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 Shadows protect

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PostSubject: Shadows protect   Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:14 pm

Hello all, heres alittle story that I have written to fill in a gap in Thorn history. the chapter in which the Thorns were between the Sourge and the Horde. I hope it explains afew bits

She sat just above the cave entrance, hidden in the shadows and watching out across the Tirisfal glades, the tips of her fingers never far from her blades as she watched for any movement.
“Mistress” a voice whispered from behind her and was met by one of her blades against the new comer’s neck.
“Don’t call me that, Kalark” Her voice as silent as the night and as calm as the breeze
“If you so wish Deathmaster” Kalark tried his best to nod in response to her demand as the blade was pressed against his neck
“Aconitus is still our Master” her attention now turned back and returned in watching the area around the cave, yet her mind was stuck on Aconitus and how he gave his life several months ago.

when the Scourge discovered the Vile Thorns plan to defect to the Forsaken, they had surrounded them and had planned to exterminate them, Yet Aconitus with half of the Thorns had charged into the Scourge army in a desperate attempt for the remaining thorns to escape to the salvation of the Forsaken.
Yet once the remaining Thorns had reached the Undercity, they were turned back in fear of it being a trap and part of one of the Lich Kings plans.
So alone in the wilderness they remained, between their past in slavery under the Scourge and so close to their salvation within the ranks of the Forsaken. Only now without the replacements and supplies sent by their old masters of the Scourge, it was just a matter of time before they were destroyed.

“He and the others have fallen, Anethrax” Kalark kept his distance “You are the last remaining Deathmaster” his eyes were locked on Anethrax and her hands “You must take the rank of Mistress”.
Her heart sank at the words Kalark spoke, the words of truth, she knew that Aconitus must be dead as were the others with him. Over the past few months the surviving Thorns had lost almost half of their number in missions against the Scourge and the Scarlet crusade.
“Kalark, don’t bother her anymore.” A figure appeared from the cave entrance, in both his hands he held crude looking blades, blades with a clear single purpose, to kill. “We are not alone out here, are we Ma’am”.
“No Deadex, we are being watched” Her voice was little more than a whisper as she leapt down from her position and stepped out into the glades and away from the cave and the other two Thorns.
Kalark drew his blades and was about to follow Anethrax into the glades, when he felt a cold hand upon his shoulder, he turned and saw Deadex shaking his head
“This isn’t for us Brother” his warned as his eyes locked onto Kalark, who immediately sheathed his blades and stepped back towards the cave.

Whoever was out in the dark of the night was talented, his tracks were nearly all hidden from her, but she could make out that the figure she was tracking was male and undead, of some sort. The tracks were moving downwind from her and so she couldn’t track him by his scent.
The tracks lead through the moss covered earth to a clearing and there sat across the clearing with his back to her was a undead male in leather armour.
“There you are” she whispered to herself as the drew her blades and was about to step into the shadows and start her attack on the undead figure.
She looked around one last time before sliding into the shadows, then heard a voice in her ear, a voice that demanded obedience.
“Be still Anethrax, your blades are not required here”
Anethrax turned and was shocked to see the elegant yet powerful figure of the Dark Lady Sylvanas standing next to her.
“My Lady” Anethrax fell to her knee and bowed automatically as if she had no control of her body
“Anethrax, you and your Vile Thorns have suffered in your unlife from the grip of Arthas to the exile in which you now dwell” Her voice was soft yet strong, her words as clear as the night sky
“I offer you a place in the Forsaken, a place for all of your followers” Anethrax looked up upon Sylvanas face but dared not make eye contact
“Yet Anethrax, I am to place another in command of the Vile Thorns, A Forsaken rogue” Sylvanas gaze passed Anethrax and was placed on the lone undead figure across the clearing
“His name is Hemlock” Anethrax looked over at the figure aswell then back to Sylvanas
“You are to do what must be done, Anethrax I need you to support my decision, do you understand what I need”
“Yes my Lady, I will give you my life if you so desire it” Anethrax lowered her head once more, her voice remained strong and clear
“Very good Anethrax, I also need you and your Thorns to welcome those of other races into the Vile Thorns” Anethrax felt Sylvanas gaze and her words directed to her “If we are to join the Horde, we must accept their ways and welcome their people”
Anethrax understood at once the reason for the other races and welcomed any who would be willing to fight for the Thorns.
“Anethrax your Thorns have permission to go to Deathknell and start recruiting once more, I will from now on speak to Hemlock directly” Anethrax looked up at Sylvanas to see that she had vanished as quickly as she had appeared, with only three words left lingering in the air

“Shadows protect Anethrax”
A smile crossed her lips
“Shadows protect, It has a nice ring to it” She whispered to herself as she approached Hemlock.
Without turning to greet Anethrax, He spoke to her
“I understand you and your group have been through a lot, Anethrax”
She was about to reply when he raised his finger to silence her
“I saw what you and Vile Thorns could do, during the war and I know you can take alot more than what you have been through”
She stopped in her tracks and looked at the back of Hemlocks head
“I will give you freedom to carry on some of your old traditions, yet there will be no more killing within the Thorns and you will enforce this or I will find someone else to take your place”
She stared at the back of his head as she thought of what to say
“Understood?” Hemlocks voice was stern
“Yes Master” A smile crossed her lips, the burdon of leadership was removed from her shoulders.
For now.
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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Shadows protect   Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:22 pm

(( loving it at usual Ane, I really enjoy reading your stuff))
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PostSubject: Re: Shadows protect   Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:33 pm

(( Thankyou Robi, Not as long as I had planned))
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PostSubject: Re: Shadows protect   

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Shadows protect
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