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 Kalese of the Wardens

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PostSubject: Kalese of the Wardens   Sun Dec 18, 2011 4:43 am

((Random story, I am in a writing mood at three in the morning))

Kally is bored in Stormwind, she has been wandering around alone for days and she needs to get out and get some fresh air. With her tabard safe in her room, she shifts into feline form and moves into the shadows to avoid the City Guards, she has no wish to be reported to Gerrond when she should not be leaving the City.

The grass under her paws feels so good, springing back as she pads along sniffing at anything of interest, the cool breeze makes her want to purr. East of the City she stops to sniff at a wet patch on a tree trunk, the smell of male is heavy in the air over the sprayed bark.

The scent is strange, foreign, not right for Lycan or Keldorei. Kally sniffs deeply, her tongue half out to catch the deeper echos of his smell. Curious about his lineage she begins to hunt him down, following his feint trail towards Redridge Mountains. She knows where he is heading, there is only one place he can go in that direction.

Risking it she breaks into an easy bounding run, her muscles bunching with power below her furry pelt. Cresting the ridge she stops and crouches, looking over the lake to the small peaceful town of Lakeshire. He must be there by now, she cannot understand why he has not attacked the guards, unless he is here to spy.

A soft throaty growl makes her ears flatten as she turns towards the sound, he is watching her from the cover of a shrub. This feline is not of her people, there is a lingering smell of herbs and campfire smoke clinging to his purple and white fur. Lowering her head she sniffs in his direction and he gives another throaty growl, emerging fully from his hiding place.

His belly is close to the ground as he wrinkles his top lip exposing long canines at her, his pink tongue curls between his teeth and he hisses loudly. She cannot back away, if she runs he will take her down and break her neck. She arches her back lifting the long dark fur along her spine, licking her nose rapidly she growls in response to his threat, clearly warning him.

He starts walking stiffly around her and she follows his movements, the two circling one another as they wait for the bloodshed to begin. His attack is swift, kicking forward on his strong legs he launches low going for her soft belly. She jumps into the air landing over his back, while her claws rake his flanks she tries to bite into the back of his neck in an attempt to dominate and subdue him.

He twists beneath her, snapping and snarling in her face and suddenly they are rolling down the hill towards the water. His back legs catch her in the belly, claws fully extended as he rips into her. She bites the loose skin of his neck, her paw between them as she tries to hold him off so she can gain control once more, but he snaps into her paw then he pushes forward and his teeth sink into her throat beneath it.

Dust drifts past, carried on the gentle motion of their slide down the hill.

He holds her throat, straddling her body as he growls, she whimpers softly and he tightens his grip, cutting off her air. She puts a paw onto his face, careful to keep her claws sheathed as she rolls fully onto her back exposing her ripped belly to him.

Slowly he releases his grip on her and she draws a deep shuddering breath, her paw drops from his face and folds neatly beside the other which is bleeding heavily over the fur of her chest.

Warily he moves away from her, crouching he shifts into his troll form and makes some strange gestures towards her. Unable to understand what he is trying to say she stays on her back watching him, then his intent becomes clear as he shifts and takes to the air.

He catches a thermal and climbs steadily until he is gone from sight. In the dust below him Kally can no longer hold her form and takes her human shape, she is bleeding steadily from dozens of puncture wounds and her body is going into shock.

Silently she curls up and gives in to the pressing darkness, hoping to be found.

((Yawn, sleep well TVC.))

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Kalese of the Wardens
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