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 Relena-Making of a Thorn

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PostSubject: Relena-Making of a Thorn   Tue May 17, 2011 12:12 pm

((I thought I'd finally get some stories going about my character. Hope you enjoy))

Crouching down in the bushes Relena observed the human mage go about his business in Stranglethorn. What a fool, he seemed so sure of himself. Was he not aware that his life will end soon? Was he not aware that she was merely inches away, her daggers poised ready to strike?
She had been training in Stranglethorn when she had come across him and had seized the opportunity to watch, to wait.

Moving slowly closer she tried to stifle her heavy breathing. She had never killed before, could she do it? She had to. She was a Thorn! She didn't want to let them down.
She struck! She had the upper hand...but...the mage was putting up a good fight. Frozen in place Relena could only watch as Arcane missiles came flying towards her. Focus! He was her? She didn't care what he said. She had one thing to do and she had to fullfill that task. Clutching a hand to her side she glared at the mage then grinned at him. He was weak, she could do this, she could finish him off. She looked into his eyes, all she saw was fear, he was pleading with him. Mercy is for the weak.
"Your life ends today" Raising her dagger in the air she plunged it into his chest and watched as the life drained from his eyes and body as he fell forwards onto his knees.
With a small smile she looked down at the body of the man she just killed and felt nothing but pleasure at having taking an alliance dog's life.
She retreated back into the Shadows, his body would be found sooner rather than later and she didn't want to be around for that.
"First kill successful" she spoke into her comms
The voice of Lasombra floated back praising her.

She had killed.
She was a Thorn.
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PostSubject: Re: Relena-Making of a Thorn   Tue May 17, 2011 12:13 pm

“I need some more. Get me some more!.....Dont question me women!! Her father grunted loudly and then turned his eyes to her brother Zethas. He was drunk, she could see her father was drunk. Drunk and raging at having no Thistle around. She hid in the corner. If she stayed here he wouldn't pay any attention to her, but then again he never paid any attention to her anyway.
“ZETHAS! COME HERE!. Did you take my supply?!”
“You know what the punishment is for that!”
She turned her eyes away from the scene trying to block out her brothers yelps of pain. day she'll escape....escape...

Shaking her head violently Relena tried to dislodge the memories from her head, which was easier said than done now that Zethas had come crawling back into her life. She had escaped the family home all those years ago, living in Murder Row keeping a low profile, until the Thorns attracted her attention. She was proud to be one, it gave purpose to her life. Someone to talk to, laugh with, share confidences with..
And now Zethas....Zethas with his childlike beheviour...his coughing...his almost neediness to be like her..wanted to join them.
And so she had taken him to Brill to meet with Deathmaster Bodikai, why did she even bother?
In her own words the meeting was a disaster, Zethas proved to her that he hadn't changed, he was still the scared kid of years ago. He was even scared of the Deathmaster!

But still she went with Zethas and Serpiente towards Redridge to hunt alliance as the Deathmaster wanted proof of her brothers “skills” They got the kill, on a Draenei priest and after that headed back to Ogrimmar where her night ended.

Downing the bourbon she scowled angrily at the door. She felt humilated, shown up. The Thorns would look at her and laugh. She had an insane brother, a brother she could no longer run from. What was she thinking? Bringing him to the Thorns like that. He was going to be a liability to them.
Closing her eyes she rested her head back on the wall where she was slumped.
She'll see what tomorrow would bring.
She hoped it was nothing bad,
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PostSubject: Re: Relena-Making of a Thorn   Tue May 17, 2011 12:59 pm

"A new Thorn has hunted the ridge, taken the life of a Dreanei Priest my Lady."

She turns her glowing eyes upon the speaker, soft white hair framing a serene and calm face.

"Keep watch over the young Thorn, bring me news but dont bring me blood, the time is not right for that yet."

The speaker bows before slipping up a white hood and leaving her room in Goldshire.

The gnome assassin on the other bed breathes slowly, her healing from the Druidess putting her into a place only the very skilled knew about.

Lady Gelana takes her medication to ease her fever, frowing at the note left by the Druidess.

Then she relaxes back, white hair spread out around her face, tips of her horns making dents in the pillow beneath her head.

Lady Gelana
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PostSubject: Re: Relena-Making of a Thorn   

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Relena-Making of a Thorn
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