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 Resurrection Part One (more to come)

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PostSubject: Resurrection Part One (more to come)   Fri Jun 25, 2010 3:14 pm

Tytaniac sits in his home in Silvermoon City, carefully sipping, and savouring his red wine. Some would question if perhaps it was actually blood. He smiles as he looks at the green crystals, powered by the Warlocks he "hired". Soon his dream would be furfilled. At this thought he finished the wine and went outside.
"Not long...master...soon I will have her blood..." He decides to risk it, and go for a drink in the Inn, at Murder Row.
Meanwhile, Titania is only minutes away, with fellow Guard member Chalicia.
"Chalicia, you must tell me where this "Fel'Delaan" lives, because I think he's tricking you... he sounds too much like Tytaniac..."
"Don't be daft Mistress, I'm pretty sure my own boyfriend isn't a phsyco-path!"
Titania slightly growls at the thought; "Tell me where he lives anyway."
Chalicia sighs, and points ahead of them to a dark-ish room, in Murder Row. "It's that one." She walks up to the doorway, concealing a small ramp heading down: "Fel? are you there?" No reply. "He must be out-"
Titania pushes straight pass her, and walks down the ramp.
"Mistress- this is intruding!"
"Silence, Chalicia." She looks around and notices a strange green crystal, been powered by some Elven Warlocks, with the look of fear on their faces. "You there, Elf, what is your purpose?"
The Elf whimpers, he tries to speak, but just keels over, dead. "What is this sorcery? This is definately Dark stuff, Chalicia I-" Titania turns and sees Chalicia, who is trapped in Tytaniac's arms. Tytaniac was holding a knife to her throat.
"Hello again, Titania!" He laughs and accidentally draws blood from Chalicia's neck, but continues to laugh. "Oh shut up whining will you, pathetic whelp, it's nothing compared to the amount of blood you'll see in a minute!" He grins at the thought, and looks at the dead Warlock. "Oh, it's a shame that, he was quite powerful. Still, he got what he deserves, telling people what we are doing was not on the contract...!"
Titania spits in disgust. An Elf is dead, and this physco-path doesn't care. So she was right, Fel'Delaan was in fact Tytaniac.
"Let her go, before I kill you in one blow..." Titania grasps her axe, ready to strike. Tytaniac simply laughs, throwing an unconscious Chalicia on the floor as if she was an object.
With that big grin on his face, she watched as he slowly walked up to her, readied his knife. "Too bad I have studied the Dark Arts then eh, Titania? Ohh I miss the good old times with me and you, living in Thrallmar... still, duty calls!"
Chalicia managed to escape, to tell the son of Titania- Tytanaar, of his Mother's death...

Read the next part next time to see what happens!!! Smile
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Resurrection Part One (more to come)
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