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 The Courier (( Thorn RP Mission ))

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PostSubject: The Courier (( Thorn RP Mission ))   Sat Oct 08, 2011 12:22 pm

* A note pinned on the Thorn contracts board *


The goblin and sin'dorei who were suspected of launching an attack on New Agamand were dealt with. However, LaSombra, Serpiente and Eirdra interrogated them and gained information to indicate that "The Master" is planning a further attack on a Horde city and that this time, the Alliance are involved. The targets are likely to be meeting on Tuesday evening, a package will be exchanged which is most likely a strong poison. We don't know which one will be carrying the package. A briefing will be provided prior to the start of the mission

I need Thorns to aid in investigating this further and reporting back to Deathmasters Dianthaa and Sunblade. Based on the information received, we will determine the next steps to be taken.

Sign up below if you are willing to take on this mission.

Shadows protect
Deathmasters Sunblade & Dianthaa
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PostSubject: Re: The Courier (( Thorn RP Mission ))   Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:10 am

Mally hid behind a pillar watching his father toil away at his table in the Apothecarium. She usually kept as far away from this place as she could, but now she was on a mission. The man who had contacted her said he needed the potion to fight off the Twilight cultists getting closer and closer to his hometown. He was so desperate and scared when he came to see her, that Mally could not resist helping him. Sure she could get the potion her father was working on. Yes she'd meet the courier in Duskwood and hand it over. Of course she wouldn't tell anyone she was aiding a human. And yes she was very sorry to hear that brother and father had already fallen trying to fight off the twilight forces. She didn't want to see anymore innocent people dying in wars that weren't their own. She didn't even care if they were horde or alliance, she could see this man needed her help.

She'd studied her father at work for the past week, she'd identified the potion in question and had learned her father's schedule. She was to take it now, when he'd go give his report for the day and then hurry on her way to duskwood for the meeting with the courier.
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PostSubject: Re: The Courier (( Thorn RP Mission ))   Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:59 am

“I need all available Thorns to Dalaran, I have a couple of targets that need to be apprehended”.

I wait at the Inn, each Thorn salutes me as they arrive then takes a seat at the table; Eirdra, LaSombra, Celthric and Sticcaback soon join me and sit discussing their recent kills in low voices, and quizzing each other on what is known of the task I have called them for. I look around the Thorns before me as they wait for the pre-mission briefing. They don’t seem nervous at all, as expected they are keen to get going and frequent glances to the door show their impatience.

“Right...the mission..” as I start to speak, each Thorn turns to me and listens attentively. They are instructed to head to Duskwood to intercept the handover of a package, thought to be poisons for use in an attack on a Horde city. It is known that there are likely to be Horde and Alliance targets and that both targets are to be restrained and returned for interrogation. We need more information on who this “Master” is that the recently deceased elf and goblin spoke of. As I have further reports to file for the Mistress, I trust them to handle this as a team and to report frequently over comms.

“Shadows protect, Thorns”, eagerly they leave the Inn and I reluctantly start on the reports that I am so unfortunately behind with filing. The incident with Daturas needs special care in reporting.

As I start to write, Daturas comes onto comms and is instructed to join her Thorn brothers and sister, under my breath I wish them good luck in managing her and the many cats in her head. It will do her good to work alongside the others, I hope. Shortly afterwards Serpiente and Tennex are on comms and eagerly head to Duskwood to aid the others.

I listen over comms as I continue through my reports, the mission seems to be progressing well.
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PostSubject: Re: The Courier (( Thorn RP Mission ))   Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:19 am

(ooc, written in crude signs by someone who doesn,t really understand the art of writing)

DeathMastah Arli mon,

Ya know mah no like da writin stuff, but diz iz urgent mattah. Last nig’t went good, da mission .
We tracked da targets, and cought dem wen dey handed ovah da goods.
Da Night elv woz taken care off, aftah he refused to tell sometin. Got nice markin on ‘im, and woz stuck to tree.
( Mah heard nightelves like tree’s very much)

Da othah one woz forsekken, forsaken det izz. WE took da one to a safe place near da old hidin place in da castle. Mah tink laSombra told ya da place, mah not so good in spellin namez.

But dat not reason mah be ritin diz lettah. Mah warn ya for da new forsaken sistah, da one with da voices in da head, and da pointy teeth. Mah tink dat one, as real problem, donno da difference between Thorn, Horde or aLLiance,.

Mah tinks she gonna kill anyone aroud er, if she feels like it, or wen da spirits in er head, tells er so. Mah told er, not to go into shadows behind mah back, and she listened, but mah would strongly advise ya, to tell er dat no thorns izz onda menu, warn da othah brothahs and sistahs for dat one.

Maybe good idea izz to give sticca, piece of hair from da lunatic one, and piece of cloth, so ya can controle dat one. Talkin about hair and stuff, mah took bittoh hair from merc last night, if ya want mah to make doll of it, just tell sticca, ya can bring fear to da traitor even beyond death, ya just speak to sticca if ya want dat, no writin please, mah not so good in readin stuff.

Watch ya back, specially for da new one.

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PostSubject: Re: The Courier (( Thorn RP Mission ))   Thu Oct 13, 2011 2:10 pm

Farrehl Shadewhisper checked his mail, see if there were any interesting contracts. The last enveloppe looked curious; it was completely back. Farrehl frowned, and opened the letter.


I have heard that you may be looking for some work to do, as a sword-for-hire. I have an easy job for you, and I know that you are the right man for it. You are to meet a contact in Duskwood tomorrow night, at the Raven Hill cemetery. Take the package from her, kill her, and use it to poison the Silvermoon water supply. If you fail me, or rat me out, my people will find you. The job pays one hundred gold pieces, paid once the job has been completed.

Do not fail me, Shadewhisper.

The Master

Surprisingly enough, the letter was completely in Darnassian. Farrehl smirked. "Finally," he thought, "a bit of a challenging job.

The day after, Farrehl arrived at the Alliance town of Raven Hill. He sniffed. The smell of the Gilnean experiments was disgusting. Farrehl thought there was no need for those wolves; it was fine when they were still behind that wall of theirs. Touching his eyepatch, he thought of the incident that got him the eyepatch. At least that one got what he deserved...

Approaching the statue in the middle of the Raven Hill cemetery, the Night Elf looked around. There was no one, the area was empty. The letter clearly stated Raven Hill cemetery, and it should be this very night. Farrehl sighed, annoyed; he never liked waiting, and wasn't planning to start now. "Patience is a virtue, but I'm not virtuous guy." he thought as he made himself comfortable on the statue and slipped into the shadows, awaiting his contact.

It was about ten to fifteen minutes later that a nervous, jittery Forsaken girl approached. As soon as Farrehl noticed her, a wide smirk spread across his face. This would be very easy. He jumped from his spot, which scared the girl already; appereantly, she'd never seen anything else than the gutters of the Undercity. "Do you have the stuff?" Farrehl asked immediately. The girl nodded slowly, obviously scared by the situation. Farrehl couldn't help thinking that his imposing figure was frightening to her. "You.. you are going to use it to help those people... right?" the girl asked with a nervous tone. Help... hah. What a naive fool this one was! Alas, if that is what she wanted to hear, she'd have it. Clumsiness was unheard of for a mercenary of his caliber, he was sure of that. Farrehl nodded briefly, and said: "Give me the stuff." The girl nodded once again, and handed the package to Farrehl.. at which he smirked, putting the package away and drawing his blades. "Now, for the fun part.." he thought to himself, as he heard the steel of his swords being unsheathed. Immediately, the girl's expression turned from fright to horror. "It's time to be finished, girl.." Farrehl said, raising his blades, ready to kill the girl. Just as he was about to deliver the strike...

BAM! A knock to the head.

Before he knew what was happening, he was surrounded by Horde. Rogues, by the looks of it. All of them were wielding daggers, wearing leather and looking menacing in general. Even though they looked like experts, Farrehl was convinced that they'd be no match to his prowess. What was odd, however, was that they were all wearing the same tabard. "Could be some kind of muggers' guild.." Farrehl thought. He had neither the time nor the patience to play with these children; he was the real deal, there was work to be done. "Run along, children.." he said, quickly glancing around his uninvited guests. They didn't look easily scared, but looks can often be deceptive. The hooded Forsaken, or Farrehl assumed that he was Forsaken, shook his head, and spoke in Common: "We aren't going anywhere until you hand that package to us." What a fool! Did he actually think that he or his gang could oppose Farrehl Shadewhisper?! Farrehl smirked; appereantly this was just a bunch of overconfident street thugs. "I've got a job to do, and I intend to do it. Now, shoo." Farrehl was convinced that this would be enough to make them doubt, but the opposite was true. He got surrounded by three of them. The Forsaken female said, also in Common: "Can I have some of his hair when we're done playing with him?" Poisonous git, how dared she.. sadly, her ranting would go on for a while. Farrehl wasn't in for much of a fight; he'd take this bunch with his hands tied on his back, if he wanted to. Though, maybe...

The call of gold clinging in his pockets lured his thoughts...

...maybe these street thugs could be bought. Then he wouldn't have to get his hands dirty or travel all the way to Silvermoon. And that "Master" was probably more talk than deeds. This was going to be a piece of cake. Farrehl turned to the hooded figure, and spoke: "You want the package? Fine. That's one-hundred and fifty gold pieces." Farrehl grinned, assuming that they would take the offer on the spot. Oddly, the hooded figure laughed. "Do you think we can be bought with gold, Elf?" Then, out of nowhere, as a flash, Farrehl felt a piercing pain in his side. Appereantly, one of the assassins had stabbed his blade into Farrehl's side. He groaned; he hadn't expected this. Maybe this bunch was more than just a ragtag crew of muggers, after all... In the background, he heard: "Don't kill him, we'll extract some info off him." Info... so that was what they wanted, huh? Farrehl was convinced that whoever "the Master" was, he'd be no match. Gold is gold, isn't it? No matter who you serve, the gold is all the same. "I can give you some.. info." Farrehl said with an almost arrogant smirk. He knew for sure that he had the situation under control again. "I'll give youthe stuff, -and- some info. For a decent price.." Farrehl held back a laugh. This was too easy... However, it turned out that he was wrong. Another flash, another strike, and more piercing pain. They meant business, after all. The hooded man stood still, and spoke: "Or we pay you those one-hundred and fifty gold pieces and not kill you, how's that?" Farrehl didn't feel like getting his hands more dirt; he'd wasted enough time for this. He took a breath, and told them what he knew: about the mission, the letter, and the order to kill the girl. He smirked widely as the hooded man threw him a pouch with gold. His arrogance started to get the best of him again; he had solved this perfectly, after all. "Now, run along, children." Then.. turned out he was as wrong as could be, and it would cost him dearly.

He tried to get away, but he was blocked by the rogues. This aroused suspicion with the Night Elf. "What's happening?" he thought, and got forced to his knees by a powerful blow. He glared. Then, the words that sealed his fate were spoken.

"Take the stuff from his corpse."

This enraged him greatly. He had been paid, he had given them what they wanted. But, if they were so eager to die, then he would give them what they wanted. They would know the power of his blades! Farrehl let out a roar, drew his blades, and furiously started slashing the Blood Elf in front of him. They'd go down like cattle to his strength, for sure. The opposite was true.

A single stab, and the dark shroud of death embraced him as his lifeless body fell to the ground, sending his soul to the lingering realm of the dead. This was his fate.. failure.

And such is the tragic story of the overconfident mercenary.


This is Farrehl's side of what transpired in Duskwood that night. I do hope the Thorns enjoyed, I sure did, and it was fun to write down. I hope I haven't missed anything important out in the story, and that it was a nice addition to this storyline.
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PostSubject: Re: The Courier (( Thorn RP Mission ))   Sat Oct 15, 2011 7:51 am


Interception and retrieval of poisonous materials being delivered in Duskwood and intended for use against Silvermoon, as tasked by Deathmasters Arli and Dianthaa.


1) Retrieve the package.

2) Detain the courier and the recipient of aforementioned package for questioning.


I accompanied a group of Thorns (including at first Eirdra, Daturas, Celthric and Sticcaback, though we were later joined by others) into Duskwood at the allotted delivery time to search for the exchange location. The plan was to allow the exchange to take place, and then follow both the courier and recipient separately. We would then detain the recipient and retrieve the package, extracting information as well. The second team would follow the courier to see if they led them to the Master, or any further information as to his whereabouts or how to contact him.
The exchange was to be made away from the main population centres, so we searched the area which eventually led us to Raven Hill Cemetery.
There we found a Forsaken girl, who was with an Elf male (Darnassian, wearing plate armour and an expression of smug self-satisfaction). We observed the exchange being made, the girl handed the package over to the Elf. Throughout their conversation it seemed that she was genuinely unknowing about the purpose for the package.
The Elf had decided (quite wisely, I may add) to leave no loose ends, and drew his blades on the Forsaken girl, who had no means of self-defence. Despite her evidently over-trusting nature and lack of cerebral function, I decided that whilst there was even an outside chance of her providing us with information, then her continued existence would be desirable. The Elf's murderous attempt was thwarted by the swift and controlled intervention of several Thorns.
The girl was instructed to remain put, and despite her obvious nervousness she did as she was told (another sign, perhaps, of brain rot or some similarly nasty affliction of the mind). The Elf was not so compliant, and our usual methods of pressure by means of carefully applied pain and creative threats were having little effect (the Master appears to choose only the very foolish to carry out his orders, though I suppose this is to be expected given the nature of the crimes). He continually demanded payment for further information. As the cruel blades of my fellow Thorns were doing little to convince him, and Daturas was becoming increasingly agitated and erratic, I decided to pay him what he asked and retrieve the gold from him after his (at this point fully assured) demise.
I left Celthric to question the Darnassian and turned to the girl. She seemed grateful for our intervention, and did not apear to know of any plot against the Horde. She may yet have some information on the Master.
My conversation with her was cut short by a mighty roar from the Elf, who had clearly become suicidal in my absence, as he drew his blades and charged at Celthric. After his swift and inevitable demise the package was retrieved from his corpse, along with my 'refund'. I instructed Celthric to take custody of the package. Under orders from Deathmaster Arli, we left some carefully placed evidence of our involvement. Since Daturas had managed so well to restrain her natural urge to dismember on sight, I allowed her to mutilate the Elf corpse with our mark. Sticcaback had the marvellous notion to pin the body to a nearby tree as well, which Daturas clearly took considerable pleasure in doing.
Our work in Duskwood done I convinced the Forsaken girl (Maleficent, or 'Mally', as I learned) to accompany us to Caer Darrow, where she is now 'secured'. I had intended to leave Daturas there as a guard, but after some discussion with Deathmaster Arli, this was deemed unwise, and all Thorns returned to Dalaran.


Very little. The girl appears to know nothing, and claims to have been told the poison was for use in some Alliance sob-story or other. One could very nearly feel sorry for her lack of brainpower. Possibly all an act, yet time will tell.

She says that she stole the poison from her father (who made it) on the strength of whatever heartwrenching tale the Master fed her.

Once the elf started talking I left it mainly to my brothers to question him, as I was attempting to discover all that I could of the girl's involvement. One of their reports may contain further knowledge than I can provide.


The poison retrieved by Celthric may be of further use to us. I recommend that it is stored securely. If this is not possible then it should be destroyed, to prevent it's further use by the Master against horde cities.

If indeed the girl's father is able to produce this substance in large quantities, it is possible the master will attempt to gain control of him. He will not be able to fool the girl again now (probably), so would need to control the source. He may capture or extort the creator of the poison in order to procure a further supply. He and the girl should either be placed under protection, or eliminated.

The girl must be questioned. If her naivety is an act, we will break through it. If it is genuine, we may 'convince' her to recall some small detail that could help us.


The above is a true and accurate report of the events of the mission, to the best of my knowledge.


High Assassin LaSombra
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PostSubject: Re: The Courier (( Thorn RP Mission ))   

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The Courier (( Thorn RP Mission ))
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