word was on his lips

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PostSubject: Re: Aconitus the rebirth   Sat Oct 09, 2010 5:43 pm

Great story! He's one mean son of a...

Even though I rp'd with Aconitus during his time as Thorn Master I never knew much of his background. On reflection....I think I'd have made Arli show him an awful lot more respect and maybe not have rallied the Thorns to oust him should Ane' return.

So Aconitus is back....tactical retreat!

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PostSubject: Re: Aconitus the rebirth   Sun Oct 10, 2010 9:33 am

Thanks Arli for the reply Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Aconitus the rebirth   Mon Oct 11, 2010 8:40 am

great story ane. Love the writing style and thank you for the info provided.
I'm so excited to see what happens next, and to see what will happen after this story reaches an end.

And i gotta backup Arli on this " tactical retreat" is perhaps a good way to start this Very Happy

Oh well... back into the shadows and on the hills of Hillsbard wondering how the hell i will know which of the forsaken is Acontius since i never met him before (this is really gonna be a real problem from an IC point of view)
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PostSubject: Re: Aconitus the rebirth   Mon Oct 11, 2010 10:03 am

Acontius is back!? I remember meeting him once years ago, back when I was in The golbal Warming, I was a measly lowbie back then, I'm sure he doesn't remember me :-(

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PostSubject: Re: Aconitus the rebirth   

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Aconitus the rebirth
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