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 The Sunwing Expedition

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PostSubject: The Sunwing Expedition   Thu Apr 22, 2010 9:14 am

Sunwing Expedition

The Sunwing Expedition (Azerothian Goblin Stock Authority: TSE, Draenorian Alliance of Financial Unification: SE) is a biplanetary mana technology corporation that develops, manufactures, studies, and supports a wide range of mana-based products for consumption or utility. Headquartered in the Stormspire, Netherstorm, Outland, its most profitable products are the Mana Cell for personal consumption, and the bulk-load supply of mana-based energy for professional or national services. As of the third quarter of 29, The Sunwing Expedition was ranked as the third largest private company in Outland, following Consortium and Area 52. It is also one of the largest technological corporations in Outland.

The company was founded on the 6th June 27, to develop and sell mana in its purest and cleanest form for the consumption of corporeal organisms. The Expedition rose to dominate the home consumed mana market in Outland with the Mana Cell in the early 28s, followed by the Surge line of national and commercial-grade energy providing systems. Many of its products have achieved near-ubiquity in the non-crystal based mana market. One commentator notes that Expedition's original mission was “mana available for every being, clean and safe, used by all.” The Expedition possesses footholds in other markets, with assets such as the Bio-Dome Herbalist Project and the Sunflare Research Facility. The company's initial public stock offering (IPO) was in 28; the ensuing rise of the company's stock price has made the Expedition one of the largest and fastest growing private sectors in Outland.

Throughout its history the company has been the target of criticism, largely from its roots amongst the sin’dorei community, for being so closely tied with the foreign Consortium and the ethereal race. There is speculation as to the true nature of the seemingly unconditional friendship between Nexus-Prince Haramad and the founder of the Sunwing Expedition, Magister Jaelen Sunwing. It is, however, near-undeniable that the initial success of the Expedition is due to the financial support of Sunwing Enterprises, and the political influence of the Sha’tar and the Consortium, both of whom the Enterprise rests on surprisingly good terms with.

Industry Energy Production
Consumer Mana-Restoratives
Research and Study
Founded Netherstorm, Outland (June 6, 27)
Founder Magister Jaelen Sunwing (formerly Sunwhisper)
HeadquartersThe Stomspire, Netherstorm, Outland
Area ServedOutland
Key People Jaelen Sunwing (Master)
Tarock (Chief Officer)
Xondra Sunwing (Officer)
Jus’tar (Officer)
Tyrias Flamewalker (Head of Development)
ProductsMana Cell
Mana Crystal
Mana Star (In Development)
Surge Energy Lines
Nether-Brand Foods
Exotic Animals of Outland
Stormgate (In Development)
Etherium Weaponry
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The Sunwing Expedition
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